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Conferences September Eleven Forum (Protected)
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For our Military
and for the families and friends of anyone in the Military, I am proud of you. Thank you for defending our freedom. My thoughts and prayers are wi
15 messages
10-12-01 08:16 PM
The Terrorism Continues...
A Canadian man and woman were out walking their dog this evening in the city of Kuwait. They were attacked and shot. The man was killed instantly an
4 messages
10-12-01 08:09 PM
The Canadian Army
Have no fear! Our Canadian Army is fully operational and ready to help our allies to the south. Yes, Sky and shakes... we ARE here to help you g
1 messages
10-10-01 01:01 AM
Bring on the Rain
I get chills everytime I hear this song. I think it was released on either September 10th or 11th and it is very fitting. The first time I heard it%
1 messages
10-08-01 03:58 PM
West Wing special tonight ds/User_files/3ba528b77fdd089b.gif Just a reminder and a heads-up to those who don't
4 messages
10-07-01 07:15 PM
Insano bin Laden ds/User_files/3ba528b77fdd089b.gif In a statement taped prior to the commencement of an
0 messages
10-07-01 04:21 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-18-01 AT 11:18 PM (EST)[/font] I keep hijacking Webby's thresds for the sake of art!!!
21 messages
10-02-01 05:10 PM
For Sherpa Dave
I don't know if you have seen last week's copy of Sports Illustrated, but they have a lovely article about your friend Mari-Rae Sopper. With 2 b
2 messages
09-30-01 11:36 PM
Fundamentals of Islam
Anyone interested in learning more about Islam, and thus seeing where Osama bin Ladin fits into Islamic traditions, should read this brief article
0 messages
09-28-01 02:27 PM
Have You Seen This Man? ds/User_files/3bb276e1149444b2.jpg
4 messages
09-27-01 06:12 AM
Fake Pic?
Hey, IceCat...if you are still around, could you do one of your analysis on this pic? Others may have seen this pic before, but I just got it
4 messages
09-26-01 11:57 AM
Pre War prediction pool!!!!
Alrigth, in the spirit of falltime office football pools, there's no reason we can't play at home with this new war. So, I am pro
shakes the clown
11 messages
09-25-01 06:17 PM
I am so confused...
...who the hell is this "Tara" that President Bush keeps talking about? I mean, I do find Tara Lipinsky rather annoying, but I wouldn't c
17 messages
09-25-01 07:45 AM
Criminals From the Neck Up
As many of you can probably imagine, we have had one helluva time getting anything onto paper since the events of last Tuesday. Our already dark wri
8 messages
09-24-01 09:06 PM
New Images
I thought I'd start a new thread for images that has come my way rather than to post it on dabo's Gallery since there are several of them which wi
4 messages
09-24-01 07:47 PM
Dubya's speech
I got this in an email and I think it is just hilarious. This is what Dubya really wanted tosay. I ed
3 messages
09-24-01 07:36 PM
I want to talk to George Clooney tonight!
I am sure everyone knows about the star studded telethon, and I was planning on donating part of my check anyways, but to mabe talk to George Cloo
11 messages
09-24-01 04:05 PM
Not so smart Congressman from Louisiana
I found this blurb in the Richmond Times Dispatch and immediately cut it out for the refrigerator. "NEW ORLEANS--A Louisiana congressman
3 messages
09-24-01 12:50 PM
Uncle Osama Wants You!
Yes, even while hiding in some cave somewhere, he can apparently get his inspirational words out to those he would rather have die for him. %
0 messages
09-24-01 11:15 AM
My Pic Of The Towers...
I did a thresd on OT about my trip to NY.. and I posted a few pics.. Since there is a seperate forum for the somber events in NY.. I thought it would
7 messages
09-24-01 06:42 AM
An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson [View All]
Sept. 17, 2001 TO: Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson RE: My Share of the Blame Dear Mr. Falwell and Mr. Robertson,
26 messages
09-23-01 09:46 PM
eBay Launches "Auction For America" - $100,000,000 in 100 Days
[center] _america.jpg [ |Click her
10 messages
09-23-01 02:10 AM
Gettin' Seussy with it
This was forwarded to me, as email spam often is. And that means most of you have probably seen it already, maybe more than once. But considering
7 messages
09-22-01 06:39 PM
We've been to the MOON and BACK.
Osama bin Laden is not fit to suck the left <gender-specific body part inserted here> of the lowest, meanest, most morally destitute American
19 messages
09-22-01 01:51 PM
Lady Liberty sums up Bush's Speech! ds/User_files/3bab0c94739bb4de.jpg Superman - [i]Pardon my French, please.[/
5 messages
09-22-01 01:50 AM
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