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"State of the Spoiling, Episode Six (Finale)"
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02-10-03, 04:36 AM (EST)
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"State of the Spoiling, Episode Six (Finale)"

Episode Six

As we’re approaching the final episode, let’s try to find some rhyme or reason to our discussions, instead of just re-treading the same waters on multiple threads. Here’s a handy-dandy guide to what’s been going on at the ol’ Clues & Spoilers Forum:

First things first, YES, we know about the eBay journals spoiler. There’s no reason to start yet another thread on it. I promise, I’ll just lock that one like I’ve already locked so many.

Way back on page 2 (after all of the locked threads), you find the TV Guide preview for this upcoming finale:

The Mole is unmasked as the reality show ends its first celebrity season. "There was so much tension,” says host Ahmad Rashad of the finale, which reunites Stephen Baldwin, Michael Boatman, Kim Coles, Erik von Detten, Corbin Bernsen, Frederique and Kathy Griffin for the big revelation. But before anyone is exposed, there's one last quiz---and one last execution. “It comes down to three ,” explains Rashad. “The Mole, the winner and the final victim.” He's mum on who they are, but Rashad admits to being “flabbergasted” by the Mole's craftiness, which is also reviewed during the hour. “It's incredible, when you see all the clues that were dropped along the way,” he hints.

Preview for Next Week - A look at the clues presented in the preview at the end of last week’s episode. If you have a theory on seating arrangement or shadows at the door, here’s the place to post.

Player Analysis Threads

Is Erik the Mole? And what does the German flag on the sleeve mean? Or does
one of the questions rule Erik out? Does Shakes correctly pick Erik as the winner?

Do the letters in the food spell Mole for Frederique? Mikey also started a thread on the case for Frederique.

And, so she’s not feeling left out, let’s throw in some Kathy clues. Is Jimmy Kimmel right about her?

Jims’ thread on hindsight is worth another mention, since there is discussion of all three players.

SOTS is provided by as a service to our readers. The purpose of this post is to consolidate the threads in the Mole Clues & Spoilers Forum pertaining to this week's episode. Feel free to reply to this post if you feel that a theory you support was not adequately represented in this message... Please use this thread for unified discussion of all topics as we approach the final episode.

Royalty, shmoyalty...EVIL rules!

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