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Fox offering a chance for fans to appear on the show!
Hey guys - Fox just started running a brand new campaign giving fans a chance to appear on this season of SYTYCD! I guess you record a video of you
1 messages
02-02-16 04:29 PM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:37 AM
Season 11, Callbacks
DD's teacher, Jacque LeWarne, is in the top 20! We watched the whole show trying to see her in the background because they never really featur
9 messages
08-27-15 09:47 AM
SYTYCD 11 - Top 20
Tonight is the first LIVE show. Guest judge is Jason Derulo. Rumored pairings & Choreographers: Zach & Valerie- Anthony Morigera
15 messages
07-03-14 04:19 AM
Season 11, Ep 1 SYTYCD!
I don't even know what day this aired. I was out of town and came home to find it on my DVR.
2 messages
06-18-14 09:02 PM
Cat Deeley gets real
Not sure if anyone's around to see this, but I stumbled onto this tidbit from Cat Deeley on YouTube. Definity NSFW and not PG 13. http
Sagebrush Dan
1 messages
02-13-14 05:50 PM
Please try this money making thing it works
Forum: NC State Academic Affairs Topic: NEED EXTRA CASH? GUARANTEED MONEY! Topic Posted by: JH Date Posted: Mon Jan 5 21%
0 messages
12-23-13 06:22 PM
SYTYCD-10 Finally ECST [View All]
Post all thoughts about the Finally, with or without political interruptions. Part time job needs me tonight, and hopefully the DVR wi
32 messages
09-14-13 00:16 AM
Came here to look at what others were thinking and didn't find a thread. So I guess I'll start one. But I'm pretty far into the show so I'll h
4 messages
09-05-13 02:37 PM
SYTYCD-10 Top Six ECST [View All]
So who goes tonight and who makes the finals. Dancing us in right away without a group dance?!?!
29 messages
08-29-13 03:23 AM
Twitch & Allison proposal
I have been married 30 years, but now I want a do over! HY
3 messages
08-22-13 11:12 AM
SYTYCD-10 Top Eight ECST [View All]
And so it goes, 10 became 8 and who will leave this week, and who will win the All Star/Choreographer roulette?
51 messages
08-22-13 03:14 AM
SYTYCD-10 Top Ten ECST [View All]
So which all-stars will they dance with this week. Keep that and every #BlameSnidget post on this thread until the show is seen on the West Coast.%0
51 messages
08-20-13 04:43 PM
SYTYCD-10 Top Twelve ECST [View All]
Keep the dances and who goes home on this thread until the show ends on the West Coast.
22 messages
08-13-13 00:25 AM
SYTYCD-10 Top Fourteen ECST [View All]
Fourteen remaining, who will go home this week, who will get the good routines, and who will get a miss. And just how useless will the guest ji
29 messages
08-02-13 03:26 AM
SYTYCD-10 Top Sixteen ECST [View All]
We skipped a week from some sport thingie or other, so will the extra preparation/rest help or hurt this week? Two more go home tonig
24 messages
07-25-13 04:00 PM
SYTYCD-10 Top Eighteen ECST [View All]
Now with eliminations at the end of the episode as it should be, until someone complains. Keep it all costuming abominations by hosts,
44 messages
07-10-13 02:11 PM
Format Change
So what did you think of eliminations at the top of the show and making the devestated dancers perform and hopefully not screw things up for their par
3 messages
07-10-13 01:33 PM
SYTYCD-10 Top Twenty, redux [View All]
So if they do it like last season everyone will dance then they'll eliminate from last weeks low vote total. So I suspect we will see all 20 dance
50 messages
07-04-13 01:35 PM
SYTYCD-10 Top Twenty [View All]
This is it, we get to vote, who will be carried on far too long by a popular dancer, and who will leave way too soon because well, some people
41 messages
07-02-13 05:38 PM
Overall favorite so far?
The thread about Benji got me thinking. Who is your favorite dancer(s) of all the seasons? I still like Benji from Season 2, but I also woul
Sagebrush Dan
7 messages
06-27-13 02:26 PM
SYTYCD Season #10 Vegas Week [View All]
Keep all Vegas/Selection/prevoting shows discussion here.
43 messages
06-19-13 04:38 PM
So, why I am always the last to know these things?
Benji came out last year. 06/18/benji-schwimmer-naked-truth-sytycd-gay-mormon-sexua
Sagebrush Dan
6 messages
06-19-13 01:24 PM
SYTYCD Season #10 starts tonight!! [View All]
This kind of snuck up on me. The premiere for this series is tonight and tomorrow night. No doubt it'll be the audition shows. Is there anyone le
41 messages
06-07-13 12:26 PM
SYTYCD #9 Finally ECST [View All]
One guy and One girl will win. How much filler will have to be generated?
48 messages
09-22-12 02:04 PM
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