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Conferences The Real Gilligan's Island (Protected)
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New Gilligans Island June 8th?
I just caught a glimpse of what I think is "The Real Gilligans Island" (new episodes?) starting on June 8th, on TBS. Will this be a rerun
11 messages
06-08-05 08:58 AM
Summary signup thread for TRGI #2.
Heh. Hee. Ha! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... (wipes eyes) No, really.
4 messages
06-06-05 06:03 PM
Gilligan's Island 2005 commercial HELP!
Hi, I saw this commercial where Mary Ann and the movie star (I think) are fighting about what part of the pie is the tastiest. I want
2 messages
05-22-05 09:40 PM
Rachel Hunter should have won!
Words cannot express how disappointed I was with Episode 6 (after Rachel Hunter was voted off) and Episode 7 with the millionaire winning his extr
1 messages
04-25-05 04:36 PM
The Real Gilligan's Island summaries [View All]
Back in the fall summary writer signup thread there was quite a bit of interest for this show, so with it premiering tomorrow, I figured it better
30 messages
01-05-05 03:00 AM
New York Daily News names TRGI as worst TV show of 2004!
Congratulations to all of us! We've officially been working with the biggest carp in the ocean! It kind of makes you wonder, thoug
4 messages
01-03-05 02:28 PM
Real Gilligan's Island Summary: Episode 7
We begin this episode with the final five (Gilligan Chris, Skipper Jim, Mary Ann Kate and the millionaire Stearns). Who will be banished tonig
4 messages
12-29-04 06:08 PM
Gilligans Island cast is named [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-15-04 AT 09:14 PM (EST)[/font] Rachel Hunter is the "Ginger" actually she is th
33 messages
12-27-04 09:06 PM
Real Gilligan's Island Summary Episode 6
[center][b]Real Gilligan's Island Episode 6 Summary "Swings and Mad Money"[/center][b/] [i]badump-bump-b
5 messages
12-27-04 12:39 PM
Dec 21 Episode....
All I want for Christmas is for this [s]train[/s] shipwreck to End..... Worst show ever???? my kid is making me watch thi
17 messages
12-23-04 12:34 PM
PLease hold your chears.......................
but at last this show is over. May it rest in peace never to return. But what realy sucks is I watched every episode and if comes on next year I migh
Whats up with that
6 messages
12-22-04 11:36 AM
Real Gilligan's Island Summary Episode 5
[center][b]Real Gilligan's Island Episode 5 Summary "Something Fishy This Way Comes"[/center][/b] Last episo
3 messages
12-21-04 10:14 PM
How about a final 4 predictions thread......
Here's my guess: Vote #1: Mr. Howe - Skipper Mrs. Howe - Skipper Mary-Ann - Skipper Gill
2 messages
12-21-04 01:34 PM
Official Summary The Real Gilligan's Island Episode 4: Crackers? What Crackers?
Let me start by saying that Survivorscott and Estee did a wonderful job with episdoes 1/2 and 3! I think I have read each of them 5 times to get a
5 messages
12-18-04 10:55 PM
I can't believe epmb isn't suing
Not only has this show been ripping off Survivor in a more boring way since the get-go, but tonight's preview shows Reward Challenge, Tribal Cou
12 messages
12-18-04 10:36 PM
Dec 14 Episode
It's every person for themselves...let's chat it up! BTW: Are there back to back episodes tonight? http://commun
13 messages
12-17-04 10:43 AM
Episode #4 general discussion thread.
Random notes. #1. Okay, Dabo: there's your fast motion. Happy? Or depressed because it was the Gingers in swimsuits that were
8 messages
12-09-04 10:21 AM
Official RTVW The Real Gilligan Island Episode #3 Summary: Fake Nobs And Broomsticks.
This show has to fail. The audience? Fall asleep and let your hand slip onto the remote so the Nielsen people will record a sudden boo
4 messages
12-06-04 05:48 PM
Episode #3 general discussion thread [View All]
(As if anyone'll be doing 'as it happens' spoiler posts.) I'm taping this one for a summary, so you won't know most of what I think u
31 messages
12-05-04 10:34 AM
Ep. 1 & 2 summary: We aren't copying Survivor, really we aren't
[b]Webby:[/b] Hey Survivorscott, I know you have had some problems getting to do Survivor summarries because of bad luck with random num
3 messages
12-04-04 12:36 PM
The Official...I Hate Donna Thread!
I had to tape lastnight's show and just finished watching. This afternoon while reading the post in the episode 1 and 2 thread, I thou
10 messages
12-02-04 04:36 PM
Episodes 1 and 2 [View All]
Want to chat it up? I have been flipping back and forth but I am taping it to watch later. It looks very interesting! http%
24 messages
12-02-04 09:33 AM
Some minor information and spoilers.
From the [b]Star-Ledger[/b] and [b]Daily News[/b]: the first talked with the sociology Professor, while the second went after
4 messages
12-01-04 02:33 PM
Possible Gilligan's Island RUMOR
this is just a RUMOR and unfortunately has no back up proof, could be a radio stunt for all I know. There is a well respected radio personality in t
7 messages
12-01-04 11:42 AM
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