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Elimination Predictions here
Look in your crystal ball. Who do you see? Vote here for who is out in the next episode or elimination ceremony. You may also include who is your t
12 messages
11-11-03 12:43 PM
She's the girl we love to hate!!! I am glad she is gone but will miss the spark she added to the show. Definately not the right match for the
1 messages
11-11-03 10:46 AM
What City Does Linda Live Inn Anybody Know ?
I know she lives in Czech Rep., but in what city. I ask cause I want to go on American Singles and meet some women from Czech Rep. hopefully just li
0 messages
11-11-03 00:08 AM
JoeM Favorites list 2.4
Hard to say at this point. I agree with Linda that it is hard to face that much jealousy. she's a sweet girl - I'm sure that David will seek
16 messages
11-10-03 08:38 PM
Official The Next Joe Millionaire Show Episode 4 Summary – Linda and the Beasts
[b]Official The Next Joe Millionaire Show Episode 4 Summary – Linda and the Beasts[/b] [center][i]Tale as old as time%2
11 messages
11-10-03 05:34 PM
Summaries [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-10-03 AT 01:46 PM (EST)[/font] OK, time to line up summary writers for the new season of Joe
38 messages
11-10-03 03:10 PM
David had a live-in-fiancee prior to JM, and has been a serial CHEATER!
National Enquirer, Nov 4, 2003, pg 47: Sez David Smith not only is cheating on his former live-in-fiancee, Misty Williamson, but that
11 messages
11-07-03 04:08 PM
Joe Millionaire Episode 3 Summary
Its Joe Millionaire time again. Funny, it seems like it was only yesterday that the last episode of JM was on….oh. [b]Previously %
10 messages
11-04-03 03:16 AM
Horses and Honeys
For discussion about who will win - Hurricane or the lucky girl. As much as I will joke, I do firmly believe that it is likely that Joe will fi
18 messages
11-03-03 12:10 PM
A Fairy Tale (Joe Millionaire Summary -- Episoe 2)
[i][b]Fairy Tale of Joe Millionaire Chapter 2[/b] As we open, this chapter, of the fairy tale that is Joe Millionair
7 messages
11-03-03 12:07 PM
DAVID SMITH GETS TWO WHOLE PAGES IN TV GUIDE AND A PHOTO INSET ON THE COVER! On the cover, they show David and Evan back to back, Dav
7 messages
11-02-03 10:04 PM
The twist this year...David Smith might be a REAL millionaire!
TV Guide, for the week of Oct.25-321 features Evan Marriott and David Smith on the cover--and it says that David is the son of a RICH oilman! THAT
8 messages
11-02-03 10:01 PM
Evan and Sarah Kozer will make cameos this season
Evan and Sarah Kozer will make cameos this season--look for it! Likely will be an announcement, as to WHICH show, on Extra, Evan r
2 messages
11-02-03 05:25 PM
Evan was in town....
About 10 minutes away from me. He was making an appearance at the Southern Women's Show at the Convention Center. I didn't go to the Show, but I
Mon Cherie
2 messages
11-02-03 02:24 PM
why did he give Oldlinda a necklace?
Of all people! She totally made fun of him when he said grace. I noticed last night that her face doesn't move much, but her mouth never stops %
15 messages
10-30-03 09:09 PM
JM Favorites List 2.2
Much like the Survivor List, let's rank the contestants in order of how much we like them and who we think David will like. They can be 2 differen
9 messages
10-30-03 07:55 PM
what was the name of that one chic that went to playboy?
what's the name of that one chich from last season that found out he was poor then left him and went to playboy?
Captain Jack Sparrow
3 messages
10-30-03 04:24 PM
11 Pearl Necklaces?
That's an awful lot, even for a young dude from Texas!
12 messages
10-30-03 01:08 PM
looks sad [View All]
i think it is sad to abuse the trust of foriegners. Don't people in europe hate us enough? now 20 hot chicks in europe are going to have it out
33 messages
10-29-03 08:25 PM
Look familiar?
I think they're long-lost relatives... ges/11.jpg http://members.t
5 messages
10-29-03 02:55 PM
"Surprise" Eviction Next Time?
First, I'm really looking forward to watching these dames crawl around in horse manure next week. Second, whom (who?) do you think wi
5 messages
10-29-03 02:46 PM
The Next Joe Millionaire "Gufus"
Spoilers inside... I thought it might be fun to start a thread where we pick on David for his lying skills in the capacity of convincing th
17 messages
10-29-03 02:21 PM
*** Joe Millionaire Episode 1 Summary ***
[center]The Next Joe Millionaire – Season Premiere Fox - Monday 10.20.03, 8 PM[/center] This opens with a
17 messages
10-28-03 11:12 PM
David Smith [View All]
Hi, I'm researching an article on the new Joe M. Need to know where he went to school and college, and who he dated. I hear he was engaged! Ca
27 messages
10-27-03 03:31 AM
what happened? did I miss it. when is this show on?
Does anyone know what time and channel?
5 messages
10-25-03 01:41 AM
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