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"Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) I..."
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kircon 3323 desperate attention whore postings
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08-28-07, 11:39 AM (EST)
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4. "First Mates Expedition, Part 2"
Ben takes off when Christa reaches the writing on the rock.

Ben Confessional: I translated that we need to climb back to the top.
On a different body of water, look for writing on the wall, underwater.

Jay was keeping an eye on Ben. He took off right after him.

Christa Confessional: I really would have liked to kept up with the boys. To see where they were going so I wouldnít get lost. So I read the clue really quickly. I figured I would act like I knew where I was going. And hope I get to the right place.

Host: The pirates must retrace their steps back to the bridge where they will have opportunity to sabotage those behind them. They will then continue further into the jungle where they will find the next clue under water.

Ben and Jay are shown racing back up the trail.

Ben Confessional: This is huge. If I win, I have a 50/50 chance of winning. If I lose, who knows? So I have to win or Iím done.

Jay reached the bridge first, Ben ran to catch up so he would get cut.

They make their way across the bridge. Jayís foot slips through.

Ben Confessional: When we got to the other side of the bridge, we were ready to pass out, but started chopping.
We just stopped for a few, chopped down the bridge, and watched it fall. (I only saw Ben chopping, with Jay standing aside.)

*The bridge falls*

Jay Confessional: When Ben starting chopping the bridge, I was a little hesitant. On one hand I wanted Christa to catch up but the pirate in me took over, and I had no problem at all.

Ben and Jay high-five, then take off up the trail.
Ben passes Jay.

Christa reaches the bridge, looks down and the screen goes black.

Christa Confessional: With the bridge sabotaged, I had to find another way to get to where I was going.

Jay Confessional: Running through the Rain Forest is like running through a cow pasture full of cow poop. You slip and slide. You canít get your grip.

Jay is climbing the path and falls.

Christa takes a big fall on her side and has a hard time getting up.

Ben reaches a large body of water and starts swimming. Jay dives in right after him. Jay has a mask.

Christa is wandering in the jungle.

Ben and Jay are both swimming hard.

Ben Confessional: I was exhausted when I reached the water. I had about 15 pounds on my back. It was a struggle to stay above water. Jay was right behind me. I was about ready to pass out. *he reaches a wall, takes a breath, and drops below water.* Under the water there was a code that said, ďThe gold is by the waterfall.Ē As soon as I read it, I swam my butt off,

Christa is on river rocks searching, Ben is swimming towards a waterfall. Jay is following Ben. Ben swims around the waterfall, climbs up the rocks, grabs a chest and yells.

Ben kisses the chest.

Jay Confessional: It was heart wrenching to see Ben get that chest. The young man beat the old man today. It was purely a physical expedition. I just didnít have any gas left in me, I just died.

Ben Confessional: That was the hardest thing Iíve ever done in my life. *hugging the chest* I just kept thing about my family back home. I wanted to make everybody proud.

At that moment, Christ jump in the water and starts to swim.

Ben Confessional: This is the first treasure I pulled out...and itís the most important one yet. Iím on top of the world. But Iím so tired I could die. *he leans back on the rock, and grins*

Jay is swimming and says, ďFrick, Iím history.Ē

Jay Confessional: I should have cut Ben last night instead of Louie. I could have won this expedition. Could ofís, should ofís, and would ofís , those are the easy ones. You do what you think right and live with the consequences.

Jay gets out of the water and throws his mask on the ground.

Christa swims up to Ben, he says I got it. I got it. I got it. He keeps repeating that and keeps kissing the chest.

Christa Confessional: Iím happy that Ben won the treasure. *they hug* Iíve always said, Iím pulling out the last treasure. I donít believe anything but that is going to happen in this game. (Iím beginning to believe her.)

Ben shoots the gun, and yells again.

Christa climbs aboard.

Host: Welcome back.

Jay climbs aboard and ask, ďHey Cam, how ya doing?Ē

Host: Not bad, how bout yourself?

Jay says heís had better days as he climbs on board. (they all look like drowned rats.)

*The host grabs the chest as Ben hops on board* I gather you are the winner.
He looks at the other two and ask what happen.

Jay says the young man beat the old man.

Jay Confessional: This is the worst day on the ship. I really needed this one. I donít know whatís going to happen, I know Iím not guaranteed to go after Steelís Treasure.

The host opens the chest. True to his word the captain has left two clues. (a small flat box that fits in the hand, inside is a parchment.) * the host closes the box*
You have earned one of them Ben, and the right to hunt for the treasure, the big one.

The treasure is yours, go ahead and count it buddy. (Yes he did say that.)

Jay asks if Ben would like help.

Ben: Step on up. Thanks brother.* they start stacking and stacking.* Fifty Thousand dollars.

Jay Confessional: Ben is where everyone wants to be. It hurts. It hurts bad.

Ben Confessional: (I cracked up laughing. I had to leave the computer) *Ben is sitting with the Captains hat and coat on. He looks very, very goofy.)
I donít have to worry about the black spot; I donít have to worry about the crew. I had 50 thousand dollars handed to me. I donít have to pass any of it out.

Host: It must feel good?

Ben: Iíll tell you what feels good is having a 1 in 2 chance try at the big daddy mother lode. *he rubs his hands together*

Host: Well Ben, youíre safe. But you other two are automatically marked with a black spot. You will defend yourself tonight at Pirates Court. *Christa is smiling broadly Jay is not*
You will fight for the right to claim the other one. *he holds up the other clue*
And to go up against Ben in the expedition for Captain Henry Steelís half million dollar treasure chest.
The Jury for Pirates Court will be the ghost of your past. *thud*
*Christa is grinning madly*
The ghosts will decide which one of you is cut adrift. *Christa gulps, Jay shakes his head*
Your actions of the past, the things youíve done. The choices youíve made, the pirates youíve cut adrift, they are coming back to haunt you.

Jay says, ďThey all love me.Ē Then laughs.

Jay Confessional: When the ghost climb up and see me on the black spot, some are going to think revenge.

Jay reaches his hand out to Christa and whishes her good luck.

Christa Confessional: Going against Jay will be interesting. Either they will hate Jay and want to cut him adrift or Jay will stay because everyone hates him and thinks heís an aggressive player.

Host: Ben hereís your jacket. He hands it to Ben.

Ben says this is my first taste of ďthe baby blueĒ he puts the coat on.

Ben Confessional: Iím riding high, I am. I always said I wanted to be El Captainí, for a short stint, and at the end.

Host: Captain, take your gold.

Ben: Right now Iím just going to let the night go through and think about my 1 in 2 chance at half a million.

Everyone is downstairs putting coins into their bags. Ben is very happy. Jay says he had fun stacking loot with everyone. No matter what.

Ben Confessional: If it wasnít for Jay and Christa, I wouldnít be here. Theyíve always been fair with me, so I split the 50 grand with them. A way to put my mind at peace and rationalize some of the terrible things Iíve done.
At least remain loyal to the people who looked out for me.

Jay says it been nice running with you guys, Ben says try your best, your absolute best. Christa says Iím not going against Jay, I going for myself.

They are all stacking and counting their coins.

Christa Confessional: Iím extremely scared right now, I canít even explain it. I donít like this at all. Iím going to tell the truth about why I did what I did. And hope that everyone sees that I have played this game,...mostly...honestly the whole time.

We again see Ben with the dorky hat. (I think itís too small and doesnít fit)

Christa has 78 thousand; Jay has a hundred and five thousand.

Jay Confessional: Of the pirates we helped cut adrift get to vote on who will go for the treasure. That doesnít bode well for me. I think there are going to be a lot of sour grapes. But Iím not going to take any crap. Iím going to talk to the jury the same way I played the game. ďStraight up and hard core.Ē Thatís the way I roll.

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