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"Ep 9, "The Buddy System", SOTS"
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04-11-11, 11:04 AM (EST)
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"Ep 9, "The Buddy System", SOTS"
LAST EDITED ON 04-11-11 AT 10:37 PM (EST)

S22: Survivor: Redemption Island

WARNING: Double Tribal Councils AHEAD!! WARNING: Finally....Double Boot Ahead!!!! ...{Cue SCREAMING HAWK SOUNDS}
Welcome to the Survivor Blows State of the Spoiling aka SOTS! This is the place where we scour the multiple boards that live, breathe, and eat all things Survivor and then try and spoil the episiode before it airs. Sometimes we are right, and sometimes we are not, but we will eternally try. Just a quick reminder that it's a great time for all of us here at Blows to go back and give our guidelines the once over, they really are the reason we all have such a fun, exciting, and CIVIL board. As in the immortal words of S1 Colleen, Be nice and play fair!

As spoiled by Volcanic Glass, the name of our episode is:

Episode 9, The Buddy System

Last episode, Jiffy boiled the introduction down to this...Rob is smart and noted that Andrea and Matt had a relationship and out of everyone he certainly knows how powerful a couple can be, so he booted Matt. Meanwhile the Zaps prioritized challenge prowess over loyalty and voted out Sarita. Wow, what a smart move, especially now that the game turns individual...d’oh!

When the episode started at Camp Ometepe, we heard from Phillip that he didn’t want to pack all of the belongings but Rob told him it’s better to be safe than sorry. Yes, he did go through a “red-headed step child phase, but he is beyond it now. He has learned alot from Robfadda and he’s ready to stick with the Ometepe’s. {insert Thunderclap here}.

In the end, unfortunately for Matt, the only thing he learned about Boston Rob from watching 3 prior seasons of him in action, and then playing with him, well at least partially playing with him for 21 days, was that he really was from Boston. Back to RI he goes, and no, he isn’t very good at Survivor. But, as David pointed out, Rob is genius!

The episode 9 Title and Misdirection thread can be found here. Most folks think that it is a directive that Rob will give the Ometepe tribe to either keep tabs on Phillip who will most likely need a buddy at all times, OR, it is in reference to buddying up with the Zapatera’s to keep an eye on them. As Ralph’s HII was played the night before, they may be on the look out for a new one, or, they may be on the look out for a new recruit...Phillip.

David told us in his insider video that he knows that Phillip is the low man on the Ometepe totem pole. As such, he’s the outlier that could most easily be persuaded to quit Bossy Rob and join the gentle Zaps. I would bet that Phillip is finally going to be getting the attention that he has so deeply yearned for since arriving in Nicaragua.

Da Clues:

Squid Pro Quo brought us the clues this week. Here they are:


2. "The Buddy System" — With a double tribal council sending two more castaways to Redemption Island, paranoia sets in and causes one castaway to dig deep for a chance to prolong their life in the game.

I'll start with clue number one. Krautboy noted in the Double Boots and Triple Duels Thread, that with the number of people still left in the game, it requires there to be a duel every week, starting in EP10 and two episodes with a double elimination from Redemption Island. We can safely assume that we will have a triple duel to start EP10 which will send two players home. That means we will need one more double TC and one more triple duel before the finale.

And, let's face it, while some of these daws are not the sharpest tools in the shed, Robfadda and company must realize that there are way too many folks left for single eliminations each week. So, is it really a surprise double boot?

Now, to address the paranoia and the digging the promo, thanks to Volcanic Glass for providing them, we have this...First the set up:

VO: Now, the island Godfather...
Rob: "It's my game. I'm in charge."
VO: ... is pulling all the strings.
Julie: "There's no breaking their loyal shield."
VO: But even a mob boss is afraid of something.

Then we hear from the Island Godfather...

I can't shake this idol paranoia...

Then we have pics of folks, David and Mike, digging at the tribe flag on the beach, apparently looking for a HII...

Then, it appears that Mike is finding something, untying a draw string pouch...

I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. But, alas, someone with a sharp eye at Sucks noted that the orange tile there did not belong...and, it is indeed from the Challenge that we have vidcaps for, as he digs for his baton to bash his tile in the first heat! So, it was just a little manipulation by EPMB, once again. After the finding something shots, we have more at the beach...

This time it's Rob and Phillip digging, but you can see that Andrea is there, and so is Mike (see his feet). Clearly they are digging and looking for a HII. More than likely as OFG has speculated here, see post number 65. With all of the talk about digging deep and then pictures of them digging for more than likely another HII, it makes sense that the winner of the first IC shown in the promo gets to take others with him on reward. More than likely the winner of the IC who goes on the reward will be given another clue to the HII. With another clue, and another possibility of finding one, paranoia sets in, if Rob doesn't find it...

Rob: It might cost me my survivor life
VO: Will two Tribal Councils ...
Phillip: "I've got to make something happen."
VO: ... end his reign?
Rob: "You have to gamble."

That's right, if he doesn't have it, he'll have to "gamble" as to who to vote for...

Da Story:

The episode will pick up where they left off...Ometepe's riding high and pledging unity and loyalty, post Matt boot...

...On three, 1, 2, 3....OMETEPE!

Day 1. Called for a challenge. They all gather at Challenge Beach, where Jiffy tells them that SURPRISE, this is the first of 2 IC's, each followed by a TC where one of you will be voted out and go to RI. We will have an IC and later tonight you will go to TC, blah, blah, blah.

At the challenge site, we see that all 11 are participating...

Just for fun, I think it's from bottom to top, Rob, Phillip, Grant, David, ?Ashley, Rooster, Steve, Andrea, Mike, ?Julie, Natalie

Regardless, the first 6 to dig up their baton, and then use it to smash their tile and then cross a finish line are through to the next heat. All 5 losers sit on the bench. We know that ...

Grant and Rob are 1 and 2...HELLO!

At the next heat, we see 6 puzzle tables, grouped by 3, with shields to cover from the other players tables. More than likely they have to run up and collect bags that are knotted and tied to posts, then bring them back and complete the puzzle. First 3 to complete the puzzle, move on to the next heat.

The final heat of 3, looks like they have to do some kind of 3 D spatial puzzle of some kind. So, there has been ALOT of speculation about the winner. Clearly, this is a challenge that Boston Rob could SMOKE. And, imo, he does....we have shots of him at TC, thanks again to Volcanic Glass and Pepe Le Pew for their abilities to zoom in on vidcaps. Here's what I see, some may not agree, but I am firm. (Of course feel free to flame me if I'm wrong, later! )

First there was this pic:

Many speculated this to be a buff around Rob's neck. Clearly, there is something there on the neck, over his upper chest...

Here's the IN for comparison:

Then there was this pic:

I put arrows to show....I think the lowest arrow points to the IN, outer edge...also, you can CLEARLY see a box of pixels that are delineated, the arrow on the right points to the delineated BOX that has clearly been ALTERED. Why would it be altered? Because Rob has more than likely won immunity in the first challenge.

So, Rob wins the big IC and gets to take some on reward. Perhaps he chooses to take a final finisher with him, Mike, and he also chooses Phillip. He needs to keep tabs on Phillip at all times, because Rob knows exactly who is with him, and who may be teetering. He has to BUDDY up with Phillip. Perhaps he chooses to leave his loyal lieutenant, Grant, back home with the Zaps and the spa girls... eat rice, and to be his own man...

At first I thought that this appeared to be a morning shot, but I don't think so. See the sun shining on them. We know that the shelter is facing the ocean, and the sun sets in the west, it seems lower in the sky. I'm betting this is post challenge.

That night they go to TC, and here we see them...

This is them filing in for the first TC, as we see 11 seats. From right to left: Natalie, Grant, Andrea, Phillip, Ashley, Rob, Julie, Rooster, and then Mike's back is to us. Steve and David are obscured.

The first TC will most likely be a Zap. If they think they have found the idol, then they will have to "gamble". More than likely a Zap is going home.

The next day, they are called to another IC. As OFG notes that the first challenge is the one with all of the heats, as there are no places for the daws to sit and eat anything. We know that the second challenge, the one that we are not shown, will be one where they are tempted to eat rather than participate in the IC. Jeff Probst gave us this in his blog. He asked, "guess who chooses to eat?"

I predict it could be the challenge that OFG noted was in Micronesia.

So, folks have posted, and I agree that there are no pictures of this challenge because, it would give away too much. It would give away who was voted out at the first IC, and who was participating and who wasn't.

So, the challenge is held, I imagine that ALL of the Zaps will participate, and most likely Grant, Rob, and maybe Andrea. Regardless, after the challenge, they'll plot, then go to the second TC. Where one will be voted out.


Immunity/Reward Challenge Winner:

Here's a hint....


Who joins him on Reward:

Well, definitely...

Phillip...he needs a buddy/babysitter.

And, maybe...


I have serious doubts that Rob would take Mike, however. I only include him here as he may have gotten wind of the Clue that comes with the reward. Maybe Phillip shared it with him? He is seen digging with David, and therefore somehow, he got wind that perhaps the clue involved digging deep...I do believe that Mike is the one that HAS to dig deep.

Boot number 1:

I think that Robfadda and gang will target one of the big Zaps. While we do see lots of digging and searching, I think it will serve as misdirection this week. More than likely, Rob's number one target will not quite be able to dig deep enough. Boot number 1:


Immunity Challenge Number 2:

I think that in the end, Grant will most likely win this one, his yoga strength will perservere. Mike, who could indeed have won this one, won't be there to participate. Grant will pull it out, as he received a big scare last week with all of the Zap votes.

Boot #2:

Phillip, our Former Federal Agent???

Jiffy asked, guess who will eat? My first thought was that Phillip will definitely eat. OFG noted that Ozzy and Candice both received a surprise boot when they chose to eat at the IC. I think it's going to happen again. As I've said, Rob is playing the game 24/7. He knows who is with him, and who is teetering, and could be a threat later. He was born at night, but not last night. Phillip dipped almost completely under the radar last ep, which, imo, was shocking. He's going to be our surprise boot...

Also, last week on Redemption Island when Matt had won the duel and the right to rejoin the game, Jeff announced the merge and that with the next TC, RI would begin again, and this frame came on...

I know it was to feature Matt, but look who else is in the frame. And, isn't it interesting that these 3 just may end up together as the first to go to RI post merge and get to participate in a tri-el!

Thanks everyone who has come back to the fold to speculate and post here at Blows. So much fun to really get everyone's take on things!

Check out Veruca's Editing Thread, the Vidcap Thread, Krautboy's Voting Score Thread, and Travel_Queens Jury Thread.

Check on Dabo's Vote thread when it appears and enjoy the week! Also, please note what Emydi notes here. We are likely to see 2 leave the RI area at the beginning of episode 10, leaving one winner on RI. Emy speculates that we should be having another DOUBLE boot episode in either ep 10, 11, or for thought!

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