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Conferences The Apprentice: Martha Stewart General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Martha Apprentice Finale : For Diehard Fans Only
Are you ready to be done with Martha once and for all? Iím ready. Charles and Alexis are ready. Martha and her wooden personality are ready. Le
4 messages
05-15-15 04:32 PM
Whats Left
Alrite so weve had Jims snarkiness as a discussion, Dawns lack or work and a few other threads on the personalities and tasks. Even afew criticizing
Tough Cookie
2 messages
05-15-15 04:26 PM
Crappy finale
that was the most anti-climactic pile of crappola and I am pissed that I invested so much time into the show. I think she ended up with the wrong two
17 messages
05-06-15 04:28 PM
Forum restored
This forum data has been restored Thanks, SB
1 messages
03-20-15 04:09 PM
oh Martha
Did anyone see the lastes show where Marha has Lindsay Lohan and all Martha is doing is doggin Lindsy for beng a typical young girl who goes out with
5 messages
03-09-15 00:31 AM
Is Martha's Daughter a lesbian?
just wondering if anyone knew
18 messages
03-06-15 04:13 PM
Bethenny was SUPPOSED to win... Page Six Shocker
Hi All, I've never posted here before (but been a dedicated lurker), however, I read an article in today's New York Post that I thought
12 messages
10-22-07 11:40 AM
I'm wearing my pink, frilly apron today
The one with daffodils on it. And I'm baking brownies.
3 messages
05-22-07 10:09 PM
Ungrateful Bethany is a Loser
Before I watched the boring finale, I wanted Bethany to win over Dawna, but I cannot believe she treated her team so shabbily and with disres
6 messages
01-05-06 10:50 AM
Someone with Sirius please
Listen to Alexis' show at noon on channel 112 and tell me if she ever gets out of the monotone, or at least if she is aware of it and uses it for
4 messages
01-02-06 12:37 PM
Formulaic editing yet again - and Dawna's HUGE Program Mistake!
Once again, Burnett & Co. rear their ugly heads in trying to make a "good" guy and "bad" guy out of the two finalists. One was quiet
9 messages
12-23-05 10:34 PM
Martha Stewart is Racist, I tell you!
Of COURSE she picks the Aryan blonde over.... oh, wait. They were both white, wern't they? Never mind. %
4 messages
12-22-05 05:02 PM
Ding-dong, the Jim is gone!
Whicha Jim? The stupid Jim!
9 messages
12-22-05 01:59 PM
who to root for? they both stink
I watched this show from the beginning. At first I liked it because Martha seemed more likeable than Trump. I must admit I am an apprentice addict.
6 messages
12-22-05 01:51 PM
Are Martha & Alexis getting collagen shots?
They are looking especially ducky. .gif
6 messages
12-21-05 10:24 PM
Bethanny, what was she thinking.....
the whole episode from last night shows she never should've made it this far in the first place. First off, she lets Dawna pick her three people
Wacko Jacko
8 messages
12-17-05 09:13 AM
NONE of the remainder should be hired
The problem I see with the show now is that none of the remaining applicants is very attractive. The male is a punk, childish and annoying. Between
7 messages
12-16-05 03:03 PM
Martha bad-mouthed the remaining contestants
up until I heard that I thought of martha as professional and the show as interesting. now it seems she only cares about her reputation and was so pho
0 messages
12-15-05 09:57 PM
Well, that was painfully obvious.
Y'know what Ryan needed last night? Bethenny. Someone who would look at his ideas, (self)-execution, and drinking, then have the coura
20 messages
12-15-05 09:08 AM
Dawna Stone in Jan's edition of Entepreneur's Magazine
Said that being on M.S. Apprentice was one of the hardest things she's ever done, but that it was an amazing experience. Wonder if that
0 messages
12-15-05 09:05 AM
Final Two to Martha: 'We don't want to work for you.'
And suddenly, the worst Apprentice season would be saved by the Best Finale Ever. You [i]know[/i] that whoever her last contestants stand
5 messages
12-13-05 09:28 AM
Did anyone notice Alexis' Bozo the Clown shoes?
During the car presentation tonight, did anyone else notice Alexis' big goofy, black and white gym shoes? Normally, I like the way she dress
7 messages
12-10-05 09:56 AM
The PM should have been fired. The episode was tedious to watch due to her absolute lack of leadership skill and aptitude. In fact, she has NO aptit
17 messages
12-08-05 05:39 PM
Sorry, Martha, But You Don't Fit In. Heidi Does.
There is NO WAY I am passing up the premiere of Project Runway (on Bravo tonight) for Martha's mealymouthed mess of a show. Please send my regr
4 messages
12-08-05 10:32 AM
Jim just knocked himself out of the game - And he is weak
What is Jim thinking? Obviously he's not. Master of the game? What?!!!! In tonight's episode he just showed how stupid he actu
14 messages
12-08-05 08:07 AM
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