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"Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) I..."
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10. "The Ghost Invade the Ship"
The Ghost file into the crews quarters, inspecting everything.

Jay walks over to his bunk.

Jay Confessional: (his title now says Jay Ghost Crew) Im not ashamed of the game I played. I came to play Pirate Master, not Princess Master.

A lot of talking is going on. Jay is talking to Kendra.

Joe Don Confessional: Im rooting for Christa. I think Christa has utilized her physical body, and her gentleness. So its like this, *he looks like hes juggling melons in slow motion*, blond hair, big breasted, woman, that you have a difficult time voting against.

Jupiter tells Joe Don she would like to see Christa beat Ben. Joe Don thinks it would be cool for a female to beat a male. Nessa smiles. (Was he this odd before he left?)

Nessa Confessional: I think Christa deserves to be Pirate Master. People underestimated her because of the sweetness. I always thought there was more to Christa than meets the eye. I think she proved that by the way she played the game.

Christa tells Jay she hopes people see she played the game smartly. (Doesnt matter any more) Like I totally did!

Christa Confessional: I desire to win the game. I played it very hard. My niceness and whatever I did was my personality but it was also my game. I believe 100 percent Im going to win that treasure. I know I can...whine...whine.....whine.

The sun rises over the ship.

Captain Ben calls orders to the entire crew. He likes being captain.

Ben Confessional: I have no idea why the ghosts are still around. It makes me a little uneasy. He barks more orders.

Ben tells Laurel she looks good in the jacket but she doesnt deserve it. She tells him to go away. But to coast through like you did. He tells her, thanks for being my little personal secretary. She yells at him to get away. She finally screams, IM THE GHOST CAPTAIN!!! She keeps screaming, while he tries to talk.

Laurel Confessional: Ben tries to come across as positive, but, hes such a faker.

She asks if he wants to do work while hes standing there. He says no, Ill just watch my personal secretary.

All the girls are lying around saying they wont work till they are paid. Alexis says he can get the ship to where he needs it.

Ben Confessional: Its frustrating when things need to be done and only half the crew wants to work. There are people who will do the work. *they show Cheryl and Azmyth pulling rope. Ill do it all myself if I half to.

Jupiter Confessional: Nobody wanted to support the fact that Ben was Captain. But I did, like I got your back buddy. There could be potential for Ghost to be able to make some money.

The ship is in full sail. Louie is at the wheel. He is glad to be back on board. You just got to love it and suck it all in. Its a good sailing day.

Louie walks over and shakes Bens hand. Ben says there is something he wanted to go over with Louie.
Its been a crazy week. A lot of things went down. It was not a high point in my life. I would like to make it right.
Would you accept the 12 thousand dollars I made during that expedition? Louie says, I will take it.
Ben says, I know it wont make it right. Louie says,:I forgive you, man, its a game. Ben says, I really respect you, and it hurt me to do it. I went through with it, pulled the trigger, and theres no turning back.

Ben Confessional: I feel better about Louie and now I can sit back and clear my head and ready for Captain Steels treasure.

Jay is talking with Christa, telling her to go big and win.

Jay Confessional: Ben and I are tight, hes a cool dude. But when it comes down to him or Christa, Im going to root for Christa. Because I think she needs it more. I think shes a better person.

He tells Christa, Ive got faith.

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