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Stacey J
Trump made a mistake letting Stacey J go, if she really did something wrong, I would be on his side, but fankly I would not want any of those ot
1 messages
09-24-04 06:07 PM
Apprentice 2 - Episode 3 "East Coast Spoiler" Thread [View All]
Everyone must be out partying since this thread hasn't been started yet . . . anyone care to join? Darn, Donald gets his grand entran
36 messages
09-24-04 03:25 PM
And the winner is....
My nominee for the winner is Raj....he is quirky, though not crazy as some have shown themselves to be. He helped the team to win, was profession
3 messages
09-24-04 00:22 AM
These people won't make it:
Rob - gone already for being too submissive. Wes is going to get kicked out. He's snobbish, and that will get old by the second week. H
15 messages
09-23-04 05:09 PM
*NEW* NBC press release for third episode of Apprentice 2
There's goes the mystery of who's the surprise guest.... ==========================
4 messages
09-23-04 02:59 PM
PeeWee's Pics for Final Episode, Season 2
I think that the strongest contenders to make the final episode for Season Two are the following contestants: - Jennifer M. - Raj - J
1 messages
09-22-04 10:28 PM
VIDCAPS: The Apprentice 2 Episode 3 Preview
[h3] ntice2/vidcaps/Apprentice2Ep3Preview/01.jpg - 1 http://i.realitytvwor
4 messages
09-22-04 02:29 PM
regarding the new twist...
of letting the winning PMs not get fired the following week. Did any PM from Apprentice 1 won and get fired the following week? how do u
lulu lemon
7 messages
09-22-04 05:42 AM
NBC Apprentice 2 Episode 3 press release
3 messages
09-21-04 09:14 PM
Donald made the same mistake
"The Donald" said Bradford made a huge mistake and just reacted without thinking. Isn't that what Trump did? He didn't listen to Carolyn o
3 messages
09-20-04 12:32 PM
Fantasy league For Apprentice
Does anyone know of a fantasy leauge for the Apprentice? I know they have them for Survivor and BB??? thanks,
1 messages
09-17-04 01:35 PM
Episode 2 Discussion! [View All]
Anyone wanna join me? ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg http://community.reali
116 messages
09-17-04 12:17 PM
Great decision by Bradford [View All]
If he watched the show last season, he saw 2 important things: 1. When it was women vs. men, women never lost. 2. When a team
24 messages
09-16-04 01:09 PM
The Apprentice Episode 1 East Coast Chatter [View All]
[font color=navy blue]Let's keep all of our initial reactions, discussions and updates here tonight! Protect the West Coasters :-).
86 messages
09-15-04 08:06 PM
Spoiler Sites?
Does anyone know of any good Apprentice spoiler sites? nifiles/girlball.gif
0 messages
09-09-04 05:53 PM
Apprentice Auditions in Seattle
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-29-04 AT 10:11 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
12 messages
08-27-04 08:18 AM
VIDCAPS: "Apprentice 2" promo that aired during NBC's Last Comic Standing 2 finale
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-12-04 AT 11:37 PM (EST)[/font] During tonight's Last Comic Standing NBC ran a large extended
12 messages
08-24-04 01:16 PM
Casting Call in New Orleans
Hello. Hola. Bonjour. I just wanted to share my experience and opinions on the casting call here in New Orleans. First of all, there weren't as
Center of Attn
17 messages
08-07-04 07:34 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-02-04 AT 08:58 PM (EST)[/font] Hi I've applied for the UK versionof 'The Appren
7 messages
07-29-04 10:08 AM
Apprentice in Chicago???
I was visiting Chicago this weekend (July 24) and saw a group of 3 or 4 men (age 20-30) pushing a cart down Michigan Avenue near Millennium Pa
3 messages
07-28-04 02:25 PM
One way to get on the show
[i]Scottsdale man puts squeeze on 'The Donald' for a spot on TV show Jul. 28, 2004 12:00 AM Three months ago, 29-y
0 messages
07-28-04 01:51 PM
Apprentice Secrets "Revealed" on the E! Channel
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-12-04 AT 06:28 PM (EST)[/font] I watched yet another one of those lame countdowns today on the
Captain Hook
2 messages
07-08-04 02:37 PM
Aprentice 2 Filming Now [View All]
I was in NYC for business this week and stumbled upon a camera crew at Trump Towers when I was walking up 5th Ave. They were filming young profession
26 messages
07-05-04 09:26 PM
ApprenticeNews.Net - new website
I stumbled on this recently. Those of you who also spend time in Survivor Spoilers will be familiar with Snewser, his website SurvivorNews.Net, h
3 messages
04-25-04 01:13 PM
~*Spoiler*~ Finale Highlights
Highlights From 'Apprentice' Season Finale 1. Kwame is confident at the casino, even though there were problems with Jess
12 messages
04-16-04 00:49 AM
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