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Semifinals 2
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-25-07 AT 00:49 AM (EST)[/font] On average I thought the show last week was better than the sho
3 messages
08-01-07 01:04 AM
Semifinals 1
Well, the good news is that the singers should tend to step on each other's chances. The bad news is they didn't put all the singing/musical
5 messages
07-24-07 11:29 PM
Three horrible acts get sent through tonight because they have some schtick value. Is Boy Shikira the most talented person in America? Leonid?%2
14 messages
07-17-07 02:08 PM
Top 20
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-16-07 AT 09:28 AM (EST)[/font] Hey, America (and everyone else, hint hint), we get t
3 messages
07-17-07 00:31 AM
What do you think of the "accident"?
I think it is quite suspicious how the guy fell who jumped on the trampoline to jump over a line of folding chairs. At first I was like "Oh, that
1 messages
07-15-07 02:11 PM
Leonid the Magnificent: Sign of the Decline of Western Civilization
I've seen this guy perform [i]twice[/i] in two seasons. I've seen him do completely insane things, dress like a bronze statue, beg%2
Colonel Zoidberg
7 messages
07-13-07 03:39 PM
bad picks for final 20
I would like to inform the show that I believe I will not watch anymore because of you voting in boy shakira and the pakistani(/) dancer I belie
kimbo illinois
1 messages
07-12-07 03:33 AM
WHAT??? No comments about Man Shakira??? ds/User_files/46635c0318a49746.jpg > Surely you jest! I really thought I'd come
6 messages
07-06-07 09:50 PM
Wow, this show is even more DEAD than I thought!!! ds/User_files/46635c0318a49746.jpg > It's really sad when you have only 2 current p
14 messages
07-04-07 04:16 PM
Battle Of The Prima Donnas.
Piers vs. David, head to head, two men enter, one man leaves. Who wins? ds/User_
2 messages
06-27-07 07:48 PM
Call the doctor...I'm in pain.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-05-07 AT 09:50 PM (EST)[/font] I can't believe this show is back again. David Hasselhof,
16 messages
06-13-07 06:32 PM
Regis gone, replaced by Springer
Not that I love Regis, but replacing him with Jerry Springer?!? That's a deal breaker for me.
11 messages
06-06-07 09:27 AM
i need to be the american idol
please help me become on top.
jasmine 18
0 messages
04-09-07 02:17 PM
Bianca Ryan Wins......PLEASE
Is it just me or is Bianca WAY overated. I'll admit she does sing well for her age but most talented? I DON'T think so. It's almost as thou
11 messages
02-11-07 11:17 PM
okay i dont really actually i have never watched this show but i have heard about the little girl who can SANNNGGGGG so everyone who hates her you fee
0 messages
12-24-06 00:20 AM
Just wondering if anyone around the boards has heard any follow-up info on all of our favorite contestants? Did any of them got offers to
1 messages
09-29-06 01:26 PM
Magicians' Oath to Secrecy
I thought a magician never reveals his tricks? How could Quick Change allow Brandy to be part of their act? Now she knows how it's done. Whose t
Jadens Mommy
4 messages
08-27-06 11:16 PM
East Coast viewers, post play-by-play of results here! 8/17 [View All]
Hey there, I'm stuck on the west coast and want to know ASAP who is winning this thing tonight -- any East Coast/Central viewers out there who c
46 messages
08-18-06 05:07 PM
Why this viewer stopped watching
Can anyone honestly say that they are eager to have NBC put this crap on TV ever again? FOX, maybe. But NBC obviously does not know how to work th
4 messages
08-18-06 01:56 PM
What is your favorite to win?
Just starting an informal thread to discuss which act everyone likes the best. I only started to watch this show last week, so I am pretty much goin
4 messages
08-17-06 07:16 PM
08/16 East Coast Thread [View All]
Geez, 8:30 and still no thread? Well, so far we've had: [b]At Last[/b], who added drums and dancers to t
55 messages
08-17-06 08:09 AM
tonights show HE:P!
At the end of the show, one of the judges said a smart comment to the contestant. The contestant had a good comeback, and the audience went "oo
1 messages
08-14-06 10:36 AM
Simon Cowell is also Too Hot for Spot
To view Simon's public service announcement, go to: ell.asp On a 78-degree day, the tem
0 messages
08-13-06 03:18 PM
08/09 Spoiler Thread [View All]
The Wild Card Show! I really didn't think that Piers would be the one to bring back Bobby Badfingers. http://communi
30 messages
08-11-06 01:13 PM
Pier's Celtic Spring comments ws it a ploy
Could Pier's comments have been calculated to rev up the viewing audience to vote for Celtic Spring? 1. Telling a family of c
2 messages
08-09-06 11:33 AM
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