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Conferences The Apprentice: Martha Stewart General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Official RTVW M-Apprentice Episode #9 Summary: For Want Of A Big Pussy (another adventure in rough paraphrase).
{Establishing shot: a large country manor. It's [i]very[/i]large. (If it was a sports car, we'd all be screaming 'Overcompe
6 messages
11-18-05 11:55 AM
Shawna's Firing
This is a reason why Martha's Apprentice will be canceled. She changed the rules. She wanted to fire Shawna so bad that she manipulated the rules.
Wacko Jacko
15 messages
11-18-05 04:59 AM
Was Alexis drunk last night?
Martha's daughter slurred some of her comments and she otherwise sat there nodding her head with a dopey grin on her face. http:%
2 messages
11-17-05 02:58 PM
Your reward: a trip to a "stuffed fish" house YIPPEE
I thought this last reward where Martha's house was filled with stuffed fish on the wall was, well...gross. Taxidermy--okay maybe I am being sexis
2 messages
11-17-05 02:41 PM
Carrie's website is up. The blonde with brains, talent and experience.
9 messages
11-17-05 01:56 PM
Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes
I don't normally watch this show because I cannot stand Martha, but I tivoed last nights episode and scanned through it because I make wedding cak
11 messages
11-03-05 09:11 AM
Apprentice: Bashers I didn't see the first episode last week, but from what I saw of Jim, he is a pr!ck to say the least. I cannot even believe his
18 messages
10-28-05 03:27 PM
Punishing hubris is fun
Wasn't it great to see Bethany fall on her smarmy little rear last night in the "I can't fail" cooking tasks. Who DIDN'T know as soon as sh
1 messages
10-21-05 09:57 AM
The night of zero.
Zero cakes sold for Matchstick, which has to be a franchise record -- no minicorp's ever been completely shut out before this. Zero cre
15 messages
10-14-05 06:22 PM
why isnt martha reshuffling the teams like trump does
when one team loses so many members Trump usually reshuffles the teams- will martha do that also?
3 messages
10-14-05 10:08 AM
Martha vs. Donald
Now that both shows have aired, do you have a preference? I think it may be easier to watch Martha. She has more tv experience and is m
20 messages
10-07-05 08:54 PM
***East Coast Spoiler Alert***
Although, to be fair, I live on the West Coast, I do get East Coast feeds. Anyway, what did everyone think of the cakes? Persona
1 messages
10-06-05 11:42 AM
...but who actually got booted?
I missed the episode on Wednesday, and have scoured the threads ever since, but apart from learning that Matchstick lost (I think), I can'
6 messages
10-02-05 03:37 PM
Creative/Matchstick vs. Corporate/Primarius-Would you have divided the teams this way and do you already like Primarius better?
I know Martha said that the teams should find a "common theme" a la men vs. women or booksmarts vs. streetsmarts but I would think that the teams
7 messages
09-30-05 12:00 PM
Which is what I'm going to be calling the series for the rest of the three or four weeks before it moves to Bravo, too. Cam this series catch on%
16 messages
09-29-05 08:53 PM
charles' cigar, 'you just don't fit in'
"Charles' Cigar 'just doesn't fit in'" clearly, there is no other explanation for giving so much air time to mr. koppelman with hi
2 messages
09-29-05 11:59 AM
What Was With Charles' Cigar???
Did anyone else have a problem watching Charles walk around with a cigar the whole show? Now I'm not a smoker basher (I used to be one myself%2
19 messages
09-29-05 10:31 AM
The Loft
So, how do ya like it? I LOVE ALL THOSE WINDOWS! WOW! THAT VIEW IS FANTASTIC! I love that light-filled look. I'm having loft en
2 messages
09-23-05 06:01 PM
The Apprentice: Martha Stewart- 16 candidates,all double and triple threats! [View All]
Martha Stewart can be justly proud of all the potential apprentices on her first foray into Mark Burnett/Donald Trump territory. NBC and RTW
31 messages
09-23-05 02:09 PM
Apprentice: Martha Stewart [View All]
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!..... NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! from AP: Stewart to Star in Second 'Apprentice'
29 messages
09-23-05 02:04 PM
Love-hate relationship with M's Apprentice
Check it out: ?id=346
0 messages
09-23-05 10:19 AM
Oooooh!!! Look at our shiney new forum!
*rolls around on the brand new carpet* Welcome everyone! Take a seat & join in! I bet we'll be in for a wild ride with th
13 messages
09-22-05 05:22 PM
Amy's Blog -- Martha's Apprentice
I was surfing around tonight and noticed this link to Amy's Blog for Martha's version of the apprentice. There are two entries up already...%0
0 messages
09-19-05 00:44 AM
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