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S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | 10th Entry
Hidden in plain sight and EVERYONE was surprised. Talk about your reversal of fortunes. [titleplate] http://community.reali
14 messages
04-30-15 08:57 AM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | 9th Entry
Well, the only other viable winner was booted and noone was too surprised. [titleplate] http://community.realitytvworld.c
18 messages
04-24-15 07:47 PM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | 8th Entry
OMG! I thought last week surprised players but boy oh boy did things really get turned on their ear for Hali's boot. [titleplat
18 messages
04-15-15 07:42 PM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | 7th Entry
Wooooboy! Jenn's idol comes into play and at least 5 people are surprised. Meanwhile, Rodney makes a move and while it doesn't work THIS
12 messages
04-08-15 07:57 PM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | 6th Entry
Dead man Joaquin gets ousted just as he's making moves with his newboo. [titleplate]
15 messages
04-01-15 07:53 PM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | 5th Entry
First, the woman who refused to live to a higher standard Next, the man who knew it all and the world is a better place without them.%0
18 messages
03-25-15 06:47 PM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | Ep 4 Entry [View All]
Wait, what? Go ahead and say that to my face. You tell me to NOT participate and then you penalize me for NOT participating? Hmmmm, I gue
24 messages
03-21-15 11:55 AM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | Ep 3 Entry
Good on Will for hunting the real ratchouli, Vinceputin. But what was up with the splitting the vote thing? I get it. Vince was absolut
15 messages
03-12-15 04:26 PM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | Ep 2 Entry
So? So what. So, So was so-so and neutral And boy oh boy did she kick some boys buns in the ABC despite being the first of the LoserLodg
19 messages
03-05-15 02:05 PM
So, did ya'll miss me???? ds/User_files/4fe7bfb26975ba05.gif
10 messages
03-05-15 01:15 PM
S30 | Anti-Boot Contest | Ep1 Entry [View All]
Welcome to the newest edition of the Anti-Boot Contest! [titleplate] ds/User_files/54e
28 messages
02-27-15 11:58 AM
S29:SJDS | Survivor RE-play (Part 1) [View All]
Yes, we just got done witnessing a pretty respectable win from a pretty deserving player. BUT, did you want it to turn out completely differe
78 messages
02-12-15 01:58 PM
yes, I'm a newbie
Hi, I've been lurking for quite some time now and have noticed that there aren't a lot of posters here so I thought I'd join in. What do I do
6 messages
02-02-15 02:49 PM
S29ABC | Finale Results
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Hmmm... a satisfying end to an otherwise headed-for-disaster typed season. Being both the first boot and the eventual
6 messages
12-22-14 01:18 PM
S29ABC | Final Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Wow! How's THAT for a move! ds/User_files/54150686b9f8b4
8 messages
12-17-14 08:50 PM
S29ABC | 12th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Wow! Now THAT's some cream cheese! ds/User_files/5415068
13 messages
12-10-14 08:36 PM
S29ABC | 11th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! We survived the storm but not unscathed. ds/User_files/5415068
10 messages
12-04-14 11:15 AM
S29ABC | 10th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Holy Quetzalcoatl! This lock box thing is getting tense. ds/Us
7 messages
11-26-14 08:27 PM
S29ABC | 9th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Back to the Lock-Box and things are already getting intense. ds/
11 messages
11-20-14 05:35 PM
S29ABC | 8th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! The Nemontemtin produced a quitter. ds/User_files/54150686b9f8
14 messages
11-18-14 05:18 PM
S29ABC | 7th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Dale pays the price of being himself. ds/User_files/54150686b9
8 messages
11-05-14 08:56 PM
S29ABC | 6th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Kelley pays the price for her father. ds/User_files/54150686b9
15 messages
10-29-14 08:20 PM
S29ABC | 5th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Drewchebag, cleans his own and the boyfriend/girlfriend both step it up a bit. http://community.realityt
10 messages
10-22-14 07:25 PM
Stranded in Nepal
Hello everyone, I'm hosting my 23rd season of my online version of Survivor, Stranded. It begins November 20th and lasts for around 2
0 messages
10-19-14 09:40 PM
S29ABC | 4th Entry
Mixpantzinco, Blowhemians! Hunahpu insures Rocker is the target and he KEEPS the Hidden Idol.
8 messages
10-15-14 07:47 PM
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