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Conferences September Eleven Forum (Protected)
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From me to you
I know this is a hard day for everyone, and just wanted to send out hugs and love to all. Feel free to pass them around :-). Mon%
Mon Cherie
4 messages
09-11-02 07:53 PM
From a Dream, To a Nightmare
This is MY story that I wrote for our local paper about my 9/11 experience. I hope you don't mind that I post it here. I didn't make the deadlin
10 messages
09-11-02 05:43 PM
Exhibit 13
This is an interesting site featuring a video put together by the Blue Man Group around some fragments of paper which blew from the WTC on 911. It sou
5 messages
09-11-02 12:08 PM
September 11, 2002
A moment of silence... ds/User_files/3d7eed5d6ee3055f.gif
Red Lady
1 messages
09-11-02 03:51 AM
One year later, my thoughts are with you
I imagine that the next week or so is going to be hard on many of you. Memories of this time last year may be difficult for you, they are even for m
Canada Girl
4 messages
09-07-02 11:51 AM
America Stands tall!
I don't know who put this together but, they deserve a lot of credit. Osama Bin Laden, your time is short; %0
2 messages
09-07-02 11:47 AM
Y'all may remember me talking a bit last year about my high school classmate, Mari-Rae Sopper, who was on American Airlines Flight 77. Her frien
2 messages
09-06-02 10:14 PM
My idea for the new buildings once Ground Zero is all cleaned up.
Sure, it's not very creative, but I think it's the best. Build them again. EXACTLY THE SAME. Same height, same color, same location,
8 messages
09-05-02 11:47 PM
Four Soldiers Came Home Today...
Please take the time to remember four Canadian soldiers whose remains were returned to Canadian soil this morning: They were: %
0 messages
04-20-02 05:02 PM
U.S. won't win war on terrorism. It's bad grammar. ain.jhtml?xml=/news/2001/12/01/nterry01.xml&sSheet=/news/2001/12/01/ixho
1 messages
12-22-01 00:48 AM
Berkeley: Fighting the last war
How the mighty have fallen. This article from the Sacramento Bee describes recent actions of the Berkeley City Council. See the highlighted paragrap
1 messages
12-13-01 07:25 PM
Another Song
Here is the lyrics to the song that Alan Jackson played on the CMA Awards on Wednesday night. I don't know how many of you have heard it...but it i
3 messages
11-20-01 03:37 PM
I've been spying on Osama Bin Laden
I have a secret hidded camera in his washroom. Unfortunetaly, that was the only place I was able to sneak into at night to install it, so excuse
0 messages
11-17-01 09:20 PM
Twas the Night Before Christmas
This arrived in my email as one of those pass it along to so many friends things that I virtually never bother to finish reading, but this is cute s
0 messages
11-15-01 02:28 AM
Do we still need this forum?
I raise this question as life settles back into routine, if not back to normal. Do we still need this as a separate forum? It seems to me that e
10 messages
11-07-01 05:09 PM
It was only a matter of time...
It was only a matter of time before we had our own anthrax scare of our own out here on the prairies of South Dakota. My hometown is home to a Citiba
3 messages
11-01-01 09:15 AM
AyaK--this one's for you!
"Osama says before I found this site my love was limited to the beasts of the field, but now I have found many women to subjugate and brutalize. N
George Tirebiter
6 messages
11-01-01 09:04 AM
Animated "Banana Boat Song" (Day-O) Site for Benny Laden wf ds/User_files/
4 messages
11-01-01 08:23 AM
CDC Advisory on Anthrax ds/User_files/3ba528b77fdd089b.gif issued on October 12 Many facilities in c
1 messages
10-24-01 06:32 AM
Gang, I am SO angry over something that happened yesterday, I have to tell you! My fellow NYers should be especially cautious over this, as i
1 messages
10-22-01 01:55 PM
ANGEL JUARBE JR. ds/User_files/3ba528b77fdd089b.gif Tribute from TV Guide, writer Amy Kover %0
1 messages
10-20-01 10:55 AM
Five weeks ago.....
My life as well as everyone elses has changed. I feel the need to write this down, so I am again using you guys as a forum. All I am asking is to l
5 messages
10-20-01 02:17 AM
So - Here's what happened today....
You guys are not going to BELIEVE what some asshole in my office did in the name of a prank! First, let me explain - many of my co-work
3 messages
10-19-01 03:20 PM
I knew it was going to happen to us
Let me first tell you, I have some really smart people that work in my company. I work for a credit card company. Last Thursday, this one partic
3 messages
10-17-01 03:12 AM
Angry? Frustrated? Take a Shot at Bin Laden!
Make sure you have your sound up when you blow Bin Laden away on this site! iles/ma
2 messages
10-14-01 03:58 PM
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