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"Martha Apprentice Finale : For Diehard Fans Only"
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Original message

MTW1961 4029 desperate attention whore postings
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12-30-05, 04:59 PM (EST)
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"Martha Apprentice Finale : For Diehard Fans Only"
Are you ready to be done with Martha once and for all? I’m ready. Charles and Alexis are ready. Martha and her wooden personality are ready. Let’s go! We are live at the set of Martha’s daytime show, which is called “Martha!” And before the hour is up, we’ll be welcoming the newest apprentice to Martha’s empire. Can I tell you how grateful I am that this finale is only one hour long? I was prepared to do Martha for two full hours, but I really was having a tough time getting all worked up for her, and don’t think I could have lasted that long!

Each contestant was given a tough assignment to tackle. Betheny was given a circus to manage, which is appropriate since she’s worked with the biggest clown, Jim, for most of the run of the show.

Dawna has been given a fashion show to run. She’s trusted Amanduh with one of the minor details – picking out the outfits and working with the main client – Liz Claiborne. Amanduh can’t even get the company name right, much to the dismay of the company’s representative (I will call her the Lizzy Lady from now on), who is not happy. Worse yet, Amanduh doesn’t want any help – she insists she can get the program, the layout, and everything related to the fashion show done without any help. If she’s wrong, it could be disastrous. Dawna decides to take the whole team to meet up with Amanduh anyway.

Jim and Carrie discuss what a mess Betheny is in her leadership style. Betheny is frustrated that they don’t understand her leadership style. Apparently, she has the mistaken notion that she did something to get to the final two besides always being the least objectionable of the losing candidates. Martha concludes that both women are off to a rocky start.

Back at the fashion show, Dawna is ready for the controlled chaos. The queen of checklists shows off her much faceted personality – well it has at least two facets I guess. Or maybe only one. Fortunately, she’s just as wooden and charismatic as Martha, so that may play to her benefit. Anyway, she’s “driven to succeed”, though you wouldn’t know it by her expression.

Amanduh is having a little “girl time” with her new buddy, the Lizzy Lady. She insists that Amanduh change the program copy because a) you can’t call a skirt a jacket because it’s a SKIRT, b) a sweater and a cardigan are not the same thing, and c) coral is coral, not pink. We are left realizing Amanduh is not an employee, she’s a disaster. The program is definitely going to be a problem.

Betheny is working on getting the VIP room ready for her circus, using her creative talents to transform the space they’ve been given into a circus atmosphere.

Dawna is worried because the program isn’t ready yet. Amanduh doesn’t even have time to send the changes to Dawna, even though that means there will be no program. Finally, she is convinced to communicate the changes to Dawna over the phone. Amanduh could not have looked more ridiculous in this segment. I wonder – was she planning to skip the program altogether? Or have it available after the fashion show?

On the other hand, Betheny has provided a beautiful glossy program for her circus patrons. It is impressive. Will it make up for the fact that she’s such a flake?

Betheny brings Martha into the circus and Martha looks less than impressed with the greeting. Betheny doesn’t greet her warmly, shake her hand or anything. It was more of a “Oh - you’re here” type of thing and not the way you’d greet someone you were trying to butter up for a job. Not the way you treat a boss with an ego equaled in size by her New Hampshire estate.

Back to the fashion show. Howie is given the important task of stuffing bags, moving chairs and greeting the models. Sarah brings in the programs – they are not impressive – white, no cover, no logo, nothing. The Lizzy Lady calls them unfortunate. She doesn’t know that they are indeed fortunate to have even that much.

Back at the circus, it seems to go well. It looks as entertaining as any circus I’ve ever gone to, heavily focusing on acrobatics. Best of all it went off without a hitch. Combined with an impressive silent auction, will this be enough to make Betheny the Apprentice? Betheny says goodbye to her team. She shakes their hands, calls them awesome and drives off. Jim is a little bent out of shape at the unenthusiastic goodbye.

Fashion Show – Everything has gone wrong, but at least Sarah and Dawna are the only ones aware of it. Dawna greets Martha warmly at the door and definitely wins this part of the challenge – kissing the boss’ butt! She seats Martha and her entourage and goes backstage. The event looks good despite all the problems leading up to it. Dawna and the Lizzy Lady hug when it is over. The Lizzy Lady tells her the show was great. Dawna thanks her team and hugs them goodbye.

Now it’s time for the final conference room meeting before the live show. Both women pack and reflect on the past weeks. They both believe they are the right choice and the other is wrong for Martha. In the conference room, Martha does her best to be negative and adversarial. Martha was not impressed with Dawna’s printed program and asks what happened. Then she asks Betheny if she’s better for the job than Dawna. The women go back and forth telling Martha why each is the better candidate, and arguing about who wants the job more. Betheny says she is a diamond in the rough with talent to be extracted and a few rough edges. Dawna says she is more calm, professional, and works well with others, and really wants the job so she can work for the best. To me she actually seems like a mini-Martha, who doesn’t exactly exude passion.

We are live now, and Martha reminds us we are on the set of her daytime show – Martha, just in case anyone has forgotten. She introduces the six finalists who helped out with the final task, then gets into a retrospective of each candidate’s journey. Betheny – is manic, chaotic, excited, and a fighter. She says she’s changed a lot in 12 weeks, and asks Martha to imagine what she could learn in 12 months. They bring out Betheny who smiles at the crowd, but barely even looks at her final task helpers, which is kind of weird, if you ask me

Dawna- started Her Sports magazine which she publishes along with her husband, She is competitive having played sports all her life. She thinks she fits better with Martha’s company. Out comes Dawna, who shakes hands with Martha, Alexix, and George, and waves to her posse of helpers.

Martha asks Charles about Betheny, who replies that Betheny has passion and creativity, but doesn’t play well with others. Then she asks Alexis who tells us all to tune into her Sirius satellite radio show to find out what she really thinks. She finds Dawna lacking in creativity and dispassionate but better suited to be Martha’s Apprentice. Martha asks Amanduh what qualities Dawna lacks – Amanduh can’t think of any! Dawna is the strongest leader she’s ever met.

Martha asks Jim – did Betheny choose her team well? Yes, she showed good management skill and picked good talent. Martha comments that Jim couldn’t have such a beautiful wife and kids if he wasn’t an actor.

Okay, that was really exciting and illuminating. Once again, I’m glad this is only one hour.

Martha asks a question of Betheny – “why didn’t you praise your team after the circus task?” She felt her team was disgruntled and didn’t really want to be there. Her answer is babbling and incomplete, so Martha cuts her off and asks another: “do you have the executive skill that would go with a $250,000 executive salary?” Yes, she may be flamboyant but she gets things done.

Next, she poses her questions to Dawna: ”the clients think you lacked an overall vision.” Dawna replies that she doesn’t think she lacked vision After all she makes lists to get things done. And even the Lizzy Lady thought she pulled it off in the end. Next question for Dawna: “do you feel like you could hone your management skills to fit into the company?” Yes, she does. C’mon, really. Could there possibly BE another answer? Was Martha hoping to catch her off guard and get her to say “no”?

Question for Betheny : ”where do you fit in? What job do you want?” She fits in because she understands Martha. She wants to be in the health and wellness area. This answer sounds a little creepy and stalkerish!

Question for Dawna: ”where do you fit in?” Publishing, blah, blah blah. Martha interrupts Dawna because she’s made up her mind. She calls Betheny spunky, and a showoff. Who feels she needs to make a physical impression, which is unnecessary at the Martha Stewart company. She offers Dawna the job. Well, that was nice! Insult one finalist and, in the same breath, hire the other! Doesn’t sound very Martha Stewart like to me! So, Dawna is the one. Does anybody care? I must say I’m just glad its over. Dawna will be working at Body and Soul magazine in case anybody’s interested

Champagne is offered all around except to Dawna who is given a new Buick Lucerne car. Apparently, it’s parked outside illegally and she must leave right now or it’s going to be towed! Lucky Dawna! Let’s roll the credits, and put this one in the can, which is EXACTLY where it belongs.

Thanks for reading. Remember, not all reality show endings are this bad. Come back here to Reality TV World and see for yourselves!.

Handcrafted by RollDDice!

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 RE: Martha Apprentice Finale : For ... foonermints 01-04-06 2
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mysticwolf 10692 desperate attention whore postings
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12-30-05, 07:51 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Martha Apprentice Finale : For Diehard Fans Only"
Nice job, MTW. And, now that your punishment's over...

"a) you can’t call a skirt a jacket because it’s a SKIRT" - I thought that's what I heard her say, but I shook my head and convinced myself I must have been mistaken. LOL!

Bad Wolf! by PM
Console yourself with the fact that you, at least, could skip the commercials. Some of us had to suffer through those, too.

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foonermints 13105 desperate attention whore postings
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01-04-06, 11:56 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Martha Apprentice Finale : For Diehard Fans Only"
>put this one in the can< aaargh! so true!

Great summary MTW!
I just had to revisit the graveyard and look at the tombstone.

Incidentally, I guess the cutter is busy chipping one for Song Airlines.

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zipperhead 3442 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

01-05-06, 11:17 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Martha Apprentice Finale : For Diehard Fans Only"
I had forgotten that this show had a finale! Great job, thanks for mopping up this mess.
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Agman2 1214 desperate attention whore postings
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05-15-15, 04:32 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: Martha Apprentice Finale : For Diehard Fans Only"
Ya know MTW, I've been meaning to tell you this for a few years but, excellent summary. You hit the ball out of the park
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