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"S19 Samoa - LOD - Week 3 Scores/Wee..."
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MJewel 1951 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-05-09, 10:47 PM (EST)
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"S19 Samoa - LOD - Week 3 Scores/Wee..."

It was another interesting week in the LOD and in the show. Ben was voted off and RussHell keeps up his nasty attitude!

I am sorry to say two players will have to have their torches extinguished and they are dreamerbeliever and CTgirl as they had the lowest overall scores. We will all be sorry to see both of you great players go.


This week, congratulations go out to vince3 and taffnic! I have drawn your names out of my Lucky Steelers Hat this week and you each get to pick first this week. You have until Tuesday at 6pm EST - Board Time to make your picks. If you do not make your picks by that time, than anyone can pick. Picks can be made up until 5pm EST (Board Time) the day the show airs or until I post the list of picks/draws the day the show airs (Which will be sometime after 5pm that day). No picks will be accepted after that time for the week. Each survivor can be picked ONCE. The following survivors can be picked twice this week: NATALIE and SHAMBO.

Please remember to put your Survivor pick in the Subject line with a 1 or 2 behind their name so we can more easily keep track of who has been picked.

kircon with a score of 385 has has maintained first place this week, staying in second with a score of 375 is Starshine and moving up 2 places into third with a score of 327 is Road Kill. Way to go all of you! There are several players right behind all of you and looking to move up. You never know what will happen in the LOD!

Weekly Points by Survivor:

Foa Foa (Yellow):

Ashley~ 47, Ben ~ (-33), Liz ~ 55, Jaison ~ (-7), Mick ~ 43, Natalie ~ 46, Russell H. ~ 15

Galu (Purple)

Brett ~ 45, Dave ~ 38, Erik ~ 33, John ~ 40, Kelly ~ 76, Laura ~ 44, Monica ~ 42, Russell S. ~ 47, Shambo ~ 80, Yasmin ~ 45

The no confessional bonus was added into the survivor scores.

No one got the "ohmyheck bonus" this week.


Player ~ Pick ~ Draw ~ Weekly Score ~ Total Score:

kircon ~ Dave ~ Monica ~ 80 ~ 385
Starshine ~ Natalie ~ Ashley ~ 93 ~ 375
Road Kill ~ Liz ~ Natalie ~ 101 ~ 327
Wallflower ~ Kelly ~ Shambo ~ 156 ~ 316
Max Headroom ~ Laura ~ Jaison ~ 37 ~ 293
suzzee ~ Shambo ~ Ben ~ 47 ~ 288
Corvis ~ John ~ Erik ~ 73 ~ 281
vince3 - Shambo ~ Dave ~ 118 ~ 280
qwertypie ~ Ashley ~ Liz ~ 102 ~ 274
Kermit the Vixen ~ Yasmin ~ Laura ~ 89 ~ 249
emydi ~ Erik ~ Kelly ~ 109 ~ 234
Higgs ~ Monica ~ Russell H. ~ 57 ~ 234
iatovttotx78 ~ Russell S. ~ Brett ~ 92 ~ 233
taffnic ~ Ben ~ Russell S. ~ 14 ~ 227
agman ~ Brett ~ Mick ~ 88 ~ 219
5cats ~ Russell H. ~ Yasmin ~ 60 ~ 185
vennui ~ Jaison ~ John ~ 33 ~ 182
tribephyl ~ Ben ~ Shambo ~ 47 ~ 162
dreamerbeliever ~ Mick ~ Ben ~ 10 ~ 151
CTgirl ~ Jaison ~ Jaison ~ (-14) ~ 125

Your list of eligible survivors to pick from:

Foa Foa (Yellow):

Ashley ~ Liz (Elizabeth) ~ Jaison ~ Mick ~ Natalie ~ Russell H.

Galu (Purple)

Brett ~ Dave ~ Erik ~ John ~ Kelly ~ Laura ~ Monica ~ Russell S. ~ Shambo (Shannon) ~ Yasmin

The Rules are HERE


1PT - Each time your survivor is shown eating and/or drinking
2PT - Each Time JP says your Survivor's name (except for TC)
3PT –Each time your survivor has a confessional and/or says another survivor's name in a confessional
5PT - Each time your survivor is shown working at camp
5PT - Each time your Survivor is shown in the water (except for challenges) or sits out a challenge
10PT - Each time your survivor says JP's name, reads Tree Mail or for each vote your survivor receives at TC but is not eliminated
10PT - Your survivor is shown first directly following a creature or a commercial break or gives back/takes the II to/from JP
15PT – Reward Winning Tribe
20PT - Immunity Winning Tribe
25PT - If your Survivor somehow goes over to the other tribe for whatever reason temporarily or permanently
50PT – Your survivor finds and/or uses a Hidden Immunity Idol

-2PT - Each time your survivor is shown speaking in a negative manner
-3PT – Each time your survivor cries
-5PT - Your Survivor is shown carrying the tribe flag
-5PT - Your Survivor's name is said first by JP
-10PT - Your Survivor is thrown out of a challenge by JP
-50PT - Being voted off and/or medi-vaced off the show

*****If your survivor has NO Confessionals you will be awarded 25 bonus points!*****


Each week just guess who you think will be your draw for the week. Please try and list it in your post as Ohmyheck bonus and then your guess beside it to avoid any confusion. If your guess turns out to be correct, you will receive 75 bonus points to your score. If your pick/draw/guess turn out to all be the same survivor then you will receive an additional 50 bonus points to your score.

Let's take a moment to honor our fallen comrades:
Survivormaniac ~ bystander ~ ohmyheck ~ VisionQuest ~ dreamerbeliever ~ CTgirl

If there are any questions with scoring or anything at all, just pm your game hostess please .

Remember, no picking until vince3 and taffnic have picked first (at least until 6pm EST Board Time on Tuesday). Good luck, all!

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 S19 Samoa - LOD - Week 3 Scores/Wee...   MJewel     10-05-09       
   PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PICK!   MJewel     10-05-09     1  
   Russell H.   vince3     10-05-09     2  
   Russell H   taffnic     10-06-09     3  
     Change to Natalie 1   taffnic     10-06-09     9  
   Erik   Starshine     10-06-09     4  
   Shambo   kircon     10-06-09     5  
   Shambo 2   suzzee     10-06-09     6  
   Ashley   Max Headroom     10-06-09     7  
   RusSwell   emydi     10-06-09     8  
   brett   vennui     10-06-09     10  
   John 1   iatovttotx78     10-06-09     11  
   Jaison- 1   Wallflower66     10-06-09     12  
   Liz 1   Corvis     10-06-09     13  
   Thanks   CTgirl     10-06-09     14  
     RE: Thanks   dreamerbeliever     10-07-09     19  
     RE: Thanks   MJewel     10-08-09     24  
   Kelly   tribephyl     10-07-09     15  
     RE: Kelly   MJewel     10-08-09     25  
   Natalie 2   5cats     10-07-09     16  
   Laura   Kermit the Vixen     10-07-09     17  
   Dave   Higgs     10-07-09     18  
   Monica   agman     10-08-09     20  
   MICK   qwertypie     10-08-09     21  
   Picking for Road Kill   MJewel     10-08-09     22  
   Picks/Draws List   MJewel     10-08-09     23  

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