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Hey Cuban....
...I figured out why everyone hates your show. You see, the title and the premise are all misleading in terms of what is actually going on througho
shakes the clown
4 messages
07-10-16 04:35 PM
Nobody's here!
1 messages
07-10-16 03:57 PM
The Benefactor Continued.. [View All]
The other thread is getting fairly big and takes a while to open (this should help our dial-up friends as well). Let's move discussion here for
21 messages
02-29-16 04:22 PM
The Benefactor Episode 5: 10/18/2004
I taped this episode and haven't watched yet. However, I did get home in time to see the last like 45 seconds and I saw that MB's man crush was
4 messages
02-29-16 04:18 PM
The Benefactor: Episode 3
Let's discuss tonight's episode here! Who takes the money and runs? ds%2
11 messages
02-29-16 04:16 PM
Summary writer sign-up thread for ABC's The Benefactor [View All]
This thread is the episode summary writer sign-up thread for "The Benefactor," which premieres Monday, September 13 at 8PM ET and will be cons
29 messages
02-29-16 04:15 PM
Official Summary- The Benefactor Episode 1- "No, Actually Your Game IS Pretty Stupid!"
Hi everyone, long time no see. Iím DarkLotus, filling in for Draco Malfoy who had to cancel at the last minute. So he asked me to fill in, a
15 messages
02-29-16 04:00 PM
Please Create Benefactor Message Forum
This show is shown on a major network. It certainly deserves the same respect we have shown to Joe Schmo.
1 messages
02-29-16 03:57 PM
Official Summary, The Benefactor Episode 3
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-01-04 AT 02:40 AM (EST)[/font] [font size=3][b][center]Official Summary, The B
4 messages
02-29-16 03:52 PM
The WINNER is......... [View All]
Femia. She beat Dominic as they were the final two. As I can see everyone cares since it has been days since the last post.
35 messages
02-29-16 03:51 PM
The Benefactor Official Episode 2 Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-23-04 AT 10:40 AM (EST)[/font] [b]"9 Reasons to Hate Shawn"[/b] I wan
3 messages
02-29-16 03:49 PM
Oct 18 episode
Well fancy that - Dominic was saved. None of us saw that one coming, now did we?! As much as I think he's a goof though, he did behave ver
9 messages
02-29-16 03:47 PM
Official Summary, The Benefactor Episode 4
[center][h2]Official Summary, [i]The Benefactor[/i], Episode Four: "Spencer: For Hiring"[/h2][/center]
5 messages
02-29-16 03:44 PM
The Benefactor [View All]
I've seen a few ads for this show and it looks intriguing. It will debut Sept 13, on ABC preceding Monday Night Football (after, for us Left C
103 messages
02-29-16 03:42 PM
This show was a complete and total waste. Cuban is an Idiot. I live in Dallas and I should know.
6 messages
02-29-16 03:40 PM
Benefactor Love List version 1.0
there's nothing on my desk I want to do this morning, so I figured we might as welstart one of these. Go ahead and rank the contestant
6 messages
02-19-16 12:08 PM
Cuban just walked in our studio. If he's gonna bust me, now's the time. I'm glad I let DarkLotus do the summary instead. http:%
Draco Malfoy
5 messages
02-19-16 12:06 PM
The Benefactor (himself)
This rich ##### has nothing better to do with his time than amusing himself while watching others squirm for some money. This was about the
2 messages
02-19-16 12:04 PM
30 K cash... I understand why Oprah guy took it!
I probably would have too.
1 messages
10-07-04 12:15 PM

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