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Conferences Rock Star (Protected)
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Rock Star: INXS (July 11)
Who is going to watch tonight?
19 messages
07-12-05 06:44 PM
Dave's opinion means alot to me !
This is one show I actually enjoyed watching. I liked the guy who kept pulling his shirt up to his head. He seems like a natural. The competition sh
0 messages
07-12-05 09:37 PM
Rockstar INXS mansion = Mad Mad House?
Hey everyone. I'm just wondering, does anyone here know if the mansion they are housing all the contestants in for Rockstar:INXS is the same man
0 messages
07-13-05 08:02 AM
Rock Star Go Home! Launches Game for Rock Star: INXS - Win $1,000, Sony PSP, iPods
Whoa! Just saw this on the INXS board. Check it out. Cool prizes! Rock Star Go Home is a free, interactive online game t
Uncle Moo
1 messages
07-13-05 10:45 AM
Rock Star Love List: Week One
In board tradition, letís try a love list ranking for Rock Star: INXS. Use any criteria you like. From I think he/she is the cutest, to I lo
11 messages
07-14-05 10:28 PM
Mark Burnett pitches "Rock Star"
Now THIS I would watch! Could be much more interesting than the "American Idol" pop crap. Forgive me if I messed up the link. My 13
10 messages
07-16-05 12:15 PM
July 12
Night 2
25 messages
07-18-05 07:37 PM
I need you tonight
Cuz I'm not sleeping... Who makes you sweat? I think the gals are showing more sex appeal. Will is goodlooking,
Drive My Car
27 messages
07-18-05 07:59 PM
Like Velvet Revolver doing Guns-N-Roses songs...
I think it might sound like a cover band, even though the only difference is the lead singer, because Axl Rose was a major part of that band's s
1 messages
07-18-05 09:21 PM
Hey Bebo, please remove my post that you locked.
And this one, too, after you read it! I want to re-post my initial point, without the offending duplication. Thank you.
1 messages
07-19-05 02:19 AM
Programming Note: Possible Pre-emption
CBS has not yet announced how their schedule, now that the President has a news conference scheduled for 9pm EDT to announce his new Supreme Court n
0 messages
07-19-05 03:16 PM
Monday--July 18th Episode
Good episode, I thought. It was cool to see how they interact, choose songs, rehearse, etc. They all seem to get along pretty well so far.%0
10 messages
07-19-05 06:58 PM
Week 2 Song choices
What do we think from what we saw last night. These are the ones I'm sure about so far. Brandon - Sweet Home Alabama JD-
Drive My Car
6 messages
07-19-05 09:59 PM
ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH..... I'll put a lot of space in here since I don't want to ruin tonight's show for anyone (like it was JUST ruined for m
6 messages
07-20-05 10:30 PM
Rock Star Love List: Week 2
Week two performances have come and gone. Have your feelings of admiration for some or loathing for others been changed? Time to fess up. Who are yo
10 messages
07-21-05 09:29 AM
Tuesday--July 19th Episode
Marty does. That's What I like About You.
28 messages
07-21-05 11:48 AM
Does anyone know of any websites where I can download the performances? I know they are available on the official site, but they are Wi
0 messages
07-21-05 04:54 PM
Tara - I can't understand why she always holds her left hand up to her forehead and spreads her 4 fingers out. That? Is the most annoying thing -
7 messages
07-21-05 10:05 PM
"Wednesday--July 20th Results "
JD got in hot water for saying he was the one trying to win a spot with this band.
23 messages
07-22-05 00:07 AM
Ratings off to bad start
Initial ratings for Rock Star are not great. Hopefully the show can rebound: R/Rock
11 messages
07-23-05 09:11 PM
Wednesday night Recap: Nail biting continues.
I was waiting for the spanking that JD would get for suggesting that he knew and loved inxs songs better then the others. I loved that he didn't bac
12 messages
07-25-05 09:34 AM
Jon Stevens
Did INXS ever record a cd with him as the lead vocalist? Any tracks? I just looked at the INXS website and could not find anything with Jon Stev
Wacko Jacko
1 messages
07-25-05 11:42 AM
Mother of God! Let's build people up...
and then shoot them down. I am so sick about this episode of Rockstar Inxs. I really thought that this would be different, so I guess it is my own f
1 messages
07-25-05 10:46 PM
omg so good
Tonight wa smy first night watching Rock Star and i love it u all have to check it out and i cant wait for dave tomorrow night
0 messages
07-26-05 00:53 AM
Let's talk about JD and Jordis
First of all, JD is really ticking me off....why does he have to be so cocky. They should vote him off just for being a mondo tool. Secondly, I
11 messages
07-26-05 11:20 PM
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