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"The B iggest Loser 2 - Episdoe 10 Summary - "Two Pounds and Nine Brownies""
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Cyndimaus 3117 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-05, 05:24 PM (EST)
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"The B iggest Loser 2 - Episdoe 10 Summary - "Two Pounds and Nine Brownies""
The Biggest Loser 2 - Episode 10 Summary
“Two Pounds and Nine Brownies”

Welcome to episode ten of The Biggest Loser 2. We begin, as usual, with a recap. (Just in case there is anyone who has decided to tune in near the end of the season, therefore having no idea what has happened previously.) We see the dunk-tank temptation, the jumping challenge, which Matt won, prompting him to make a strategic move to gain weight - a whopping 12 pounds. Jeff reaches the 100-pounds-lost milestone. Shannon and Andrea are below the yellow line. Shannon is sent home.

*Dramatic pause*

We have five people left - Matt, Jeff, Seth, Andrea and Suzy - who will be the Biggest Loser?

*Cue intro music*

We start with Bob talking with Andrea and Suzy the morning after the elimination. Bob didn’t expect to see Andrea sitting there. She didn’t expect to be there either. She says that being up for elimination is emotionally exhausting. She knows she’s just being kept around because she’s not a threat (well, duh!) And it sucks to be in that position. (yup) Bob emphatically declares that the game is on. (in case no one knew)

Jillian is talking with the men while they are working out. She’s preparing them for the challenge. She knows it involves endurance, strength, balance, focus and a bathing suit. Jeff declares that balance is not his thing.

Bob is doing Yoga with Andrea and Suzy outdoors. (calming music playing for our benefit). Suzy tells us she hates every second of Yoga. Her mind races and it’s hard for her to get it to stay on one thing.

We go back to the men working out and Jillian is coming down hard on Matt for his lack of focus. He’s not responding to her coaching well. He admits to us that he’s not focused today. He also tells us he hates the treadmill and Stairmaster. Jillian tells us that she’s worried about Matt because he has a pattern of doing well and then sabotaging himself in the end. Disgusted, Jillian says, “anyone who doesn’t want to be here can on in.” Matt leaves. (After dramatic editing shots of each guy, building the suspense - will Matt leave? We all knew he would) Jillian looks ticked that he left.

Matt goes out for a hike, telling us he’s ready to pack it in. He tells us that he knows that when he leaves the ranch he’ll have to face everything he’s left behind. He had struggled with alcohol, among other things. He wants to get out and walk so he can clear his head and then go talk to Jillian. It must have worked because he seems much more sensible when he and Jillian talk. He explains himself to her. She tells him he made a good choice to go on a hike instead of hiding away and doing nothing. She tells us that his fear is affecting him.

Temptation time.

Outside the ranch we find a happy, festival atmosphere. We have balloons, popcorn stands and other such things you would find at a fair, including a ski-ball machine. They can smell the funnel cakes. Mmmm......funnel cakes.....

The sign reads thus:
“Take a chance to win a vote and place it next to a player’s name. The one with the most votes will sit out the challenge. Remember, anything else you hit you eat.”

The holes in the ski-ball machine are labeled, in order from top to bottom: Biggest Loser (you get to put a vote by someone’s name), funnel cake, hot dog, popcorn, cotton candy and roll again.

Seth admits to us that his favorite food is funnel cakes. He would make special trips to the fair just to get funnel cakes.

Everyone stands around looking at the food and the machine. Andrea is very tempted to do it, wanting to have an advantage in the game. But no one else wants to do it so she doesn’t either. They walk away from the temptation. (good for them!)

Challenge time.

Night has fallen and our five bathing-suit-wearing Losers walk out to the pool and onto a floating platform with five large poles suspended over them. They are told that there is no more immunity. Instead, the winner will get to choose one person to add two pounds to their weight and weigh-in time. Also the winner will get a night away at the Sheraton Delphina in Santa Monica. They will each have to stay on the pole and the one who is on the longest will win the challenge.

They each climb onto the pole, which has a 1 to 2 inch lip around it (barely big enough for a big toe to fit on). It’s big enough to wrap their arms around and be able to clasp their hands together. This is what they all do and the platform is moved away and they are over the water. The challenge begins.

After four minutes Jeff falls into the water. No one is surprised. After six minutes Matt sinks down into a crouch and starts bouncing, which causes all the poles to bounce. No one falls but Suzy looks exasperated. After 14 minutes Matt is struggling and chooses to jump in. At this point Seth tries to talk to Andrea but she doesn’t reply. She has her face to the pole and is very still. Seth begins to struggle and after 40 minutes he falls in.

Only Andrea and Suzy remain. At the 50-minute mark the guys start encouraging both of them. Suzy is struggling and finally after 60 minutes she falls in. Andrea wins. She never had any signs of difficulty. Indeed, she hardly moved at all.

She heads off to the hotel where her husband Billy surprises her in the room with candles, champagne, roses and an “eternal love” pendant. (She says she knew he’d be there) He says she looks great and he’d love to take her home right then but wants her to stay. They say sweet things to each other and we leave them snuggling out on the balcony.

Next day we have the last chance workout. And they are working HARD. Matt tells us he is nervous because of his weight gain last week and thinks it was a stupid decision. But at the same time he is feeling confident.

Seth tells us that since he lost 13 pounds last week he knows he has the potential for a low loss this week. He’s trying to workout more and up his calorie burn.

Jeff tells us that he had not expected his tremendous weight gain the last few weeks.

Weigh-in time: Andrea chooses to give the two pounds to Jeff for strategy reasons.

initial weight: 227
last week: 170
this week: 166
weight lost: 4 -2.35%
loss to date: 61

initial weight: 291
last week: 219
this week: 211
weight lost: 8 - 3.65%
loss to date: 80

initial weight: 220
last week: 179
this week: 176
weight lost: 3 - 1.68%
loss to date: 44

initial weight: 339
last week: 266
this week: 240
weight lost: 26 - 9.77%
loss to date: 99

initial weight: 370
last week: 270
this week: 267
weight lost: 3 - 1.11% with added 2 pounds 0.37%
loss to date: 103

Jeff and Andrea are below the yellow line. Caroline informs Andrea that had she given the two pounds to Suzy it would have put Suzy below the yellow line and kept herself above it.

Andrea tells us that she’ll be okay with whatever happens tomorrow.

The next day Bob is giving her a pep talk. He tells her that he’s not worried if he walks in tomorrow and finds her gone. He says that the previous times she was up for elimination he was worried about her and knew she’d go home and gain her weight right back. But this time he’s confident she’d do fine.

Sheepishly she says to him, “Is now a bad time to tell you I ate brownies last night?”
She tearfully laughs. Suzy is laughing. The flashback cam shows in brilliant black and white Andrea walking with a bowl of brownies.

“Are you mad?” Bob asks her. “How much brownies did you eat?”
She hesitates, “I don’t know.”
Matt walks over, “I do.”
Bob turns to him. “How many did she have?”

Needless to say Bob is not pleased. (to say the least) Andrea is tearful and Bob is encouraging her. “I think you’re special. You better start thinking about you the way I’m thinking about you.” (It’s a warm fuzzy moment.....we all say “aaww”)

Jillian and Jeff are out walking/jogging. She is obviously upset that he’s up for elimination. She tells him he’s beaten all the records. He’s the first person to lose 100 pounds on the Biggest Loser (yes, for all 2 seasons). Jeff is really encouraging her and keeping a great attitude. He’s talking about all he’s gained and accomplished while on the ranch. He tells her that he feels he’s gotten his life back. She tells us that for the first time he is looking forward with hope as opposed to looking back with regret. He tells her, “You’re the one who got me started and I love you for that.” (another even warmer and fuzzier moment)

Voting time:

After explaining it is for strategy reason only, Suzy votes for Jeff. Matt glosses over Andrea and tells that up until now he has had only two real heroes in his life, his mom and dad. But now he has three. Jeff is his hero. He is the most selfless person he has ever met. But for strategy reason he votes for Jeff. We don’t see Seth’s vote. (but judging by his face, his vote was for Jeff). Jeff is eliminated but when Caroline tells him that his teammates have decided he is not the biggest loser, Jeff tells her that’s not true “How can I feel like a loser after what they said?”

He tells that he is 43 years old and how many people my age get a second chance to get their life back? “I have not wasted a minute of my time here.” His experience was beyond priceless and he is the luckiest man in the world.

He heads home and everyone at his party is wearing red. We hear gasps of amazement when they spot him. He’s instantly mobbed by his daughters and then hugged by his tearful wife, who says he’ll inspire the world.

In his update we see an incredible-looking Jeff weighing in at 240 pounds and leading a very active lifestyle. He’s lost a total of 130 pounds since beginning the game. He is leading his family in living a healthier life.

Next week: *cue dramatic music*

We are down to the final four. Final weigh-in. Final elimination.

*even more dramatic music*.

Then they go home to finish the challenge alone. Who will be in the final three? Who will win? Can we stand to wait to find out?

We have no choice so tune in next week!

sig courtesy of Cygnus

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Pamisue 57 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-05, 08:14 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: The B iggest Loser 2 - Episdoe 10 Summary - "Two Pounds and Nine Brownies""
Wonderful, Cyndimaus. I did not get to watch this episode so I was so happy to see your summary. Thanks!
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Puffy 6571 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-05, 09:06 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: The B iggest Loser 2 - Episdoe 10 Summary - "Two Pounds and Nine Brownies""

Great summary. You included a few things that I missed while watching the show.

Snowed in by Tribephyl

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