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13. "Episode 4"
Previously on Survivor:

At the hero tribe, Chrissy was running the show with Ben. Chrissy: We’re in the prime position.
...while Ashley and Alan were butting heads...Alan: Are we strong or not, Ashley: Dude, you are tripping!
...At the Healer tribe, Jessica and Cole were loving???, and sharing secrets...Cole: Joe has the idol.”
...At the Hustler tribe, Patrick and Lauren went after each other...Lauren: I’m assumingyou will try to vote me out tonight...
...And, at TC, Patrick lost the battle. 15 left, who will be voted out tonight?

Chrissy gets the positive, with Ben. Ashley and Alan are on the outs, Jessica and Cole pre-conflict, Lauren perseveres, leaving a cohesive unit?

Day 9 ~ Challenge arena

Reactions when they see Patrick voted out: went immediately to Alan.....Ohhhhhh, WOW.

Camera focuses on these individuals when Jiffy says “drop your buffs”:

Yellow tribe first, Jessica?, then close up of a serious Ryan...then Chrissy and Alan...Alan centered between Chrissy and Ashley. Devon: Wild.

Chrissy gets the first conf: It’s day 9 and we were all starting to get a little bit comfortable. But, when Jeff says drop your buffs, all of that gets erased, and it’s a brand new game. (The Actuary sums up her assessment).

Reveal: JP see Ashley’s blue, and whispers “stay blue” as he opens his....(once a power couple, always a power couple?)

Jessica conf: I instantly look over at Cole’s and saw that he had a red buff too, my palms were sweaty, my heart was was awesome.

See the red tribe hug and say “welcome”.

Then you see Chrissy looking at Ryan, and he says, “Ryan”, and she acknowledges the introduction, “Ryan, okay!”.

Then see Blue tribe, Devon looks at Ashley...Devon: This is rad.

Jiffy sums it up: 2 heroes with Ashley and Alan, 2 Healers, Desi/Joe, 1 Hustler, Devon
Desi thinks they didn’t fair too badly

Desi in conf: The swap worked out really well for me, we have 3 of the strongest men, (focus, zoom in on Alan), we have Ashley who is a super strong swimmer, so I know, I think that we are in a great situation physically. I don’t think there is any reason we couldn’t dominate.

Soko: 2 Hustlers, Ryan/Ali, 2 Heroes, Chrissy and JP, 1 Healer, Roark. Roark notes she’s concerned and it’s an opportunity...excited to introduce them to her beach, hopes we can all be friends. (shot of Chrissy and Ryan ~ foreshadowing).

Yawa: See Jessica. 3 Healers: Jessica, Dr. Mike, and Cole, 1 Hustler with Lauren, and 1 Hero with Ben, Ben tips his hat. Ben acknowledges that he’s alone and that it looks pretty bad, see Jessica in foreground....”for me, and what was your name again? Lauren...but we walked over here and they opened arms and gave us all hugs, think we are going to do all right. (suspenseful music playing with rapid tempo).

Ben conf: Being split up from Chrissy, that’s a shot in the foot right there. Things were well oiled and greased and things were moving, see a shot of Ben and Chrissy looking at each other from seperate mats. ...So, I am going to have to put some work in and I am not just going to roll over and die. But, my odds at this point are real low to move forward, I’m scared.

First RC:...3 members attached to rope, untangle rope, then hook sled, pull back, then 2 solve an upright puzzle. Playing for PB&J...Winner take all...See Cole/Ben, Jessica says come on guys....

Go....Red is out fast, first stage how well groups of strangers can learn to communicate...Ben, Lauren and cole moving faster by the second, have a rhythm...Yellow catching up....over and under, Jo, Alan, and Ashley struggle, hear Desi coaching Joe...Red in lead, then yellow....Desi, gotta move a little faster...Yellow in lead, now have to throw and hook the ring, to pull sled...Ben gets the hok, pull sled...Jessica and Dr. Mike work on puzzle, Alan throwing for Levu...

Jessica is bossy, Focus on the yellow they puzzle solve with Chrissy and Ali...Alan feeling the pressure

Jessica and Dr Mike have big time advantage...

Mike smashes Jessica’s fingers, she looks mad, she is so bossy....”put it in” She is nasty to Mike...they win....Jessica hugs Lauren, then Cole...

See Alan is focused on by uncle cameraman.

See Red....see Cole then Jessica

See Yellow, Ali

Ali conf: now that the H, H, H are all switched up, you have to step up a level, and you gotta perform!

This episode has alot of zoom in’s on Alan!

Red Tribe day 9: Yawa: Nice set up !

Ben in conf: First initial impression of our tribe, there is a little bit of comfort in knowing that we work well together, and won that PB & J. (See Jessica, then Lauren) 3 Healers, 1 Hustler, and 1 Hero, that’s a target, Bang, right on my tail.

See Jessica take her bag of chips I have to earn my way around here and gain trust to keep my butt in the game.

As we see them eating in the shelter, camera zooms in on Jessica’s chips, as they talk...”My name is Cole, originally from Arkansas but now in Wyoming”, see Jessica pick up her bag of chips and open them...

Jessica conf: While the whole tribe is getting to know each other, I look in my chip bag and there is, to my surprise, the words, secret advantage. It looked like a big chip, I almost ate it. And, then I am like well that would have been awful! giggle. I probably stared at it a little too long, then I was like, Jessica, you are staring at your chips too long, until I can get a better read on it, so then I just rolled it up.

See Jessica walking down the beach we see all the others in the water pumping Ben for information....”Chrissy looks really nice”, Yeah, “but, Alan, he looks like he could be a hot head!”....Yeah, says Ben.

Camera zooms in on Jessica back at the shelter...”I’m the luckiest girl ever!” See an iguana looking up at her...

She unrolls it and reads, “This advantage gives you the power to block one person from voting at the next TC. You will send this anonymously to someone on your tribe. They will not know it’s power until they open it at TC...

Confessional continues: Right now I feel like I have a ton of power ~ I have the opportunity to block another players vote at the next TC.

Reading the secret advantage con’d: If you do not go to TC, you must send this to someone on the losing tribe.

....confessional: I can only imagine what kind of chaos this could cause when it’s actually used, so I feel lucky that I found it. Somebodies angel was like, bing, there you go, my friend.

Cut to her telling Cole & Mike....found a secret advantage in my chip bag...Long story short...If we go to TC, I can block someone’s it doesn’t count, but it has to be used at the next TC.

Cole in conf: Jessica just gave me a huge piece of knowledge and knowledge is power in Survivor. When I shared with Jessica that Joe had an idol, instantly her next move was to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and say I trust you now, Cole. So, I plan to use that method with other people.

Time passes, clouds in fast motion, a bat seen scratching it’s head...see Ben and Cole at the water hole. Cole to Ben: So, I’ll share a secret with you....Jessica found an advantage that cancels out, one of you alls votes.
Ben: Really?
Cole: Yeah.
Ben: Wow, they fist bump

Cole confessional continues: Jessica’s secret is kinda like my olive branch to extend to people. I can extend it to them and maybe they will see me as more trustworthy because I tell them something that I had no obligation to in the first place.

Cut to Cole telling Lauren...
Cole: So, Jessica found an advantage, it was in her bag of potato chips. It blocks somebodies vote at the next TC.
Ben is there too....
Lauren to Cole: But, how can we believe that though?
Ben: He didn’t have to disclose this to us though...
Lauren: No, he didn’t

Lauren in confessional: Supposedly, Jessica got an advantage in the bottom of her chip bag, which is odd that Cole told us that. It could be that Cole just told us that to make us believe in him. (See Jessica and Cole dancing)...And, if he is, that’s just great. But, I would rather put my faith in my own hands, so I will be using your little secret to my advantage. (See Cole and Jessica dancing the shag, and he dips her and she screams....

Yellow, Soko, Day 9: Ryan comments on the beautiful beach, Ali concurs

Roark in conf: The new Soko consists of myself, JP & Chrissy from Heroes, and Ryan and Ali from the Hustlers. I pretty much went from the tribe of 6 Healers that were super tight to the lone healer at Soko beach.

Ryan conf: The swap brings such anxiety, but I was very lucky that Chrissy swapped onto my tribe because I awarded her the super immunity idol that I found on the boat on day one and I ensured her that she would not be the one going home that night, so I have an in!

Hear Ryan and Chrissy going off and talking....
Ryan: I just think it’s cool that you are from Jersey
Chrissy: I know!
Ryan: I think we will be friends
Chrissy: I think so too...
Ryan: You know, I will tell you, I found an advantage on day one on the he looks at her....okay? And, that advantage was the I could save someone at the first TC, (she’s got a very big smile on her face!), like you.
She looks at him...Chrissy: I know why you are telling me this, obviously,
Ryan: Yeah
Chrissy: Thank you! Why did you pick me?
Ryan: I just had a good vibe...and, I wanted to really play the game with you.
Chrissy: I felt very loved, actually when I got it...
Ryan: Well, shaking his head, yes, well, it was an easy decision for me...
Chrissy: You are so nice, thank you so much
Ryan reaches for her and they hug, nice soft music playing...

Chrissy in confessional with enthusiasm: Ryan, he blew my mind, he totally gave me the super idol and seriously made me feel so loved. I thought what was it that he looked over at me on that ship and thought I looked like a kind person he wanted to play this game with? Maybe he thought that I looked like his mother? Smile. And, he wanted to play the game with his mother. I don’t know?

Cut to them continuing to talk...
Chrissy: I give you my word that....I hate to say I will pay you back, cause I don’t mean it’s one for one, but you know what I mean.
Ryan gets it

Chrissy conf. cont’d: I am absolutely thrilled, I feel very very secure because now I have one more person that can help me get further in this game.

Levu ~ Day 9....see a crab crawling under a rocky crevice....then see a predator bird looking for him....

Alan tells them, welcome home, introductions. Joe admires the beach...gorgeous...

Desi conf: Right now we have 2 heroes, we have Alan and Ashley, 2 Healers, Me and Joe, and one, in what I think is the strongest of all the Hustlers, in Devon in the middle. See Devon. (See Alan) It would be easy for the 4 of us to just vote Devon out but I would rather work with him because he is potentially the swing vote.

Cut to Alan and Ashley in the shelter...
Alan: how are you feeling?
Ashley: I think we got some good people...
Alan: Yeah, we do.

Ashley conf: If there was one person out of all 3 tribes that I did not want on my new tribe, that would have been Alan. (See Alan). He’s proven to be this wild card, you know he’ll just call you out and throw you under the bus and he’s already done it to me and so, I was really nervous.

Cut to them talking in the shelter again...

Alan: I know I got history with you. But, I’m not flipping on you.
Ashley: Yeah, all that stuff between you and me, that’s between you and me...

See Joe approaching.

Ashley: It doesn’t matter, that was last chapter...

Ashley continues in confessional: Luckily, I think Alan is a as nervous as I am, even though I don’t trust him, I do trust that he doesn’t want to go home.

Ashley to Alan: I think one of the healers have to go...
Alan: no question, they’ve got six...

See Devon coming out of the ocean

...and, that’s what we gotta make Devon see.

See a snake moving in between the rocks. And, it lifts his head out of the water...

Desi, Devon, and Joe are on the shoreline in the rocks...
Desi to Devon: So Devon, where’s your head out right now?
Devon: I’m just trying to get further in this game, you know?
Desi: Right.
Devon: I mean I would love to find some people that I can trust...
See Joe looking down...

Joe conf: Thanks to the swap, it’s a whole new game. When I was with the Healers we won every challenge, so I had no worries. But, now, I am not as confident. I do have an idol but I am not taking any chances. Devon’s a swing vote but I want him on my side.

Hear Joe talking to Devon
Joe: The thing is, they kind of, like, came to us and was, like....why don’t we take Dev out? Hear a dramatic musical note, and see Devon swing his head to look at Joe...

Con’d in confessional, Joe: I may be a healer but I am also a strategic player, so I said, listen Devon, the two heroes, they want to vote you out, see Alan..., but, I made it up, and I don’t care. You know this is a game of being deceitful so I am gonna do what I have to do...
Devon asks them: Was it both of them or just Alan?
Joe: Both
See Desi...

Devon conf: I don’t know if I can really trust Joe. But, this is really the first time that I have felt, shoot, I might be going home, I gotta figure out my next move. (We see Alan and Ashley walking on the beach together.)...Or, I feel like I could be in big trouble. Scene ends with a close up of Devon looking worried.

Island music, Yawa Day 10

We see Jessica and Cole take the raft to go out....Lauren turns to Mike and Ben and says, I thought we were all going out there...Lauren comments about everytime you see “them”, they are like this....she puts her two fingers together....Ben nods.

Lauren conf: Ben and I are a little out numbered here. The only way to gain a little bit of control here would be to get Dr. Mike to join us. See Mike, with thiem. So, if Dr. Mike doesn’t know that Jessica got the advantage, I’m going to use that against those two...see Cole go under water.

Lauren to Mike in the shelter

Lauren: Do you think there was an advantage yesterday?
Mike: I don’t know, that’s a good question, I hadn’t thought about it....he looks away (a tell).
Mike: Like where would it have been? It would have been in the basket, right?
Lauren: yeahhhhh, well I heard there was one in the chip bag yesterday, and I didn’t get it, and you didn’t get it...and, he didn’t get it(Ben)...and you don’t know about know what I am saying?
Mike nods...

Mike, conf: So, Lauren says, there was an advantage in the game, which clearly somebody from my tribe has then told her. It is clear to me it is Cole. See Cole with the snorkel gear smiling at Jessica....Because Cole, sometimes he can’t keep his mouth shut and those things come back to bite you in the butt....

See the clouds in fast motion, time goes by,

Mike approaches the raft....Mike to Jess: Jess, if you guys are playing me, I’m gonna *&^%$@!(* kill you.
Jessica: Replies snippily: What are you talking about?
Mike: Those guys, they know a lot of %$#&
Jessica: Without patience.....Like WHATTTT?
(I have to say that Jessica sounds like such a brat, the way she talks to Mike...)
Mike: Like, they know about your advantage.
Jessica to Mike: They know about my advantage?

Jessica conf: When he said that they know about your secret advantage, everything in me crashed. Because, only 2 people knew, Cole and Mike. So, one of them opened their mouth.

Mike to Cole: Did you tell Lauren about the advantage?
Cole: NO
MIke: She was like, Mike, did you knnow there was an advantage?
She was like, “it was in the potato chips.”
Cole: How would she know about that?
Mike: I have no idea...

Cole, conf: In my head I am instantly just like, crap crap crap...Jessica is going to look at me and think Cole, you betrayed me. See Mike go back to the beach

Jessica to Cole: Either you or Mike told them...only I didn’t tell Lauren.
Cole: I certainly wouldn’t have gone and told Lauren. There is no benefit to tell her...
Jessica: Somebody told her...
Cole: I mentioned it to Ben.
Jessica throws her head down.
Cole: I’m so sorry, I thought it would extend trust to him.

Jessica in conf: Cole burned me bad. He can’t even keep a secret for a day.

Cole to Jess: It’s the same reason I told you about the idol...
Jess: I know...Cole, but you have to protect that knowledge a little bit. It’s my perogative on who I tell and what I have, you know?

Confessional continued: He hurt me, whether he meant to or not, he did. But, I would never admit that to him. When I get hurt I always wonder, was it me? And, did I choose to form a relationship with someone that I just shouldn’t have, and that’s why I got hurt. That’s how I feel now with Cole. Did I make a poor decision from the beginning, and how do I move forward in this game thinking that? So, yeah, I had to swallow that, yeah, it hurt.

DAY 11, cut to the IC.

See Ryan, then Dr. Mike, See Mike and Cole, then JP...gets the idols back. See Joe....then Ali...race out to large crateof puzzle peices, through table obstackle then under net, arrange puzzle pieces so each intersection is same color.
When he said, 4th person voted out of this game see a close up of Jessica.


crate of pieces is heavy...manuever it through a table obstackle, Devon gets hit in the groin...Alan is doing really well...carry it through under net...have to work together....Levu doing nice job together...yellow is struggling...Red first, now blue...untying puzzle peices...Lauren on keys, find right keys for both locks

Yellow in last, Lauren has it...Chrissy has the second lock, Ashley struggles

look for both color and shape, at the times like these need a little luck...Chrissy is good at directing...must finish...Devon: I am lost, I am lost
Ben switch it...Yellow, this is not right, Roarke swears
Jessica gets from tribal

neck and neck right now
Chrissy is taking charge
and they do....

sending Levu to TC....where somebody will be the fourth person out of this game, see Alan...”Unbelievable”
Again, when Jiffy says somebody will be the 4th person voted out of HvHvH....see Alan, then Devon, then Joe.

Jessica, conf: Tonight, I have the opportunity to block someones vote at TC. The goal is to help the healers. The goal is to disrupt the Levu tribe as much as I can.

See a school of fish then the big whale

they are talking about how the last key as the one she needed, they said they just couldn’t do the puzzle. Devon says, don’t even worry about that.
Devon: I think everyone was just on their own page instead of working together, Alan agrees.

Alan, conf: We lost again. We got me and Ash, you got Desi and Joe, you got Devon. See Devon. No question that Devon is the swing vote and whoever he goes with is gonna come out on top.

Moving clouds and time warp...

See Ashley and Devon walking in the woods to get water
Ash: Devon, I don’t want you to think because you are the odd one out that you’d be a target...because Healers need to go. (see Joe)
Devon: Yeah. Hey, listen, are you telling the truth right now?
Ashley: Yes, 100%...
Devon: Okay, beause Joe, he told me that you want to vote me out.
Ashley: Really? Tha’t bullSh!t, We don’t want you to go. Because it makes no sense to me....
Devon: So you guys didn’t even consider that?
Ashley: no...not even for a second
Devon:, that is scary. To pull something like that? What a sketchy dude...

Devon in conf: When Joe told me they were trying to vote me out, I had this feeling that I was being talked to like by a car salesman. I was like, this might be a lie. And, now, I think it was. (See Joe)

Ashley: He’s a player...
Devon to AShley: That’s why I like playing with you. You seem the most honest.

Devon confessional continued: I think I can trust ASh, and Alan seems like a straight forward guy too, so, Joe’s a snake. And, I don’t like having snakes around.

Devon: Alright, he hugs Ashley, “We’re chill!”
Ashley: OMG! Let’s do it
Devon: Alright
Ashley: You’ve made me so happy!

Cut to Desi approaching ....see Desi and Joe at the water hole.

Desi to Joe: I saw Ashley and Devon by the water and I am not sure what they saidbut at the end of the talk, they hugged.

Joe in conf: Devon, he could be playing with me. I think he has this emotional connection with Ashley. He’s a surfer dude and Ashley is all about the water so, I don’t feel confident.

See Joe and Desi walking back from the water hole...
Joe: Well, they ain’t gonna go after you, they’re gonna go after me first.

Joe conf’l: I’m gonna have to play the idol, but if they vote out Desi, then I just wasted an idol and I am next, so? See Ashely and Alan in the shelter. So, If I am gonna get one of them out, I have to make sure that they vote for me.

Time warp on the beach....

Flute tones, and snake seen in the tree....

Cut to them all in the shelter
Joe: so is this the part where we just act like everything is cool? Joe is asking are we going to be a strong tribe or just go back to our original colors? He wants to know if they are going to talk about it. Alan asks, who are you voting for...Joe, says there was 2 challenges...what will make us stronger? He throws his vote out as Ashley. He says the strongest four is us four.

Ashley, conf: Joe wants to talk about who we are getting rid of and of course it’s my name that comes up.

Hear Alan say, what makes Desi stronger than Ashley?
Joe: Desi is stronger in puzzles.

Ashley cont’s: This is total bullcrap, I don’t think I am the weakest by any means. I don’t know what Joe’s plan is because he has to know the more he pisses people off, people are going to want to get rid of him.
Alan: I’m just putting this out there, I am not voting for Ashley. And, I am not voting for Devon. (See Desi)

Desi, conf: Joe has lost his mind. He just blew up camp and in the process he blew up both of our games. It was an idiotic move. Now, my names on the chopping block. Crying, I am just pissed off. I’m already devastated and we haven’t even gone to TC...

Joe tells her in the shelter, that he had to get the target off you somehow...I have the idol, so trust me, the target is on my back. she disagrees...She asks him to play the idol for me than. If you play it for me, I got you the rest of the game.

Joe, conf: I am kind of nervous, I wanted to create some Chaos but now it’s backfired and Desi is afraid it’s her. I was just like, crap!

Hear him ask her: what do you want to do? He tells her he is willing to give her the idol because if he doesn’t have her, he’s next anyway...If giving you the idol, gives us another 3 days I will do it, it’s easier to work cracks together than by myself.
Desi: Okay, so give me a name and I will write it down.

Ashley in the water to Alan and Devon: they are both writing my name down.
Alan says, neither of you have to be worried because if either of them have an idol, they’re writing my name down.
Ashley: they are writing my name down
Alan: no they aren’t

Alan, conf: Now everything is up in the air cause if he pulls out the idol, and we write his name down, then one of us is going home.

Devon to Ash and Alan: He may have the idol, she may have the idol....
Ashley: pick one...
Alan covers his face up...

Time warp, time to go to TC, Devon looks in his bag and sees the secret ad. note....OMG, Secret advantage, do not open until it is time to vote. “No way!”

Devon in conf: We’re about to go to Tribal, and I discover in my bag a secret advantage. If I have a secret admirer, that is a beautiful thing! It could be an extra vote, it could be anything. I have no idea. But, with that, and being the swing vote, I have all the power in my hands.

See them go to TC, Sun sets, get fire, fire is life...Alan: off to tough start...look on your face is disgust...some people were a little anxious to get Tribal started
Joe waves his hand up...He wanted to discuss it, Alan got upset, I speak my mind, so I threw Ashley’s name out there.
Ashley: Jeff, I have never been or referred to the weakest link in anything (see Joe smirk), I have ever done in my entire life. And, he was not going to pick the person who was on the tribe with him, so...His actions or his words might affect him tonight.
Desi: Yes, that was a really honest statement, yes, I didn’t expect that outta Joe. Names were thrown out, and part of what happened was I got thrown under the bus in the process. (Desi is gorgeous, btw.)
Jiffy asks Alan, if Desi’s assessment is fair? Absolutely, especially when you bring in talk of an idol. I will be honest, my vote will be between her and Joe.
Joe says it’s better than a movie...Jiffy: that moment like they want to get the bad guy but to get the bad guy they get his wife....see desi.
Joe: Not what I wanted at all, but I got alot of information just knowing he’s supporting Ashley.
Jiffy calls Devon out as in the middle, yes, I am the swing vote and my vote is based on who do I think I can work with...see Ashley.....and, move forward with in this game.
JIffy asks, this is a real showdown. Joe says Alan wants him out because he’s not a Hero. (LOL).Desi is not a hero, you can’t penetrate the heroes when there is no crack so why would I want the heroes to stay around? You need to get rid of them, it’s that simple.
Alan: He says the Heroes cannot be broken, but the Healers were undefeated and there are 6 of them out there. Joe is scratching and clawing at anything he can.
Devon says that he has to go with what is best for his game and he’s going to stay the same every single TC.
Jiffy: It sounds like we have a show down about to happen, time to vote.

Devon interrupts him: I got a little something, it says do not open until it’s time to vote, see Alan...Jiffy: go for it
Devon: I’m very curious
Jiffy: Everyone is
Devon reads: This is a secret advantage but it is being used AGAINST you by another player, (see Alan listening), to block your vote at tonights TC. See Ashley, then Alan. Devon: That is NOT an advantage.
Jiffy makes it clear, that is to be used against you...everyone can vote against you, you can’t vote

Joe votes first, see Alan

Vote Tally, Alan looks over, then see Joe
Jiffy asks about the idol....
Joe; I got something for you Jeff
See Desi
Joe: can I keep it for myself or give it to somebody....I will keep it for myself

Any votes cast for Joe will not count

I told you to Desi, she smiles

See Ashley
Allen: See Alan cover his face.
Ashley covers her mouth...
Joe shoots Alan the peace sign, or is he saying 2?

Alan smiles,
Joe: Detroit, holla back, baby
Alan: You got it!
Ashley’s mouth is agape.
Joe says to Ashley: I read your face. Thank you baby girl. (I thought he said “pretty” girl)

Alan: Good luck, Ashley, and waves...
Devon: to Joe: Well done
Desi: Sorry Alan.
Joe to Desi: I got you. I read her face.
Devon: That was crazy, what the he!! just happened?

JIffy: Well, one of the great truths about Survivor, see Joe, You can have all the plans you want, Survivor gods, don’t care. See AShley.

The perimeter players:

Roark: Her only confessional is a weak one, totally narrational. She has no story at this point.

Ashley: once again her name comes up. She’s had 2 strikes, one more and she’s out. Now that her conflict is over, will she follow Alan right out the door?

JP: Who is he again? NO story, but he likes to keep his mouth shut, provide for the tribe, and do challenges.

Desi: Desi got her first confessional tonight talking about how well her tribe fared post swap. NOT. Not good when the confessionals you have are proven to be false. She’s been narrational.

Mike: Comes out from under the radar to complain about Cole, but notes sometimes these things can come back and bite you in the butt....would love to see that, regarding Cole. He appears smart but so far he doesn’t have much of a story.

The middle of the road players

Jessica: Anyone that has confessional after confessional about Cole cannot go too far in this game. Additionally, she doesn’t quite grasp how large a mouth he has, and when it hurts her, she cries. Something tells me she’s a really slow learner. It will bite her. She comes across to me as bossy, especially in challenges, she’s disrespectful to Mike, she’s constantly going off with Cole in front of all the others....just doesn’t seem like a savvy player. Weak social skills.

Cole: Giving away information that is not his to give is NOT a way to gain trust. Most likely it will burn one of Cole or Jessica or both.

Lauren: Right now she is here because she still has a few obstacles to over come to be placed in the “players” category, but make no mistake, she’s a player that needs to work on her social game. I love how she used Cole’s information to her own advantage. Love it!

Joe: Joe is starting to remind me of a Tony-type character, but he needs an alliance mate. Perhaps he could have found one with Desi? But, he came to play and I admire that!
Devon: He just seems a little too chill. He has Ryan’s ear and a great bond with Ryan. He’s with Ali. I think he will make the merge, but he’ll be the biggest target of those three. Will he go to rocks for Ashley? I dunno.

The Players:

Chrissy: Another first confessional of the show. Now finds herself a very good partner, who also has another partner on their small tribe. She’s still coming out like a rose.

Ben: Split from Chrissy he recognizes that he has some work to do. He’s been nothing but a solid player and he has a great presence in the challenges. Funny how he said he would have to work hard and gain trust, and then we have Cole who thinks gaining trust is giving away information that is not his to give. He should be good.

Ryan: Finding the secret advantage on the boat was a huge stroke of luck for Ryan and he’s savvy enough to know how to play it. He’s very likeable and he takes the challenges seriously. He’s got a sidekick that is a stronger physical threat than himself, and now he’s got Chrissy. Well done.

Ali: Her only confessional was now that they have swapped, she has to step up, and she is. Her drop in confessionals is a good sign for her as she settles down...she has more arcs to come. We saw that she is with Devon and Ryan. I have to wonder if their threesome is the threesome to beat. Her strength is her social game and we saw on the red tribe that she was the “go to” girl. She’s got legs.

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