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Joe Millionaire Episode 5 - TV Guide Online
Monday, February 3 Evan takes his three remaining women to the French Riviera for dining, dancing and a decision that sends one of the
3 messages
01-21-03 10:57 PM
Joe Millionaire Article - Canoe, 1/20 lionaire-sun.html [font color="purple"][b]Rich with rumours Is Joe Mil
9 messages
01-21-03 04:19 PM
"Joe" show discussion on Atlanta radio
Driving to work this morning, I heard this conversation on an Atlanta radio talk show. One of the talkers was quoting a magazine article from last
4 messages
01-21-03 11:49 AM
Melissa Jo speaks... too much? /016268-8791-062.html [i] "People need to get to know the true Mojo,"
3 messages
01-21-03 05:18 AM
Joe Millionaire Washington Post story
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-20-03 AT 12:53 PM (EST)[/font] icles/A1593
1 messages
01-21-03 03:16 AM
Evan Marriott MSNBC interview
This is apparently a week old, but I'd missed it... part of me wonders if he was wasted while doing this phone interview http://w
1 messages
01-21-03 02:28 AM
SurvivorBlows, It's Time to Vote! - Episode 3, Joe Millionaire
Tonight, one unlucky (lucky?) gal gets voted out of the third episode of "Joe Millionaire." Tell us who you think it will be? %
19 messages
01-20-03 09:08 PM
**Joe Millionaire Episode 2 Summary**
[b][font size = 4]****The Official Joe Millionaire Episode 2 Summary – The “Getting Dirty” Dozen****[/font][%2
Bucky Katt
15 messages
01-20-03 06:14 PM
Official Joe Millionaire Episode 1 Summary: The Dirt Digger and the Gold Diggers
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-10-03 AT 08:22 AM (EST)[/font] The scene: Aerial view of a French chateau. * cu
19 messages
01-19-03 09:51 AM
Joe Millionaire Episode 4 - TV Guide Online
Monday, January 27 Evan begins to feel the heat for fibbing as he continues to dupe---and dump---his sexy suitors. “He was p
2 messages
01-18-03 08:48 AM
TV Guide Online article - interview with Paul Hogan r/ [b][i]Joe Millionaire: What the Butler Saw [/b] Once upon
5 messages
01-17-03 03:33 PM
Joe Millionaire Episode 2 [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-13-03 AT 11:16 PM (EST)[/font] OK, it seemed to start a little slowly (come on guys, you
23 messages
01-15-03 06:33 AM
Bashing Joe
Sorry, ladies. I just have to bash Joe/Evan. When I saw the pics of him at his construction site, I thought he looked like one of th
3 messages
01-14-03 02:26 AM
It's Time to Vote! (Joe Millionaire)
Let's vote on who we think will be the 5 people that Joe will give a gem necklace to and who are the 7 people that will be booted out. %5
Pepe Le Pew
14 messages
01-13-03 09:30 PM
SNL Parodies
Did anyone catch Jeff Gordon hosting SNL? Every twenty minutes or so, they ran a new commercial for a different "Joe Millionaire" show.....on
2 messages
01-13-03 12:49 PM
JERRI lives again! [View All]
Just saw the "Joe Millionaire" premiere, and OH.MY.HECK ... it looks like Heidi is Jerri reincarnated. The same b!tchy exterior, jawline,
26 messages
01-12-03 07:48 PM
He's no Millionaire...
... heck, he doesn't seem to have $2.50 either. This is too funny... 1
10 messages
01-12-03 11:02 AM
Modelling photos of Joe Millionaire's Melissa Jo
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-04-03 AT 01:08 AM (EST)[/font] Apparently Melissa Jo has a page on I wonde
13 messages
01-12-03 10:45 AM
USA Today article on Joe Millionaire
For your viewing pleasure... news/2003-01-05-average-joe_x.htm [i]An a
6 messages
01-12-03 10:36 AM
Who do you think will "win" Joe Millionare??? (after only one ep) [View All]
I never watched the bachelor so I can't compare this to it, but I am loving this show. It is so funny to see the girls fight. Anyways, after t
30 messages
01-11-03 05:43 PM
the butler on Joe Millionaire
i guess this doesn't amount to diddly, but for some reason i keep thinking about it so i wanted to throw it our to the spoiling community and see
1 messages
01-10-03 02:03 PM
Pictures of Joe for the woman...
Here are some more pictures of Joe....Think these are woman only [ rri
14 messages
01-09-03 04:52 PM
The Bachelorette meets Joe Millionaire
Trista: Hi, I'm Trista, nice to meet you Joe/Evan: Hi, umm, I'm Joe uh no Evan um don't ask me my middle name Trista%3
1 messages
01-09-03 09:18 AM
Joe Mill.. Gold Diggers!
Wow, this show makes women for the most part look horrible! NEat show though. Evan seems like a deer in the headlights. And cute as he is, is th
Canada Girl
15 messages
01-09-03 09:06 AM
who will win?
well... I really hope Mandy wins becuase shes from my hometown and shes just adorable...but shes not telling we will see...but from the vi
2 messages
01-08-03 02:20 PM
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