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"Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) I..."
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kircon 3323 desperate attention whore postings
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08-28-07, 02:54 PM (EST)
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7. "Pirate's Court"
The sun sets on the ship and the lanterns are lit.

*ding Ėding* All pirates to mid ships.

Ben walks up to the Captainís perch. Jay and Christa walk to their ďblackĒ spots.
(My goodness, Christa has pushed most of her chest up and out the vest she is wearing.)

Host: Marked Pirates, you know where to stand. The Host whistles.

The Ghost starts pouring over the side of the ship. They take a seat and wait for the Host.
(They look pretty mean. Lotís of black make-up.)

The Host: Once again, everybody welcome back to Pirateís Court. This is the time and place for everyone to have their say. Itís a very different kind of Court tonight.

Host: This past expedition, Ben found his way to the First Mateís treasure. *The host smiles* You are now guaranteed to run for Captain Steels treasure. Thereís no chance of mutiny you are safe.

Christa and Jay you will have your say when you get to defend yourselves.

And the Ghost...You will have your say tonight when you cast your ballots.
It is you who holds the power.

Ben, Congratulations Mate! Howís it feel?

Ben: Iíve always said I wanted to be Captain. No better time or place to have fallen into it. Iím ready to run for the treasure. I ready to own it.

Host: I think weíll get right to it. Game time. Christa, defend yourself.

Christa: I came into this game with a clear cut strategy that has worked for me so far. *Joe Don frowning* Which in the beginning was to lay low and find a person to work with who was more aggressive. Although it may have seemed I wasnít playing. Everybody knows I came here to play for my daughter. *Kendra closes her eyes and sighs* I want to go for Captain Steelís treasure because of my daughter. I need the money. Itís the reason for everything I do in my life. So I just hope you consider my daughter. (We finally see a shot of Cheryl, may she finally rest in peace.) And give me opportunity to go for the treasure.
*she looks at the Host*

Host: Jay...Defend yourself.

Jayís hands are folded against his chin, as in prayer. He rocks back and forth.

Jay: If this is a popularity contest, or a beauty pagent I know Iím going to lose for sure. Iím sure Iím not very popular over there these days. *several angry looks* Itís no secret the kind of game I played. Everybody knows I had something to do with their leaving, if not directly responsible altogether for it. As a matter of fact, I probably black spotted everybody sitting over there. I probably got my hands dirty getting votes against everybody.
I was the mean dirty pirate. Which is what I believe pirates were! You didnít read about princess pirates, or super-sweet pirates, they were cut throat.
And Iíve played a cut throat game, and thatís why I am deserving. With that said, just remember Iím a nice guy. I just do bad things. OK?
*Joe Don smiles as if heís finally gotten it. Louie gives a big grin.*

Host: Alright letís open it up.
This is the time to get anything off your chest. This is your opportunity.

Host: Nessa you seem to be bursting. Whatís going on?

Nessa: Iíll start with Jay. Seems you went out of your way to do things, just to be evil, things you didnít need to do. Whereíd all that come from? The lies, manipulations, excessive cruelty to everyone here.
*she turns around* And Ben, you were right there with him. You sabotages Louieís expedition, I find that sad. I thought I meant more to you than that.

Host: Unfortunately Nessa, Benís not on trial tonight.

Nessa: Thatís alright; I can still give him a piece of my mind.

Host: Cheryl, whatís going on in your mind?

Cheryl: This is going to be a tough decision. I donít respect anyone standing before us tonight. Not one of them. I think they should all go. When they come out and backstab and lie and cheat, that shows me thatís how they are in real life. Thereís a right way to win money and a wrong way. I went about it the right way, trying my hardest to win treasure. Now the whole world knows you have faults.

Host: Kendra?

Kendra: How does it feel to stand there? You two put me up me up so many times. 6 times I stood up there. Christa pulls out the pity card. Her daughter. Woe is me. Set an example for her. Get a job. Show her how to stand on your own two feet. (Ouch!)
*she looks at Jay* I donít like the way you played.
*she looks at Christa* I think you are week.

Host: Joedon (as if itís one word)

Joe Don: Jay, man. Iím indifferent with you. If you want to play it dirty, thatís your business. Youíre not a Pirate Master, youíre a Puppet Master. Now you have to answer for what youíve done. I knew it would come back on you. Christa, you know how I feel about you, Iím not going to rip on you. From my viewpoint, you were being controlled by Jay the majority of the time. Youíre following not leading. If you donít stand for something, youíll fall for anything.

Host: Azmyth, What do you have to say tonight. (Azmyth has his dreads up and black around his eyes. He really looks like a ghost.)

Azmyth: I donít have much for Christa. She floated by and was at the right place at the right time.
Jay with all his lies and deceit, whoís to say anything he said, was the truth. Itís all strategy, right? Itís disappointing to see this very bright, brilliant man act the way he does. So letís see where that lies.

Host: John, Whatís your take on these two pirates?

John: (Now with a full beard) Jayís abilities at deception are rather impressive. The fact that he was able to deceive everybody all the time. It seemed to me that everyone was after him. * Jay is nodding his head in agreement. He breaks into a smile.) He was able to overcome great adversity.
Whereas Christaís big heart was for the men. The spirit of the Crew. It takes something more than Macavailian (sp?) tactics to keep a pirate crew together. I believe in Christa, she may not have tricks, but I believe in her, *Christa is grinning wildly* no matter how soft you think she is.

They did not show any questions from Christian, Joy, Jupiter, Laurel, or Louie.

Host: Jay one last chance to close your defense.

Jay: I did come and play an aggressive game. There are some things you may see as deceiving. Iím not ashamed of the things I did, because I came to play a game.
Being Pirate Master, blodies your hands. I donít think you can play the game without blood. If you think you can get through it with out deciept, then you are gravely mistaken. Thatís all I got Cameron. * he lowers his head*

Host: Christa

Christa: Iím sorry if anyone thinks my talking about my daughter is anything more than it is. It is the truth. She is my life and thatís why Iím here. Thatís all. *she lowers her head*

Host: Alright! Itís time to cast your ballots. You have two cards. One for each Pirate. Mutiny is not an option.

You may not like your choice, buy you need to make one. One by one move to the dagger and cast your ballot.

Azmyth removes the cover. He impales his card. Next up is Jupiter, (Itís quite dark and I canít tell who is voting)

Host: 13 Ghost, 13 ballots. Letís see what youíve done.
He slowly pulls the cards off the knife and walks back to his place.
*the host fans the cards out*
I have the results to the ballots. You both got ballots.
Christa, (about 30 seconds later) you got one.
Jay, you got 12.

Jay, your voyage is ended. *he hangs his head*

Christa smiles a triumphant smile.

Host: Jay you will not be cut adrift tonight, but you can no longer play for the treasure. You will join the ranks of the ghost. (The look on Jays face is priceless; Iím really a goner now, with all these people who hate me.)

Azmyth has a wild crazy eye look going on. Looks quite evil to me.

Host: You will all stay aboard this ship and continue the adventure.

Christa, hereís your coat, please go up and join Ben.
She walks up and stands by Ben.

Host: Jay you may join the ghost. * They seem to be licking their lips and waiting to pounce. Again Azmyth gets a crazed look towards Jay.

May I tell you all, this adventure is not over! You all will have a role to play.

Jay Confessional: I donít know whatís going on. I was hoping to leave and get away from the ghost. Iím hoping I have a chance to help them. There is one I would like to see win.

Host: Pirateís Court is adjourned.

Captain, itís your ship.

Everyone walks off.

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