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This is an empty room apparently, nonetheless, it's a good place to vent. I am disappointed they brought back a player from a previou
2 messages
09-27-17 11:49 AM
BB18 FINAL LIST [View All]
I can’t remember the last time a winner was so up in the air at F3 regardless of who the finalists may be. Will Paul be rewarded for playing the mos
39 messages
09-22-16 02:33 PM
Week #11 List [View All]
To elaborate on Kingfish’s comment last week, kudos to production for yet another well-designed competition (POV.) What would have been really
42 messages
09-14-16 07:30 PM
Week #10 List [View All]
Time to [u][b]RING[/b][/u] in List #10 as we conclude another week with a new theme: [u]GOING FOR THE BRASS [
21 messages
09-08-16 01:39 PM
Week 9 List [View All]
THANK YOU PAUL!!! Wednesday’s episode was the epitome of what the Anti-Darwin Syndrome is all about. Paul stated so appropriately tell him he
36 messages
09-01-16 08:10 PM
Week #8 List [View All]
I ended up only missing the first 15-20 minutes last night. Don’t think what I missed would have changed my assessments. As much as I embraced Miche
29 messages
08-23-16 10:41 PM
Return of the Zingbot
In anticipation of Zingbot with his lame zings, it’s that time of the season when I offer some better ones of my own (I think.) Well here goes
10 messages
08-22-16 11:14 AM
Week #7 List [View All]
I categorized this week’s hamsters to commemorate the XXXI Olympic Games. [u]GOLD MEDAL[/u] [b]PAUL%
25 messages
08-17-16 06:14 AM
Week #6 List [View All]
They say imitation is the best form of flattery. I’m going to flatter Michel and imitate his idea from last week. So it’s not a total copy job,
27 messages
08-11-16 06:58 PM
Week #5 List [View All]
Has anyone EVER picked an incorrect disk during the OTEV comp??? Personally I don’t recall; if so, then what we really had is an elaborate
27 messages
08-04-16 11:32 AM
Week #4 List [View All]
As much as I appropriately bash Production on a regular basis, kudos for a killer episode last night. I thought for sure they would take the easy an
22 messages
07-28-16 11:43 AM
Week #3 List
During the Premier I was pretty shocked Paulie was still available by the third round. The other idiots oversight was Cat-4’s gain as they continue
17 messages
07-19-16 08:36 PM
GRRRRR (and apparently, I'm still blond)
GRRRR - because they're all so freakin stupid! I mean seriously, how dumb can a group be? (I hope that they don't challenge this)%0
2 messages
07-18-16 04:08 PM
Week #2 List [View All]
I must say that was an impressive display during the POV competition. Normally the “spelling out a word” POV comp provides an abundance of bashing
34 messages
07-15-16 10:41 PM
Week 1 Initial List [View All]
Oh well, it was inevitable we’d have returnees. Frank was acknowledged by the winner of BB All-Stars during his season and Derrick (arguably one
23 messages
07-07-16 05:30 AM
How can we be expected to bash Josea when he does such a spectacular job of bashing himself? It's a good thing he can read faces, and
1 messages
07-03-16 02:36 AM
The journey begins again
I enjoyed last season, here's hoping we get as snarkable a bunch of teenage angst losers as we did then. And so it begins. (om
13 messages
06-27-16 05:07 PM
FINAL RECRAP: A minor surprise and a shocker...
The minor surprise is Steve becoming a man right before our eyes. Great call, Austin. Hey Kingfish, you sure Austin’s not part of yo
5 messages
09-28-15 08:59 AM
This is the last list of the season. [u]MAJOR PROPS[/u] to Michel and Kingfish!!! You guys are the BOMB! Kingfish, the talents of
14 messages
09-24-15 09:49 AM
Love/Loathe List BB17 #12 [View All]
The boy Steve is quite a superfan; you’ve got to give him that much. Pretty astute of him remembering Bowl-a-rina was the comp that ended the BB15
36 messages
09-20-15 12:28 PM
Love/Loathe List BB17 #11
It’s blatantly clear when the Lord blessed the twins in the looks department, He took a coffee break when it got to dishing out brains. When He ca
18 messages
09-10-15 05:30 PM
Love/Loathe List BB17 #10 [View All]
What’s this nonsense in the past couple seasons stopping the morph POV comp when the HG cannot beat the previous best time??? Bring back the o
46 messages
09-08-15 08:32 AM
Love/Loathe List BB17 #9 [View All]
[b]JAMES[/b] – Four HOHs ago when he had the power, spirited debate was had on whether he was an idiot who killed his game. Kingfish and
24 messages
08-30-15 04:06 PM
Love/Loathe List BB17 #8 [View All]
Reversal of fortunes for the Sixth Sense original members with Liz winning HOH. Austin, Julia, and Vanessa could vote as a block and Liz breaks th
31 messages
08-21-15 05:56 PM
Love/Loathe List BB17 #7 [View All]
Things not looking good for the Sixth Sense. The Donato Alliance kept things rolling with weekly competition wins. But this season’s early dominant
37 messages
08-14-15 06:37 PM
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