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Conferences The Apprentice Spoilers/Speculation Forum (Protected)
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Celebrity Apprentice - Finale Eat Cost Spoiler Thread
Well, since no one onthe East Caost started the thread yet and since I'm an impatient West Coaster, I thought I'd go ahead and at least start
15 messages
07-30-22 01:36 PM
New exit line.
3 messages
04-01-22 00:15 AM
What the what?
SPOILER if you have not seen last night's show read no further. ******************** I don%2
3 messages
08-26-21 02:23 AM
Challenge/PM thread
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-05-04 AT 04:58 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
17 messages
03-10-21 02:05 AM
CAUTION! Spoiler news here! I can't believe what I just read!
CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION This is spoiler news! The 'What's New?' on Netscape that pops up when you open the program just ran this
13 messages
02-19-16 06:23 PM
I should have known Bill's team has won. I don't remember if it was the preview or recarp episode, but it shows Bill and Troy gambling. I should
2 messages
03-20-15 04:06 PM
Forum restored
This forum data has been restored Thanks, SB
1 messages
03-20-15 04:01 PM
Please help
I do not know English very well, sorry for the mistakes. Good day to you! This letter comes to my girlfriend, which currently require
1 messages
03-20-15 03:59 PM
The trash takes itself out: the next CA cast.
I'll predict it now. This season is all about the politics. Everything will be Donald's Views, Donald's Way, and ultimately, Donald's
3 messages
03-02-15 02:28 PM
So, this time he fires the project manager?
Mr. Arbitrary strikes again. (OK, the football game was over, there were no Penn and Teller shows, and I landed on NBC for the last
4 messages
02-17-15 06:32 PM
CA All-Stars Script Reveals.
I couldn't call it 'spoilers' with a straight face. Anyway, here's a couple of tidbits relayed from the Worsters, who don't
11 messages
11-14-13 01:30 PM
Celebrity Apprentice 3 Announcement
According to multiple media reports released at the time, the cast will include America's Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne, Rock of Love star Br
4 messages
01-29-12 02:18 AM
CA#4 Casting Spoilers
Info starting to swirl around. People Magazine has a report. So assuming anyone else cares to bother lets put the casting spoilers here.
14 messages
01-07-12 12:21 PM
Working definition of celebrity hell.
The names leaked for the winter's all-time Nielsen low suspect, which has no reason to start filming next week and will do so anyway 'cause NBC%
7 messages
10-19-11 06:18 PM
CA#3 non-spoilers.
It's like reporting the results of a three-card monte game: the mark lost, the con artist won, everybody count your fingers and go home. But
2 messages
01-03-11 01:32 PM
The Apprentice 7 spoilers
We've already got a time: Thursdays at 10pm and the season's already been wrapped earlier this week. Also, in reflection of the ec
4 messages
08-13-10 11:52 PM
Celeb Apprent #4 Casting Speculation
Looks like they've started trying to cast this, so lets put the rumors, speculations, and such here to keep it all in one place. ht
5 messages
07-20-10 10:42 AM
*yells* Anyone out there? Anyone want to do an ECST on tonight's finale? I'm on the West Coast so I can't help out. %
3 messages
05-27-10 12:52 PM
CA#3 episode 3--Muggles and Wizards ECST
Or at least I think it is three?
17 messages
04-07-10 02:33 PM
Celebrity Apprentice #3 - The beginning
Is no one watching this and posting spoilers as we go? So far? I'm liking all of them! This should be interesting.
16 messages
03-29-10 09:52 AM
Celebrity Apprentice #3 Cast Rumors/Speculation
So it is that time when random rumors start flying around about what semi-famous people you may or may not have heard of are considered a "celebrity
16 messages
01-12-10 00:30 AM
Joan Rivers Radio Spoiler
Joan, shockingly, couldn't seem to keep her mouth shut during a radio appearence r
4 messages
05-04-09 04:20 PM
Celebrity Apprentice 4/5 ECST
[i]Some viewers on Cable are having difficulties with the audio on the Celebrity Apprentice[i]. Oh really, like when the screen i
12 messages
04-06-09 03:34 PM
Celebrity Apprentice #2 Episode #3 East Coast Spoiler Thread.
Was it the TAR delay that caused there to be no ECST last night? Oh well, guess this will have to serve as a discussion place for the 3 of us
10 messages
03-27-09 08:36 AM
Celebrity Apprentice #2 Episode #2 East Coast Spoiler Thread.
Please keep all discussion here until the show ends on the West Coast. Assuming anyone survived watching round 1 of this show. Yet ano
9 messages
03-09-09 09:17 AM
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