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Conferences Beg, Borrow, & Deal (Protected)
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the twist!!
So many of you might be wondering just what in the heck this twist was that I kept mentioning. well, kids, now's time to find out:%
9 messages
11-20-21 02:35 PM
BB&D 2: Elimination chances
I still don't think much of this elimination business, but it's only one and it probably won't hurt the show that much, so I'll grit my te
6 messages
07-10-16 04:24 PM
Best strategy for BB&D?
My husband and I have discussed this a lot as we have watched the last few episodes ... but it seems to us the best strategy for this show is college
7 messages
02-26-16 04:27 PM
BBD2 in the UK
Just to let y’all know that BBD2 fever spread to the UK, and we just finished watching the finale that aired last night (it airs at an even wors
9 messages
02-18-16 02:52 PM
New ESPN Reality Show
ESPN has a new reality show coming up, called "Beg Borrow or Deal"... what do y'all think of it? It looks awful to me. http:%2
2 messages
02-18-16 02:51 PM
Let's spice this up a bit
ALrighty - 5 episode's down and 2 to go. A close race is about to get closer. Here's what I want to know from ya'll. AnnMarie and K
6 messages
01-14-16 06:40 PM
Beg,Borrow,and Deal
It looks like even ESPN is going to get into reality tv now. This is from ml
3 messages
05-29-15 05:04 PM
Questions for Greg [View All]
1. Do you watch the show on ESPN? If so, with whom - in a bar with random strangers, at home alone/with family/with friends? 2. Di
25 messages
05-26-15 02:35 PM
My Tattoo
I just wanted to clarify why I got a "T" on my back instead of a NY Yankees design on Episode 1 - (trust me, I've been getting enough
7 messages
05-26-15 02:28 PM
Beg, Borrow & Deal Summary Writers?
Survivorscott already summarized the first episode of this show [ s/DCForumID17/221.shtml|here] an
7 messages
05-04-15 05:39 PM
Will there be a BB&D 3?
Most of the people that I've heard from who have watched this show like it, and that's always encouraging. With most of the stars getting paid
2 messages
05-04-15 05:36 PM
alright everybody - step right up and lay down your predictions for the final episode of Twin Pea....sorry, got carried away - I mean BBD2.
11 messages
03-12-15 05:58 PM
BB&D episode 7 summary: Twisters
Previously: I hated the game. But I didn't have the strength to leave. I played ANGRY. My name is Gwqwtryd (or something like that). I'
1 messages
03-11-15 05:59 PM
Episodes online
Are episodes of BB&D available anywhere? I am wanting to watch these again. Thanks, Randy
1 messages
03-01-15 10:18 PM
Kerri On Howard Stern!
I was flipping threw the channels, when I came upon Kerri as a guest on Howard Stern, and I seem to recall seeing her on here before. since the ep
2 messages
08-25-03 10:26 PM
BONUS: Episode 5 summary: The Mouse that Roared
I'm throwing this in as a sort of peace offering for missing the show when it originally aired. Think back to a time about 2 1/2 weeks ago, whe
0 messages
08-23-03 02:08 PM
Please accept my apologies for not yet posting the last episode summary. Short story: I didn't watch it, I don't have it on tape, waiting
1 messages
08-21-03 11:10 AM
Congrats to you Greg!!!!!!
YES!!!!!!! I am so happy for you Greg, way to go. I read that Doug was gonna read a book, have you had any thoughts about doing the
2 messages
08-20-03 05:30 PM
BB&D episode 6 summary: I Don't Want to be the Whore Anymore
Previously: Lots of ads for Miller Lite, Subaru, McDonald's, and EOE's newest masterpiece, "Melrose Placemakers". It's
8 messages
08-15-03 05:22 PM
Questions for Annmarie [View All]
A small set until the next episode airs tomorrow. I may do some yelling, kicking, and screaming then, but it won't have anything to do with y
24 messages
08-13-03 08:12 PM
Episode 5: Bears, Boots, and Beers
[i]No, I'm not realitybites, but I did have a good time writing it, so enjoy![/i] [u]Last week on Beg, Borrow,
16 messages
08-08-03 10:24 PM
Cmon Greg....
....take the ball to the friggen hole on game point you big wuss :-) Seriously though, despite the fact that you come from the
shakes the clown
2 messages
08-08-03 05:54 PM
And I quote, "I'm not supposed to have it though"
Right there, watching Jay Will say that very sentence as he sat atop the very crotch rocket motorcylce that would end his career a month or so later
shakes the clown
5 messages
08-06-03 08:29 PM
Questions for Kristin
Glad to have you aboard, Kristin. For the rest of you, the questions are likely to be quite familiar, but I'm sure everyone has different exp
0 messages
08-06-03 11:40 AM
BB&D episode 4 summary: Swap, Pop, and Chomp
Previously: Two hours of poker followed by two hours of SportsCenter. Some would call it nirvana, but I'd call it painful if I actually bother
14 messages
08-05-03 01:00 PM
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