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"T time with the Lady and samboohoo"
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08-03-05, 08:45 PM (EST)
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"T time with the Lady and samboohoo"
Lady T Wow, it sure is beautiful here in Hilton Head. I am here with samboohoo in her gorgeous townhouse which is right on the water. Let me tell you, it is just beautiful here. It's early morning and there is a slight breeze. Not too much sun. We are relaxing on our chaise lounges, catching the rays. Let me tell you, this is the life. I could sooooo get used to this.

samboohoo This is great. No responsibilities. Just drinks and snacks.

Lady T I hope you like these new dips I made. I also have nachos coming out.

samboohoo Yummy.

Lady T Trust me, I am no cook. I have to rely on the ole cookbook for most everything. I also have chicken nuggets too. I went to the grocery store and bought like everything imaginable with Webby's credit card. After the interview we can go inside and you can pick whatever you want and I will make it. How does that sound?

samboohoo Sounds perfect. Hmmmm, could life get better than this?

Lady T Yes it can. Josh Duhamel or Tom Eplin could propose marriage to me and if you had answered the hot soap hunks thread I would say that your lust monkey would fall at your feet. So we shall begin. How long have you been coming to Reality TV World and what show brought you here?

samboohoo I started coming during Survivor Marqueses, about the time of the switch. I had been a regular in the CBS chat room, when someone suggested Blows. I never went back to CBS. I lurked for a while admiring the work of Krautboy and Brownroach. I donít think I even ventured into any of the other show forums for a long time. Then I found BB and TAR. One day, either Brownroach or Boner mentioned something about OT, and Iíve been around here since early last summer. Now I regularly visit the Survivor, TAR, BB and Other Shows Forums. Occasionally I dip into the Sports Forum. A few years ago, I would have hung out in the Sports Forum all day. Boo knew sports. But now I donít watch as often. Perhaps if my Braves or Skins would win the big one, it would rejuvenate me.

Lady T That won't happen because the Red Sox will win.

samboohoo Whatever

Lady T Who are your favorite reality tv contestants?

samboohoo Hatch is my very favorite of all time. He set the tone. He is the king, or queen . Letís see, from Survivor I also like Rudy, Jeff Varner, Big Tom, Fireman Tom, Kathy O, and you gotta give a shout out to Boston Rob. And Colby, of course. I liked Chip from TAR 6, he did so well for a team of one. And, brace yourselves, but Iíve been known to root for Colin/Christie and Ian/Terri.

Lady T Colby is mine. Remember that

samboohoo All Right....

Lady T So who were your least favorite contestants?

samboohoo Most of every Big Brother cast. Okay, pretty much all of them, and the Apprentice 3 cast. But I still watch. I didnít see the first Apprentice, so I know nothing of Omerosa. And I really didnít like that Brian He-##### from Survivor Thailand.

Lady T I have to say that Dr Will is the Hatch of BB. However, if you could be on any show, what show would it be?

samboohoo Although of late, I probably enjoy watching TAR a little more, I want to be on Survivor, without a doubt.

Lady T What would your strategy be on Survivor?

samboohoo I suppose I would first need to find some sort of appreciation for seafood, since they end up eating a lot of fish. Iím one who tends to get a little grumpy when I get hungry. I would also try to be a ďmediumĒ person: not too strong, but not a weakling, not suck-up nice, but I would at least make an effort to get along with people. I would also have to try to speak up a little more and try not to get taken advantage of. I honestly try to avoid confrontations, sometimes to the point of getting stepped on a little, so I would need to avoid that. And I would try to win as many immunities as possible. For that is when you are truly safe. And, if I got the boot or knew I was a goner for sure, I would make sure to out someone, just to throw a little monkey wrench in there.

Lady T Who is your reality TV show crush?

samboohoo MMMMMmmmmm, Colby, mmmmmmmmmmm. Even if he is a Mamaís boy.

Lady T Now I know you didn't mean Colby, so I will let this one pass. Tell us a little about yourself, are you married, single,kids, pets, job, etc.

samboohoo Some of you know a little about me, others not so much. I have technically been on my own since I was 15, but only legally since 17. I grew up with no father and a worthless mother. Iíve always taken care of myself, even if I had to work two or three jobs to do it. I just did what I had to do, and I rarely have a tolerance when people use their ďhard lifeĒ as an excuse.

I graduated from high school and took about a year off from ďschool.Ē I went to school for a couple of different things before earning an Associates Degree in Legal Assisting. I now do something completely different, but I have fun and I make a decent living. I plan to go back to school since my company will pay for it as long as I can tie it into my current job. One day I would like to go back to a law firm. I loved that work, I just didnít love my employer and it really tainted my feelings for that field for a while.

I married my husband in 2001. We eloped in St. Lucia. We flew on one of the first flights out of Dulles after 9/11. We had been together for about 9 years before we married. In 2003, we became parents to our son, Conner. And he truly is such a joy. My husband was never one youíd think would get married or have kids, but that all changed. We worked hard to build a great marriage. And now we have a great family life.

Being a parent has been the hardest, scariest, but most rewarding thing Iíve ever done. I honestly donít know how I managed to get through his first year without breaking him.

Although I can be stubborn or set in my ways, I really am pretty laid back and funny. I have a great sense of humor, and I try to take care of other people and make them feel comfortable.

Lady T Wow. That's all I can say. Very revealing, it makes my next question very shallow.

samboohoo That's ok.

Lady T If your life was a book, what would the title of it be?

samboohoo ďYou Canít Make This Stuff Up.Ē

Lady T That's true. What about hobbies?

samboohoo I like to entertain. I love to have people over for dinner. I like to read, and I like to cook, although I havenít had a whole lot of time for any of that lately. I also like to organize things. I have a little of that Monica Geller in me. And I love to wrap presents. Christmas is one of my favorite times because I love to buy papers and boxes and ribbons and dress packages up.

Lady T I think that about wraps it up. How about going into the house and I will, well I was going to cook but how about I order something. I am really good at that.

samboohoo Oh I like that plan better.

Lady T Thanks samboohoo, for your hospitality. It was great getting to know you


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