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"Big Brother #14 Live Feeds, Week #1..."
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07-18-12, 07:14 AM (EST)
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31. "RE: Day of Discord"
LAST EDITED ON 07-18-12 AT 07:35 AM (EST)

(You really want me linking to a My Little Pony video here, don't you?)

Hamsterwatch reported the shouting match Fair Use thusly:

"The habitat simmered all day with gametalk here, gossip there, parannoying everywhere, with some of it leaning toward trashtalk.. there was a non-incident in HOH where Willie impersonated Wil for a minute while talking to Frank, using a high voice to do so - Flashback 7/17 2.13pm

Out of everything that's being thrown around in there, that's the one grew legs until it had turned into Willie was gaybashing Wil and using homophobic slurs about him.. that got back to Wil who had a mini meltdown and a few tears, but later said it was as much a pressure release as anything.. it also got back to Willie (naturally), who was not at all amused and demanded to have people brought to his room to clear it all up

When that didn't happen, he actually got out of bed and descended the staircase, stormed into the backyard and laid into Frank, who he saw as responsible for the Telephone game gone bad.. it was great fun for all of us and probably for Frank, who grew up watching his dad play a phenomenal wrestling villain on tv - he didn't seem fazed by any of it tonight

For some reason Boogie showed up and jumped into it, and it devolved into the three of them yelling about Froot Loops - really, I couldn't make this up if I tried.. Willie, HOH and Fruit Loops all trended USA on Twitter for a bit, it was that good and that bizarre.. Flashback 7/17 10.25pm for the main event

Meanwhile, Ian was pacing the kitchen, sighing and muttering about wanting to lock himself in the arcade and that he came here for fun.. that might be my tagline but I stay safely on this side of the two-way mirrors.. he lost a notch of superfan cred with that one, but I'm still pulling for him"

And the relevant exchange:

Willie: "I'm a @#$%ing grown-ass man, when I come in and get
something to eat, I'm gonna @#$%ing sit down there and eat some @#$%ing food, Fruit Loops or whatever, cause that's what I wanna do."

Frank: "Eat your @$#!ing Fruitt Loops, I'm not worried about it!"

Boogie: "Willie, who died and left you in charge? Go eat your Fruit Loops, I'll eat salmon while you eat your Fruit Loops!"

It was probably sometime around that point that Willie used the HoH Twitter to send out the following:

@BigBrotherHOH: being hoh is crazy
@BigBrotherHOH: i dont trust anyone in here HELP

Oh, go eat your @#$%ing Fruit Loops.

In other news, the feed cameras showed the rats in the pantry, moving things around -- with one of them in an old-time movie crook outfit, jail stripes and mask included..

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