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Original Message
"T Time with the Lady and JSlice"
Posted by LadyT on 11-30-03 at 05:17 PM
LadyT: Here I am in the most exciting city in the world, New York City. I am in Culture Club, a hugely popular 80’s club. Thankfully, I was able to get Jslice an excellent fake ID since she is a youngun and can’t get in. Here she is now, have any problem getting in?

JSlice: No, I did what you told me and dropped Webby’s name.

LadyT: Works like a charm, every time. Waiter! We would like some wonderful frothy drinks with umbrellas. I like umbrella drinks. You can surprise us. (Waiter walks away, muttering under his breath, Whatever.)

JSlice: Sounds good to me. Man we are smoking tonight we look so good.

LadyT: I know, we will have to fend off the wonderfully hot men here. You picked an excellent spot. But before we go dancing and showing off our wonderful charms, we have an interview to begin. So, how did you find SB?

JSlice: I stumbled across SB about 2.5 years ago, nearing the end of Survivor: Australia. I was way too scared to post back then, but it was comforting to at least know that there were others who were as upset about Jeff Varner's snuffing as I was!

LadyT: Not me, it was all about Colby.

JSlice:(contimuing like I never said anything) I think I started posting between Survivor 2 and Survivor *sigh* : Africa. Can't recall why, though...

LadyT: How did you find OT?

JSlice: As for OT, that's a fairly recent discovery. I was lured there this year, starting around February. I have yet to feel unwelcome or unloved, and thus, I stay!

LadyT: Which we are all thankful for. So tell us, what is your favorite reality TV show?

JSlice: It's actually extremely close for me: The Amazing Race and Survivor are both my favorites. My friend Jess and I have been in serious talks for quite some time to try out for TAR, once we both hit 21. As for Survivor, the concept just totally appeals to me: take 16 people that you could never stand in real life, and make them duke it out for cash!

LadyT: I can tell by your personality that you would probably rock on TAR. So what is your least favorite?

JSlice: Those dating and marriage shows, like Joe Millionaire and the Bachelor... *GROAN* Those are the worst thing to come as a result of the Reality TV craze... why would you ever put love in the hands of a television executive?!

LadyT: So what is making you stay here?

JSlice: I stay on OT because, despite people's opinions that might conflict with my own, I feel genuinely welcome here. I feel like people appreciate me, and I'm lucky to have so many online-buddies that I can just chat with, regardless of physical distance *grin*

LadyT: I know exactly what you mean. What has been your most memorable moment here so far?

JSlice: Hmmmm... I think that every time I tell my pancake story,I somehow... emm... "affect" people. Whether that's making people laugh at my unfortunate tale, or scaring them away from their breakfast, I feel like it's something important that I've given to OT.

LadyT: There is something that has been bothering me and I ask that you forgive my ignorance. But please, for the love of God, please explain the origin of Kitty Loaf.

JSlice:hh, my beloved Kittyloaf. How I love it so! Well, there's a funny story about that... you see, one day, I was baking bread, and my cat got into the dough, but I baked it anyway and-Wait. That's not it at all. I actually just found the thing online one day while perusing my friend's LiveJournal. There was this darling little icon of a cat-bread thing that said "All hail the Kittyloaf!"

I found it so adorable that I put it into my sig, along with the phrase. I got a few questions about the 'loaf, and decided to keep it as my symbol. I guess it was a good idea

LadyT: I hear a rumor that you are artistic. Care to share?

JSlice: Well, I've been doodling and cartooning for most of my life... probably ever since first grade, I've spent more time drawing pictures than paying attention in class... I don't know if that's a good practice or not, but if you looked at my art history notebook, you'd find that the margins are far more exciting than the notes.

I started a music-related and very silly comic last January called "The Poseur Saga." Currently, after 17 strips, it's on hiatus, as I'm absolutely swamped by schoolwork, but perhaps when my second semester starts, I'll continue adding to it.

LadyT: Is it online, can you provide a link?

JSlice: My intentions were to put the comic online, but unfortunately, I possess neither a scanner, inking skills, nor a website necessary to make this happen. Once again, when the strip's off hiatus and I have more spare time, it's immediately going to the internet, where its 5 committed readers can have a look at it... ONLINE!

LadyT: Well, I don’t think I am alone in saying that we would all love to see it someday. So tell us some personal stuff about you.

JSlice: Well, I'm a full-time student at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, MD, where I'm working towards a degree in cultural anthropology, as well as a minor in art history. I'm also a sabreist on the Hopkins fencing team. When I'm not at school, I reside in Rye, NY, which is known for its rich people and the Playland amusement park. I live with my two parents and my kitty, Mr. Swirlycone, and when she's not at boarding school, my 16-year-old sister, Charlotte.

LadyT: Are you seeing anyone? That’s what we really want to know anyway *grin*

JSlice: I'm currently seeing a fine gentleman named Steve, who is 5 years my senior, at 24. We've been dating for a year and 9 months, and are very committed to each other, despite the fact that he's back in New York. We're very much in love.... *siiiigh*

LadyT: In ten years, where do you see yourself?

JSlice: If I'm lucky, finished with both grad school and business school, working as a cultural researcher for an Advertising firm. Hopefully, also working on my first book, "The Unknown World of Nerds"

Lady T: Now here are the quick questions, when we are done, we can go dancing to this awesome 80’s music.

McDonalds or Burger King? BK, but only because I never
trust a clown
Scented Candles? Yeah! I love any kind of mint or
choco-mint combo... delicious.
Ashton Kutcher, sexy or icky? ick! He's the reason
those stupid trucker-hats are fashionable. Thanks for
Favorite Looney Tunes character - Wile E. Coyote. I
never get sick of watching him try and try
Comedy or drama? Comedy, definitely. Especially if
it's of the Steve Martin, Woody Allen, or Christopher
Guest variety.

LadyT: Thank you, JSlice for the excellent interview. It was fun and you were great!


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