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"BB&D episode 7 summary: Twisters"
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realitybites 1174 desperate attention whore postings
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08-23-03, 02:03 PM (EST)
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"BB&D episode 7 summary: Twisters"
Previously: I hated the game. But I didn't have the strength to leave. I played ANGRY. My name is Gwqwtryd (or something like that). I'm a linebacker. Watch my adventures next week on "Melrose Placemakers".

It's day 12 and Team Cake is hanging out comfortably in Kerri's uncle's house. A little too comfortably, perhaps, as they find it difficult to get started. But eventually they do make some phone calls. They head to the Gateway Arch so they can pick up their Subaru. They show up at the Rams' practice facility where the people are helpful. Their aim is to complete the Gatorade dumping task, and they have two options - current head coach Mike Martz, or current assistant and former head coach Jim Hannifin. Hanifan walks out to greet them and everyone thinks he's a nice guy. They dump the stuff on him; it's colder than he expected and he was looking forward to a nice warm shower. But his good deed for the day gave Team Cake their 8th task and cut the lead to 9-8.

Meanwhile (kinda sorta), Team Exodus was looking to complete their 10th task and a little worried about it. They're not very hopeful about doing the Twister task, but it seemed to be their best option at the time. Random stranger and musician Wayne McFarland took them to the Governors' office. He was a Jamaican man who came up with a little BB&D theme song. Funny. At the office, the Governor's assistant explains that he probably wouldn't be able to do Twister because of a knee injury suffered years ago. The team keeps pressing, the staff takes the map to see what they can come up with. After a time out for beer and Playmakers commercials, the team is informed that the Governor is willing to play Twister after all. Do they have a board? No, but they do have some creative minds - with the help of some nearby Twister experts, they create a board from paper and markers. The kids that were on tour at the time must have been a little warped by all the weirdness that was going on around them. Finally Governor Jim Palenty shows up. He's young, friendly, and looks nothing at all like a wrestler. The game is on and the Gov obligingly loses. Exodus has their 10th task done; now comes the hard part - getting to Mt. Rushmore. Their requests for a ride fall short, but they do get some snacks to eat, which makes them feel better, but they still need that ride.

Team Cake encounters bad weather on their way to Kansas City. Their plan is to find a player and take him to Kansas, since they had already done a task in Missouri. The storm gets worse and they dodge tornadoes. Finally it gets so bad they have to pull off in Sweet Springs, about 60 miles away from KC.

On Team Exodus, Greg gives a call to Uncle Bob, who agrees to meet them at the Target Center. He readily agrees to take them to Sioux City, SD - closer, but still about 6 hours away from Mt. Rushmore. The journey there is eventless, but they need a room. They find a Days Inn and the night manager agrees to comp them a room.

In Missouri, the Cake & Bakers find the tornadoes so close to them that they're hustled into a safe house by the authorities. The safe house happens to be a church. Charles does some singing, while Kerri mans the drums. The team members and the other people stuck there enjoy the show and it takes their mind off their troubles, at least for a little bit.

Everyone survived the night and it's now day 13. Team Exodus enjoys their continental breakfast - especially the waffles. Then they have to go begging for a ride to Mt. Rushmore, and their initial attempts do not go well.

Team Cake goes over to Kauffman Stadium to try to find some helpful Royals. They meet Mike Sweeney, who is very helpful - even more so after Charles shows him his cross tattoo. They head to the PR office and the guy there tries to help - no current All-Stars, but maybe there's one from the past...

In the meantime, the team meets Mike Hargrove, who manages the Orioles, the team KC happens to be playing on this day. He's quite friendly and helpful, but a little less so when they discover that his pitcher would need to go to Kansas to finish the task.

But... KC PR guy comes up with some gold. Jeff Montgomery, former All-Star reliever for Kansas City, lives in Kansas and would be happy to throw a pitch to them, if they can get there on time. So they charm a potential ticket buyer named Dustin who agrees that he'd rather take them where they need to go than watch some old baseball game. They borrow some catching equipment from the Royals and away they go! Kerri holds the radar gun. Jeff starts out slowly to warm up Charles and his own arm. The pitches went up from 70 to the last one at 86. Since they needed to catch one that was over 85 MPH, the task was done. Charles didn't miss any that we could see. The gap narrows to 10-9. Better yet, Dustin agrees to take them all the way to South Dakota.

Meanwhile, Team Exodus is having no luck finding a ride to the Black Hills. So they head back to the restaurant, where two kind Midwesterners named Dennis and Barb agree to take them to Mt. Rushmore. So finally, they're on their way.

Team Cake discovers some problems with Dustin's transportation - his truck is a gas eater, and Dustin has no money. So they beg for some. They seem to get quite a bit of it. Then a minor league baseball team stops buy and they get a whole lot more. They use the money for gas and lots and lots of stuff.

Unfortunately for Team Cake, their efforts were all in vain, because Team Exodus got the good news from Summer that they were the first team to arrive and are declared the winners.

I'll skip all the yadda yadda yadda about how this journey changed everyone.

NEXT: Season's over, folks. ESPN2 might rerun the episodes in a block sometime, probably between Little League and womens' pool. Come back and join us for BB&D 3, if there is a BB&D 3.

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1. "RE: BB&D episode 7 summary: Twisters"
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