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"The Cast for DWTS 14..."
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12. "RE: The Cast for DWTS 14..."
Watched the reveal on GMA (comments from, Bold is mine)

Jaleel White, actor. (Partner is Kym Johnson). He’s appeared in shows like Grown Ups and Step by Step, but you know him best as Urkel from Family Matters.According to Kym, he's sexy and buff (it is rumoured he has decent abs.) They have great chemistry together and he immediately blew the "meeting each other for the first time by grabbing Kym and doing a swing basic. I really like Kym and like the stuff Jaleel has done post "Family Matters", so this should be good to watch.

Gavin DeGraw, singer-songwriter. (Partner is Karina Smirnoff). He’s the crooner behind such songs as “Not Over You,” “In Love With a Girl,” and the theme song from One Tree Hill.Don't know much about him. His laid back attitude may cause friction with Karina's type A personality.

Jack Wagner, actor. (Partner is Anna Trebunskaya). He’s either recognizable as a costar on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful or the ex-beau of Heather Locklear. Screw that! I've been crushing on him when he was Frisco Jones on GH. This should be a win-win pairing for our household, since I certainly do not mind looking at Jack, and Mr. Qwerty has a crush on Anna.

William Levy, telenovela hottie. (Partner is Cheryl Burke). A Cuban-American actor and former model who’s big on the Mexican soap circuit.He was the bare-chested hottie in J-Lo's video rolling around on the beach. I see alot of buttonless shirts in his future

Donald Driver, wide receiver. (Partner is Peta Murgatroyd). He plays for the Green Bay Packers and is looking to follow in the footsteps of season 12 winner Hines Ward.I don't really know much about him. Maybe my more enlightened cohorts can fill me in.

Katherine Jenkins, opera singer. (Partner is Mark Ballas). The Welsh mezzo-soprano actually crooned in the ballroom last April. Can't stand her partner. She wasn't there is person, so I don't know about her personality.

Sherri Shepherd, talk show host. (Partner is Val Chmerkovskiy). She’ll juggle her dance floor duties with her gig on The View. They actually had really good chemistry together and looked like they genuinely enjoyed being partnered. They may be very entertaining to watch.

Melissa Gilbert, actor. (Partner is Maksim Chmerkovskiy). She’s done a ton of TV since Little House on the Prairie but she’ll be forever known as Half Pint. She also has a ton of work done on her face and that is not a good thing. Oh why do women do that to themselves? I am curious to see her interactions with Maks (Dan knows why!) The reputation she has from fans is mixed.

Roshon Fegan, actor. (Partner is Chelsie Hightower). You won’t recognize him unless you Tivo Disney Channel’s Shake It Up 20 times a day.Can't stand her, never heard of him. Maybe he has an amazing personality like Kylie Massey, but I haven't seen it yet.

Maria Menounos, TV anchor. (Partner is Derek Hough). Extra! Extra! Guess who ET and Access Hollywood won’t be interviewing after every show?Can't stand him, looks like her nervous laugh is going to quickly beome part of my drinking game.

Martina Navratilova, tennis great. (Partner is Tony Dovolani). A Grand Slam just doesn’t compare to winning a mirror-ball trophy, apparently. Other female tennis players/athletes haven't done so well. She looks great, I am curious how this is going to play out.

Gladys Knight, singer. (Partner is Tristan McManus). She had the moves with the Pips. Why shouldn’t the empress of soul try to conquer DWTS? Supposedly, according to Tristan, he just found out minutes ago that he was partnered with Gladys. (I wonder if Tristan is simply following script, or is there a pecking order -- it was leaked a week or so ago that Melissa had been practising with Maks.) Gladys is the best looking great-grandmother I've ever seen. Hopefully Tristan will have an easier time than when he was paired with that woman who I dare not speak her name.

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