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Benji vs. Mia
Can't find the linkóit's somewhere in the Fox boardsóbut it's an interview with Benji the morning after the show. If you can find the link%
Sagebrush Dan
23 messages
10-24-06 12:28 PM
Does anyone have a tape of the very first auditions? I'm looking for the last part of the first auditions having Nick & two other girls. One gir
1 messages
11-18-06 08:04 PM
SYTYCD - Norfolk 10/21 show
Don't know if anyone is still skimming this forum, but I flew across the country this week-end, so that I could catch the live tour at their sto
10 messages
11-22-06 01:43 PM
Am I the only one in this WORLD...
that can't STAND Benji???? I'm going insane here! I know I'm a tough critic, but anyone that knows anything about dance
46 messages
12-08-06 08:59 PM
No surprises here- Benji wins season 2
congrats to benji! i'm happy for him. still sad travis didn't win and even sadder that ivan didn't make the top 4.... :( it was
11 messages
02-25-07 07:45 PM
Artem on The OC?
Yes, yes. I'm the one watching The OC. ;-) So I was watching my tape last night and I swear I saw Artem from Season 1 appear on my
1 messages
03-24-07 02:43 PM
SYTYCD Comes to Atlanta
There was no doubt. Last night we went and saw the best concert I've ever been to. I never could really get into the American Idol stuff but seeing
4 messages
04-14-07 06:45 PM
New Season starts May 24 - Auditions happening now
Has anyone gone? Anyone see or hear anything? From Fox Web site: Season 3 Premiere Season Three of SO YOU THINK YOU
21 messages
05-24-07 04:06 PM
Recap of SYTYCD Premiere
I think that the most promising dancer out of all the ones that were shown was the HOT Latin ball room dancers, and the Russian ballroom dancer whos
0 messages
05-25-07 10:42 AM
SYTYCD Season 3 Premiere East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all sig pic free discussion of tonight's "Really, the only one who thinks you can dance is you, and you are insane" audition epi
35 messages
05-30-07 03:58 PM
Anyone know if Fox will have the episodes on i-tunes or anywhere else to watch if we miss them?
1 messages
06-03-07 08:46 PM
SYTYCD Season 3 Audition Show #2
Please keep all sig pic free discussion of tonight's hoofers, poppers, ballerinas, break dancers and those with undiagnosed spasm disorders wh
83 messages
06-04-07 07:12 PM
I don't know if this deserves a separate thread, but...
I about split a gut last night when Shane started imitating Mary and Nigel. I have never seen him cut up so much. Hysterical. http:/
Sagebrush Dan
55 messages
06-06-07 08:04 AM
SYTYCD Season 3 Audition Show #2 Thurs 5/31 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all sig pic free discussion of tonight's dancers, wannabes, and shouldanevers on this thread until the show finishes airing on the W
64 messages
06-06-07 08:06 PM
Lacey Schwimmer
Did they show her at all tonight? I was sorta hoping to see Benji again *grin*, though she's good all on her own.
5 messages
06-07-07 09:31 AM
SYTYCD Season 3 Las Vegas Show 6/6 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all sig pic free discussion of who is a flash in the pan and who has real staying power as a dancer on this thread until the West Coast fi
62 messages
06-07-07 03:55 PM
Favorite Performances
I've seen it posted that we have a few newcomers to the world of SYTYCD this year. Welcome aboard and prepare to become fanatics. ;-) %0
65 messages
06-07-07 07:30 PM
For the real veterans of the show....
I didn't come on board until the Vegas finals last year. The first thing I saw was Benji dancing for his life with Heidi (who'd apparently alre
Sagebrush Dan
10 messages
06-07-07 11:25 PM
Lets Start Predicting who goes home first
I can't remember who normally does the (PTTE)Picks to the End but it definitely ain't me. Still, I'm going to rewatch the episode tomorrow
4 messages
06-08-07 09:40 AM
SYTYCD Season 3 Top Twenty Reveal Show 6/7 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all sigpic free discussion of the twenty complete and total strangers who had a combined total of 3.4 miliseconds of screen time up until
64 messages
06-08-07 09:01 PM
I used to love OT....
....and then I found this place. Thanks all. *sniffle* [font size="0.5" font color="blue"] bullzeye's bes
81 messages
06-12-07 04:40 PM
The "I (already) LOVE Lauren" Thread
Serving as a companion to the "I (already) LOVE Pasha" thread ... Here is my pretty-close-to-final-choice for GirlCrush this season. %
24 messages
06-12-07 06:47 PM
Hi i m new here
Hello everyone, This is mosess, new member in this forum. Nice to join here.
1 messages
06-13-07 07:24 AM
Will the siblings fan bases carry over?
I'm wondering if the fact that Lacey is Benji's sister will influence the way people vote. Or Danny, Travis's brother, who we didn't even
7 messages
06-13-07 11:00 AM
A Humble Request
As much as I love the pirate siggie that agman was so kind to make for me, I realize that my real passion is (big surprise), SYTYCD. I feel t
80 messages
06-13-07 07:55 PM
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