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urbanette 1 desperate attention whore postings
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05-13-06, 06:30 PM (EST)
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What is wrong with the judges and Ms. Banks. With all due respect and not including the fact of drawing viewers to the show, why do they keep bringing JADE back??? She is one of the most rude and over confident people I have ever seen on any TV show. Do Ms. Banks and the judges ever watch what goes on behind the scenes or when the girls are doing things??? Do they not see how brash and boisterous this young woman is?? She truly needs some counseling and certainly DOES NOT DESERVE TO WIN OVER IN THE END!! If she wins this round in the end I will never watch the show again nor will many of my friends and we will not do business with the advertisers of the show. If I was putting out tons of money to advertise on this show and I viewed what kind of a person this Jade was being made to look like, I would pull out my support, especially if she continues to win over the other more deserving girls. Ms. Banks will be doing the other girls a true disservice is she allows Jade to continue winning, regardless of her occasional abilities and even fair looks.

I have never written to a reality show before so I don't make a habit of this but as I viewed the reruns today on VH1 I just got sick and tired of seeing Jade's continuous over confidence and constant blaming something or someone for her failures. She could even be beautiful and a great model until she opens her mouth to tout about herself again and again. I realize the show has already ended and we are seeing the outcome much later so the winner has already been chosen but I do intend to see it to the end of this season and if Jade comes out a winner, you have lost me and many others as avid fans to Ms. Banks and the show. Also, if Jade wins, and even if she doesn't, I feel Ms. Banks and those who make decisions for the show owe the remainder of the girls in this seasons group an apology for allowing Jade to tout about herself and put the other girls down time after time and then letting her win time after time. Regardless of how deserving she is to win as a model, she doesn't deserve to win as a person and should apologize to each of the other girls in the group for her horrendous attitude throughout the season.

Time will tell!!
I sure hope I haven't seen my last season but it will be if Jade wins!! I don't dislike the girl but she needs some long term therapy to get past herself so one day she could become a beautiful model both INSIDE AND OUT!! Also, one last point, if she does win and even if she doesn't, I think the producers owe Jade an apology for allowing her to stay and make such a fool of herself just to bring in more viewers and up the ratings. In "the real world" or "reality" they would have gotten rid of Jade a long time ago as they would not have put up with her obnoxious ways. One last word, I suggest to Tyra and the producers and judges to sit down one day and go through what the public saw in each program this season and just count the times that they allowed the cameras to show how often Jade put down the other girls and blew up herself time and time again to the point it made a viewer sick to see and hear her again.


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