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"Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) I..."
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kircon 3323 desperate attention whore postings
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08-28-07, 05:31 AM (EST)
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1. "Last Time On: The Host's Summary of..."
Host: This summer 16 modern day pirates set sail around the Caribbean to search for hidden treasure.
We see all the players in a boat rowing towards the ship during the night.

A very large chest is pulled from the water.

Treasure! Louie laughs and says “I think I want me some of that!” The sun rises over the ship. We see Jay and Ben pulling rope and hoisting the sails.

Host: Locked inside the mysterious Chest of Zanzibar are the clues to that treasure.
Several pirates are huddled over a hole, while Sean lifts up a small treasure box.

Host: One discovery has led to the next. And it’s all worth one million dollars.

Ben Confessional: This is the best opportunity I’ve ever had, I’m on a pirate ship, there’s no place I’d rather be than here.

Host: Divided randomly into two crews, the hunt began,

We see a shot of both crews, the hosts’ fires a pistol, all jump off the side of the ship.
Chopping a rope, coconuts falling down the hillside,
pulling treasure from the water, and firing the gun.

Host: With the Black Crew victorious, they choose Joe Don as the first Captain.

As Joe Don puts on the hat he says, “You know what man, I got to be honest with ya, this feels right.”

Host: According to the Pirate Master Code, Joe Don received half the treasure. And chose Ben and Cheryl as his officers.

Joe Don laughs over the treasure.

Captain Joe Don yells out to the crew, “Good Job Pirates.”

Host: Joe Don ruled with an iron fist.

The Captain is seen with a stern face at Pirate Court. “Things are going to change a whole lot.”

Host: This did not go down well with the crew.

Alexis complains that “you have your gold on your gold bed in your gold cabin.”

Host: Finally winning their first expedition, the Red Crew put an end to Joe Don’s reign.

Louie shouts Captain Joe Don is dead. Joe Don is seen in the middle of the river with his hand over his eyes.

Host: The Red Crew elects Azmyth as the ships new Captain.

*Azmyth swings from a rope and jumps into the ocean with a shout of joy.*

Host: Splitting the treasure evenly with his winning crew, Captain Azmyth’s fresh approach set well with the pirates.

Jupiter stands before Azmyth with a big grin on her face. Azmyth with his best accent, (Remember that), and his beard carved into strange shapes, says: “This is yours, please enjoy!” Jupiter gives him a big hug and kiss.

Host: But things soon changed. Captain Azmyth developed a fake British accent.

Laurel Confessional: I have no respect for that fool right now. He’s a super freak in a blue coat.

Host: Then he chooses the physically strong Ben and Jay as his officers. Ensuring the Black Crews dominance.
Ben and Jay lead the crew in a victory.

Host: The all male triad was born. And as they began to keep more treasure for their own, it was clear they had a plan to take control to the end. We see them all playing with their money.

Ben, Jay and Azmyth raise mugs and say, “Tremendous Trio”

Host: Winning expedition after expedition, * three different shots are fired* the Triad seemed unstoppable. *ding – ding* And one by one, Sean, Joy, and Joe Don, were cut adrift.

Host: But when the game changed, “Ben, Jay, you are no longer officers.” , the Triad was dismantled.
Ben and Jay take off their coats and hand them to the host.

*The host fires a gun*

Host: When the Red Crew claimed the next treasure,

Jay says, “I would like Christa to be the next Captain.”

Host: Christa became the games first female Captain and was determined to go to the end.

Christa Confessional: I have a 6 year old daughter and this could mean such good things for our life.

Host: But the rules took a turn. “It’s all yours.”
The host gives all the treasure to Christa.

Jay Confessional: The game has changed dramatically. The captain keeps all the money and only two people get Black Spotted.

Host: Christa decides to rule with her conscience.

Christa Confessional: I’m going to give everyone ten thousand. I’m going to split it evenly.

Host: But when Jay and Ben became her closes confidants...

Jay says, “You’re going to have to be...kind of ... evil.”

We see Christa looking very sweet while ruling over Pirate Court. (For you female lovers out there, she is wearing a small swimsuit top under the Captain’s coat. She seems to be quite endowed. And sweet)

Host: ...they blindsided some of the game’s biggest power players.

The host says:

Azmyth, your voyage is over. *chop*
Nessa, your voyage is over.

Jay Confessional: Nessa is one of the strongest competitors out there. She’s a little boxer!

Nessa says, “Have fun eating each other alive.” *chomp*

Host: Jay stopped at nothing to keep Christa in power...

Jay Confessional: If Christa’s in power, I’m in power.

The Host fire’s a pistol while standing on deck.

Host: ...through the next expedition...

While talking with Christa, Jay says, “Go big or go home.”

Host: ...(Jay) continued to dictate the Black Spots.

Jay Confessional: I like having other people do my dirty deeds.

Host: While Christa grew into her role as captain.

Jay Confessional: Christa came off as this sweet girl, but lately she’s cut some throat.

Host: But when Ben sabotaged Louie on the next expedition, it weighed heavily on his mind.

*Jay and Christa shaking hands and grinning*

Ben Confessional: It made me sick to my stomach, but I knew what I had to do.

*ding – ding*

Host: That night:

While defending him, Ben says during Pirate Court, Louie is a better sailor and I can probably say he’s a better man than I.

Host: Ben could no longer contain his guilt.

Ben tells Louie that he threw the expedition yesterday.

Louie looks at Ben in Shock.

Louie’s name card is shown.

Host: And Louie became the 13th pirate...

Louie looks at the smiling Captain Christ and says, “Make it swift!”

Host: ... to be cut adrift.


Host: Now only Jay, Christa and Ben remain in the hunt for Captain Steel’s Treasure.

There are several shots of all three pirates, maps, gold, and a single pirate carrying a chest.

Host: But in the end, only one pirate can take home the $500,000 bounty, and become:

*sword twirls as light flashes*

*pirate flag waves over the ship*

Host: Pirate Master!

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