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America's Next Top Model
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-28-03 AT 03:39 AM (EST)[/font] Please tell me I'm not the only one watching this tripe . . .
59 messages
07-17-03 00:06 AM
The Return of Miss Tyra
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-09-04 AT 03:07 PM (EST)[/font] America's Top Model returns the 13th. The first season provi
0 messages
01-09-04 03:04 PM
Will there ever be another " Americas next supermodel"?
I loved that show and almost everyone I know watched it......Will they ever do another one?
3 messages
01-09-04 03:06 PM
America's Next Top Model, Season 2 Premiere
A lot of people I know are actually watching this series on UPN. Any thoughts/opinions here? Personally, I know it will be a let-down compared t
10 messages
01-16-04 09:04 AM
Thank you Thank you for our own Forum!
sorry - I was raised the right way and told to write "thank you notes" when someone did/gave you something nice. so thank you very mu
0 messages
01-22-04 10:36 AM
America's Next Top Model, Episode 2
What do you think after two episodes? Who are your favorites? Who needs to go? Joanna has become my favorite because she is just so
17 messages
01-25-04 02:10 AM
This weeks elimination will be ________________
Since we've got our own board here, and the biggest thread seems to be guessing who is next out on any given show, let's see who everyone thin
4 messages
01-27-04 01:52 PM
Ep. 3 Highlights
The episode begins with the girls getting new haircuts. This creates much trauma for Catie, who is "Twiggy-ized" with a short 60's-waif 'do
6 messages
01-30-04 11:33 PM
america's next top model
want to know if there will be another america's top model, i have someone who is very interested in modeling even thought she is only 14 she is 5%
1 messages
01-31-04 00:32 AM
woo-hoo! TWO more seasons!!
I'm sure you all saw this - but yah! cles/story.php?s=2214 as long a
2 messages
02-03-04 09:26 AM
Who do you think will be eliminated today? ds/User_files/3d877bd45401e2f2.gif ds/User
6 messages
02-04-04 08:03 AM
Ep. 4 Highlights
Oops, I missed the beginning of the show, so these are abridged highlights. When I tuned in, the models were dressing themselves for some styli
6 messages
02-05-04 02:32 AM
America's Top Model 1st series
Does anyone know what happened to the models from the first series ?
1 messages
02-06-04 01:07 PM
The boxing episode
Didn't care much for the whole punching bag thing, not sure what the point was. Do models actually do such things? I have to say, though,
1 messages
02-10-04 03:54 AM
deweydrop, yoanna does win it!
yes, i thought it was her! i didn't see the sephora ad, but i did see a picture in the new york times for a fashion show [i for
1 messages
02-10-04 08:44 AM
Modelizers, it's time to vote!
Who will this weeks boot be? Seems to be the same shrinking group of possibilities: Catie Xiomara also possible:
6 messages
02-10-04 08:25 PM
Tara's attitude
Ok, Tara may not have a great attitude, however; she has made it possible for young ladies to have a chance at becoming a top model. You know t
1 messages
02-11-04 11:27 AM
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on anyone. Camille's attitude does not fit. All of these girls are trying to get to the same place.
1 messages
02-11-04 12:14 PM
Camile's attitude isn't all that hot but she has talent. But like Tyra said in this field you gotta go for it don't matter who you step on becau
1 messages
02-11-04 04:37 PM
I am a Muslim american I felt many emotions when Sarah said she speakes for middle eastern/muslim women and said by her being a model she shows they
1 messages
02-12-04 01:37 PM
Feb. 10 Highlights
Well, this will be challenging because this week's episode was really a snoozer. At least it had a theme, "personal secrets and issues" whi
4 messages
02-12-04 04:53 PM
Personnal Style???
OK - I have a problem with Tyra ragging on them in a rather ugly 80's outfit with red colored hair braids - She should take a picture of that outfit
5 messages
02-13-04 03:47 PM
The Obligatory PTTE Thread
Righty, so which one of these [s]scary[/s] lovely ladies do you think will make it all the way to the end and win a MISS Tyra brand (tm%
6 messages
02-14-04 01:06 PM
Photos of Current Contestants
A site with photos of the current contestants. Yoanna sure looks a lot better in the photo from the site below than with her latest hairstyle. Same
1 messages
02-15-04 08:01 AM
About that judge...
This is my first visit to this board (have been lost in OT-land), but glad I showed up. So, this may have been covered already, but this is
Sagebrush Dan
4 messages
02-15-04 04:47 PM
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