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"Big Brother #14 Live Feeds, Week #1..."
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07-14-12, 07:26 AM (EST)
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21. "Famous last words, Week #1 edition."
LAST EDITED ON 07-24-12 AT 07:19 AM (EST)

Britney, speaking to Janelle in the Mentor Room, exact quote:

"I don't think Willie would turn on us for anything. He is so loyal."

...there isn't a facepalm big enough. This may turn out to be the stupidest thing said in the history of the series. Of reality TV. Almost in all of recorded history if we exclude romance, politics, anything ever said by an agent, and Ozzie Guillen. I would need a zillion-point font just to properly express how far backwards Britney has gone for believing that and Janelle for agreeing with it. This is actually stupider than the last fifty Vatican pronouncements on dealing with the Internet in a religious way, combined. It is idiocy that goes off the charts and establishes a new graph twenty light-years away. It has to go that far: the new chart is twenty light-years wide and that statement is all the way at the far end. It is a statement so dumb that an eleventh Commandment just appeared in the Bible and it reads Britney Shalt Not Attempt To Read People.

And now a brief pause while I weep for humanity. Because humanity is stupid. And how.

(Dear gawds, please let that make the episode.)


In other news...

...the current tilt is to get rid of Kara, but there's a lot of waffles left on this week's plate. And yet even with trying to dump the female on the block, Britney and Janelle want a girl power movement. Go ahead and work that logic for a while -- but really, they're thinking of getting Dan out first, and that means Kara followed by Danielle, whom people are having real trouble dealing with. Apparently she's very hard to talk to. As in 'It's been lovely, but I have to drive an icepick through my eardrums now.'

...Kara is trying to save herself by convincing Willie that Frank is coming after him (and told Kara that directly). It's not working so far.

...Willie would like a showmance with Ashley. (Is he currently married? Does it matter?) He's confirmed his Hantzness to Britney and Janelle (at a minimum) -- but not to Dan or Malin, who keep using people's last names as a means of prod. He's also been telling a story about his having been arrested. (Future winner!) Went into his girlfriend's house and beat up the guy she was cheating on him with.

Sounds plausible.

...there's some suspicion that Ian is doing an America's Player tilt as he seems to spend most of his life in the DR.

...Malin thinks Danielle is in medicine because while talking with her, she used the term 'calorie'. So clearly if she'd used the term 'book', she would be the inventor of the Kindle. Nice try, jerk, but I'm pretty sure all you just did was confirm the rumor of your getting a look at the casting sheet before the season began. Sherlock Holmes doesn't make that kind of jump.

...not that it means much, but there's several summer birthdays in this pool. Expect a lot of slop-breaking parties.

...the hamsters are already expecting an evicted contestant to boomerang on them. eat what Joe cooks or you get The Look. You don't cook for yourself or you get The Look. Britney demonstrated The Look. It's not encouraging. Or sane.'s known that Frank likes wrestling, but that may be it so far.

...Ian wore a duck on his head during nominations. No one knows why.

Maybe it's an America's Player thing.

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