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Conferences The Apprentice: Martha Stewart General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Big bag Jim, actually has a heart, I think. [View All]
I was pleasantly surprised to see Jim support Marcela with a pep talk before she went into the conference room. Her teammates planned to railroad her
30 messages
12-04-05 04:24 PM
Official RTVW Summary The Apprentice:Martha Stewart, Episode 10
[center][h3][font color=blue]Official RTVW Summary The Apprentice: Martha Stwart Episode 10 You Drive Me Crazy %
6 messages
12-03-05 05:47 PM
It's THAT nice?
Hi Ryan! Wonderful ideas! Your KukulGod will help you: I do not agree that having a car at the table is confusing. While invit
0 messages
12-03-05 02:44 AM
Jim's pre-boardroom pep talk to Marcela....
Whether you love him or hate him, or think he's crazy or sane, that was just about the nicest and classiest thing I've ever seen someone do on
6 messages
12-01-05 03:33 PM
Episode 11/23?
I was on my way out of town for the Holidays last Wednesday night and did not have time to set-up a tape for The Apprentice Martha Stewart, was ther
2 messages
11-30-05 06:22 PM
How long will Jim last? [View All]
Jim is totally freaking out. I really believe that Martha and the producers are keeping him on the show for ratings. Of course they aren't going to
40 messages
11-27-05 02:39 PM
TV Show vs. Birth of Child
I think that if I were Jim, I would have wanted to be home for the birth of my baby. How would you like to have to tell your daughter that you were
14 messages
11-24-05 00:32 AM
Is this a guilty secret?
How many of you openly admit that you watch this? I love the show (no, I'm not on any medication), and would usually talk about it at wor
11 messages
11-23-05 11:00 PM
Marcela is a good cook and not a leader, but....
This question may sound stupid, but has Martha Stewart ever mentioned that the winner of her Apprentice wil be running one of her companies? I th
4 messages
11-23-05 02:53 PM
Official RTVW M-Apprentice Episode #9 Summary: For Want Of A Big Pussy (another adventure in rough paraphrase).
{Establishing shot: a large country manor. It's [i]very[/i]large. (If it was a sports car, we'd all be screaming 'Overcompe
6 messages
11-18-05 11:55 AM
Shawna's Firing
This is a reason why Martha's Apprentice will be canceled. She changed the rules. She wanted to fire Shawna so bad that she manipulated the rules.
Wacko Jacko
15 messages
11-18-05 04:59 AM
Who would you Hire?
Unfortunately there are more Martha wanna-bes than Trumps because she won't make us all happy and fire half a mini corp So given we have%
Tough Cookie
12 messages
11-18-05 04:41 AM
Help! I Missed The Last 5 Minutes! Who Got Fired??
Can't believe it, my stupid DVD shut off 5 minutes before the end. Martha was just asking Marcella some questions (after bringing in the 3).
Stormy Sky
4 messages
11-17-05 03:23 PM
Was Alexis drunk last night?
Martha's daughter slurred some of her comments and she otherwise sat there nodding her head with a dopey grin on her face. http:%
2 messages
11-17-05 02:58 PM
Your reward: a trip to a "stuffed fish" house YIPPEE
I thought this last reward where Martha's house was filled with stuffed fish on the wall was, well...gross. Taxidermy--okay maybe I am being sexis
2 messages
11-17-05 02:41 PM
Carrie's website is up. The blonde with brains, talent and experience.
9 messages
11-17-05 01:56 PM
Martha Gets a Fork
stuck in her. I guess she is [ ory/RTGAM.20051114.wmartha1114/BNStory/Entertainment/|done].
5 messages
11-17-05 11:57 AM
The idea almost remained the same
This was maybe the first time I have ever seen the same idea on both teams considered on any show. But of course this time one team shot it down. %
0 messages
11-03-05 08:30 PM
...The Shock!
Well last week Trump fired 4 idjits, this week: A Humiliating Defeat! Two Candidates Fired! Well what could be more
Tough Cookie
3 messages
11-03-05 01:17 PM
Episode ?? - 11-02-05 - Spoiler Thread [View All]
I know, I know, it's Martha, but for the summary, I'll do my best to help, feel free to join in.
27 messages
11-03-05 09:12 AM
Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes
I don't normally watch this show because I cannot stand Martha, but I tivoed last nights episode and scanned through it because I make wedding cak
11 messages
11-03-05 09:11 AM
Apprentice: Bashers I didn't see the first episode last week, but from what I saw of Jim, he is a pr!ck to say the least. I cannot even believe his
18 messages
10-28-05 03:27 PM
Summary Title
Hmm all through this week's episode and the doggie focus I just kept thinking what I would call this one... it had to be: Who's
Tough Cookie
0 messages
10-28-05 02:39 PM
I don't get why M.S.A. is getting such a bad wrap. Everywhere I turn I hear crap about it. I love the show. I think Martha is being Martha so d
1 messages
10-28-05 09:49 AM
Punishing hubris is fun
Wasn't it great to see Bethany fall on her smarmy little rear last night in the "I can't fail" cooking tasks. Who DIDN'T know as soon as sh
1 messages
10-21-05 09:57 AM
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