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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up""
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-06-07, 09:14 AM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up""

REPORT: Burnett's Lawsuits Going 'Full Speed Ahead'

UPI News Service, 04/26/2008

"Survivor: All-Stars" contestant Maria Savovic may have a broken leg, but she's getting no sympathy from Mark Burnett's production company, which still intends to go ahead with a pair of lawsuits against her and her girlfriend and potential family visitor Laura Dean.

According to the lawsuit, the violations are for unauthorized contact with lawyers, likely stemming from the incident. Whether or not a lawsuit has been filed by Savovic and Dean has yet to be disclosed; Dean has stated that the Burnett lawsuit is baseless.

A spokesman for Burnett's company stated, "It is an unfortunate case that we have to file these lawsuits, and we would rather not do so. However, we must remind all future Survivor hopefuls that it is unacceptable to break the rules. If that means we have to sue two people, so be it."

REPORT: Savovic, Dean Counter-sue for Damages

UPI News Service, 4/28/2007

"Survivor: All-Stars" contestant Maria Savovic, already under fire from Mark Burnett Productions, has filed a suit of her own - against the company that is suing her.

Co-plaintiff Laura Dean, also a defendant in a separate lawsuit from Burnett, stated, "Burnett has already sentenced us for a crime we didn't commit, so since we have to do the time, we might as well do the crime."

The suit seeks the payment of all of Savovic's medical bills since she left the Gambiers, including rehabilitation of her leg and the use of a wheelchair and special additions to her bed. It also seeks over $25 million in negligence, an amount that Burnett says "would make the showe impossible to produce if everyone demanded it."

REPORT: New Lawyers to Take Burnett's Case

UPI News Service, 4/29/2008

A Kansas-based law firm has pushed for the right to take on the Burnett lawsuits on behalf of Mark Burnett's production company, stating that they have a "vendetta" against the defendants in each case.

Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Law Firm is now handling both the lawsuit against Maria Savovic and the one against Laura Dean. Phelps-Roper has stated that she "is doing God's work" and that "the Westboro Baptist Church is committed to ensuring that the two heathens are brought to justice and spent the rest of their miserable existences penniless and broke for their sins."

Despite the WBC's criticism of the show and the creation of the site, Phelps-Roper declared that "it is sometimes necessary to pit an evil against a greater evil." The WBC has continued to praise the rumors that the show will not have a 17th season and has threatened to start national boycotts of Survivor's sponsors.

When reached for comment, Laura Dean, who is counter-suing Burnett, stated that the trial "is becoming more of a circus than the O.J. trial, and that having been said, it will end the same way, except that Maria and I really are innocent."

The Show Begins - air date 05/01/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Previously on Survivor...the old Fati alliance was scrambling.

Charlie: Now we're screwed. We need two people to flip over, or we need a miracle.

Cirie: Try Terry.

Charlie: And then what? Does my shoe suddenly get a vote?

(confessional) Cirie: The four of us were in control of the game, and now we're about to be picked off.

Jeff (voice-over): And Danni got an idea.

(confessional) Danni: The plan is simple. Paula and Terry are the swing votes. If they flip back over to our side, we have five, and then Charlie and I can pick whoever we want to go to the end with.

Jeff (voice-over): And the Ta'aroa alliance started writing Maria's death sentence.

Ozzy (to Yau-Man): After we get to six, who goes first?

Yau-Man: Maria.

Ozzy: Maria?

Yau-Man: She's a past winner.

Jeff (voice-over): At the reward challenge, the better a Survivor did, the better their meal was, and Maria ended up with the best throw, leaving her with a big decision.

(confessional) Yau-Man: Maria's panicking about this decision, like it's some life-altering choice.

Jeff (voice-over): After Charlie asked not to be chosen...

Charlie: Hey listen, great challenge, and I want you to enjoy it. That said, pick someone else besides me to eat with you.

Maria: Wait, what?

Charlie: No, really. Just don't go telling people I asked you not to pick me.

Jeff (voice-over): ...Maria chose Paula to eat with her.

Jeff: Maria will be joined tonight by Paula. Paula, grab your food and head on over.

Jeff (voice-over): Maria and Paula enjoyed the feast, but Twila was seething over their behavior while she ate camp rice.

(confessional) Twila: Sitting at the end of the table in an uncomfortable chair eating rice and drinking camp water while Maria and Paula had steak and lobster was a little hard to take. Really, if it wasn't such a dumb move, I'd toss the both of them aside.

Jeff (voice-over): Maria had a little too much to drink, and at camp, she behaved in a bizarre manner.

Maria: Come on. If we put the coconuts on top of the shelter, we'll have a new roof. It's genius.

(confessional) Paula: Maria was just pitiful after the reward. Here she was talking about making a roof out of coconuts. I think she actually called Cirie 'John' and asked Charlie for his clothes.

Jeff (voice-over): And after she woke up hung over, Paula tried to talk with her about the previous night.

Paula: Look, I'm worried about you. You probably think I'm just a stiff old lady who does what her minister tells her.

(confessional) Maria: I was thinking, "Sure, whatever, Paula. I know your church doesn't let you drink, but let the rest of us have some fun. Damn buzz kill."

Jeff (voice-over): But Maria came around when Paula revealed her secret.

Paula: I've told only one other person here this, Maria.

Maria looks up with a sad, defeated expression.

Paula: I'm an alcoholic. That's why I don't drink.

Maria begins to tear up and fall into Paula's arms.

(confessional) Maria: I wish she had told me that. The woman speaks from experience, and maybe she's right.

Jeff (voice-over): At the same time, Paula was ready to cut Maria's throat.

Paula: I want Maria gone, and people are going for it.

Danni: Hey, you know, she'll hear us.

Paula: She's still hung over; she won't hear a thing.

(confessional) Danni: Considering the next target was Charlie, I'm happy to send that backstabbing drunk Maria home as soon as possible.

Jeff (voice-over): And even her apology didn't keep people from wanting to send Maria packing.

Maria (to the tribe): Listen, everyone, I'm sorry about the way I acted last night. I still love every one of you, and I promise I won't do that again.

(confessional) Terry: She said she was sorry. That's fine. I still want her gone.

Jeff (voice-over): At the immunity challenge, Ozzy appeared to take a big lead.

Jeff: Charlie, Danni, and Yau-Man up to their second sets! Ozzy has his third!

Jeff (voice-over): But it all came to a halt when Maria crashed through a beam and injured her leg.

Jeff: Maria losing her balance!

Maria stumbles, breaks her fall with her puzzle pieces, and lands on the balance beam's highest level.

Before she can brace herself, the beam shatters, and she flops on top of the puzzle pieces on the ground and immediately begins clutching her right knee.

Jeff: Stop the challenge! We have a problem!

Jeff (voice-over): Maria had to be taken away, and she was removed from the game.

Jeff: Well, first thing's first - Maria is out of the game. She won't be coming back. She suffered a broken tibia and some knee damage. It's looking at being at least six months to heal, maybe more.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie took the news poorly.

Jeff: Look, I know how you feel--

Charlie: You know jacks--- about how I feel! I lost the same damn way in Japan, and now I know she's out because the people that make these challenges can't be bothered to take f---ing care of the f---ing set!

Jeff: Please, Charlie, try to calm down.

Charlie (shouting): Don't f---ing tell me to calm down, assh---.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula blamed herself.

Paula: Damnit, this is all my fault.

Jeff: This is no one's fault. We didn't know the wood would break, and you guys didn't do anything to her.

Paula (sobbing): We were going to vote her off tonight. I feel terrible for this. I was stabbing her in the back, and look what it did to her.

Jeff (voice-over): And Charlie let everyone know just how upset he was.

Jeff: Charlie, where are you going?

Charlie: Away from this hellhole reminder of the fact that a good friend of mine was taken away from the game for something she didn't do. F--- this. Damn it all to hell.

Charlie walks off, leaving the other seven to speak to Jeff.

Jeff: Charlie has made it known how he feels about this situation. I understand that no one likes what happened here, but the game must go on.

Jeff (voice-over): Eight are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-06-07, 09:17 AM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up""
REPORT: Burnett Being Blackmailed, Has Lead to Perpetrator

UPI News Service, 05/02/2008

An anonymous tip has led to a possible lead on the identity of the person behind Mark Burnett's possible forced sale of his flagship show.

The online blogger known as Red 14 is now said to be linked to the sale of the show. Statements in this person's blog (it is not known if the blogger is male or female, and the blogger's avatar is a picture of a half-male, half-female mask) claim responsibility for the show being taken from the air after 16 seasons as well as praising the lawsuits against Maria Savovic and Laura Dean.

Red 14's IP address was traced by to a Verizon-owned address coming from the East Coast area previously owned by Bell Atlantic. Sources have narrowed that IP down to the state of Virginia, but they have given no indication of the identity of the blogger.

The anonymous source also revealed that Burnett was receiving blackmail threats, though it was not assured that the threats were coming from Red 14.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Night 29. Most of the tribe is hard at work despite it being after dark.

Charlie (to Danni): Here, help me carry this firewood.

Danni takes a few sticks and logs from Charlie, and they put it in a large pile away from the fire.

(confessional) Danni: After the disaster at the immunity challenge, no one's in the mood to do anything fun, so we're all working.

Terry: Hey, can someone scale these fish?

Twila: I would, but I've lost my appetite.

Terry: Well, we have to eat sometime.

Twila: Maybe you should stick to knocking down coconuts and gathering water.

(confessional) Terry: Everyone's so upset that no one even felt like eating. Frankly, I couldn't be happier that Maria's gone. It's one fewer person I have to beat, and she was annoying anyway.

The camera shows Terry cooking the poorly-scaled fish while the rest of the tribe is off in the woods working. Cirie looks over at Terry after working some on the shelter; her expression is one of disgust.

(confessional) Cirie: Terry sat around eating fish while the rest of us busted our butts improving this campsite. I can't imagine being happy at a time like this, even if it does get us back in the game.

The camera shows Cirie assisting Paula in building additional support for the shelter.

Cirie (to Paula): Get a load of Deitz over there.

Paula: Tell me about it. I want to kill him.

Cirie: Maria just broke her leg, and all he can think about is stuffing his face.

(confessional) Paula: Terry's just asking to be voted out next with his attitude. He might even make some of us vote with our humanity and cut him loose. That is, if we don't decide he's perfect to face at the final vote, because not one of us would vote for him.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Day 30. Terry is just waking up; however, the rest of the tribe is back at work.

Terry (to himself): Do these people ever do anything besides work?

(confessional) Terry: I woke up last, and, sure enough, the rest of the tribe was working themselves to death. As if that's really going to accomplish anything. We have, what, nine days left here? Relax, take it easy, and play the game.

Danni (to Cirie): Terry's still lounging around.

Cirie: We get it. He's over losing Maria. The rest of us aren't.

(confessional) Danni: Terry seems to have this devil-may-care attitude about losing Maria to a leg injury. We're all worried about her, and we try to stay busy so we don't go insane. And here's Terry, who would respond to hearing about Maria being shot to death by stuffing his face full of fish.

Cirie: So do we want him out?

Danni: Right now, he's my only chance to win, so no.

Cirie: Good point. He's the best chance at winning for all of us.

Danni: I just want to run another challenge again. Preferably one where no one gets injured.

The camera switched to Akamaru Island, Day 30. The tribe paddles to shore in their red outrigger.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

The tribe files in on their tribal mat.

Jeff: I have to ask, how's everyone holding up?

Cirie: We're keeping busy. It's all we can do.

Jeff: Is there much game playing going on?

Terry: It's a perfect opportunity to play the game. Everything just changed with Maria being gone, and those of us who have a plan will succeed.

Jeff: Well, you're about to get all the game you can handle today. For the first time in Survivor history, you're about to see an entire Survivor cycle play out in one day.

Some Survivors look astonished; a few, including Terry and Charlie, look unimpressed.

Jeff: Twice.

Both Terry and Charlie give shocked expressions, as do the others.

Jeff: We will have a reward challenge, an immunity challenge, and a Tribal Council today. This will be followed by another reward challenge, immunity challenge, and Tribal Council later today. You will be down to six by the end of the day. I'll kick this off by explaining the first of today's challenges. It is for reward, and it could be a good one.

The camera shows the four rows of covered stations and four platforms above a water pit.

Jeff: You will be split into two groups; one will be the brawn group, and one will be the brain group. Go ahead and separate yourselves now.

Charlie, Ozzy, Terry, and Twila are on the right; Cirie, Danni, Paula, and Yau-Man are on the left.

Jeff: We have four groups. You will now draw for partners. Each team will have one brawn player and one brain player.

The camera shows each Survivor drawing for spots; the stones they pick are red, blue, silver, and black.

Jeff: On red is Terry and Yau-Man. On blue is Ozzy and Paula. On silver is Charlie and Danni. On black is Twila and Cirie. Here's how it will work. The brain player will have a limited time to solve as many puzzles in order as possible. You will uncover a puzzle, solve it, and move to the next. The first to solve ten puzzles or the one to solve the most puzzles wins reward. Incidentally, your time is limited by how long the brawn player can hang on. At the start of the challenge, the brawn players will have to bear 25 pounds by holding onto ropes with their hands while kneeling. Every four minutes, I will add 15 pounds of weight. Once you let go of both ropes, you will fall into the water, and your partner will have to stop working.

The Survivors are now standing in their assigned pairs.

Jeff: Remember, whoever gets to the end first or whoever gets the most done in their allowed time wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

The groups anxiously state that they do.

Jeff: Well, since we have a long day ahead of us, one team will get fuel for it - in the form of breakfast.

The eight Survivors applaud; even Terry appears happy.

Jeff: You will enjoy pancakes, eggs, waffles, bacon, sausage, coffee, tea, fruit juice, ice water, and all the fresh fruit you can eat. The others will be taken directly to the site of the immunity challenge while the winners enjoy breakfast. Worth playing for?

The tribe nods and agrees.

Jeff: Brain players take your spots in the puzzle rows; brawn players take your spots on the kneelers.

Everyone rushes to their spots.

Jeff: This is for reward. When I take this pin out, the challenge begins. Survivors ready? GO!

All four brains take their first puzzle covers off and begin assembling; this is a standard jigsaw puzzle.

Jeff: The challenges get harder as you go on, and so does the weight-bearing. Remember, if you get one wrong, all the ones you finish after it do not count. You must complete them in order.

Yau-Man and Cirie appear to be near completion, with Paula a somewhat distant third; Danni is completely lost.

Jeff: It's a two-person race, unless Paula catches up!

Yau-Man puts in a last piece and dashes to the next station.

Jeff: Yau-Man thinks he has it!

Cirie follows Yau-Man quickly to the next station, a rebus.

Jeff: The puzzles are very different from one another! Be prepared for anything!

Jeff picks up a weight and hangs it on the hook in front of him.

Jeff: We're through four minutes, people! Your weight-bearers are holding 40 pounds!

Charlie is struggling to maintain his grip with his left hand, which has only three fingers.

Meanwhile, Paula has finished the first puzzle and is on to the second, while Yau-Man is writing in his answer to the rebus.

Jeff: Three people through the first puzzle! Danni having trouble!

Danni appears to start her puzzle over and is having more success in doing so.

Jeff: Danni starting over! Whatever she did before didn't work!

Yau-Man finishes his puzzle and heads to the third station, a brainteaser.

Jeff adds 15 more pounds.

Jeff: We're up to 55 pounds now, people!

At this point, Paula catches up to Cirie, and both solve the rebus at about the same time; however, Yau-Man is hard at work on the brainteaser.

Jeff: It's a three-horse race! Danni needs to catch up!

Danni finally finishes the first puzzle and begins the rebus. Charlie is shown struggling and almost unable to maintain his grip on the rope in his left hand.

Jeff: Charlie really having trouble with the ropes! No one else seems to be sweating that much!

Yau-Man solves the brainteaser and moves to the next puzzle, a standard decoder.

Jeff: Yau-Man definitely in the lead!

Jeff picks up 15 more pounds of weight, and the hook now holds 70 pounds.

Jeff: We're up to 70 pounds for the brawns, and everyone but Danni on the fourth puzzle! Danni still struggling with the rebus!

Suddenly, Charlie's left hand gives out.

Jeff: Charlie hanging on by just one rope! One rope is all you need, but it's a lot harder! All 70 pounds are on that one rope now!

Charlie is using two hands to hang onto the rope but is struggling mightily; at the same time, Twila begins to struggle. Ozzy and Terry are having no apparent problems.

Jeff: The weight looking like it might be too much to handle!

Yau-Man has finished the decoder, and Cirie and Paula are onto the fifth puzzle, a word search.

Jeff: For that fifth puzzle, of those ten words listen, only five are in the puzzle. You have to find all five.

Yau-Man has circled three words before Paula circles her first. Cirie soon follows with her first.

Meanwhile, Danni is off to the brainteaser.

Jeff adds 15 more pounds.

Jeff: We're at 85 pounds now.

Charlie can't hang onto the rope and falls in.

Jeff: Charlie in the water! Danni, stop working!

Danni stops with two puzzles completed; the second puzzle appears to have missing information, and the first may not be right. She joins Charlie on the sideline.

Jeff: We're down to three teams still working, and we're pretty even!

Yau-Man finishes the word search first while Paula is at three words and Cirie at two. He uncovers the sixth puzzle, a small labyrinth.

Jeff: With the sixth puzzle, don't go forward until you have finished.

Yau-Man is working on the labyrinth quickly when Paula joins him, still lagging behind.

Jeff hangs 15 more pounds.

Jeff: We're up to 100 pounds. This may be too much for some.

Twila soone lets go and falls in the water.

Jeff: Twila's in the water! Cirie, stop working!

Cirie stops with four words found. All her other puzzles look completed.

Paula works quickly and is close to Yau-Man's progress.

Jeff: We're neck-and-neck in the puzzles, and we're moving along in the weight-bearing! I will be looking behind you to check your work now!

Both Paula and Yau-Man move to the seventh puzzle station, a word scramble, as Jeff hangs 15 more pounds and begins checking the since-eliminated players' work.

Jeff: We're at 115 pounds. That might be a bit much to handle.

Ozzy and Terry are visibly sweating, holding on with everything they have.

Jeff looks at Danni's work and shakes his head.

Jeff: Danni, your first puzzle is no good. It's backward.

Danni: Wait, how did I do that?

The puzzle is shown in detail; the pieces are flipped over.

Jeff: Danni has a score of zero.

Jeff begins checking Cirie's work, nodding as he passes from one puzzle to the next.

Jeff: Cirie has a score of four. The fifth puzzle was never completed. Cirie is in the lead.

Jeff takes a pause to hang 15 more pounds of weight.

Jeff: We are now at 130 pounds. This is getting a lot harder.

The camera shows Yau-Man and Paula finishing the word scramble at the same time and advancing to the eighth station, a sliding puzzle.

Terry and Ozzy are both shaking, barely appearing to hang on.

Jeff: Terry and Ozzy giving it all they have. Yau-Man and Paula are on the eighth puzzle.

Jeff is checking both Yau-Man and Paula's work, checking off one station after another. Both have more than Cirie's total of four before Jeff has to hang more weight.

Jeff: We're at 145 pounds. This competition has been going on for thirty-two minutes.

Both Terry and Ozzy are hanging on for dear life, with eyes shut tight and teeth gritted.

Yau-Man makes it to the ninth station, a crypto quote, just before Paula does. Jeff has checked off their completion of the first seven stations.

Jeff: It's neck-and-neck. I am checking the eighth puzzle now.

Jeff checks both Yau-Man and Paula off.

Jeff: Both Yau-Man and Paula have eight puzzles.

Paula seems to finish the ninth puzzle and head to the tenth as Jeff rushes back to hang the next 15 pounds.

Jeff: We're at 160 pounds. Terry and Ozzy are pouring their hearts into this.

The final puzzle is a three-dimensional puzzle similar to the Cook Islands puzzle that was described as extremely difficult.

Both Yau-Man and Paula are working furiously on that puzzle when someone drops into the water.

Ozzy is still gritting his teeth, but Terry has fallen in.

Jeff: Terry's in the water! Yau-Man, stop working!

Yau-Man: I was so close.

Paula pieces together the puzzle and proclaims herself finished.

Jeff: Paula thinks she has it!

Jeff checks over Paula's work, including the ninth puzzle. He shakes his head.

Jeff: The ninth puzzle is no good. Solve this puzzle, and your last one will be counted.

Ozzy is hanging on with Herculean force while Paula frantically works on the crypto quote. Yau-Man's crypto quote has been checked off as completed, but his three-dimensional puzzle cannot be completed.

As Paula is working on the crypto quote, the background focuses in on Ozzy, who gives out and falls into the water.

Jeff: Ozzy's in the water! Paula, stop working!

Paula puts her chalk down, and Jeff inspects her work.

The answer is missing one letter.

Jeff: This answer is not complete. Yau-Man and Terry win reward!

Terry pumps his fist while Ozzy crawls out of the water. Yau-Man and Paula congratulate each other.

Jeff: Terry and Yau-Man, breakfast awaits you here. You have 45 minutes. Everyone else, head on out to the next challenge.

Images of Terry hanging on to the ropes and Yau-Man solving the cryptoquote dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-06-07, 09:18 AM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up""
Blog Entry, 05/02/2008
Authored by: Derek Forrest, bigblueclassof2009

For the seven or eight people who read my blog, I guess I look like a colossal moron for liking Danni now after that pitiful performance in the challenge. To be fair, Dad didn't do too well, but come on; the guy doesn't have a lot of strength left in his left hand. But still - how the hell do you mess up that jigsaw puzzle the way Danni did?

That's not to say she's any less appealing. She's perfect in every way...well, except for doing puzzles. That's OK; I couldn't figure out a lot of those things, either. I'm a jock, not a super-genius. It's not going to stop me from looking lovingly at her every Thursday night in between bouts of jealous rage every time I see Dad so much as look at her.

But as much as I hate seeing my father all over Danni, I'd rather see that than all the sick crap that my psycho mother keeps sending. She actually texted me a naked picture of I really need to see that? She told me to print it off and sent it to Dad. Yeah, right after I stab myself in the eyes with a barbecue fork.

And when I ignored the message and deleted it? She sends Dad a singing telegram asking him to meet her in South Carolina. Complete with a FedEx package containing a homemade DVD of her. Naked. On a bed. Begging him to come back. "Or else."

Dad and I laughed. Then we became ill.

Back from commercial.

Akamaru Island, day 30. Terry and Yau-Man have been served breakfast underneath an outdoor shelter; no other Survivors are in sight.

The camera shows both of them digging in to the ample breakfast food, of which there is bacon, sausage, ham, pancakes, waffles, and fresh fruit as well as coffee, tea, fruit juice, and ice water.

(confessional) Terry: Yau-Man and I won the reward challenge, and now that we have this advantage over the rest of the tribe, we're pretty much shoo-ins to win immunity. I can say with confidence that I will be here at the end of the day.

Terry (to the staff, with his mouth full): More coffee and pancakes.

Yau-Man looks on at Terry in horror.

(confessional) Yau-Man: Terry is basically treating everyone else like the hired help. He sits around all day, does no work, bosses the servers around, and acts like he owns the place. If this were twenty days ago, I would vote him off, but now, he's my ticket to a million dollars.

Yau-Man: Hey, what do you say to sneaking some of this back to Paula and Twila?

Terry: Let the poor bastards starve; it's an easy win for us.

Yau-Man: Do you even know what the next challenge is? What if it's something where a full stomach is bad?

Terry: Screw it. Who cares?

(confessional) Yau-Man: At this point, I don't even think Terry's own mother would vote him a million dollars. I wouldn't vote him ten cents.

Yau-Man: I hope you're not too attached to the pineapple.

Terry: The hell with it. The bacon, sausage, and pancakes are all mine, though.

Yau-Man: In that case...

Yau-Man grabs the fork for the sausage and takes two links, placing them on his plate.

(confessional) Terry: I told him not to touch the sausage, and what does he do? He grabs the sausage just to spite me. But can I say anything about it? Nooo, because that gives me a bad attitude. Jeez.

The camera switches to Aukena Island, Day 30. The Maui tribe, minus Terry and Yau-Man, is waiting for the immunity challenge, which appears to have a water set and the Survivor: Australian Outback flag.

Jeff: We will now bring in Terry and Yau-Man, coming in from breakfast.

A speedboat carries Terry and Yau-Man in; Yau-Man is looking content while Terry is clutching his stomach in some measure of discomfort.

Jeff: Terry, you don't look so good.

Terry: I'm fine. I'll have no trouble here.

Jeff: You should hope so. Let's get to the challenge. It is for immunity. At the last immunity challenge, the necklace was not awarded, so I still have it. Today, you will compete head-to-head. In the first round, you will compete against a random opponent in a tug-of-war battle atop a steady platform; the first to fall in the water is out of the challenge. In the second round, the remaining players will do the same thing aboard a beam, with the first to fall in being eliminated. The last two standing will do the same thing aboard unsteady rafts. Whoever falls in first is eliminated, and the last Survivor standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one-in-seven shot at a million dollars. For everyone else, there's only a short time to find an idol at camp before Tribal Council.

The camera switches to a slightly anxious tribe.

Jeff: Ozzy, you still have your challenge advantage. Do you want to use it?

Ozzy: No thanks, Jeff.

Jeff: Let's see what you turned down.

Jeff opens the envelope and reveals "FREE PASS TO THE SECOND ROUND" as his advantage.

Jeff: We'll draw for spots.

Two Survivors swim out to the steady platforms.

Jeff: First up, we have Cirie against Terry.

Terry: Pfft, too easy.

Cirie glares angrily at Terry.

Jeff: Survivors ready? GO!

Cirie pulls at Terry with all her strength; Terry appears to struggle.

Jeff: This is a better match than Terry thought!

Terry's grip appears to be slipping while Cirie's is holding firm.

Jeff: No match is a guarantee, people!

Terry loses his grip, and he falls in the water backward.

Jeff: Terry in the water! Cirie advances!

Cirie (to Terry): Too easy, assh---.

The next two Survivors swim out.

Jeff: Next up is Ozzy against Paula. Survivors ready? GO!

Paula pulls back at Ozzy, but has far less success than Ozzy and loses ground.

Jeff: Paula giving it all she has!

Paula nears the edge of the platform and drops the rope.

Jeff: Paula drops the rope! Ozzy moving on!

Paula: Not easy enough.

Two more Survivors swim out.

Jeff: We have Twila going against Yau-Man. Survivors ready? GO!

Yau-Man backpedals as much as possible, but Twila stands firm, and Yau-Man tries changing his grip. Twila tugs on him harder, and he falls in.

Jeff: Yau-Man in the water! Twila going ahead!

The last two Survivors swim out.

Jeff: We have Charlie going against Danni. Charlie, any chance of going easy on her?

Charlie: None whatsoever.

Jeff: OK, Danni, you have your work cut out for you. Survivors ready? GO!

Charlie struggles with the rope as much as he did in the reward challenges; his left hand has a poor grip. Danni is pulling hard on the rope, and she forces Charlie to drop it.

Jeff: Charlie drops the rope! Danni in the semis!

After a brief sequence, Ozzy and Twila swim out to the beam.

Jeff: In the semis, the rules are the same. Ozzy going against Twila for a spot in the final. Survivors ready? GO!

Ozzy tugs from side to side while maintaining his grip; Twila can't hang on and falls in quickly.

Jeff: Twila in the water! Ozzy in the final!

The next two to swim out are Cirie and Danni.

Jeff: Cirie beat Terry in the first round; Danni beat Charlie. Survivors ready? GO!

Danni gives a tug on the rope without much effort, and Cirie falls in.

Jeff: Cirie in the water! Danni facing Ozzy!

The camera switches to Danni on her platform opposite Ozzy.

Jeff: This one's for immunity. Any last words?

Danni: It's on, Ozzy.

Jeff: Survivors ready? GO!

Ozzy leans back with his full body weight, tugging at the rope and trying to force Danni in. She starts to give out.

Jeff: Ozzy's strategy is pretty basic!

Ozzy gets up higher on the rope, and Danni starts to lose her balance.

Jeff: Danni giving it all she has!

Danni flops over and falls head-first into the water.

Jeff: Danni in the water! Ozzy wins immunity!

Ozzy dives into the water and swims to shore, where Jeff puts the immunity necklace on him.

Jeff: Ozzy, you earned this. You're not in danger tonight, but everyone else here is. Head on back; I'll see you in two hours.

Images of Ozzy holding onto the rope with all his body weight dominate the scene as it cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up""
REPORT: Probst, others abruptly resign

UPI News Service, 05/05/2008

Mark Burnett arrived at his office on Monday, May 5, 2008 to see several resignation notices on his desk, including that of "Survivor" host Jeff Probst. It is assumed that the resignations are effective immediately, jeopardizing the reunion and forcing Burnett to make other arrangements.

Probst is under contract to host the reunion; it is unclear if he will do so or if he will find a way not to. Neither he nor anyone else who submitted a resignation to Burnett has offered a reason or been available for comment.

Speculation quickly rose that Drew Carey, whose contract as hose of "The Price Is Right" was recently terminated, will be considered to replace Probst; however, there is no proof that this will happen.

The season finale will air on Sunday, May 18 at 8:00 PM, with the reunion airing at 10:00 PM. Ratings for the finale are expected to equal the first season's finale ratings.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Day 30. It appears to be just before noon, and the Maui tribe arrives at camp, with Ozzy hanging up his immunity necklace.

Ozzy (to Yau-Man): Charlie choked today.

Yau-Man: I know. He's a paper tiger. I want Terry gone.

Ozzy: Terry?

Yau-Man: Everyone will try to carry him to the end, and the alliance needs to make sure its members get to the end. I don't feel right carrying a goat to the end.

(confessional) Yau-Man: Yes, Terry would be ideal to take to the end. But since I see it, I know other people do. If we drag him along, that cuts out our chances of reaching the end. I'll take my chances at the end against a good player I'm aligned with.

Yau-Man: It's simple. Terry goes now, then Charlie, then Danni. Cirie is crippled at the end, and it's you, me, Paula, and Twila in the final four.

Ozzy: I still think we can hold off on voting for Terry. Charlie needs to go now.

(confessional) Ozzy: Terry's not as good at these challenges as he looks. I went toe-to-toe with Charlie, and I know that he could do a lot more if we let him stick around. Plus, if we go to the end with Terry, he loses. If we go to the end with Charlie, he wins.

Ozzy (to Paula): I'm trying to get Charlie out, but Yau-Man wants Terry gone.

Paula: Did you see how bad Charlie did today? I was shocked; the first time we ran that challenge in Japan, he did reasonably well, but this time, nothing.

(confessional) Paula: The reason for Charlie struggling with grip has nothing to do with his Navy wounds. He hurt himself working on his car. He dropped a tire jack on his hand. I'm using that to try to keep Charlie around and cut Terry.

The camera switches to Charlie and Danni looking at the idol clue.

Danni: The sun rises in the East, and the fire dims the idol.

(confessional) Charlie: At this point, if Danni's in danger, she plays the idol, and if I'm in danger, I play it. I think I'm more in danger right now.

The camera shows Charlie and Danni digging near the fire pit for the idol but having very little success.

Charlie: Hey, I found it!

Danni: Really?

Charlie: No, I just thought you might enjoy being happy for that second.

(confessional) Danni: I have clues to the latest idol, assuming no one else found it, and it doesn't seem to line up at all. It seems to be in one spot at one point and then another spot at another point.

The camera switches to Twila talking to Ozzy.

Twila: Charlie found the idol.

Ozzy: No way.

Twila: We need to vote for Danni.

Ozzy: Fine with me.

(confessional) Twila: Charlie's a little too loud, and he's about to get a shock when his girlfriend's name comes up five times at Tribal tonight.

The camera switches to the Tribal Council set, shown for the first time against a bright daylight backdrop. It's past noon, but it is still very light out.

The Maui tribe files in, with all the men sitting in the back and all the women sitting up front. Ozzy is second from Jeff's right, donning the immunity necklace.

Jeff: We will now bring in the jury. Jonathan...Harriet...and Tom, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Tom has cleaned up considerably from being on the island; he has shaved, cleaned his hair, and is in a white button-down with jeans.

Jeff: Maria will not be part of the jury. She spent all yesterday in surgery and has been recovering; she was nowhere near well enough to come to Tribal Council and will not be in enough time to vote. She's fine, but she needs to rest.

Paula appears to tear up, while Charlie glares angrily at Jeff. Terry gives a look of clear disinterest.

Jeff: Ozzy, considering the pace of today's challenges, how important is it to have the immunity necklace?

Ozzy: It never hurts. Being immune is a great thing if you can keep it up. It's hard to go through the game wearing body armor, but people have this idea that I'm unstoppable, so the only hope I have in the game is to be unstoppable.

Jeff: Yau-Man, is that right? Is Ozzy unstoppable?

Yau-Man: Not completely, no. Charlie can beat him, and Ozzy's our ticket to the end, so we need him to be unstoppable.

Jeff: Charlie, you're effectively the captain of the opposition. What kind of pressure is on you now?

Charlie: The weight of the entire game rests with me, or so some would have me believe. The bottom line is, I went looking for that immunity idol this afternoon, and I came up empty-handed. I was tearing that fire pit up looking for it, and I got nowhere.
Jeff: Cirie, are you in danger tonight?

Cirie: I have a one-in-seven shot at being sent packing. I haven't heard my name come up as a possible candidate for being voted out, but that could just mean I'm being blindsided.

Jeff: Terry, you came into the immunity challenge with a full stomach and an attitude that said you were going to win. You ended up losing to Cirie, who's arguably the weakest person in challenges. Is that humbling in any way?

Terry: It was rough, yes, but I can handle it. I'm not Superman, and I know this wasn't my best challenge. Put me in another endurance challenge, and I'll do just fine.

Jeff: You didn't do just fine in the first challenge after the merge.

Terry: I was up against Charlie, and he's the best at that.

Jeff: You're making excuses, Terry.

Terry: What do you want me to say?

Twila: Just tell him you choked and leave it at that, Terry.

Terry: I didn't choke. I just wasn't in a good challenge for me.

Twila: You're out of your league, Terry, and that's why you're no threat. Charlie's a threat to you, and that's why he has to go dig up the idol.

Jeff: Hold the phone, Twila. Charlie said he didn't find it.

Twila: He's lying, Jeff. I heard him say he did. He's so careless, and it's about to be his downfall. Well, not just yet, but soon.

Jeff: Paula, how do you respond to this?

Paula: Well, we certainly can't vote for Charlie, now, can we?

Charlie: I didn't find it, but by all means, keep me around.

Paula: You would like that, wouldn't you?

Charlie: Hell, of course I would.

Jeff: Danni, how concerned are you that you're next with this?

Danni: Extremely. I figure it's me or Terry at this point, and Terry's less of a threat.

Jeff: Wait, am I hearing that you're more of a threat than Terry?

Danni: According to some people's logic.

Jeff: Yau-Man, is that true?

Yau-Man: Terry may be the guy who goes to the end because we can all beat him.

Jeff: But Danni already won.

Yau-Man: If Danni made the final vote against Terry, I think she would win.

Jeff: Over a non-winner?

Yau-Man: I think so.

Jeff: Terry, how hard is that to take?

Terry: They say that now, but they said things like that to me in Exile Island. I could have won the game there.

Jeff: Charlie, straight up, did you find the idol?

Charlie: Straight up, no.

Jeff: We'll soon find out. It is time to vote. Yau-Man, you're up.

Yau-Man gets up to vote; his vote is not shown.

After Yau-Man, Paula gets up to vote; her vote is also hidden.

The next to vote is Cirie; her vote is not shown, but her speech is heard.

Cirie (to voting camera): At this point, there's not much else we can do. You're not a threat, but better you than me.

Next to vote after her is Danni, whose vote is not shown.

After Danni, Ozzy gets up to go vote; he votes for Danni.

Ozzy (to voting camera): You're the next best thing to getting Charlie out.

After Ozzy sits back down, Terry gets up to vote, and his vote is not shown.

Terry sits down, and Twila votes next; her vote is not shown.

The last to vote is Charlie, whose vote is not shown. He stares at the urn for a brief moment before heading back to his seat.

Charlie sits down, and the camera switches to Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff goes to get the urn, and the camera focuses on Danni, who appears not to be nervous at all.

Jeff gets back and places the urn in front of him.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately unless someone plays an idol on their behalf. I'll read the votes.

Jeff reaches in and takes out a vote.

Jeff: First vote...Danni.

This is in Ozzy's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Terry. One vote Terry, one vote Danni.

The camera switches to Paula, who gives no expression.

Jeff: ...Danni. Two votes Danni.

This appears to be Yau-Man's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Danni. Three votes Danni.

Danni wrenches her fingers and appears to be a little nervous.

Jeff: ...Twila. One vote Twila.

Twila appears stunned, almost falling back.

Jeff: ...Twila. Two votes Twila.

Twila's mouth is agape.

Jeff: ...Twila. Three votes Twila, three votes Danni, one vote Terry, one vote left.

The camera focuses on Danni and Twila, who are both a little nervous.

Jeff takes out the last vote.

He unfolds it.

Jeff: ...the twelfth person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II and the fourth member of the jury...Danni. I will now check for idols.

Danni looks back at her torch; Charlie has his hands on her shoulders.

Jeff lets the side pouch fall...

...the camera focuses inward on it...

...and inside is one idol in the shape of a samurai, as used in the Japan season.

Jeff: Someone played an idol. If it's for Danni, Twila is going home. If it's for anyone else, Danni is.

Jeff opens up the idol and takes out the parchment.

He grabs one end and begins to unroll it.

It faces him, and he has it at the corners.

He turns it around.

The name "Danni" is present on the parchment.

Twila: Are you f---ing kidding me? How the--Charlie, you played the idol for Danni?

Charlie: Nope.

Twila: You f---ing liar!

Charlie: I said I didn't find the idol.

Twila: Then how the hell did she have it?

Danni: Easy, I found it two days ago.

Charlie: You've just been set up, Twila.

Twila: You have got to be s------- me.

Jeff: Twila, that was well within the rules, whatever they did. You need to bring me your torch.

Twila (grabbing her torch): Damn daylight councils. It's all the fault of the damn sun.

Twila puts her torch in the holder.

Jeff: Twila, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Twila's torch.

Twila: You got me good, Forrest. You got me real good.

Twila wanders off into the daylight.

Jeff: Twila raises a good point. That was a very bold move on the part of Charlie and Danni, and it seemed to pay off. Keep in mind that the best way to ensure your safety is to make sure your name doesn't come up at Tribal Council. How you do that is entirely up to you. Head on out; I'll see you at the next challenge.

The tribe files out, leaving their torches behind.

Twila (final words): Normally, I would have been skeptical, and I probably would have let Charlie get all those votes. I didn't think I was even going, but I guess I have to learn to keep my damn mouth shut sometimes. It cost me the game in Vanuatu, and it cost me the game here.

4 votes Danni: Ozzy, Terry, Twila, Yau-Man
3 votes Twila: Charlie, Cirie, Danni
1 vote Terry: Paula
Danni played the idol; no votes for Danni count

The screen cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up"" Blog, 05/07/2008
Authored by: Matt Roush

The fallout from the worst day in Survivor history is raining down. There are news reports of Mark Burnett suing an injured contestant, someone blackmailing him, and now Jeff Probst has resigned. Even if he can't do that, it's still a huge problem for Burnett.

When Jeff submitted his resignation, he did let a few things go about the final episodes. He said that the family visit would dig up some old wounds, considering the lengths they had to go to in order to get a visitor for one Survivor.

Also, there's still the matter of the "dirty trick" that, according to Probst, will jeopardize a friendship and maybe someone's chance at finding love.

Speculation at this point is that Charlie's son couldn't make the family visit and the show dug up someone from his past, perhaps a brother or someone he doesn't have a good relationship with. Or maybe they sent his ex-wife. That might explain the stalking that both Charlie and his son have reported.

As for the trick? I'm thinking that Ozzy makes a move on Danni. That or Paula tries to take Charlie away from Danni, one or the other. If we're dealing with true love, we have to be referring to Charlie and Danni.

Maybe Danni's just pretending to love Charlie, and he's buying it. Or maybe Charlie's playing Danni the same way. That would wreck someone's chances at true love.

Back from commercial.

Manui Island, Day 30. The tribes are arriving on the island, but there is no apparent challenge setup where they are.

Yau-Man (to Danni): Did you really find an idol?

Danni: Really, I found an idol.

Yau-Man: Does Charlie have one, too?

Danni: Not as far as I know, and I know everything going on with him.

(confessional) Danni: Charlie actually didn't find an idol, and I was going into Council prepared to play my idol on his behalf, but then Twila said that they thought Charlie was immune, so I changed my game plan and protected myself. That's why Charlie and I are still here and Twila isn't. She has a sharp tongue and a big mouth. One of them killed her last time. The other killed her here.

Yau-Man: I think Twila heard Charlie overhear that he had the idol.

Danni: He said he found it, but then he told me he was just joking. I can't believe she actually fell for that.

(confessional) Yau-Man: Twila thought Charlie had the idol because he announced that he had it. That saved him, and then Danni bounced Twila out. Honestly, if she fell for that, we're better off without her.

Ozzy (to Paula): Was it you that threw your vote at Terry?

Paula: What? I thought that was Yau-Man. I heard him talking about getting Terry out, and I thought he just went and did it.

Ozzy: That could be a problem, you know.

Paula: Why?

Ozzy: If that vote went for Twila--

Paula: If that vote went for Twila, nothing changes because Danni still whips out that damn idol.

Ozzy: Still, if she hadn't, she wouldn't be here. We don't need to be risking a 4-4 tie, especially after that Council where Ian got voted off.

(confessional) Paula: I wasn't about to vote for Danni; I need her goodwill on the jury, assuming she's on it. Terry and I are close anyway, and I could pawn the stray vote off on Yau-Man, so why not do it?

The tribe is standing around on the tribal mat confused.

Charlie: So what is this? Is the challenge to figure out what the hell's going on?

Cirie: I hope the winner gets lunch.

Charlie: Maybe it's who goes the longest without stepping off the mat, taking a leak, or bugging anyone else.

Terry: Well, you all lose in that case.

Cirie gives Terry a cold stare.

(confessional) Cirie: We're all pretty sick of Terry constantly bringing us down and acting like he's better than us. He's like a nagging parent that wants to be left alone, and we don't need to be parented.

The camera switches to the Survivors filing in for what appears to be a coconut-chopping challenge; there are seven stations, each with a large bundle of coconuts hanging from them.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

The tribe files in, with the men in back.

Jeff: We've never done three challenges in one day before. How do you guys like being the first?

Ozzy: It's exhausting even for me.

Jeff: Well, the reward challenge takes a little bit of the pressure to perform off, since it's all mental. In addition, how well you do in the reward will tie into your shot at immunity, so pay attention. This type of challenge dates all the way back to the Marquesas season. All you have to do is answer multiple-choice and true-false questions, and every time you get one right, you get the chance to chop another player's rope. If your rope is chopped three times, your coconut bundle will fall, and you're out of the reward challenge. However, you will still answer questions, because the number of questions you get right will determine your chance at winning immunity.

The tribe looks back at Jeff and nods.

Jeff: The last person in the game with a hanging bundle of coconuts wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

The tribe is excited and applauds.

Jeff: Well, the game has been at All-Star difficulty, and the challenges are at an All-Star level, so we figured the rewards should be as well.

Jeff looks behind him, where he has something covered with a large, tan tarp. He pulls the tarp off to reveal the reward.

He uncovers a shiny black Cadillac Escalade.

Jeff: The 2008 Cadillac Escalade goes to whoever wins this challenge. It comes with leather seats, a state-of-the-art thermostat, a DVD player, a PlayStation 3, a refrigerator in the back, and a subscription to XM Satellite Radio for as long as you own the car. Plus, as a bonus, we'll cover the taxes on the car.

Charlie: Are we still on the hook for the taxes if we win the million?

Jeff: What are you, Richard Hatch?

Charlie: Ummm...I dunno.

Jeff chuckles at Charlie's response.

Jeff: In addition, if you win the car, you win lunch. I'll tell you what's on the menu after the challenge. Trust me, you'll like it.

Cirie: It's not cow's blood, is it?

Paula: No, or I'd just let Terry have it now.

Terry gives a somewhat defeated expression.

(confessional) Cirie: A big SUV and lunch at once? They're breaking out an All-Star reward; that's for sure.

The tribe turns around and grabs their cubes.

Jeff: First question is multiple choice, and we're heading clear back to Borneo for this one. Who was the only person never to receive a vote against them in Borneo? A. Colleen, B. Richard, C. Gretchen, or D. Kelly.

The players start shuffling their cubes.

Jeff: OK, everyone has an answer. The correct answer is D. Kelly. Charlie, Cirie, and Yau-Man are the only ones to get it right.

Danni and Paula each answered C, Terry answered B, and Ozzy answered A.

Jeff: Cirie, take your first whack.

Cirie walks over to Terry's rope and chops it.

Jeff: Cirie taking out Terry with a vengeance.

Cirie: He has a car, Jeff.

Terry: So do you, and all you had to do was be popular.

Charlie takes out Terry's rope as well. Yau-Man takes out Danni's first rope.

Jeff: Terry taking two hits, and Danni taking one. Next question. The Fiji cast had more people with nicknames than any other. Which of the following was not the real name of a Fiji castaway? A. Anh Tuan, B. Andria, C. Kenward, D. Lisette.

The players try to answer; Charlie seems to have no idea, judging by his shuffling. Terry answers quickly.

Jeff: The correct answer is A. Anh Tuan, known better as Cao Boi from the Cook Islands. Andria was Dreamz, Kenward was Boo, and Lisette was Lisi. Cirie, Ozzy, Yau-Man, and Danni each got that right.

Terry answered B, Charlie answered D, and Paula answered C.

Jeff: Cirie, it's all yours.

Cirie chops Terry's last rope.

Jeff: Terry out of the competition and doesn't even get a revenge chop.

Cirie: That was fun.

Terry: I bet it was.

Ozzy chops Danni's rope, and Yau-Man finishes Danni off.

Jeff: Danni out of the competition as well, but she does get a revenge chop.

Danni: Hey Ozzy, I earned my car.

Danni chops Ozzy's first rope.

Ozzy: I won five challenge, Danni.

Danni: I won the game.

Yau-Man: And now you don't get an Escalade.

Danni: You're just mad because Dreamz isn't here to give it to.

Yau-Man: So what if I am?

Jeff: Terry and Danni, you will still answer, but your scores will be for the immunity challenge only. You won't get to chop anymore.

Terry: Not that I ever got the chance.

Jeff: Sadly, yes. In any case, the next question is true or false. This challenge debuted in the Marquesas and has been in every season since.

Yau-Man is taking a moment to decide, as is Paula.

Jeff: The correct answer is false. There was no challenge like this in the Cook Islands. Everyone but Cirie got it right. Charlie, Ozzy, Yau-Man, and Paula each get to chop.

Charlie takes out the first of Paula's ropes. Ozzy takes out Charlie, Yau-Man takes out Cirie, and Paula takes out Charlie.

Jeff: Charlie, just like that, you're down to one chop left. Cirie and Paula each have two left. Yau-Man still unfazed. Next question. What Exile Island castaway asked, as a jury question, to have the final two pick a number from one to a million? A. Courtney, B. Shane, C. Bruce, D. Sally.

Cirie answers instantly, as does Terry; the others struggle with it.

Jeff: The answer is B. Shane. Cirie, Ozzy, Yau-Man, and Paula each get a chop. Danni also got it right. Terry missed a question about his own season.

Terry's cube shows A, as does Charlie's.

Terry: Did I pick Courtney? Son of a bitch.

Cirie walks up and chops Ozzy's rope. Ozzy chops Cirie's. Yau-Man finishes off Cirie, while Paula targets Charlie.

Jeff: Cirie and Charlie both out of the challenge. Yau-Man untouched, Paula has two chops left, and Ozzy has one chop left. Next question. True or false. No one who has ever won this type of challenge has ever won the game of Survivor.

Paula answers quickly; the others struggle.

Jeff: The correct answer is false. Jenna from the Amazon won this challenge and went on to win the game. Cirie, Terry and Charlie got it right, but no one gets a chop. Next question. Throughout the show's history, how many players have won the family visit reward and the game? A. None, B. One, C. Two, or D. Four.

Everyone answers slowly, with answers scattered.

Jeff: The correct answer is B. One. Only Maria in Japan won both. Only Charlie and Yau-Man got that right.

Cirie and Danni each picked A, Paula and Ozzy each picked C, and Terry picked D.

Jeff: Yau-Man, you get a chop.

Yau-Man: Sorry, Ozzy.

Yau-Man cuts Ozzy's last rope; Ozzy's bundle falls.

Jeff: Ozzy now out of the reward challenge. Yau-Man and Paula are all that remains. Next question. In the first All-Stars, Boston Rob sacrificed what reward to allow other castaways to receive letters from home? A. Dinner for two, B. Visit from his mother, C. Video from home, D. Buffalo wings and beer.

Everyone answers quickly, including Yau-Man and Paula.

Jeff: The correct answer is C. Video from home, specifically from his brother. Everyone got that right. Yau-Man and Paula each get a chop.

Yau-Man chops Paula's second rope; Paula chops Yau-Man's first.

Jeff: Yau-Man, all you need is one more right answer, and that Escalade is yours. Next question. In the Cook Islands, Cao Boi used an unusual home remedy to relieve what ailment? A. Blurred vision, B. Dehydration, C. Sore joints, D. Headache.

Everyone answers this question just as quickly.

Jeff: The correct answer is D. Headache. Everyone but Terry got that right. Yau-Man, come get in your final chop.

Yau-Man cuts down Paula's bundle.

Jeff: And with that, Yau-Man wins reward.

Yau-Man: Charlie.

Charlie: Yeah?

Yau-Man: I want to make a deal with you.

Charlie: I'm listening.

Yau-Man: I will give you this car, but in exchange, if we are both still around at the final four and you win immunity, I want you to give me the necklace.

Jeff: So wait - you're making a pretty big deal here. You understand what happened the last time you tried something like that, right, Yau-Man?

Yau-Man: Charlie is an honorable man, and he's the only one here besides me who never won a car on this show.

Charlie: You're right about that, Yau-Man.

Yau-Man: So do we have a deal?

Jeff: Charlie, you understand the stakes of this. At the final four, you can no longer use an idol to save yourself. You're relying on everyone else to keep you safe. And Yau-Man, you're relying on the good word of Charlie Forrest to give you the necklace.

Yau-Man: That's a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Jeff: Charlie, what do you say to him?

(confessional) Charlie: This wasn't exactly an easy deal to refuse. This wasn't a beat-up Ford Escort. This was a brand-new Cadillac. And I wanted that thing.

Charlie: How much is the car worth?

Jeff: Total, with all accessories?

Charlie: Yeah, total.

Jeff: We're looking at seventy-one thousand dollars.

Charlie: And the taxes are paid for?

Jeff: And the taxes are paid for.

The camera focuses in on Charlie contemplating the deal.

Yau-Man is shown with a smile on his face and his hands clenched in anticipation.

Charlie: No deal.

Yau-Man slaps his knee in frustration.

(confessional) Yau-Man: I pawned the car off in Fiji, and I thought I could make it work out here. But I'm not dealing with Dreamz. Charlie's very sharp, and a car isn't exactly a novelty for him.

Jeff: Just to be clear, the car and everything that goes with it are still in Yau-Man's possession. This includes a decision. Lunch is a good one. Yau-Man will be having a picnic lunch with ham, chicken, potato salad, fresh veggies, Lipton iced tea, and Aquafina bottled water. Yau-Man will be eating, but it's not a picnic if you eat alone. Yau-Man, pick two people to join you.

Yau-Man: I pick Charlie...

(confessional) Yau-Man: I picked Charlie as a bit of a reward for outwitting me. That and I might be able to work on him.

Yau-Man: ...and Paula.

(confessional) Paula: Yau-Man and I have been close since the beginning. I haven't really had a chance to enjoy a reward with him, and I just hoped Charlie didn't make it awkward.

Jeff: Yau-Man, Charlie, and Paula, hop in the Escalade and head on over to the other side of the island. You have an hour and a half before the immunity challenge starts. Take this map; I'll see you there.

Images of Yau-Man cutting down Paula's last rope and hopping into the Escalade dominate the scene as it cuts to commercial.

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5. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up""
REPORT: Restraining Order, Arrest Warrant Out for Survivor Stalker

UPI News Service, 05/08/2008

"Survivor: All-Stars II" castaway Charlie Forrest's nightmare may finally be coming to a close. Dena Goodman, his ex-wife, has an arrest warrant in her name on charges of lewd conduct, stalking, and menacing, and the restraining order against her filed by Forrest and his son Derek has been accepted.

It is unknown where Goodman is, but she is wanted in Tennessee, and all neighboring states as well as Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have received the warrant and are looking for her.

A warrant has been issued in the state of Virginia to search the home she shared with George Goodman, her second husband and the man she left Forrest for in 1997, in connection with the blackmail scheme perpetrated by the online blogger Red 14. Forrest described his ex-wife as "racist" and "homophobic" in comments made during press interviews, which may explain the praise of the lawsuit against Maria Savovic, a Serbian in a same-sex relationship.

Charges have not yet been filed, but she is expected to be charged with failure to pay child support in addition to the charges already looming against her.

Back from commercial.

Manui Island, Day 30. Yau-Man has just driven Charlie and Paula to a picnic site in his new 2008 Cadillac Escalade. The time displaying on his clock display is 5:42 pm.

(confessional) Yau-Man: At the reward challenge, I won a new car, and the first thing on my mind was, "Oh hell, I just got the Curse of the Car again, and I have to get rid of it. Charlie was the only other person who didn't have a car from the show, so I offered it to him. Unfortunately, he's not as careless or desperate or Dreamz was, so he didn't bite.

Yau-Man: You still don't want the car, Charlie?

Charlie: Honestly, Yau-Man, can you picture me in one of these things?

Yau-Man: Can you picture me in an Escalade?

(confessional) Charlie: Yau-Man raised a good point; we both look kind of goofy in an Escalade. Really, I think we all would look out of place in one of those things.

Yau-Man, Charlie, and Paula all open the picnic basket, which contains several pre-made sandwiches, potato salad, and fresh veggies, and then Yau-Man reaches for the cooler, whoch contains several bottled drinks.

Yau-Man: Two meals in one day like this. And I would much rather hang with you guys than Terry.

Paula: Tell me about it.

(confessional) Paula: I'm starting to get a little jealous of Yau-Man. He's very savvy, he's ruthless, he cuts deals, and he's dangerous. On one hand, he's my ally, but on the other hand, if he reached the end, he would probably win easily, even over Charlie or Ozzy.

Paula (to Charlie): Yau-Man's tough.

Charlie: Tell me about it.

Paula: I think we need to go all-out and win immunity.

Charlie: That was always the plan.

Paula: You think you can handle it with your hand?

Charlie: I sure hope it isn't another one of those damn gripping challenges.

(confessional) Charlie: It got to the point where we decided it was time to say goodbye to Yau-Man. What's to say he doesn't try to make someone else sell their soul to him the way he wanted me to?

The camera switches to a different part of Manui Island, Day 30. The remaining Maui are waiting on the red tribal mat.

Jeff: We will now bring in Yau-Man, Charlie, and Paula, returning from their reward.

The camera shows the three of them getting off a speedboat and joining the tribe.

Jeff: First thing's first - Ozzy, hand it over.

Ozzy takes off his immunity necklace and gives it to Jeff.

Jeff: Earlier, I said that the reward challenge would have an effect on the immunity challenge. Well, everyone got the chance to answer eight questions. How many you got right determines how easy this challenge will be for you. This will happen in two phases.

The camera shows several hanging plates with castaways' names on them; Yau-Man is shown in blue and Cirie in yellow.

Jeff: There are eight plates for every Survivor here. Each has a puck attached to it. If you knock down a puck, that is one shot at the second half of the challenge. The number of throws you get is the same as the number of questions you got right. I will explain the second part of the challenge when we're ready, but suffice it to say, you want as many pucks as you can get.

The Survivors line up in the order in which they will be throwing.

Jeff: We will throw in order from lowest reward score to highest. Terry, with three right, you will throw first. Ready, aim, fire.

Terry throws his club but misses completely.

Jeff: No score for Terry. Paula, you're up next. Ready, aim. fire.

Paula throws and connects, but only chips a plate.

Jeff: A chip won't cut it. Danni, your turn.

The camera shows Danni's throw, which misses, followed by Ozzy's, a direct hit, a miss by Cirie, a direct hit by Charlie, and a chip by Yau-Man.

Jeff: After one round, only Ozzy and Charlie have hits. Terry, it's to you again.

The camera shows Terry's throw, a direct hit, followed by Paula, a hit, Danni's miss, Ozzy's second hit, Cirie's miss, Charlie's second hit, and Yau-Man's first hit.

Jeff: Charlie and Ozzy with two pucks. Terry, Paula, and Yau-Man each with one. Terry, this is your last throw.

Terry throws a perfect strike and takes out his own plate.

Jeff: Terry gets a second hit.

Paula takes her spot.


Paula misses completely.

Jeff: Paula way off.

Paula: My hand slipped.

Jeff: Maybe you need to dry your hands first.

Danni takes her spot.


Danni takes out her plate.

Jeff: Danni on the board.

Ozzy stands to throw.


Ozzy chips Terry's plate.

Jeff: No good, and remember, you want to break your own plates.

Ozzy: Yeah, I know.

Jeff: Cirie, ready, aim, fire.

Cirie throws an awkward toss and takes out one of her plates.

Jeff: A wounded duck gets Cirie on the board.

Charlie is next to throw; he briefly clutches his left hand in pain, but he goes back to aiming.

Jeff: Ready, aim, fire.

Charlie throws a perfect strike and takes out Yau-Man's plate.

Jeff: Charlie scores for Yau-Man.

Yau-Man: Thanks.

Charlie: Don't mention it.

Jeff: Yau-Man can make it a double score. Ready, aim, fire.

Yau-Man's toss goes wide and misses completely.

Jeff: And he fails. Everyone's on the board. Paula's you're back up.

The camera shows' Paula's toss, a direct hit, followed by a miss by Danni, a direct hit by Ozzy, another direct hit by Cirie, a perfect strike by Charlie, and an errant toss by Yau-Man.

Jeff: Danni, you're up, and you only have one puck.

Danni's toss goes wide.

Jeff: Danni's out with just one. Ozzy, it's your turn.

Ozzy's toss connects.

Jeff: Ozzy has four now. Cirie, your turn. Ready, aim, fire.

Cirie's toss goes wide right and knocks out a plate of Danni's.

Jeff: Cirie awfully charitable. Danni's out and she still scores. Charlie, you're up.

Charlie misses wide with his throw.

Jeff: That throw's no good. Yau-Man, you're up.

Yau-Man's throw takes out his own plate.

Jeff: Yau-Man gets another. In this round, only Cirie, Charlie, and Yau-Man throw. Cirie, have at it.

Cirie's toss misses low; Charlie's connects, while Yau-Man misses left.

Jeff: Only one more toss, and it belongs to Yau-Man. Ready, aim, fire.

Yau-Man's toss goes end-over-end and strikes his plate.

Jeff: Yau-Man gets his fourth puck. Terry, Paula, Danni, and Cirie each with two pucks. Ozzy, Charlie, and Yau-Man each with four. Now for the next part of the challenge.

Jeff uncovers a large shuffleboard table with a large red "X" near the back. The table displays a map of the Gambier Islands.

Jeff: It's simple. Your job is to get as close to the red X as possible. I will mark the closest spot with a black dot. After everyone throws, whoever has the closest spot wins immunity and is guaranteed to see Day 31. Everyone else? You have only two hours to look for the idol at camp before Tribal Council. The order will remain mostly the same. Line up and get ready.

Terry takes his first puck out.

Jeff: Terry up first.

Terry's shot lands clear at the back in the gutter.

Jeff: Terry way off on that shot. Paula, your turn.

Paula's shot lands closer, but still has a distance between the shot and the X.

Jeff: Paula on the board.

Danni's shot lands closer, and Cirie's first shot beats it. Ozzy's goes too far, Charlie's is too short, and Yau-Man is just short of taking the lead.

Jeff: After one round, Danni is in the lead. Terry, this is your last shot.

Terry's shot also goes errant, landing in the gutter again.

Jeff: Terry tosses two gutter balls. Terry is out of the challenge. Paula, your turn.

Paula glides it to a spot just ahead of Danni's.

Jeff: Paula back in the lead. Danni needs to take it back.

Danni's shot lands to the right of Paula's and does not take the lead.

Jeff: Danni's last shot is errant. Paula in the lead, and Danni out of the challenge. Cirie, your turn.

Cirie's shot lands short of Paula's but a foot or so.

Jeff: Paula still had the lead. Cirie's out of the challenge. Ozzy, your turn.

Ozzy glides the puck to within inches of the X.

Jeff: Ozzy takes the lead in spectacular fashion. Paula's out of the challenge. Charlie, your turn.

Charlie's shot lands in the gutter, and Yau-Man cannot land closer.

Jeff: After two rounds, Ozzy is in the lead with a very good shot. Ozzy, Charlie, and Yau-Man each have two more pucks. Ozzy, you're up first.

Ozzy lands a good two feet from the X.

Jeff: Ozzy can't improve on his shot. Charlie, go for it.

Charlie's shot lands just inches shy of Ozzy's mark.

Jeff: Close, but no cigar for Charlie. Yau-Man, have at it.

Yau-Man bounces his shot off the wall, but it lands short.

Jeff: After three rounds, Ozzy's shot is still the best. Ozzy has one chance to improve on it. Ready, aim, fire.

Ozzy's shot lands about an inch closer than his leading shot.

Jeff: Ozzy improves on his shot just a bit. Charlie, this will be tough to beat.

Charlie: God bless this puck.

Charlie kisses the puck and slides it.

The puck is losing speed very slowly.

The puck stops directly on top of the X.

Jeff: Charlie lands a perfect shot! Ozzy out of the challenge, and Yau-Man can only hope to tie it. Yau-Man, good luck.

Yau-Man: I'm going to need it.

Yau-Man's shot follows a similar trajectory to Charlie's.

It's headed directly for the X.

And it passes it, missing by about eight inches.

Jeff: Yau-Man overshoots it. Charlie wins immunity!

Yau-Man and Ozzy applaud Charlie as Jeff puts the immunity necklace on him.

Jeff: Charlie, you're seeing Day 31 at this point. Everyone else may not be so lucky. Head on back to camp; I'll see you tonight.

Images of Charlie's perfect shot and plate-breaking skills dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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6. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up""
REPORT: Arrest Made in Red 14 Case

UPI News Service, 05/08/2008

Speculation that Charlie's ex-wife is notorious online blogger and blackmailer Red 14 have ceased, as police in Virginia have made a shocking arrest of a former Survivor.

Tom Buchanan of the first All-Stars edition of Survivor has been picked up and is expected to be formally charged with extortion. Authorities believe that he was blackmailing Mark Burnett by threatening to reveal show secrets.

When reached for comment, Burnett stated, "Of all people, I never thought it would be him. I honestly don't know what he has against us, and I can only hope that his reign of terror ends so that we can all go back to our lives."

Police deduced that the name Red 14 comes from the red buff Buchanan wore as a member of Chapera and the fact that he was the 14th to leave the game.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Day 30. The sun is shown in the West providing less light than before.

Ozzy (to Yau-Man): Danni has to go.

Yau-Man: Fine with me. I just hope she doesn't find one of those damn idols.

Ozzy: I'll let Terry and Paula know. And don't throw your vote away this time.

Yau-Man: What?

Ozzy: I know about your throwing that vote at Terry last time. We can't have that.

(confessional) Yau-Man: What? I don't know what the hell Ozzy's talking about. I didn't throw my vote away. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Ozzy (to Terry): Danni's next.

Terry: Danni? What about Cirie?

Ozzy: Cirie hasn't found two idols.

Terry: Cirie would also beat any of us except Yau-Man in the final vote.

(confessional) Terry: I have a score to settle with Cirie. Or, more accurately, she has a score to settle with me, and I don't want her to have the chance.

Charlie (to Danni) We're looking at voting out Yau-Man.

Danni: The Curse of the Car lives, I guess.

Charlie: If you want to call it that. The fact is, we might be able to get Ozzy out sooner or later. All I have to do is win a key immunity and he's gone. Yau-Man's slippery.

(confessional) Danni: I'll get rid of Yau-Man, sure. He might make someone else a deal for that car; I don't know.

Danni (to Cirie): Can we get four to cut Yau-Man?

Cirie: Terry might do it.

Danni: He better; I don't have another idol I can use.

Cirie: I don't want to take the chance.

(confessional) Cirie: We need a fourth vote. Yau-Man's our target, Ozzy won't flip, and Paula's close to Yau-Man. Our only hope is Terry.

Charlie (to Terry): Yau-Man's very powerful.

Terry: I've noticed.

Charlie: He'll make deals with everything he has. He's trying to sacrifice cars for the million dollars. He's very sharp. Too sharp.

(confessional) Terry: Somewhere in Charlie's incoherent rambling, he gave me the message to vote off Yau-Man. If he really had a plan of action, I'd consider it.

Charlie (to Paula): What would you say to voting off Terry?

Paula: Sign me up.

Charlie: I wouldn't ask you to go against your own interests. You're no in trouble and neither is Ozzy. We're all sick of Terry's arrogance.

Paula: Look, I was close to Terry, but I really don't have a lot of use for him right now.

(confessional) Paula: Charlie seemed to want Terry out. He's trying to play a pure game and get out the worst players, which I respect, but I think part of it is just his own personal ego of wanting to take Terry down now and go head-to-head with Ozzy near the end.

Charlie: Just think about it. We'll vote with you if you do that.

Paula: I'm on it.

(confessional) Charlie: At the very least, I've convinced Paula to throw her vote away again.

The camera switches to Tribal Council, now against a night backdrop. The tribe walks in without their torches, which are shown as still lit from earlier in the day.

The tribe takes their seats again.

Jeff: Once again, we will bring in the jury. Jonathan, Harriet, Tom...and Twila, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Twila is shown in a clean pair of overalls and a bluish-green T-shirt; she has her straw hat on and has cleaned up considerably.

Jeff: Yau-Man, I have to ask about the car deal. You made the same deal in Fiji, Dreamz accepted it, and then at the final four, he burned you. What the hell would make you want to do the same thing again?

Yau-Man: Charlie never won a car from this show. He needed a car, and I knew that. I thought maybe I could work with him.

Jeff: So it's the same setup as before. Yau-Man, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. What makes dealing with Charlie any different from dealing with Dreamz?

Yau-Man: I learned from the last time, and I decided Charlie was an honorable and respectable man who would just need a little push to keep his promise. I didn't give Dreamz that push, and he went back on his word. If I did the same exact thing to Charlie, I might be crazy to expect him to keep his word.

Jeff: Do you expect the final four immunity challenge to be the last one?

Yau-Man: I don't know what to expect at this point.

Jeff: Charlie, what was your reason for turning down the deal?

Charlie: My son told me all about what Dreamz did. In the end, Dreamz went back on his word, and he got murdered in the final vote. For me, giving up immunity is too high a price to pay, and I knew I would have a lot of trouble keeping my promise. That and I look goofy in an Escalade anyway.

Yau-Man laughs at Charlie's comment.

Jeff: Danni, you got votes last time because people thought Charlie had the immunity idol. This time, people know Charlie's immune. Are you in danger?

Danni: Absolutely. I'm the last winner here, and I'm in a very apparent relationship with another castaway. Of course I have a target on my back.

Jeff: Paula, does Danni need to worry?

Paula: I don't think so. At least if she's as clever as she's shown she is.

Jeff: Ozzy, you almost won immunity. Are you in danger?

Ozzy: I've heard my name come up once or twice. But nothing serious, so if I get voted out, it will be a surprise.

Jeff: Terry, you're kind of in the middle here. Are you with Ozzy, Paula, and Yau-Man, or are you with Charlie, Cirie, and Danni? Or am I completely wrong on how the tribe is split?

Terry: I'm with whatever side gives me the best deal. If Charlie aligns with Ozzy and Paula, and they offer me final three, I'm in.

Jeff: Has anyone made such an offer?

Terry: Nothing formal, no.

Jeff: Cirie, are you worried about being in an alliance with Charlie and Danni?

Cirie: At this point, it's a bit of a concern, yes. But there is plenty of time to cut them loose if I have to.

Jeff: Charlie, does that concern you?

Charlie: Not at all, because there's also plenty of time to protect myself.

Jeff: Paula, is the tribe divided the way I think they are?

Paula: I think so. I've seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

Jeff: We'll see how it plays out. It is time to vote. Charlie, you're up.

Charlie walks up to vote; his vote is not shown.

After Charlie, the next to vote is Terry, whose vote is also not shown.

The next to vote is Yau-Man, who votes for Danni.

Yau-Man (to voting camera): You already have your million. That and you scare me.

Yau-Man goes to sit down, and the next to vote is Ozzy, whose vote is not shown.

The next to vote is Paula, who votes for Terry.

Paula (to voting camera): You're a downer, you can't be trusted, and you need to go.

The next to vote is Cirie, whose vote is not shown.

After Cirie, the last person to vote is Danni, and she votes for Yau-Man.

Danni (to voting camera): You're too tough to allow further in the game. Sorry.

Danni sits back down, and the camera switches to Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff goes to get the voting urn as the camera switches to Danni, who taps her foot nervously, and Yau-Man, who has no apparent expression.

The camera switches back to Jeff.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately unless someone plays an idol on their behalf. I'll read the votes.

Jeff reaches in and takes out the first vote.

Jeff: First vote...Terry.

Paula's vote. Terry appears shocked and upset.

Jeff: ...Yau-Man. One vote Yau-Man, one vote Terry.

Danni's vote.

Jeff: ...Danni. One vote each for Danni, Yau-Man, and Terry.

Yau-Man's vote.

Jeff: ...Danni. Two votes Danni.

The camera switches to Ozzy.

Jeff: ...Yau-Man. Two votes each Yau-Man and Danni. One vote Terry.

The camera switches to Charlie, who has an expressionless face.

Jeff: ...Yau-Man. Three votes Yau-Man, two votes Danni, one vote Terry, one vote left.

Jeff reaches into the urn.

He takes out the last vote.

The camera switches to the Survivors, and then to the jury, and then back to Jeff.

Jeff has opened the last vote.

Jeff: ...the thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II and the fifth member of the jury...Yau-Man. I will now check for idols.

Jeff undoes the side pouch.

He turns it to face the Survivors.

The pouch drops...

...a Survivor appears shocked...

...the camera switches back to the urn...

...and the side pouch is empty.

Jeff: No one played an idol. Yau-Man, you need to bring me your torch.

Yau-Man grabs his torch and places it in the holder.

Jeff: Yau-Man, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Yau-Man's torch.

Charlie: Enjoy the car, Yau-Man.

Yau-Man: You still want it?

Charlie: Sure, I'll take it now.

Yau-Man: You wish, Forrest.

Yau-Man smiles and wanders out of the set.

Jeff: Yau-Man tried to make a deal to ensure his safety in the game. This time, no one bit, and it seems to have cost him. The six of you have a long nine days ahead of you, so watch your backs and be careful what you say and how you make deals. Grab your torches; head on back to camp. Goodnight.

The six remaining Maui file out of Tribal Council with their torches as the credits begin to roll.

The screen cuts to commercial.


Ethan: This is what happens to a player who's more concerned about eating breakfast and lunch in his big, fancy car than he is about watching his back. Yau-Man was ousted because he failed to watch his back. There's no amount of sugar-coating that will change that.

Maybe there wasn't much he could do about winning that Escalade. If people want you to win one of those coconut-cutting challenges, it seems like you're going to win. They can just refuse to cut you down, and all you can do about it is stand there with your thumb up your butt and enjoy it. The minute you accidentally get a question right when your last opponent's down to one hit, you're the owner of a brand new cursed car.

You see, this is why I'm glad they didn't break this evil challenge out in Africa. I wouldn't have been able to hide, and poor Lex's head might have exploded from all those people cutting him down.

Jenna: Yay! I'm the answer to a trivia question! Not the trivia question I would have expected, sure, but I'll take it.

That said, they gave away a car for that kind of challenge? Why not just have the million-dollar prize come down to a game of chopping coconuts? That might be interesting. Imagine the bitterness when someone in a minority alliance is completely shut out of the chance at winning just because other people are a little too chop-happy.

People caught on to what this kind of challenge does after the first time they did it. It doesn't work anymore.

Rob: Someone needs to tell Terry to lighten the hell up out there. It's as if he's incapable of taking off his game face, and he's incapable of displaying anything resembling compassion or decency. Or intelligence.

Here's a small sampling of the way Terry acts toward other people out there: "Feed me." "Get me more sausage." "No, Yau-Man, that's MY sausage. NO, Yau-Man, that's a BAD Yau-Man!" "Hot chick broke her leg and is out of the game? Yay!" "Other people dare to have FUN? THIS CANNOT BE! Everyone back to work!" "What? Why are you people working? There's laziness to be done!"

Terry, get a grip and get in step with the tribe. Right now, I think you might be the first Survivor to reach the final vote and get a negative number of votes. Do you want to do that in front of 40 million people? Why not just wear a T-shirt that says "I SUCK" to the reunion? That might accomplish the same thing.

Dreamz: It's almost like Yau-Man's just out here to make me look dumb. Charlie turned down the car. Everyone turned around and voted him out because he's so smart. I wish I hadn't lost contact during the auditions for All-Stars II so I could go out there and show these people how it's done.

Ever since I didn't go on the show, my life's been pretty rough. I wrecked that F-350 that Yau-Man gave me, and now he's got an Escalade. I guess he showed me. My insurance said it was my fault, and I even got fined. And now we have people who make me look dumb.

Maybe I'll get people to vote me another car or something. And maybe after that, I'll turn into Superman. But hey, a man can dream. And that's why I'm Dreamz. Bleh.

Back from commercial.

Jeff (voice-over): Next time on Survivor...Ozzy alliance feels threatened.

(confessional) Ozzy: At this point, I'm the only one left in the game who voted for Danni. I stand alone.

Jeff (voice-over): The reward gets even bigger.

Jeff: We've never offered anything like this before.

Jeff (voice-over): And someone drops a bombshell.

(confesisonal) Charlie: No one would believe it, it's that crazy.

Voice-over: Stay tuned for an all-new CSI coming up next.

Yau-Man (final words): I think winning the car reward was a big mistake, but I don't know if there was much I could do besides try not to win. The Curse of the Car killed me this time just as it did last time, and kudos to Charlie for not falling for it. I think he will win; he's outplayed me and he's outplayed everyone there.

4 votes Yau-Man: Charlie, Cirie, Danni, Terry
2 votes Danni: Ozzy, Yau-Man
1 vote Terry: Paula

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7. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 12 - "You've Just Been Set Up""
the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

Colonel, no one can call you insane. Doing the challenges from past seasons over for ASII is brilliant. You come up with a different outcome every time!

Off now to catch up on next episode!

Dakota makes me laugh!

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