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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 1 - "Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride""
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

05-21-07, 12:12 PM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 1 - "Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride""
The Show Begins - air date 02/07/2008

The camera pans to a vast array of islands in what appears to be the South Pacific. After showing a few nature shots, featuring a shimmering blue Pacific Ocean, a handful of atolls, and some small islands, the camera focuses in on an open area of the Pacific.

A small motorboat being piloted by a man in what appears to be a U.S. Navy uniform is revealed to be carrying a standing passenger in a baseball cap, button-down shirt, and khaki shorts. The man is Jeff Probst, host of Survivor.

Jeff begins to speak loudly so as to be heard over the boat and the ocean. As he speaks, water occasionally splashes in his face.

Jeff: We're in the South Pacific among the Gambier Islands, a group of small islands known for its natural beauty and diverse plant life that was once hotly contested by colonial powers, explorers, and privateers. It's here in modern-day French Polynesia that twenty Survivors will come together to play the game of a lifetime one more time.

The camera shows an overview of the 20 Survivors, some of whom look familiar, in a large boat paddling toward what appears to be an island in the distance.

Jeff: Some of them know each other already, and outside dynamics may be a huge factor in determining how this game plays out. Right now, the 20 of them have not been assigned to tribes and have no idea what's in store for them. Just like their first time in the game, they will have to find food, boil water, and make fire; they will have to survive the elements as well as each other. They will be held accountable at Tribal Council, where every visit means that one person loses his or her chance at the grand prize of one million dollars.

The boat carrying Jeff appears to pick up speed; the tides appear to pick up a bit, but they are not impossible to navigate.

Jeff: In the end, those who are voted out will award the grand prize to the one they believe is the most deserving. Each of the previous seven seasons has at least one representative, and one Survivor originally appeared before the first All-Stars was aired. Some seasons have as many as four representatives. Will the familiarity breed alliances or contempt? First, we have to meet the players. The second crop of All-Stars consists of--

The camera focuses on a still screen now.

Jeff (voice-over): Ami Cusack, Survivor: Vanuatu, 6th place.

Ami (voice-over): On my first season, I made a few mistakes, and people stopped trusting me. Everything I worked for was gone because of one strategic error, and I won't let it happen again.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie Forrest, Survivor: Japan, 8th place after a medical evacuation.

Charlie (voice-over): I'm back with a clean bill of health, and even if I don't dominate, there's no way I'm letting my second chance pass me by.

Jeff (voice-over): Chris Daugherty, Survivor: Vanuatu, winner.

Chris (voice-over): It might be hard for people to trust me again. But ir was hard the first time, and I pulled it off, so this shouldn't be too hard.

Jeff (voice-over): Cirie Fields, Survivor: Exile Island, 4th place.

Cirie (voice-over): I transformed last time from the lady on the couch into a real Survivor. Now I'm closer to a finished product and I'm back for more.

Jeff (voice-over): Danielle DiLorenzo, Survivor: Exile Island, runner-up.

Danielle (voice-over): I almost had it last time, but I didn't follow through and I couldn't carry out my plans. I know better now.

Jeff (voice-over): Danni Boatwright, Survivor: Guatemala, winner.

Danni (voice-over): Guatemala was tough. My competition looked unbeatable. But if you know your opponents well enough, anyone's beatable.

Jeff (voice-over): Harriet Holden, Survivor: Japan, 3rd place.

Harriet (voice-over): I hung on last time by the simple grace of lying, cheating, and not looking like a threat. I don't care what I have to do to win; I'll do it.

Jeff (voice-over): Ian Rosenberger, Survivor: Palau, 3rd place.

Ian (voice-over): I still don't have any regrets over jumping off and letting Tom have the million, but that doesn't mean I'll do it for anyone here.

Jeff (voice-over): Jonathan Penner, Survivor: Cook Islands, 7th place.

Jonathan (voice-over): If people want to see me as the villain, let them. But there's no villain out here, just a bunch of people working hard to win. If you don't work hard to win, you don't deserve to be an All-Star.

Jeff (voice-over): Maria Savovic, Survivor: Japan, winner.

Maria (voice-over): People ask how the naked girl won. Well, I won, didn't I? And I could do it again even if I had to keep my clothes on.

Jeff (voice-over): Ozzy Lusth, Survivor: Cook Islands, runner-up.

Ozzy (voice-over): I learned that it's not enough to dominate physically. You can dominate physically all you want, but strategy wins it, and that's how I will win it.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati Shallow, Survivor: Cook Islands, 6th place.

Parvati (voice-over): I'm not just the flirt. I'm an athlete, and I'm a competitor. But I have no problem playing the flirt card if it helps.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula Stanley, Survivor: Japan, 6th place.

Paula (voice-over): I'm more relaxed and less uptight this time around. I'll let my game speak for itself.

Jeff (voice-over): Rafe Judkins, Survivor: Guatemala, 3rd place.

Rafe (voice-over): I keep my word, and this time, I expect my castmates to do the same. I put one over on the Guatemala cast with my athleticism, but no one's putting one over on me here.

Jeff (voice-over): Sandra Diaz-Twine, Survivor: Pearl Islands, winner.

Sandra (voice-over): I got to the top last time by being the extra vote and by making sure people don't write my name down. Why change what works?

Jeff (voice-over): Terry Deitz, Survivor: Exile Island, 3rd place.

Terry (voice-over): I let the game get away from me last time. This time, I know it's not all about winning the small battles. I'm ready to win the war.

Jeff (voice-over): Tom Westman, Survivor: Palau, winner.

Tom (voice-over): Survivor happens when you're making other plans. I plan to be the father figure and hang back this time. We'll see how long that lasts.

Jeff (voice-over): Twila Tanner, Survivor: Vanuatu, runner-up.

Twila (voice-over): Are you about to see a kinder, gentler Twila? Well, if you're talking about gameplay, the answer is simple. Hell no.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man Chan, Survivor: Fiji.

Yau-Man (voice-over): I took a lot of people by surprise last time. If I can do that again, I think I will win easily.

Jeff (voice-over): Yul Kwon, Survivor: Cook Islands, winner.

Yul (voice-over): I might not have the same advantage I had last time, but I don't feel like I needed it. It helped, sure, but I can think of something else.

The camera switches to Jeff arriving at the boat carrying the Survivors. On the left side of the boat rowing are Ozzy, Terry, Jonathan, Paula, and Ian; on the right side rowing are Tom, Danni, Rafe, Maria, and Yul. Charlie appears to say something to Rafe; Rafe shakes his head and Charlie looks down.

Jeff: Well, this is it, guys. There are 20 of you here, and the adventure of a lifetime has just begun for you a second time. Some of you might recognize the setup here.

Ian: A little too well, Jeff.

Jeff: Well, Ian, you raise a good point. This is looking a bit like when Ian and Tom were starting out in Palau. Twenty players, one big boat, and no idea what's going on. Well, I'm about to tell you. Behind you is your beach. You're headed for Angakauitai Island, which will be your home in this game. Waiting for you there is a pot, a machete, and a map.

The players look attentively if somewhat increduously at Jeff.

Jeff: And that's it. There are supplies to build shelter, and the map leads to your water source. You will need to boil water before you can drink it. That means making fire, and there is no flint at your beach. There is one thing waiting for you at your campsite, though. There are two necklaces waiting for you. One will go to the first man, and one to the first woman, who can reach shore and claim them. These are immunity necklaces; they are valuable. From this point, you are about three-quarters of a mile from the beach. You can get to shore by any means necessary.

Charlie: Can you give me a ride, Jeff?

Jeff: You wish.

Charlie: Of course I wish; why do you think I asked?

Jeff: Everyone, you all know Charlie from Japan. Charlie has been given a clean bill of health by the staff doctors as well as his own personal doctor. The same goes for every one of you. As far as we can see, you have no reason to quit, be evacuated, or be taken from the game for any reason other than being voted out.

(confessional) Twila: I know last time they did this with All-Stars, a bunch of people quit and feelings got hurt. But I look around, and we're actually better off than they were because there's twenty of us. And for me, it's all business.

The entire cast appears to nod and mutter in approval.

Jeff: The casts of eight different seasons are here on this boat. The adventure of a lifetime starts now. Paddle on to shore; I'll see you at the first challenge.

After giving their goodbyes, the Survivors begin paddling to their beach, which appears in the distance with what appears to be a Survivor flag. The camera then focuses back on Jeff, whose boat captain is driving away.

Jeff (shouting): Thirty-nine days, twenty people, one sole Survivor.

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in what appears not to be any specific order; the photos alternate between women and men, with Ami's screenshot appearing first, followed by Yau-Man, then Danni, then Charlie, and so forth. The last two shown are Danielle and Ozzy. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

05-21-07, 12:20 PM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 1 - "Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride""
LAST EDITED ON 05-21-07 AT 12:34 PM (EST)

REPORT: 'Survivor' Boycott On the Horizon?

UPI News Service, 01/14/2008

The pro-family group "Focus on the Family" has begun to put pressure on CBS and the sponsors of its flagship reality show, Survivor, hoping to get the upcoming season pulled.

When asked for comment, "Focus" president James Dobson stated, "It was bad enough that they let those two girls on that show to go parading around like that and promote immorality. We'll live with that; when CBS says there was nothing they could do, I took them at their word. But when they brought that young lady back, we couldn't take it lying down."

The ladies in question are Survivor: Japan winner Maria Savovic and her girlfriend and reward visitor Laura Dean. Before parting ways, the two women exchanged a naked, open-mouthed kiss captured on camera and aired on the 13th episode of the season. Though neither claims to be gay, the two are presently in a relationship.

On his show "The 700 Club," televangelist Pat Robertson praised the boycott of the show by "Focus" and pledged to join in it, announcing, "The networks have aired this filth for long enough. They have encouraged it and claimed that they could not stop it. It is time for good Christians to fight back."

Survivor producer Mark Burnett fired back, "We brough Maria back because she was a crowd favorite and a hell of a player. She earned her million-dollar check whether she kissed her best friend or not. And we're not about to cower to a bunch of uptight televangelists, and we urge our sponsors to do the same."

Dobson was less upset over the inclusion of Ami Cusack, a self-described lesbian who appeared in the Vanuatu season, and Rafe Judkins, a gay Mormom who placed third in the Guatemala season. Burnett defended the casting of both Cusack and Judkins as well.

Survivor: All-Stars II will feature Savovic, Cusack, Judkins, and 17 other former players; it premieres on February 7, 2008 at 8:00 pm with a 90-minute episode.

Back from commercial.

Angikauitai Island, Camp, Day 1. The flag on the beach is black with the Survivor: All-Stars II logo. The boat carrying the Survivors is less than a quarter-mile away.

Charlie: Damnit, won't anyone let me over? I'm sick of just sitting here!

Rafe: Chill, Charlie; I know your doctors gave you a clean bill of health, but we want you to save your strength.

Charlie: For what? This is what takes strength, people!

Paula: For making that fire like you did!

Danni: In that case, Paula needs to quit rowing; we need her for shelter!

Paula: I didn't have a heart attack!

Charlie: Damnit, will you shut up about the heart attack? I still say it was just food poisoning or something.

Tom: I saw that episode, Charlie. That was a heart attack. Now shut up and enjoy the ride.

Charlie: I can't do that, Westman. I'm out of here.

Charlie stands up and leaps over Rafe and Danni into the water and starts making a break for the shore. This shot shows Charlie's hair as much more gray than his last appearance and his appearance as a bit more haggard, having lost some muscle. Still, he stands over six feet. He's wearing a Navy t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts.

Tom: Well, I guess someone had to do it.

Charlie trudges through the water, a clear-blue over white sand, keeping pace with the boat, which rows very close to the shore.

Ian: How's the water, Charlie?

Charlie: Aw hell, get in here; it's nice!

Tom: Sure, why not.

Tom drops his oar and leaps into the water at the same pace as Charlie; the two man make a break for shore as others begin to empty the boat.

Tom is in slightly better shape than before; his hair has turned completely gray, and he's wearing a different Truck 108 shirt from last time. On his heels is Ian, who's shirtless and in cargo shorts similar to Charlie's.

The first group of women out of the boat is Ami, Twila, and Danielle. Ami and Danielle are in bikini tops with shorts; both appear to have put back on the weight lost on their seasons. Danielle appears to have a slight lead. Twila is in jeans and a long-sleeved dark-blue button-down shirt. She is also wearing a straw hat.

Cirie is the last out of the boat; she has lost even more weight since her appearance in Exile Island. She has on a red one-piece bathing suit.

The necklaces are hung on two posts; Tom, Charlie, and Ian appear just a few feet away from the necklace on the right. Terry is out of reach of it. Two arms reach out for it, and the longest on misses completely while the shorter, more muscular arm claims it.

The camera turns to reveal that it is Tom who claimed that necklace. He drops to his knees and pumps his fist; he immediately falls to the ground in exhaustion, as does Charlie.

Charlie (out of breath): Good...race.

The two are out of the way of the women, who are a group of five. One of them leaps out of the crowd and tackles the post, coming up with the necklace. Upon closer inspection, the woman wearing an orange tank top with blue shorts comes up with it. That woman is Maria.

Ami slaps her knee in frustration; Cirie just reaches the shore at this time.

Cirie: Who won, guys?

Ian: Tom beat me to the necklace. I guess he got me back for last time.

(confessional) Ian: In Palau, we opened the same way, and I just beat Tom to the necklace. Of course, Tom won, so as long as I end up allied with him again, I think I have a good shot at going all the way.

Maria rises from the ground with her necklace; she stands at 5'7", raven-haired down to her lower back, and looks a little heavier than the thinner, athletic women. She also appears a bit less youthful than last time.

Danielle: Hey Maria, how much you want for that necklace?

Maria: I'll sell it for...oh, say, a million bucks.

(confessional) Maria: I'm a lot better at this game than I let on. I looked careless and out of step last time, but that's how I wanted people on the outside to see me. I don't want them to think I have them all figured out.

Maria hangs the necklace along with her hat, a Buffalo Sabres baseball cap, on the nearest tree branch. At this time, Ami walks past; her bikini top is maroon.

Ami: Sabres, huh? Don't tell me you're one of those damn front-runners.

Maria: Just rooting for the home team like we all do. It's not my fault my team's in first place and yours isn't.

(confessional) Maria: So wait a minute. My first rivalry on the island isn't about my nudity or about my gameplay or even my friendship with Charlie. It's about my hockey allegiance? Of all things for people to draw lines over.

Ami: At least my team doesn't look like they're wearing toupees on their uniform.

Maria: Right, because that hideous maroon looks so much better. Enjoy being out of the playoffs again.

(confessional) Ami: I've gotten into it with people from Detroit and Vancouver over hockey, but when that annoying little bitch from Buffalo gave me hell, it was on.

The screen switches over to Tom, Ian, and Paula building a shelter. Paula stands the same height as Maria but has considerably more extra pounds, hips that make it clear she’s a mother of four, youthful curves that one wouldn’t expect on a woman of 35, and brown hair that she hasn’t cut since the Japan season.

Paula: So wait a second. You guys were best friends in Palau, but you can't work together out here?

Ian: Come on; we know you're just covering up that thing you have going with Charlie.

Paula: Charlie? Are you serious? Yes, I tried going out to dinner with him a couple times, but me with him? He's so far from my type it's crazy. Besides, look at him over there.

Paula points over to Charlie, who's trying to make fire; he's chatting with Danni, who's wearing a red tank top with a Kansas City Chiefs insignia as well as short black shorts.

Paula: Charlie and Danni have been doing a lot of talking. He hasn't said anything to me, but give it time and those two will be all over each other.

Tom: Wait a minute, Danni told me she was with that guy who plays for the Chiefs.

Paula: Charlie told me she broke up with him before the show. Both of them are free agents.

(confessional) Ian: She said it without a bit of jealousy, so I know she's telling me the truth. Charlie and Paula are officially just friends, if that. Now, I'm keeping my eye on him and Danni, though.

The camera shows Charlie and Danni chatting while they try to make a fire.

Charlie: So wait a minute. What the hell's different this season? I did it fine last season?

Danni: We've been here for less than an hour, Charlie.

Charlie: And last time I made fire, I hurt my back.

Danni: Don't look at me about that. Hey, let me see if I can find something that's completely dry; we might have better luck.

Charlie: Damnit, I want to make sure neither of us is going anywhere. Call Yau-Man over.

(confessional) Danni: At that point, we both had an epiphany at the same time. An alliance between me and Charlie won't carry at all out here if we don't rope some more people in. And besides, Yau-Man wears glasses, so we're using those to make fire.

Yau-Man arrives at the fire pit and immediately tries to focus the sun's rays onto the small pile of kindling.

Yau-Man: It needs to be brighter for this to work.

Charlie: I didn't ask for excuses, guy; I asked for help.

Yau-Man: Take it easy, Charlie.

Charlie: I am taking it easy. Can't you tell when I'm kidding?

(confessional) Yau-Man: Of course I can't tell when the man's kidding or not. It's like he asks for my help, blames me when it doesn't work, and then claims he's just kidding. I want to slap him.

As Yau-Man appears to have something going, a raindrop falls on his glasses. The glasses are the same ones he wore in Fiji.

Danni: Well, that shoots this idea to hell.

Charlie: Yeah, I thought we had something. Now we need to find whoever's doing a rain dance and tell them to knock it the hell off.

The camera switches to Ozzy, who's talking to Danielle and Cirie.

Cirie: So what do we eat around here?

Ozzy: I need a pole or something; those fish won't catch themselves.

Cirie: I can fish; why don't you go grab some coconuts?

Ozzy: OK, so that puts me on coconuts, which is a sure thing. Cirie, are you sure you got fish?

Cirie: I caught them on my season just fine.

Ozzy: That was with real fishing gear.

Cirie: So you're telling me you're the only one here who doesn't need fishing gear?

Ozzy: Hey, I think we all need fishing gear.

Danielle: So wait, what do you want me to do, anyway?

Ozzy: Stay with me; I'll be knocking down coconuts and I'll need help carrying them and opening them.

(confessional) Danielle: So Cirie thinks she's turned into some sort of fishing expert. Not that any of it matters; we don't have fire, so cooking fish isn't exactly likely.

The rain picks up around camp as Ozzy takes to climbing a tall coconut tree. Ozzy is in a red T-shirt with a surfing figure on it and long cargo shorts.

As Ozzy is shown climbing the tree, the sky appears to darken and the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

05-21-07, 12:23 PM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 1 - "Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride""
Blog Entry: 01/21/2008
Authored by: Laura Dean, sensitivenakedgirl

I did a few entries last season, but this year, I've decided to do a weekly column every Friday after the show airs. I almost decided not to do it, since a lot of people feel the need to force me to defend my relationship with Maria, but when those bigots at Focus on the Family decided to stage a boycott, I decided that I just couldn't do that. I have a lot to say to them.

First off, Dr. Dobson, thanks for the free publicity. Your big mouth started a firestorm of pseudo-Christian animosity toward people in my position and toward the show, and all that can do is gain attention for us. And frankly, threaten boycotts and pressure on sponsors all you want - CBS has never had any trouble finding sponsors in the past. GM pulled out after Cook Islands? Ford stepped right in, and GM begged their way back on the show for the Japan season, even paying Ford's way out. And put all the pressure you want on Pepsi; CBS can just as easily call Coke. You accomplish nothing except for making yourselves look like complete idiots, but at least you're getting attention. But hey, so is my girl. To quote Gervase from Season 1: If you want to be seen, stand up. If you want to be heard, speak up. If you want to be appreciated, shut up. You pseudo-Christian bigots are good at the first two. Try the third on for size.

And for the record, I didn't let Maria stay with me for all that time because I was in love with her. Well, just before she left for Japan, I was, but before that? I was all she had in the U.S. It's what friends do for each other. She had a dream of being a pediatrician, and I wanted her to realize that goal. She went on Survivor in a far-fetched hope of getting enough money to pursue that dream, and it worked, and now we have a nice house together in Princeton. She's not doing for me because I did for her. And it's not because she thinks I have a nice ass, either. It doesn't matter why or how we fell in love. It worked.

And Maria? Thank you for switching to business school. I know you love medicine, but it just wasn't working for you. When you come back from your semester off, you have a 4.0 to keep up. Right after you win again.

Love forever,



Back from commercial.

Angikauitai Island, Camp, Day 2. The ground is still soaked, and players are gathering water from leaves.

The screen cuts to Jonathan assisting Cirie with the construction of a fishing spear.

Jonathan: I wish we could make this thing sharper.

Cirie: We need some sort of arrowhead on it.

Jonathan: We need a real fishing spear.

(confessional) Jonathan: At this point, we're all finding our roles in what we're attempting to do. No one's really accomplished a whole lot yet. The fire isn't made, no one's caught any fish, and the shelter looks about half-finished. We have some coconuts, but that's about it; it looks like coconuts are pretty limited on this island, so we're saving them for whoever ends up having to live here.

Carrying what looks to be a completed spear, Jonathan runs into the water in an attempt to catch fish.

Cirie: Good luck with that, and maybe we'll have fire when you get back.

The camera switches over to Twila, Rafe, and Terry, who are all gathering firewood.

Twila: I have to be honest; I haven't really met a lot of the people out here. I'm worried about that.

Terry: Hey, you just be completely honest with me and I'll watch your back.

Twila: I know how you operate, but I don't follow how a lot of people work. I'm very suspicious of Ozzy and Jonathan, and I think there are a lot of people lying to each other out here.

Rafe: It's hard to get away with lying out here; no one wants to end up like Lex.

(confessional) Terry: Right now, I want to make sure that personal feelings don't get too involved in gameplay. Yes, there's been a lot of history out here; we have some people who are practically siblings and others who are still bitter over their seasons.

Rafe: I guess I thought Danni was taking me no matter what when I let her out of that promise. Then I thought about it, and she was ditching me no matter what, so I guess I can't be bitter.

Twila: I wouldn't trust Danni at all.

Rafe: You wouldn't trust anybody.

Twila: I trusted Chris on my season, and look what it got me.

Terry: Chris is trouble; I think we all know that. Anyone who made an entire strategy out of lies and deceit is someone who needs to go first, if for no other reason than to teach them a lesson.

Twila: Hey, I hope you don't hold anything I said against me.

Terry: I just have one thing to ask.

Twila: What's that?

Terry: No more swearing on family members. I won't do that and I ask that anyone I cooperate with doesn't do that either.

Twila: I swore on my son once, and I won't do it again.

(confessional) Twila: What no one seems to understand was that, when I swore on my son, I was actually with them at the time. It wasn't a lie; it wasn't gamesmanship. I was honest when I said it.

The camera shows Charlie, Danni, and Maria talking around the fire pit.

Danni: Do you think they're going after the winners first?

Charlie: I don't give a damn if you won your season or not; what matters to me is if I can work with you.

Danni: You see it that way. I see it that way. Does everyone else see it that way? What if they're looking over at us and pinning me down as the first to go?

Maria: You're the strongest woman here; you have nothing to worry about right now.

Danni: Neither do you, I assume.

(confessional) Maria: I got the immunity necklace. I have no idea what it's good for, but if it means I'm not the first one out, I'm thrilled.

Charlie: So on the season they did this twist on, two people got eliminated right off, and we picked for tribes.

Maria: Charlie, if we do that, you're my first choice.

Charlie: And we need to make sure Tom doesn't take you, Danni. I want us on the same tribe.

Danni: So it's us three, and we need two more. Paula's a sure thing; we need a guy.

(confessional) Charlie: An alliance of five can be completely untouchable. Never mind that I'm in it with two previous winners; I'll work with anyone I can get hold of.

The camera switches to Maria, who's talking to Yul.

Yul: So wait a second. If they do a pick'em, you want me on your team?

Maria: Exactly. Tom probably takes someone he can carry with him, and that person takes Ozzy. At that point, we count you in, and then we have an alliance that dominates the tribe.

Yul: That sounds kind of risky. Is anyone besides me good at finding idols?

Maria: What makes you so sure we have an idol this season?

Yul: What do you mean?

Maria: We had just the one idol. It barely got any use.

(confessional) Yul: I'm definitely considering Maria's idea. I think that puts me in an alliance with Maria, Danni, Paula, and Charlie, but I have to wonder if Danni and I are just goats.

Yul: So what stops you and Charlie from teaming up with Paula and ditching me?

Maria: How far ahead have you thought about this? And have you even noticed Charlie's behavior?

Yul: Yes, I have. He's hanging with your and Danni.

Maria: Exactly. The way I see it, Danni has to go when we're down to five.

Yul: Are you serious?

Maria: They're too close. Besides, I like it better when Charlie was with Paula.

(confessional) Maria: I can try to convince Tom to go with someone, and then convince that person not to take Ozzy if I wanted, fact, I kind of don't have a lot of faith in Yul right now. That might be a better option.

The camera switches to Cirie, who's talking to Chris.

Cirie: So if we're down to just the last few, you make sure to pick me and I'll pick you, OK?

Chris: Whatever keeps me in this game. I don't want to go out right away.

(confessional) Chris: Cirie and I are not obvious choices for tribes. We want to make sure that we're on a team together so we can watch each other's backs. By myself, I'm history, but with an ally looking out for me, I have a shot.

(confessional) Cirie: I have Chris watching my back, and that's good and all, but I have no intention of watching his. If it's between him and someone useful, I'll take the useful person. I don't really care to be tribemates with him, but I'll take him watching out for me while I get myself ready to plant the knife in his back.

The camera focuses on an overview of Angakauitai beach, with all the Survivors going about their business as the screen cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 1 - "Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride""
REPORT: Not All Pleased With Return of Fan Favorite?

UPI News, 01/17/2008

A spokesman for the American Heart Association has decried CBS' Survivor: All-Stars II for its inclusion of Charlie Forrest, victim of a mid-season heart attack in the previous Japan season.

The spokesman, who asked not to be identified, told reporters, "The fact that they would put that man's life in danger for ratings is a sad testament to the state of the nation. Mr. Forrest has no business spending another six weeks on a desert island playing a stressful game. We all saw what happened the last time he did."

Survivor producer Mark Burnett replied to this latest round of controversy with this statement: "I spoke to Charlie and I spoke to his doctors, and none of them had any reservations about him coming back. We have a very good medical staff, and I guess if we didn't, there would be a concern. But the American Heart Association is making a big deal over nothing."

The inclusion of Forrest in the cast is the second controversial move made by Burnett's casting department; "Focus on the Family" urged a boycott over the inclusion of popular Japan winner Maria Savovic, a nudist who is in a relationship with another woman.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, Camp, Day 3. The sun is rising and some Survivors are going about their business. The rain appears to have dried up.

Parvati and Ami are talking in the shelter. Parvati is in a red bikini.

Parvati: So you're pretty sure that we're getting rid of two people right here.

Ami: We have to. It's definitely at least one of the guys. If we can arrange it, that guy should be Chris.

Parvati: What if we all go to Tribal together?

Ami: Then we have to arrange it so that Chris goes. Do you think all ten of the women here will go for a women's alliance?

Parvati: I know some will, but we need all ten plus one of the guys.

Ami: It might even be as simple as turning the tide against Chris among the women. I have an idea.

The camera switches to Ami talking to Chris.

Chris: So wait a second - we want to go after the Cook Islands people?

Ami: Think about it - there's four of them. Ozzy's a threat, Jonathan's annoying, and Yul can't be trusted.

Chris: You know, you're not doing much to dispel the whole picture of you as a man-hater.

Ami: Hey, I don't hate you, do I?

(confessional) Ami: I rather like Chris. But somehow, this idea of me being a man-hater got out in my season. Well, of course it got out; I was the leader on a tribe full of women, and our rivals were a bunch of guys. They were the enemy. It doesn't mean I hate men or anything. But it doesn't change the fact that Chris has to go.

Ami soon begins talking to Harriet, Sandra, and Danielle.

Ami: So I talked to Chris, and he told me what his plans are.

Sandra: He just came out and told you?

Ami: Hey, he's actually a good friend of mine outside the show, but in the game, he's completely evil.

Danielle: I don't get it; what are you trying to tell me?

Ami: His plans include Rafe, Ozzy, and Terry. No girls in that group.

Harriet: Are you for real? Are you seriously telling me that Chris is trying to get all the girls out?

(confessional) Harriet: Ami tried to play my game and lie through her teeth. And I knew she was bulls---ting me and doing a terrible job of it. So I just looked at her and nodded like I believed her, but if she's left out of everyone's plans, I really don't give a damn.

The camera shows an overview of a boat arriving at Angikauitai near the flag. Jeff gets off the boat carrying a bag.

Jeff (shouting): Come on in, guys!

Everyone stops what they're doing and rushes to hear what Jeff has to say.

Jeff: So I guess my first question is this - who got the necklaces?

Tom and Maria raise their hands.

Jeff: Well, you probably have some pretty good notions about what's about to happen here.

Parvati: Don't tell me we're about to lose two people here.

Jeff: I have a better idea than that. What if, instead of losing two people, we lost four?

The entire cast gasps in horror.

Ian: Don't do this to me, Jeff.

Jeff: And what if I told you that those immunity necklaces were a curse rather than a blessing?

Maria: Oh, now he tells me.

Jeff: And what if I told you that the last two things I said were completely false?

Harriet starts clutching her head as if to avoid fainting.

(confessional) Tom: I could have killed him right there. Making my hard-earned immunity necklace into a curse?

Jeff: Tom and Maria, I need you to grab your necklaces and come forward.

After a quick second, they do so.

Jeff: Tom, I need you over here on my left; Maria, I need you on my right. I have your tribal assignments right here.

Everyone starts muttering in shock.

Jeff: Chris, I need you to join Tom over here.

Chris gets up and stands at Jeff's left.

Jeff: Danielle, I need you over here with Maria.

Danielle walks up to join Maria.

Jeff: Next to join Tom will be Terry.

Terry (walking up): This ought to be good.

Jeff: Joining Maria over here will be Ami.

Maria: Well, I guess it had to happen.

Ami: Just don't go taking your clothes off in front of me.

Jeff: On Tom's team, we have Yul.

Yul saunters up to Tom's side, joined by Chris and Terry.

Jeff: Over here on Maria's side, I need Sandra.

Ami and Sandra exchange a quick nod as Sandra joins her.

Jeff: I need Charlie up here joining Tom.

Charlie: What, no girls over here?

Ami: We're all over here, and we're just as ready to kick your butts as ever.

Jeff: Joining Maria's side, I need Paula.

Paula: Sorry Charlie, but it looks like we're enemies again.

Jeff: That's five to a side right now. Tom, I need, for your side...

The camera focuses on the remaining ten Survivors.

Jeff: ...Danni.

Danni runs up to Tom's team, begins high-fiving her teammates, and exchanges an embrace with Charlie. Paula glances at her suspiciously.

Jeff: For Maria's side, let's have Ozzy.

Ozzy runs up to Maria and her teammates.

Jeff: It's pretty obvious we're not doing guys against girls, so let's bring up Cirie, Harriet, Parvati, and Twila for Tom's team. Ian, Rafe, Jonathan, and Yau-Man, you're all on Maria's team.

Jeff immediately turns to Maria's team, consisting of Maria, Ami, Danielle, Paula, Sandra, Ian, Jonathan, Ozzy, Rafe, and Yau-Man.

Jeff hands each player a blue buff in a shade similar to Rarotonga's blue but more metallic.

Jeff: You guys are Ta'aroa, named for the Polynesian god of the sea.

Jeff turns to the other group, consisting of Tom, Charlie, Chris, Terry, Yul, Cirie, Danni, Harriet, Parvati, and Twila.

Jeff hands each player a metallic silver buff, a shade never before seen on Survivor.

Jeff: You guys are Fati, named for the Polynesian god of the moon. I think both tribes have pretty appropriate names. Also, there are two more orders of business.

The camera focuses on both groups standing before Jeff.

Jeff: First off, Tom and Maria have the immunity necklaces, and unlike what I said earlier, these necklaces are, in fact, a blessing and not a curse. Tom and Maria will each be immune the first time they go to Tribal Council. That may be tonight or it may be days from now, but the first time Tom or Maria goes to Tribal, they are immune. Also, there's one more thing.

We notice that the boat Jeff is in is considerably larger than the last boat.

Jeff: Hop in; your first challenge starts soon.

The Survivors begin filing into the boat, with Fati sitting on the left and Ta'aroa on the right. The boat pulls away from Angikauitai as the screen cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 1 - "Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride""
Blog Entry: 01/20/2008
Authored by: Derek Forrest, bigblueclassof09

All last fall, I got a lot of "Hey, I'm a big fan of your dad's." Well, they should be; I was a big fan of my dad's, too. He owned Japan. He would have won going away if not for...well, you know. What got me was how much sympathy I got the night after Dad's heart attack episode aired. No one seemed to comprehend this much: "Come on, people. That happened months ago. My dad's fine. Jeff even said so himself." I dealt with that over the summer when they called me out to visit him.

I thought Dad had made the family visit. They flew me out, and I just wondered what type of people he was really playing the game with. I guess I had them type-cast just a bit, especially after the two seasons before that with all the recruited players. And I was already preparing myself for if I had to shut down a loudmouth like Dreamz.

They introduced me to all the loved ones - and it took all the restraint I had not to ask Laura out. It's a good thing, too; I didn't know she was, ahem, spoken for. But then they separated me from the group and dropped the bomb on me. I can still remember Mark Burnett's words: "Your father didn't make the visit challenge. You're here because he's in the hospital. He had a heart attack." They made it seem as if Dad was almost dead and I'd be burying him in Japan.

When I went to see him, he was responsive and his usual self. He was not pleased about being out of the game. He also told me that there was someone he wanted me to meet after the show. And, when he got home, he brought me down to Tennessee where he's living now to meet Paula. And let me just say this much - she and Dad are perfect together.

They both know it, too, but they won't just say they're dating. And now I guess I know why. I guess I'm rooting for them because, more than anything, I want a mom. My birth mom, if she even deserves that title, was never around even when I needed her, and as most of America knows, she ran off with a 22-year-old National Guard deserter when I was 10. She had the chance to be around for me. She blew it. But I still was a mother figure, and as far as moms go, Paula's the best I know. Paula knows it. Dad knows it. Hopefully, they'll make it official after the show.

As for the actual game? Here's hwo I see it. Dad wins every tribal immunity for his team, takes every individual immunity, and wins the final vote in a sweep. Or that's what I'd like to believe would happen. Honestly? He has at least a spot on the jury sewn up. And at the finale, even if they're the first two voted out, he proposes to Paula...please?

Back from commercial.

Motorboat traveling from Angikauitai to Challenge Beach, Day 3.

Maria (to Jeff): So just so I'm clear, if I make the merge and haven't been to Tribal, the necklace is good the first time I have to go?

Jeff: You're awfully optimistic, Maria.

Maria: Hey, I just wanted to be clear.

Charlie: I hate to talk trash to you like this, Maria, but enjoy that necklace now because you'll be needing it very soon.

Maria: I'll be keeping it for as long as I can. You're just scared because you don't have one.

Paula: You tell him, Maria.

Charlie: So you're in on this too now.

Paula: Look down at your wrist, Charlie.

Charlie sees the silver buff on his wrist.

Paula: Now look at my forehead.

Charlie sees the blue buff on Paula's head.

Paula: We're on opposite tribes now. So it doesn't matter if I like you. Remember that.

Charlie: Hey Westman, is there any chance of borrowing that necklace if we go to Tribal?

Tom: To borrow a line from Jeff - you wish.

Charlie: Hey, it's not like we're kicking you off first anyway. That was a hell of a shelter.

Tom: And that was a hell of a fire you made, Forrest - oh right, there wasn't one.

Charlie: You're killing me, man.

The tribes arrive at Akamaru Island, where they each file onto a tribal mat in their color.

Jeff: Welcome to your first challege.

Some members of both tribes clap; others smile.

Jeff: Let's get to today's challenge. I should clarify one thing - this is the original logo used for Survivor.

The flag flying behind them is the Survivor: Borneo logo.

Jeff: You will see a lot of callbacks to past seasons; in fact, every immunity challenge will be an homage to a specific season. We're starting with the first challenge ever run in Survivor history. It's called Quest for Fire. Here's how it works. You will swim out to those floating platforms--

The platforms are big enough for ten comfortably; one is silver and the other is blue.

Jeff: On my go, you will swim down to unhook your raft--

The rafts are made of bamboo and are tied together with rope.

Jeff: You will then paddle your rafts to shore. Your rafts have woks that have fire; you will use that fire to light two woks in the water before reaching shore.

The camera shows a view of the immediate shore; there are more woks.

Jeff: On shore, you will light two more woks and carry your raft underneath this bamboo grid.

The bamboo grid leaves about two feet of space and is about 60 feet long.

Jeff: At the end of the bamboo grid is the finish line. The first tribe to cross the finish line with all ten members and get its raft all the way across the the line wins. Wanna know what you're playing for?

The tribe anxiously shouts "Yes!"

Jeff peels back the cover over the immunity idol, which is an exact replica of the idol used on the first season.

Jeff: This is immunity. As long as you have immunity, you cannot be voted out of this game. In addition--

Jeff picks up a small, dark object.

Jeff: Flint for fires. This goes to the tribe that wins. For the losers? Tribal Council tonight, where someone will be the first person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II, and either Tom or Maria will have to relinquish their immunity necklace. Everybody take your spots; wait for my go.

The camera shows players swimming out to the floating platforms. Jeff is still on shore.

Jeff (shouting): This is for immunity. Survivors ready?

Some raise their hands; others nod their heads.

Jeff: GO!

Most of the players from both tribes dive in immediately; some do not surface immediately.

Jeff: There are six hooks and six paddles! You're not going anywhere unless you have them all!

Quickly, Tom resurfaces.

Tom: I got it.

Jeff: Tom says he has one hook undone!

Soon after, Danni resurfaces.

Danni: That's one hook.

Jeff: That's TWO hooks for Fati! Ta'aroa has some catching up to do!

Sandra stays on the platform while Ozzy resurfaces for Ta'aroa and immediately goes back down.

Jeff: Ta'aroa needs to catch up! I can't tell if Ozzy got that unhooked or not!

Ian resurfaces at the same time as Terry.

Jeff: It looks like Fati has a 3-2 lead in hooks now!

Harriet gathers some paddles that surfaced for Fati; Maria and Danielle do the same for Ta'aroa.

Jeff: Ta'aroa, you're still in this!

Rafe resurfaces looking frustrated; behind him, Ami resurfaces.

Rafe: You get one?

Ami: Yeah.

Jeff: We're all even at three hooks!

Charlie resurfaces for Fati and takes an immediate breather.

Jeff: Charlie, you got one?

Charlie gives a thumbs-up.

Jeff: Two more for Fati!

Rafe dives back down followed by Maria.

Jeff: Sandra, go for it!

Sandra ignores Jeff and continues to stay on the platform.

Jeff: Sandra completely uninterested in this part of the challenge! Rafe back up, and it looks like he has one! We're all even!

Ozzy quickly resurfaces.

Jeff: Ozzy has another one for Ta'aroa! Ta'aroa in the lead!

Tom comes back up; at the same time, Parvati surfaces.

Tom: Go! Go!

Jeff: Tom thinks they have it!

Danielle comes back up for Ta'aroa.

Danielle: Is that six?

Rafe: Yeah, I think so.

Ozzy: Than let's move!

Jeff: Both tribes heading out! Paddling furiously!

Fati begins to take off, but Ta'aroa gets stuck.

Maria: What the hell?

Danielle: Rafe, I thought we had it!

Rafe: I did too! Who didn't get one!

Ozzy: I'll get it.

Jeff: A problem with Ta'aroa! One hook was still latched! Make sure you have it!

Yul: I got mine! Don't look at me!

Maria: Just get ready to paddle.

Ozzy comes back up.

Ozzy: It was the one in the middle on the other side.

The camera focuses quickly on Ami.

Ozzy: Let's go.

Ozzy grabs a paddle and starts rowing.

Jeff: Ta'aroa has a lot of ground to make up! Fati's ready to light their second wok!

Yul grabs the fire rod and lights the first wok; at the same time, Danni lights the second wok for Ta'aroa.

Jeff: Fati an entire wok ahead! Get to shore quickly, guys!

Ozzy and Ian try to paddle faster, but they are still far behind; Yul continues to light for Ta'aroa as Fati reaches shore.

Jeff: Fati has two woks to light on land, and then the bamboo grid! They can put it away!

Every Fati member grabs the raft and carries it; it appears heavy, and Parvati and Chris have to reposition.

Jeff: Get a good grip on that raft!

Ta'aroa reaches shore; everyone starts piling off, and Sandra stays in the back.

Jeff: A matter of feet separates the two tribes!

Parvati grabs the torch for Fati and lights the first wok.

Jeff: Fati's up by a wok! Parvati needs to stay with the group!

Sandra lights the first land wok for Ta'aroa.

Jeff: Sandra really trying to redeem herself; she's helping Ta'aroa catch up!

Everyone but Sandra is carrying the raft over their heads for Ta'aroa; Sandra has the torch. Parvati has the torch for Fati, which is carrying it down low; Parvati lights the second torch.

Jeff: Fati just needs to get through the bamboo grid! It's sixty feet long!

All the Fati drop lower to try to squeeze the raft under the grid. At this time, Sandra lights the second wok.

Jeff: Ta'aroa right on their heels! Now it's time for the grid!

Fati has an advantage of about ten feet once Ta'aroa starts going into the grid. Ian and Ozzy push from behind for Ta'aroa while the others maneuver their hands to pull.

Jeff: It's harder than it looks, people!

Tom and Terry are out in front pulling for Fati. They maintain a lead that Ta'aroa cannot close.

Jeff: Fati might just close it out; the finish line is right after the grid!

Ta'aroa's raft is stuck in the sand. Tom, Terry, Danni, and Charlie lead the way out from under the grid.

Jeff: Just the finish line to cross!

Everyone on Fati grabs the raft to cros the line while Ta'aroa gets theirs unstuck and through. Everyone on Fati is across.

Jeff: Fati wins immunity!

The members of Ta'aroa frustratedly drop the raft and walk away from it; the camera shows Fati gathering and celebrating their win.

Jeff passes the idol to Tom on Fati.

Jeff: Fati, this idol is yours; no Tribal Council for you. Also, this flint is for you to make fire. There is one other order of business.

Jeff takes out a map and hands it to Parvati.

Jeff: That is a map to your new home; waiting for you there is a pot, a machete, and a map to your water source. This flint is yours as well, and there is plenty of shelter-building material.

Jeff then turns to Ta'aroa, who is gathered away from Fati.

Jeff: As for Ta'aroa, I can't say the same. There will be Tribal Council tonight, and one of you will be the first one to go home. In addition, for today, you will go back to Angakauitai, where you just came from. For the remainder of the day until Tribal Council, you will be able to search for a hidden immunity idol somewhere in the campsite. The first clue to the whereabouts of the idol will be waiting for you there. Head on back.

Screen shots of the triumphant Fati tribe dominate the images immediately before the screen cuts to commercial.

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5. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 1 - "Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride""
LAST EDITED ON 05-21-07 AT 12:35 PM (EST)

REPORT: Arrest Warrant for 'Survivor' Cast Member?

UPI News, 01/24/2008

According to "The Smoking Gun," there is an outstanding warrant for the arrest of Chris Daugherty on a charge of missing a court date.

According to the Ohio State Troopers, Daugherty was pulled over in late November for driving 88 mph on a 55-mph highway in southern Ohio. He was issued a fine of $125 and ordered to pay court costs as well; however, he failed to appear in court on December 11, his assigned court date, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Daugherty could not be reached for comment; however, his wife, Lorie, issued the following statement: "My husband paid the fine and all relevant costs before the court date. On the court date itself, he was in the hospital with me after I broke my hand. He called the judge to inform him that the money was sent and that he would not be there."

The State Troopers would not confirm or deny Lorie's statement. CBS indicated that it was unaware that Daugherty had an arrest warrant.

This is not Daugherty's first incident. In 2006, Daugherty was fired from his job for falsifying sick leave.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 3. The tribe arrives in their boat; the campsite is marked with their tribe's flag.

(confessional) Tom: We won the first immunity challenge, and we were sent off to a new campsite. This is playing out an awful lot like my first season, where we started over immediately after winning the first challenge.

Charlie: So now I might actually be able to start a fire.

Tom: Don't get too cocky; we have a lot to do here.

Charlie: Fire needs to be our first priority; I don't care if it's just one of us working on it, but someone has to do it.

Tom: Good point. Let's have Danni do the fire and the rest of us can gather wood and build a shelter.

Charlie: Well, someone needs to start gathering water as well; I don't know about you guys, but I think we all need to stay hydrated out here.

(confessional) Charlie: I think Tom's jumping into a leadership role just like he always did. He's a natural leader, and if I hang back and let him take control, it will be his head on the chopping block when we screw up later, not mine.

Angikauitai Island, Neutral Camp, Day 3. The Ta'aroa tribe arrives at the beach that they came from.

Immediately, Rafe approaches the clue that is hanging on the flag and unrolls it.

Rafe (from the clue): From this point, take ten paces and turn. The sun stares at it at high noon.

Danielle: Is it noon yet?

Ami: It's pretty early; we have a long time to look for the idol.

Maria: That might be your saving grace.

Ami: Hide behind immunity while you still can, little girl.

(confessional) Maria: I am making it my mission to get Ami out. I just plain don't like her, and she's a conniving little bitch. She's nothing but trouble.

The camera shows Ami talking to Paula.

Ami: So I think the plan at this time is to vote off Yau-Man.

Paula: Why him?

Ami: He's useless in challenges, and I just see him getting too close to Ozzy and Jonathan.

Paula: I don't know...Sandra's a better bet to get rid of.

Ami: I want to keep Sandra.

Paula: Don't tell me you're going after the guys.

Ami: Not all the guys. Just Yau-Man and Jonathan. We need Ozzy.

(confessional) Paula: I'm not voting for Yau-Man right now. No, he's not the strongest guy out here, but he's pretty sharp, and we can use him. Sandra sank us in that last challenge.

The camera shows Sandra talking to Jonathan and Rafe.

Sandra: You guys know who really cost us that challenge, right?

Jonathan: I assume you don't mean yourself.

Sandra: Hey, I tried to help us catch up. It's that motherf----- Ami who said she had a hook undone and didn't.

Rafe: So that's why people thought I didn't get the last hook! I got my hook. Ami said she had it!

Sandra: That hook that wasn't free? Ami's fault. We need her gone.

Jonathan: Hell, I'll do it. I just need to get a little more buy-in.

Rafe: Go for Maria. She hates Ami.

(confessional) Jonathan: It looks like we're getting people together to vote off Ami. Fine by me; I don't get along with her, and she did lose us the challenge.

Jonathan is shown talking to Ozzy.

Jonathan: So the thinking at this point is that we want Ami gone. I have myself, Rafe, Sandra, and Maria.

Ozzy: I was thinking we need to cut out Rafe. He lost us the challenge.

Jonathan: If you mean the hook that wasn't free, that was Ami's fault, not Rafe's. Rafe got his unhooked.

Ozzy: I'm sure he told you that. He's lying.

Jonathan: Rafe can't lie worth a damn; if he did it, I would know.

Ozzy: Well, maybe he just isn't aware that it's his fault--

Jonathan: It's not his fault! Stop being so damn stubborn!

Ozzy: I'm not being stubborn, but I know what I saw!

(confessional) Ozzy: I'm actually pretty sure it was Ami who cost us the challenge, but I'm protecting Ami. I want to direct her vote over to Rafe and get the tribe onboard with that, and pretty soon, Ami will think she's running the show when it's really me behind the scenes.

The camera shows Ozzy talking to Ami.

Ozzy: I want Rafe out.

Ami: Why Rafe?

Ozzy: He cost us the challenge. I'll get as many people in on it as I can.

Ami: You do know it was my fault we lost the challenge.

Ozzy: I know that. Yau-Man, Danielle, and Ian don't. If we swing them, we have five right there.

Ami: Hey, do you have any idea where the idol is?

Ozzy: It's a total shot in the dark, and I don't want to get caught looking for it. Later on if we have more clues, I'd distract the tribe and let you find it.

(confessional) Ami: I'm in an alliance with the strongest guy on the tribe. I'd like to get rid of Rafe now and then Yau-Man and then we can cut weak players like Sandra and Maria if we have to.

The camera shows Ozzy talking to Paula.

Ozzy: We're looking at getting Rafe out.

Paula: Why? Rafe's pretty good.

Ozzy: We want the weak players out. I just don't think Rafe came through.

Paula: That loss was Sandra's fault; she's completely helpless.

Ozzy: If we vote off Sandra now, we lose a lot of leadership.

Paula: What leadership? You're not making any sense.

(confessional) Paula: Ozzy came to me with this crazy idea of voting off Rafe. We need Rafe, and we don't need Sandra. I want Sandra gone, and I'm working on Yau-Man and Ian.

The camera shows Sandra talking to Yau-Man and Ian.

Paula: Ozzy's trying to run this tribe.

Ian: We need Ozzy, though; you can't be thinking about voting him off.

Paula: No, no; I want Sandra out, but he wants Rafe out. We need to protect Rafe.

Ian: I'll try to find the idol, pass it to Rafe, and--

Paula: Will you shut up about the damn idol? No one's getting the idol.

Yau-Man: I heard Ami was trying to target me. I don't even know why.

Paula: Is Ami in an alliance with Ozzy?

Yau-Man: I don't know. I can find out.

Ian: She won't tell us straight out, you know.

Paula: What if we just vote for Ami?

Ian: That's crazy; she's a lot stronger than Sandra.

Yau-Man: Ian's right. We need strength.

The camera shows the setting sun and an image of the Ta'aroa tribe rowing into Tribal Council. They dock their boat and walk in carrying their unlit torches.

They walk into Tribal Council, designed after several previous Tribal Councils.

Jeff: Behind each of you is a torch; take it and dip it in the flame to get fire. In this game, fire represents your life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game; when your fire is gone, so are you.

Each player takes a seat; Ozzy, Ian, Danielle, Yau-Man, and Ami sit in the back row while Jonathan, Sandra, Maria, Rafe, and Paula sit in the front.

Jeff: Danielle, has there been any effort to find the idol at camp?

Danielle: I didn't try for it. The clue was vague and gave me no information.

Jeff: Is that pretty much true for everyone?

Rafe: I don't have the idol.

Paula: Nope. Not here.

Jeff: Maria, right now you don't need an idol; you're safe. How relieving is that?

Maria: I don't know if I would be on the block even if I didn't have this. I thought I did pretty well this time.

Jeff: Ami, is this tribe pretty united or is there a divide?

Ami: A lot of times, personal feelings get involved in how people work. Last time, I let my personal feelings get in the way. This time, it's all business.

Jeff: Jonathan, is that pretty accurate?

Jonathan: At this point, we may be able to afford a personal vote. We can afford to vote out someone people just don't like or someone who doesn't pull their weight.

Jeff: Is that the plan tonight?

Jonathan: Just because it's doable doesn't mean it's what I want to do. You don't come into this game with no concept of strategy and with no idea how to plan a vote.

Jeff: Rafe, what are you basing your vote on tonight?

Rafe: At this point, I don't want to be the first one out. I caught hell for something that happened during the challenge, and my vote is going for the person who's actually responsible.

Jeff: Ian, what do you know about this?

Ian: I think they mean the time when we got stuck trying to row away from the platform. I know it wasn't Rafe's fault, and I won't be voting for Rafe.

Jeff: Yau-Man, is that a fair assessment?

Yau-Man: We win as a team, and we lose as a team. There is no blaming someone for a loss. I don't want a divided tribe. I don't really want to vote anyone out right now, but we lost, and that's part of the game.

Jeff: Paula, what can this tribe do to prevent a losing streak?

Paula: Well, first off, our losing streak is at one right now. I intend to keep it that way, and anyone here who doesn't should just lay down their torch right now and leave. I'm here to win.

Jeff: Ozzy, can you tell me why you shouldn't be voted out?

Ozzy: Everyone here knows who I am and what I'm about. I will work hard to make sure that this team is a winner. I work at camp, I work during challenges, and I work for everyone I'm aligned with.

Jeff: Sandra, can you tell me why you shouldn't be voted out?

Sandra: I might look like I'm bad in challenges, but I'm getting better every day, and I proved that.

Jeff: Danielle, can you tell me why you shouldn't be voted out?

Danielle: Aside from Ozzy, I'm the strongest member of this tribe.

Jeff: We're about to find out if your tribe agrees with you. Incidentally, if anyone did happen to find the hidden immunity idol, it is to be played while you vote. You are voting this season behind a curtain so no one can see if you're playing the idol. The voting urn has a side pouch where you would place the idol. There is a small piece of parchment paper inside the idol; you are to write the name of the person to be immune on it. That having been said, it is time to vote. Ozzy, you're up.

Ozzy gets up and walks into the voting booth and goes behind the curtain. He writes down a name. The name is Sandra's.

Ozzy (to voting camera): I changed my mind. This is the best way to protect my top ally.

Ozzy returns and sits back down; Jonathan gets up to write a name down. Jonathan's vote is not shown.

Next to vote is Ian; also, his vote is not shown.

After Ian, Sandra gets up to vote; she writes down Ami's name.

Sandra (to voting camera): You're getting this vote because you dug us a hole I couldn't get us out of.

Sandra goes and sits back down; the next to vote is Danielle, and her vote is not shown.

After Danielle votes, Maria gets up to vote; she votes for Ami.

Maria (to voting camera): You annoying little bitch.

Maria sits back down; after she does, Yau-Man gets up to vote, and his vote is not shown; however, his speech is heard.

Yau-Man (to voting camera): This is for the future of the tribe, nothing more.

Yau-Man gets back to his seat; after he does, Rafe votes, and he votes Ami.

Rafe (to voting camera): I won't be blamed for your screw-ups. We'll be a stronger tribe without you.

Rafe sits back down and gives way to Ami, who votes for Sandra.

Ami (to voting camera): You're not my target, but the will of the tribe is that you go, so I'm going along with it.

Ami sits back down; the last to vote is Paula, who votes Sandra.

Paula (to voting camera): I just think you're a loose cannon and you need to go home now.

Paula sits back down and the camera switches to Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff goes to tally as the screen shows a nervous Ami and a defiant Sandra.

Jeff returns with the urn.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff reaches in and takes out the first vote.

Jeff: First vote...Ami.

The vote is in Sandra's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Sandra. One vote Ami, one vote Sandra.

That vote is in Ami's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Sandra. That's two votes Sandra.

That vote was in Ozzy's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Ami. We're tied again. Two votes Sandra, two votes Ami.

That vote was in Maria's handwriting. Maria is shown clutching her immunity necklace.

Jeff: ...Ami. That's three votes Ami.

That was in Rafe's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Sandra. We're tied at three votes Sandra and three votes Ami.

That was in Paula's handwriting. Only Yau-Man, Jonathan, Ian, and Danielle have yet to see their votes.

Jeff: ...Sandra. Four votes Sandra.

It is unclear whose handwriting this is in.

Jeff: ...Sandra.

Again, it is unclear who cast this vote.

Jeff takes out the ninth ballot.

Jeff: ...the first person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II...Sandra. That's six votes; that's enough. I will now open the side compartment to check for immunity idols.

Jeff turns the urn to show the side pouch; he pulls up a side door to reveal the presence of idols...

...the screen focuses on that compartment...

...and it is empty.

Jeff: No one played the hidden immunity idol. Sandra, you need to bring me your torch.

Sandra dejectedly grabs her torch and walks up to the holder; she places it in.

Jeff: Sandra, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Sandra's torch. She turns to her tribe.

Sandra: I'll be thinking about you over a hot meal tonight.

Sandra walks off into the night while the remaining Ta'aroa focus on Jeff.

Jeff: Sandra won this game her first time out without receiving a single vote against her. Tonight, seven of you voted her out of the game. It goes to show that a different setting can change everything. The same can happen to any of you. Also, since you have yet to make fire, you will not be taking your torches back to camp with you. I have a map to your new home; you will head back there, where supplies will be waiting for you. Head back to keep; I'll see you tomorrow.

The nine remaining Ta'aroa file out of Tribal Council without their torches as the credits begin to roll. Suddenly, a dark background with the Survivor: All-Stars II logo appears superimposed over the screen.

Jeff (voice-over): Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

The screen cuts to commercial.


Earl: My man Yau-Man won't be the first one voted off despite Ami's best, and I mean that term loosely, efforts. Yes, I realize that just about anything could happen from this point on, but what the hell did Yau-Man ever do to Ami? She needs to back the hell off, because the last people who tried to mess with Yau underestimated him, and he ate them for breakfast. In the most unusual way possible.

I may be partial just because I was a teammate and friend of Yau's in Fiji, and I still consider the man a good friend of mine, but if you mess with Yau-Man, you mess with death. And I think it's good for Charlie to get away from him, because I don't care how popular the guy was among his cast; if he gets Yau-Man upset, he will pay.

Stephenie: First off, I'm still bitter over not being contacted for All-Stars II. Yes, I know I've played twice, but that just means I'm experienced. That said, to the people who beat me in Palau and Guatemala - I see all of you going far if that whole pesky "but they won their season" business doesn't get in the way. Yes, Tom and Danni are previous winners. Yes, they're on a killer tribe. How did Mark Burnett get away with this tribal makeup, anyway? Fati looks a lot stronger, even with Ozzy on Ta'aroa. I wouldn't mess with Tom, Danni, and Terry on the same tribe, and if Charlie's as good as they say, Fati might just, dare I say it, make my first tribe not look so bad.

I don't think they'll let this play out too much, though; I predict that Ta'aroa will lose a couple more challenges and then Burnett will switch the tribes up again. Hopefully to something balanced; it would be a damn shame to lose people like Jonathan just becuase they were picked for the wrong tribe.

Becky: My big brother Yul has a lot of work ahead of him if he wants to repeat as Survivor champ. First off, where was he this week? We barely saw him. But I suppose that's not a bad thing; he was overshadowed in our season the first week. Well, he was overshadowed the second week when he found the idol, but when someone claims they fell in love at first sight in the middle of Tribal Council, it tends to take away from such small feats as finding a free pass to the final three.

I like what they've done with the idol this season. It's not all-powerful the way Yul's was, but a super-genius like Yul should be able to find a way to take it to the end. Hopefully, people won't be too hung up on the fact that he won his season. If anyone deserves a second million, it's him.

Rob: What the hell happened this season? "I want Yau-Man out." "No, I changed my mind; I'll vote Rafe." "I'm the wandering Jew, and I'm definitely voting Ami." And after all that, we end up with Sandra Diaz-Twine as the first boot. Sadly, people end up being victims of a bunch of fascist groupthink. If this turns out like the first All-Star season, I think we're looking at the TV repair industry making money hand over fist after a bunch of people leave foot-shaped holes in their pretty little plasma screens.

Also, Charlie needs to figure out that Danni is not right for him. They're getting awfully close, and I'm seriously scared that Charlie follows in Mariano's footsteps and becomes some sort of Sith lord who ends up strangling some poor, innocent kid with the Dark Side. Besides, that means Danni wins again, and how many of us really want to see that ending? On the other hand, as far as I'm concerned, Danni can stay on my screen as long as she likes.

Back from commercial.

Jeff (voice-over): Next time on Survivor...the remaining Ta'aroa start over.

(confessional) Ozzy: We slept on the ground last night with no shelter, and I don't intend to do that again.

Jeff (voice-over): Things get heated over at Fati.

Terry (shouting): You're just plain wrong, and you have no regard for your fellow man.

Charlie (shouting back): I don't need to listen to a loud-mouthed bully.

Jeff (voice-over): And the Survivors need a strong stomach.

Jeff: Welcome to the Survivor Smorgasbord.

CBS voice-over: Stay tuned for an all-new CSI coming up next.

Sandra (final words): I fought hard for my tribe. I trained for this since my season, and I went out of my way to make sure it would work again, and it all blew up in my face. Frankly, I wish my tribe the best of luck, but I think they will need a lot of it if they don't get their act together.

7 votes Sandra: Ami, Danielle, Ian, Jonathan, Ozzy, Paula, Yau-Man
3 votes Ami: Maria, Rafe, Sandra

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6. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 1 - "Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride""
Looks like Cesternino hasn't lost his sarcastic touch.

Sounds like no one watched Fiji: thinking Yau's going to be the challenge weak link for the tribe is an uneducated decision at best. Sandra's arguably the better choice for strengthening the tribe, but... this means a winner goes first again. Are we looking at the return of the mediocracy?

Yeah, that is a weird tribal division. It looks like they're deliberately trying to break up given (or potential) pairs, but it'll have an effect on overall strengths and weaknesses.

And no more swearing on family members? Geez, what's left?

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