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I wonder how much money Linda had left after the state of Texas and Federal Government took out their share from the check ?
I wonder if Linda has a twin out there? LoL! I could care less about money, would like to find that true love as I believe they have stumbled up
0 messages
11-25-03 07:07 PM
Joe millionaire
ok i have to know did david and linda get the million dollars? I lost power right after they got to the ranch. what happened?
6 messages
11-25-03 06:58 PM
Linda or Cat: Who do you think it will be? Predications here!
Now the finale is almost here (yea!!) Who do you think David will choose? <Bragging rights for those who get it right!> I would l
14 messages
11-25-03 10:32 AM
so lost......please help
ok i just switched to night crew at my job and i am lost on what happened b/c i fell asleep.... what did he tell cat....what did she say%
1 messages
11-25-03 10:08 AM
Official Episode 8 Summary "Fee, Fie, Faux, Fum"
[font size=4] "Fee, Fie, Faux, Fum" [font size=2][I]Mr. Tig: Why are we watching Joe Millionaire tonight? W
13 messages
11-25-03 02:03 AM
Nessun Dorma (Contains Spoiler info)
I thought it was pretty "cheesey" to play such a great aria as Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot when Linda came out of the ranch house
VA Slim
0 messages
11-24-03 10:18 PM
Help! My Tivo Stopped recording!!
Help me... my Tivo stopped recording right after Olinda got her necklace! what happened after that???
4 messages
11-23-03 05:31 PM
The totally-not-surprising return of Linda
I feel bad for Petra. She's the one who cheered David up after Linda left and she's the one who gets booted because Linda came back. Linda annoy
7 messages
11-23-03 03:19 AM
Fragile, pseudo-virginal women, vs. Fems with healthy sex drive
The producers unfairly brought back Linda, because she was chosen as a Zora-clone, and her leaving screwed up their show--as they presumed that vi
1 messages
11-22-03 05:46 PM
Where do they find these STUPID Joe's?
The show had a good chance to be popular based on its concept. but the show cannot be successful when the "main character" is an idiot!! both
2 messages
11-22-03 05:29 PM
David Smith begs: PLEASE watch my show!!!!!!
transcribed by QMitten/Susan Brown: Soap Opera Weekly November 25, 2003, cover and pg 42: Joe Millionaire 2 David Smith begs: PL
1 messages
11-22-03 04:42 PM
Official Episode 7 Summary
[font size = 4][b]The Next Joe Millionaire Episode 7 Summary Germany Outwits Holland (Again)[/font][/b] [i%
Bucky Katt
7 messages
11-22-03 09:00 AM
If I hear that Simpleton say that word, one more time....or the word [i]awesome![/i], I think I'm gonna hurl. This guy makes Evan
13 messages
11-20-03 11:49 AM
will she accept him?!
well, we've got a thread discussing the "winner," but i thought we might want to address whether or not this JM will have a "fairy tale"
10 messages
11-20-03 01:34 AM
Random Thoughts on Last Night's "Journey"
1. I would like like a Volkswagen in the belt David bought Cat. 2. Petra got screwed. Not in a good way. 3. Linda would make a great mai
6 messages
11-19-03 09:11 PM
So who do you want to win ?
[b]So who do you want to win ? and who do you think will win ? [/b]I think he'll choose Cat. Linda came back too late and doesn't se
18 messages
11-19-03 05:47 PM
Ding dong Old Linda's gone [View All]
So glad he finally got rid of her. I feel bad for Cat for the way the other girls are treating her, maybe with Old Linda gone, the other girls wi
22 messages
11-18-03 09:59 AM
next week's "twist"
OK, I'll say it. . . I no longer find bringing back an "ex" player at all exciting or remotely worthy being called a "twist." %
18 messages
11-18-03 02:26 AM
Mini Gufu Award for Ho Millionaire Last Week
Sorry if discussed ad nauseum already, but I've been away from this forum. So last week we had this big shock when Linda weenied out of
10 messages
11-16-03 02:11 AM
Joe Millionaire episode 5 Offical Summuary: Springfest
[font color=purple][b]EPISODE FIVE: THE SPRINGFEST SHOW [/b] ds/User_fi
6 messages
11-14-03 05:28 PM
JoeMil ep. 6 Summary ds/User_files/3fb14f2978141a3a.jpg ds/User
7 messages
11-12-03 10:41 PM
Did Olinda and David get physical??
Olinda: "Yeah, work those muscles baby" and "Oh my god, the other girls are going to HATE me!" Those are two lines from last night'
1 messages
11-12-03 11:12 AM
Separated at Birth
Don't these gals look like someone we've seen before? I bet they were type-cast that way. Please feel free to add more. I had to split them u
11 messages
11-11-03 10:41 PM
These girls have apparently had some harsh lives... [View All]
Geez, I don't know if its because I'm watching a digital signal where everything shows or what, but these girls have apparently had some harsh
61 messages
11-11-03 01:57 PM
David Smith
Ok I know that the "Smith" is actually not real. I watched all the shows up until now and at first I thought..."This guys voice has to go!!
2 messages
11-11-03 01:55 PM
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