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"Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) I..."
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08-28-07, 08:38 AM (EST)
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3. "First Mates Expedition, Part 1"
The ship is sailing on choppy seas.

The three are on deck looking at the sky.

Jay Confessional: ďWe woke up this morning; it was cloudy, murky, kind of a scary morning.

There is talk on deck about how weird the sky is and that they donít know what to expect. Jay says heís excited and scared because he has a 1 in 3 chance at winning half a million bucks. Christa is laying down looking at the sky with her hands folded over her chest.

Jay Confessional: This is the last expedition. I will die out there before I lose this. I will pour out my heart and soul into it. Nothinís gonna stop me, nothiní.

There is a shot of a partial rainbow. All seem to see it. As the camera pans out, it becomes a full rainbow.

Jay: ďItís a sign!Ē
Ben: ďMaybe thatís where our treasure lies, at the bottom of the rainbow.Ē
Ben points while Christa giggles.
Jay says if I go that way it will be on the other side.

Christa Confessional: I didnít get much sleep last night. I donít know. Iím having a real weird feeling right now. Iím going to be confident in my abilities, Iím confident Iím going to win. Iíll go from there.

They all stand looking at the rainbow and agree somebody is getting rich today.

Ben Confessional: Today Iím a nervous and excited pirate. Weíve gotten to the real deal. This is what this whole voyage has been about. All Iíve got on my brain is Captain Steelís Treasure. Ben is shaking with nervous energy. All Iím thinking is getting this money.

Another shot of the rainbow.

*ding Ėding* All pirates to mid ships.

Christa, Jay, whose arms are raised in victory, and Ben walk in to meet the Host who stands by the chest.

Host: Good Morning. Final Three. Congratulations.
So here we are...About to open the 14th and final lock on the Chest of Zanzibar. And begin the expedition for Captain Henry Steelís fortune, said to be worth half a million dollars.

Christa and Ben have large grins, while Jay seems to be breathing hard.

Host: Iíll open this one.
He walks over to the top center lock. He lifts the entire lid.
Host: It appears to be a note and one clue. This is very interesting. It appears this is not your final expedition.

The Host reads. I confirm that my treasure is out there. But you wonít be searching for it today. Only two of you will compete for that honor.

Ben Confessional: Iím disappointed. Iíve been building myself up all day. But if I make it to the next one, thatís a fifty-fifty chance.

Host: Captain Steel continues:
My first mate is the only man I ever trusted.
Find the First Mateís fortune and you will have what you need to find mine.

Host: So the one of you who finds the First mateís fortune has the right to look for Captain Steels Treasure.
The other two, you are at risk. You could be cut adrift.

Jay nods his head.

Host: Steel writes that the First Mate was an Englishman named Jenson Buely, a military mastermind, a lover of weaponry. He was well known for his swordsmanship. He had a fondness for the Latin language. He would record in Latin, his plan to attack other ships.

Host: Normally we would divide into crews, but today you will compete as individuals. Itís every pirate for them selves. And since thereís only one clue, Iíll give you a few minutes to go below and copy the information you need. On my command, climb overboard and swim to shore.

Christa Confessional: This is the first time weíve been on our own. Itís scary. Iím just gonna be confident that Iím gonna win. Iím gonna blow these boys out of the water today. *wicked laugh*

Ben tells us that all had to copy the map and write down about 29 words on the back. Latin to English.
I believe we will have to translate some type of message.

Christa Confessional: I feel I have a really good chance today because I know some of those words. But I was making sure I was also memorizing them as I wrote them.

Jay Confessional: Right now the entire game is at steak. If you win this, you are going after Captain Steelís treasure. But if you lose, I donít know. I donít think itís a good thing. I need to win this one. Itís what itís all come down to.

Host: Pirates to Port Side. Prepare to jump.

The three climb on the side waiting to jump.

Host: For the Firsts Mates fortune and the right to search for Captain Henry Steels Treasure.
Host fires the gun. The three jump overboard and swim to shore.

Host: They must swim to shore, find the bridge and the matesí sword for the next clue.

Jay Confessional: Iím not the strongest swimmer in the ocean especially with a pack on your back. Itís tough.

Christa Confessional: The guys were ahead of me, but we were all close.

Ben reaches shore first, then Jay, then Christa.

Ben reaches the rope bridge first.

Ben Confessional: I thought of Indiana Jones when I reached the rope bridge. It was narrow as could be, but I didnít have time to worry about it. Just do what you have to do.

Ben is show looking off the side of the bridge for the mateís sword. Jay come barreling down the hill and starts across the bridge. He starts looking in the trees. Christa now enters the bridge.

Ben finds a sword hanging off the bridge. He starts pulling it up. The other two follow suit.

Ben tells us he knew he had to snatch that baby and take off. Jay and Christa follow right after him.

Christa stops to unwrap the leather sling from around the sword. Jay is doing the same.

Christa reads: Go to the pool to get the next clue. She and Jay take off.

Host: The pirates must now race down a steep ravine to a pool. In the pool is a large bolder on which is written the next clue.

Ben reaches a sign and says ďleftĒ. Heís the fist to make it to the pool. Jay sees the sign and also utters ďleftĒ.

Christa Confessional: I feel stressed out because I donít know if Iím doing the right thing, if Iím going the right way. The guys are pretty far ahead of me. I have no one to ask, no one to follow. I doubted myself.

Ben finds a pool/river and starts swimming, under rocks and over sandbars.

Jay has entered the pool.

Ben Confessional: When I found the rock I started to translate. I had already memorized the words I needed. But itís hard to translate two languages. Itís confusing.

Jay finds the rock and starts to work on the puzzle.

Jay Confessional: There were two parts to the map. One was the layout for an expedition, the other was Latin words. I wrote it two ways. One with Latin words alphabetized, then with the English words alphabetized. So hopefully Iím covered.

Christa finally reaches the pool. She is struggling with all her stuff.

Christa Confessional: I had a hard time carrying the sword, the bag, and the canister with the map. ďI am blond so I didnít think; let me put all the stuff in the bag. That would have made too much sense.Ē

Christa reaches the rock dumps her stuff and starts to decipher.

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