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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 4"
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michel 9625 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-26-12, 07:28 AM (EST)
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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 4"
Even if the whole boot order had been spoiled before the season had even started, the spoiling community was questioning how things would work out. They had been told who was the 6th person voted out but the spoiler hadn’t mentioned a tie vote. Could he be wrong?
So, with this burning question just having to be answered, the spoilers looked at the web clues with renewed attention:

The SeeBS promos all started with: “Be sure to tune in at the start of the next episode when the result of Nachos’ revote is revealed.
The survivors are puzzled when they receive a strange message.
With the merge approaching, some players are nervous about their alliance.
Join us at 8:00PM tomorrow to find out what happens in the next episode.”

Vidcaps were analyzed to see if someone could catch a glimpse of either Kelly or Neleh in the footage provided for the next challenge and sure enough someone spotted part of Neleh’s bikini in one shot. It was blurry mind you so, since it contradicted the spoilers, the find was questioned. Could that cap have been taken from an earlier episode? Would Survivor be so devious to take something from a previous episode and put it in the promos for the upcoming episode?! Well…Of course they could! The arguments were going back and forth, the excitement rising as the day of the episode approached (!!!)
And then it was time for the show to start:

Previously on…Survivor,

In the Greek Islands, one tribe was dominating the game:
“Nachos win Immunity!“
The Nachos had gained a hard shell of confidence while the Doritos had lost their crunch.

Feeling like demi-gods, the Nachos were brought back to earth when the Doritos kicked their way to a landslide victory.

Having to go to Tribal Council some Nachos felt that they were in danger while others had a chip on their shoulder.
Chris, the big manipulator from Vanuatu, was sent home.
The tribe showed its inner division though when Neleh, the sweetheart of Season 4 and Kelly the challenge queen of season 1, received the same number of votes, forcing the tribe to revote.

Who will be the second person voted out of the Nachos and will this division spell the doom for this tribe?

Double Trouble

Jeff was addressing the Survivors: “We will have to proceed with a revote between Kelly and Neleh. You two ladies will not vote and, if the second vote remains tied, we will have the voters pick rocks randomly from a bag, the one picking the colored rock will be eliminated.”

So, without showing any of the conversation that had taken place between the time of the two votes, we saw the players go to the voting booth one by one.

The camera showed Sandra, Aras and Katie voting for Kelly while Mike, Mick and Ian were shown voting for Neleh. Two votes remained unseen and while both Earl and Danni were in an alliance with Ian, Mick and Mike, so were Aras and Katie.
The tension grew among not only the two players that were receiving votes but also the others who saw that their alliance wasn’t as solid as they thought and, as a result, they could be forced to pick a rock.

Jeff took the parchments out of the urn and he took his time, even taking a pause when he told everyone: “We are tied once more, three votes for neleh, three votes for Kelly, two votes remaining. The next vote is for Neleh. The last vote is…”
For once, he didn’t ruin it by saying the 6th person voted out of Survivor – The Greek islands is…
Instead, he looked at the last parchment for a long time and then simply flipped it over.
It read Neleh so she had to set her torch in front of Jeff who said: “Neleh, the tribe has spoken; time for you to go.”

After she had made her way on the walk of shame, Jeff turned to the 9 remaining Nachos and said: “If you can’t make up your mind at this stage of the game, how will you decide when it gets really serious?”

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 Episode 4 - Part 2: michel 06-27-12 1
   RE: Episode 4 - Part 2: krismiss2us 06-27-12 2
       RE: Episode 4 - Part 2: michel 06-27-12 3
           RE: Episode 4 - Part 2: suzzee 06-29-12 4
               RE: Episode 4 - Part 2: jbug 07-02-12 5

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michel 9625 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-27-12, 08:05 PM (EST)
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1. "Episode 4 - Part 2:"
Nachos – Night 9

Mick was quite agitated and, as soon as he reached the camp area, he turned around to face everyone: “Who gave me that second vote? I know Chris was out to get me but that’s only 1 vote. For Kelly and Neleh to be tied, that means they voted for each other and we all know that their second vote was for Chris so that means someone here besides Kelly put my name on that parchment. Who was it?”

No one admitted to the vote, especially not the ones that had come up with the idea to throw a vote Mick’s way.
All Mick got was Mike and Aras telling him to relax, that they received votes also but weren’t making a big deal about it.
The result was that Mick could only trust Aras since his name had also been on the parchment…but what if Aras was in on the scheme? The scene ended with Aras smiling behind Mick’s back, suggesting that he could have been aware of the move.

Day 10

Yul and Todd had been told to get tree mail so the cameras followed them as they talked.
Todd: “What are your thoughts on the game?”
Yul: “Does it matter? You guys seem to have it all figured out.”
Todd: “Who do you include in that “you”? I certainly haven’t decided anything.”
The winner of Cook Islands then simply said: “I’m sorry for you then.”

Yul had a confessional: “I’d like to say I am leading this tribe but I really don’t have much influence. I try to be helpful, not appear too much of a threat. I tried letting Becky take charge but I don’t think anything will help. Even an alliance of winners with Natalie, Jenna and Todd hasn’t materialized. I think Jenna knows she is going to the merge so she is happy with things the way they are.”

Back in camp, Todd read the Tree mail message:
“If you want immunity
You can get it
But once you have it
You could regret it.”
“This doesn’t make sense…Why would we regret it?”

The Challenge

Jeff greeted the players with his usual: “Come on in, Guys! Doritos seeing the new Nachos for the first time: Chris and Neleh voted out.”
Jenna and Katie exchanged a knowing wink.

Jeff went on: “How are you today? I hope you had a good night because this time both tribes will be heading to Tribal Council and voting out 1 member.
I will take back the Tribal immunity idol from the Doritos. Thank you.

Today, the members of each tribe will be playing for individual immunity:
Do you want to know what you will need to do to get it?
As you will see, it will be quite simple.
Before I tell you how you can get immunity however, consider that winning it could tell the others that you don’t trust them. It could also show that you are a big challenge threat now that we are getting close to the merge. So, you can go get the individual immunity necklaces that you see hanging down there on those two posts or you can stay here and let others fight it out. Do you rely on your position in the group or do you want to stay safe at all cost? If you want it, just go and get it.”

The Survivors looked puzzled for a moment, Mick even asking: “When do we start?”
Jeff didn’t need to answer: Danni, Todd and Ian had answered for him by breaking into a full run towards the necklaces that were simply waiting some 50 yards away.
Danni had the best jump of all but Ian was simply too fast for her. He caught up and then had an easy run to the necklace. Danni tried grabbing the other necklace but Jeff yelled: “That one’s for the Doritos.” She could therefore just watch as Todd came up and grabbed that second prize.

As both tribes left the challenge arena, Natalie had a confessional: “Well, I didn't get individual immunity, but Todd did. The jerk. Oh well, maybe I'll survive the next vote...but I have a niggling feeling....maybe it's just a mosquito. Keep in mind, I AM blond!! That does affect how I play (or at least, that's what I tell myself). Todd is still playing close to the vest. Seems like Becky and I have a pretty good F3 deal...seems pretty solid. But the last thing I'm gonna do is get too cocky on that front. I remain cautiously optimistic about that...”

Day 10

The Nachos were chilling before their Tribal Council:

Ian: “Quickest discussion so far! Paranoid people are paranoid and I have to keep the alliance happy, even if it means making the possible target on my back larger. I think everyone has so far been working mainly on figuring out the other players’ thoughts, and I'd like to think I've been successful so far. I have three people feeding me information and yet I'm still managing to keep them from knowing each other's info. I only need to control two players--Sandra and Katie, make sure they vote with us. I will need to do this right because I know they could flip if they stop trusting me. One wrong vote decision and I am a goner.”

Mike: ‘I survived one tribal council. I didn't get the immunity, but maybe I can survive another tribal council. We shall see...I just hope that the guys don't vote me out.... Mick’s getting a bit paranoid. So I kinda poked him a bit and told him he was being paranoid. Of course, just cuz you're paranoid doesn't mean they ain't out to get ya, right?”

Tribal Council

Jeff greeted the 9 members of Nachos and immediately asked them: “Is there anyone you trust in this tribe?”
Mike answered first: “Yes. I trust my alliance, especially Ian. He’s been leading this group well from the start.”
Jeff: “But Mike, weren’t you the captain of this tribe?”
Mike: “Oh! I did everything I could to help this tribe like a good captain should: I hunted, fished and worked but, in the game, Ian got us all together and that’s why we have stayed sane.”
Aras opined: “Ian has been the glue of this tribe.”
Jeff looked impressed: “Does everyone agree that Ian has been a good leader?”
Most agreed but not Sandra who stayed quiet.
Jeff was quick to pick up on that so he asked: “Sandra, don’t you agree that Ian has been good for this tribe?”
Sandra gave ger usual answer: “If he wants to be the leader then he can be the leader. As long as it’s not me, I have nothing to say.”
Jeff then asked: “If this tribe is so united, then someone is being fooled because someone is going home tonight. Who feels that they needed immunity?”
Kelly raised her hand: “I had 4 votes last time so I know I’m on the chopping block but I wasn’t ready to race for the necklace and, just like that, it was too late.”
“Let’s talk about that immunity. Ian: You seem to be the one that didn’t need immunity so why did you race so hard for it?”
Ian could simply say: “It was a challenge and I always try to win challenges.”
Jeff: “But in this game that could come back to bite you in the butt.”
Ian: “I know but I have been honest with everyone and I trust that they have my back.”

Jeff concluded the discussion by saying: “Ian, you have immunity and, this time, you cannot give it to anyone. So, you can’t vote for Ian, everybody else is fair game. Earl, you’re up.”

After everyone had voted, Jeff went to collect the urn and, as he suspected, the vote wasn’t going to be a shocker. He read them rather nonchalantly:

The 7th person voted out of the Greek Islands: Kelly. That’s 5 votes, that’s enough. You have to bring me your torch.

After snuffing Kelly’s torch, Jeff turned to the tribe and said: “This game is often more about knowing who trusts you than knowing who you can trust.”

The Nachos filed out of the Tribal Council area so the camera followed some birds, (were they robins?) and caught up with the Doritos as they were making their way to meet Jeff.

Natalie had a confessional: “Becky said she approached Dreamz with a "fake" f2 deal; apparently he already has an F2 deal but offered to bring her in as a third. Hmmm. Now I am getting really worried. So I sent feelers out again to Jenna and Greg, as well as Todd and Yul. Yul claims he wants to stick around for the merge but beyond that he might work with me, as he apparently hasn’t been approached by anyone else. I'm taking the lack of response by the others to mean they do not want to work with me. I think I may have made a mistake by trusting Becky. However, I'm the type of person who always gives someone the benefit of the doubt until they prove they are not worthy of my trust. Unfortunately to do that in this game means it could be too late once I figure that out. So now I have to decide if I want to stay true to who I am or go balls to the wall and try to win....
Two problems with approaching Dreamz myself: First, he's a strong player, with strong ties to the others. Second, for now anyway, I'm gonna stay loyal to Becky and she said not to contact him. three (ok, guess it's three problems), I'm not sure that I could trust Dreamz. During alliance talk before our last tribal, he pushed hard to get Chase out. I could've cared less who left, but he PUSHED HARD to get him voted out. People listened to him. I brought that up to Becky during that time and she said to lay low and let him have his way so we could keep his vote (see why I'm concerned?) She could very well be playing me or maybe she's being truthful to me and playing Dreamz. Like I said before, I think I'm gonna stick with Becky and not approach him. I'm probably gonna lose cuz I'm just too trusting.”

Tribal Council

Jeff knew this group was close to collapsing and he was upset that he hadn’t seen much fight in some of the fans’ favorites so this was going to be a tough Tribal Council. As soon as they sat down, he plunged in: “Yul: Where’s the fight, the commitment to this game?”
Yul simply answered: “There was nothing we could do today since we were coming to vote someone out one way or the other.”
“But you didn’t even try to get the immunity necklace.”
“I was confused by the instructions and thought we’d get a Survivors ready? Go!”
“Instead, you let Todd have an easy win.”
“Good for him. If it costs me the game, so be it.”
“That’s the lack of fight I was really talking about. If you say so be it, aren’t you telling the others that it’s alright to vote you out?”
“We’re still just one challenge win away from tying the Nachos so I’m hoping that they will want me to stick around and help them win.”
“So, who would be the person to eliminate?”
“You should ask Dreamz: He has set the boot order for everyone.”
“Is that true, Dreamz?”
Before he could answer, Natalie suddenly understood why she had been told not to approach Dreamz: “That’s true, Jeff. It’s so true that he never talked to me to tell me who to vote so he must have decided I should go.”
Dreamz only smiled so Jeff told them it was time to vote.

The urn revealed another predictable vote:


The 8th person voted out of the Greek Islands is: Natalie. You have to bring me your torch.

Jeff was fuming inside as he faced the Doritos: “It’s good that you are united in your vote but if no one fights to survive then you will get overrun by the other tribe.

As soon as they filed out, Jeff turned to his crew: “They are ruining another season with their predictable boots. We’ll have to mix things up a whole lot if we want this season to be any good.”

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krismiss2us 693 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

06-27-12, 10:22 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Episode 4 - Part 2:"
i never realized "jeff" was so upset with the voting....sorry jeff

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michel 9625 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-27-12, 10:43 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Episode 4 - Part 2:"
It's fiction. Jeff being upset is part of the upcoming story.

(OTOH, I wasn't expecting that most of you would sacrifice one to save the other. It made the pre-merge a lot less fun.)

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suzzee 4294 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

06-29-12, 10:50 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: Episode 4 - Part 2:"
That thought came about in the GIA because of we knew that one was safe through the merge anyway. It sort of gives people a little breathing room to figure out what to do next. I can't speak for the FB alliance on that but it made some sense at the time to me.

Thanks Tribey

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jbug 16113 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-02-12, 07:08 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: Episode 4 - Part 2:"
Spott presented the sacrifice idea to the FB group
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