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"BONUS: Episode 5 summary: The Mouse that Roared"
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08-23-03, 02:08 PM (EST)
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"BONUS: Episode 5 summary: The Mouse that Roared"
I'm throwing this in as a sort of peace offering for missing the show when it originally aired. Think back to a time about 2 1/2 weeks ago, when Team Exodus was heading toward the winners' circle (not that one), and Team Cake was hangin' around a strip club...

Previously: A good night's rest. I had a hard day, so I taped BB&D to watch at my leisure the next morning.

It's day 8 and Team Exodus is on their way to the winners' circle at River Downs in Cincinnati. Would they make it in time? They did, barely. All the humans gave their permission, but the horse was agitated by their presence. No matter, as the photo is taken and Team Exodus takes a 7-5 lead.

They decide to press on to Indianapolis where Doug's friend Gabriel is waiting. What do they want from him? They take his car, while they agree to stay at Gabriel's neighbor Tim's house.

Meanwhile, on Team Cake, Charles sensed Annmarie's discontent at the strip club, so they got out of there. Tony took them to Toledo, while Charles' friend Dorrie took them from there to Chicago. There was lots of rain and the driving conditions weren't the best. But they made it to town. Sandy was waiting for them with a lovely house and tender lovin' care for the motley bunch.

They got up the next day (it's day 9) and headed to Milwaukee to head to Marquette University and try to find their Final 4 net. If you've seen BB&D Classic, you know what happened next - toll booths. Charles invented some excuse about losing his luggage, and with the support of the pretty women in the back seat, he got by with it.

Team Exodus consider their options in Indianapolis. While there, they bump into Isiah Thomas, who was nice to them, but not of any direct help. The PR guy was somewhat unhelpful, perhaps because they just got knocked out of the playoffs. But he did set them up with the PR guy from the Indiana Fever, the WNBA team. That PR guy asked them to wait until practice ends and he'll see what he can do. So they wait.

The Cake & Bakers is at Marquette University and looking for that net. At first they can't find the net, the players, or the coach. But the assistant AD puts his weight behind them and they make some calls. They locate a tiny piece of the net about as long as my finger and Scott Merritt agrees to stop by. Apparently this is good enough as Team Cake pulls closer at 7-6.

In Indianapolis Team Exodus gets the smack call and Greg is a little upset because that's a task he felt they could have easily done since Milwaukee is his hometown. That, the fact that they're sitting around waiting for an answer from the Fever, and Stacey's frustration at being ignored, makes morale on the current leaders somewhat iffy. Lo and behold, they get access to the Fever, and Natalie Williams goes up against Greg. This was a tight battle all the way, but the WNBA gets another scalp as Ms. Williams wins 7-6. That frustrates them even more, and they make plans to head to Chicago.

Team Cake heads to Lake Forest and the Bears' camp hoping to try to catch the pass. They're informed that no one is in town and that they could try again tomorrow. Then they head to Wrigley Field, where the PR is hostile, which frustrates Kristin. Charles had parked the car across the street not for long, but he got The Boot and they needed $100 to remove it. They found a nearby bar, where the manager agreed to take care of this little problem and helped them relax. Do these guys know how to party or what?

The good news is that Team Exodus has made it to Chicago. The bad news is they got shot down twice trying to find a place to stay. The finally find a place and head there. Stacey worried about the competition with Team Cake scheduled for tomorrow, and fretted that her teammates weren't at all worried about it.

It's day 10 and in a maneuver that would do Bertram Van Munster proud, they teams are together at the Bulls' practice facility with special guest star Jay Williams. The prizes are the usual McMeal and 12 hours' use of the Subaru Baja. Contest #1 is a free throw competition - one player from each team shoots free throws, and the first to 10 wins. Contest #2 is PIG - players shoot shots until they miss too many times. I would describe the tie breaker to you, but they didn't need it, so why bother?

The free throw competition pitted Exodus' Greg against Cake's Charles (you were expecting Annmarie?). Close but Greg pulls out the squeaker 10-9. In PIG, it was Stacey's show as she successfully knocked out Charles to seal the deal for Team Exodus.

Oh, I should mention that Stacey wanted to put a little distance between her and Doug. He thinks they have a thing going and likes to be close to her. I'm sure he'll get the message sometime.

Anyway, Team Exodus wins the competition, but Team Cake gets the consolation prize - a favor from Jay Williams. He and Charles went to school together back in the day. So Jay hooks 'em up with a limo for the day.

Team Exodus puts their car to good use as they head to Lake Forest and the Bears' practice facility. They get the same answer that Team Cake got the day before. But somehow they call Chris Chandler directly and he agrees to help them out. During their practice it is revealed that Stacey is having some problems catching passes. So they let her go first. Chandler's first pass is high but catchable. She dropped it. Second try is better but she muffed that one too. Last chance was the best of all. She had it in her fingers... then it trickled through. Sorry. Stacey was quite upset about this. But they agree to try again tomorrow morning.

Chris Chandler revealed he was one of the 17 people who saw the first edition of the show and he was more than happy to play a part in it. Heh.

NEXT: Exodus is having a good time in Milwaukee, Kerri tries to get tickets, and Chris Chandler finds himself the most popular man in the world.

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