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"Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) I..."
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kircon 3323 desperate attention whore postings
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08-28-07, 06:42 PM (EST)
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11. "The Last Pirate's Court"
The moon appears from under a cloud, we see the ship.

*ding Ėding* All Ghost and Pirates to mid ships.

Everyone files in.

Welcome to Pirates Court. This is the time and place where everyone gets their say.
This will be the final Pirates Court on this Voyage. As Captain Ben and Officer Christa prepare to find Captain Henry Steelís Treasure. Said to be worth half a million dollars.

They canít do it alone. Ben and Christ need to recruit 3 ghosts each to help them on their crew, to find the treasure.

You will have your say when you make a case for yourself. Why you would be on either of their crew. Ben & Christa will have their say when they choose you.

To make it fair, Ben you will pick one man and two women. Christa you will pick two men and one woman.

Pirates Court is in session: Who wants to play? Let me see your hands.

Iíll start with Louie, why should they choose you?

Louie: I give everything I have. I donít care who Iím running with or what crew Iím on, Iím going for it. If you want me, I have everything to give. You got me.

Cheryl? This is why Iím here. Competition. Iíve got it all. Iíve got the mind, athletics, and the heart. No matter what team Iím on I will play 100 percent for whomever.

Sean? I can run like a horse, swim like a fish and hold my breath like a whale. I have it all, cunning, intelligent, driven, and capable. You have a chance to put together an elite crew of pirates. Iíd bend over backwards to make sure either one of you wins.

Jupiter, are you going to play? I really want to. First of all I helped win 6 out of eight expeditions. I am willing to give either one of you guys 100 percent.

Azmyth? I have endurance for days. Iíve pulled out three plus treasureís myself. Iím always on a lookout for what ever. Iím here to be on whoeverís crew and fight for the gold.

John, I saw your hand up, make a case for yourself.
Ben, I donít know you that well, some of the things Iíve heard arenít positive. I find I havenít invested in your spirit, so I will not avail myself to you Ben.
Christa, I believe in you. I think you deserve it and you own it. You will be the Pirate Master. And I want to be there for as much as I can give. *Christa has a large smile*

Nessa? Iím a bad a$$ Cameron. Full package, running, I want to be part of it. Just the chance to run another expedition.
Host: who would you want to run with? Make no mistake, which ever crew I was on , I would give above and beyond. But if I had to narrow it down, I would choose to see a female Pirate Master.

Jay? Iíve been on a lot of expeditions with both of you. My record speaks for itself. I want to put it out there; I do believe Christa will win the Pirate Master. Christa, I know you want me by your side at the end, but look around me and make the best team to give you the win. Itís important for you to take home the money. I think some have fresher legs than I do. Make your own decision, and if you donít choose me, not hard feelings. *he looks at the Host and says, thatís all Iíve got.

Kendra, Make your case.
Christa I will offer myself only to you. I know there are faster women, but if you can use me, I offer myself to you.

Joe Don? Ben you have a lot of strong males who would serve you better than me. Christa, Iíd love to see you take this thing, I really would. My alliance is to you. You know how I roll. *he bows his head* you know how I roll. *he bows his head again.

Host: Youíve heard everything. Ben letís start with you, do you have any questions?

Yeah I do. Oh, I like what youíre doing to me. Iím the underdog. You know what; you have no idea what you all just did. Youíve started a battle, and Iím going to prove to everybody what Iíve got. For Sure. People look at me and donít expect a lot, but, This is my time, everything has led to this. I got a general idea of what I want. So for the people who come with me, I will split everything I got. 80 grand. I will let my record speak for itself. Iíve lost two expeditions, and one because I was an a$$. *chuckles from the crew* Iíve won eleven expeditions in a row. So think about it long and hard. Who do you want to bank on? Iím only getting meaner by the minute, so letís get it on. *Sean smiles and shakes his head in agreement.

Host: Christa, what would you like to say?
Iím in this game for one treasure and itís a big one. Tomorrow, Captain Steelís treasure will be mine. I hope you believe in me. Iíve played with my heart and my gut. And that is the way I will choose my crew. Far as the money goes I have 70 thousand dollars that I would like to give you.

Host: So is this play or pay? Christa states if she wins. She has to take money home to her kid.

Host: This time you are choosing for players on your crew. Choose wisely. You have 14 cards in your wallet. Choose three.
Drums play while the two choose.

Alright Lets see what you have done. The Host takes the cards.

The Host calls a member from each crew

First member of Benís crew, the Black Crew is Cheryl, Azmyth, and Nessa

First member of Christa crew, the Red crew is John, Jay, and Nessa

We have a situation.

Ben offers 10 thousand dollars win or lose. A little insurance policy.

Christa counters with Jay and Johnís share of the money.
John says, donít even think about offering me money, Iím willing to fight for you.
Christa will match Benís 10 thousand insurance and add 59 thousand if they win.

Nessa says sheís not good at math but will choose to run with Christa.

Ben chooses Jupiter to fill the spot.

The crews will stay aboard the ship, while the Ghost will be cut adrift.

Host: Your voyage has ended. The Ghost climb overboard into the boat.

Captain, Cut these Ghost adrift.

*ching* Ben didnít cut through all the way, and uses his hand to break the rope.

*Louieís laughter is heard disappearing into the darkness*

Ben Confessional: The Black Crew consist of myself, Azmyth, Cheryl, and Jupiter. Very hard core. Ready to rock.

Christa Confessional: The Red Crew is me and Jay and Nessa and John. Crew of second chances. The Misfits.
I choose this crew because they all deserved a second chance.

Nessa Confessional: There was a bidding war over me. Iím on a final crew for the last expedition. It feels good to be wanted.
Nessa tells Christa that sheís told everyone they underestimated Christa, thereís more to her than meets the eye. People donít get that. And I want to see a female Pirate Master. Iím going to kick a$$. I want to see Christa win.

Ben Confessional: I put all the money Iíve won on the line. Because people want Christa to win, it lit a fire under me. When I get out there, Iím locked in.

*Azmyth pulls a piece of glass from Benís foot*
Iím gonna run till I die. This is going to be nuts, dude.

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