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HK 4 - Ep8 ECUT
Jen joins Blue Team. Challenge: 20 ingredients. Make dishes using all 20 ingredients, without using any of them twice. Blue
7 messages
05-20-08 10:30 PM
HK 4 - Ep 7 - ECUT
Women (+ Mattie) win the blindfold test. Men get to clean. Dinner is chaos. Mattie shines, Jen pouts, Ben snaps. Service is not f
10 messages
05-20-08 03:38 PM
Official Summary: Hellís Kitchen 4, Episode 7: Showdown at the HK Corral
If you canít stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and lately thereís been a lot of heat between Ben and Matt. Hellís Kitchen isnít big en
6 messages
05-19-08 11:13 PM
Official Summary: Hell's Kitchen Four - Episode 666-Sweet 16
6 messages
05-19-08 04:02 PM
Mystic! You were missed tonight
So Jen goes to the men's team next week and ewww, someone cuts the tip of their finger off. *shudder Glad Ben is gone. I really didn
4 messages
05-16-08 01:58 AM
Be the Living Damned 4.7
I love the palate-testing competition. Come on, you donuts, these weren't even difficult! Radishes have a unique flavour. Unique means "n
2 messages
05-14-08 10:10 AM
Be the Living Damned 4.6
A Sweet Sixteen party to remember, wouldn't you say? What were all you donuts thinking? Shrimp with [i]everything[/i]? How abou
15 messages
05-13-08 06:36 PM
Official Summary: Hellís Kitchen 4, Episode 5: Don't Pay The Pizza Man.
[b][center][font size=4]Official Summary: Hellís Kitchen 4, Episode 5 "Don't Pay The Pizza Man"[/b][/c
6 messages
05-12-08 05:48 PM
HK Season 4 - Episode 6 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
You wanna know who the mystery chef is? You wanna know who manages to make Gordon go ballistic tonight? You wanna know who gets sent home? Well%
22 messages
05-10-08 00:21 AM
Matty is a big whiny crybaby
and he needs to go home. Got any favorites? Anyone you want to see leave? ds
14 messages
05-09-08 09:02 PM
Chef Ramsay ... the anti-Trump
I have to give props to Chef Ramsay for knowing the difference between being barely beaten and being losers. The guys lose on the comment cards 99%
3 messages
05-08-08 11:52 AM
Who will the new chef be?
Female -- possibly one we've seen before, or at least one that Ben knows on sight -- could be someone who was eliminated from a previous season --
12 messages
05-07-08 11:59 AM
HK Season 4 - Episode 5 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Tonight the menu includes boinkings, beyotches, and deep-fried digits - all finished off in a nice, fresh, saline broth. Since spoiled food an
26 messages
05-01-08 03:26 PM
Be the Living Damned 4.5
Yes, that's right. I picked a pizza with prosciutto and sun-dried tomatoes as being better than something more gourmet. I don't care how high-
4 messages
05-01-08 01:52 PM
Hell's Kitchen 4.4 Official Episode Summary
Hell's Kitchen - Ep 4, Season 4, aired 4/22/08 ds/User_files/4811f32733ed1c41
8 messages
05-01-08 01:10 PM
Open the Door for Your...Mystery Chef
Is it Julia? http
3 messages
04-30-08 10:01 PM
ANyone know what happends to Vanessa
Does anyone know if she continues on or is her hand in need of more serious medical attention i know she had to see a plastics surgeon but if she doen
0 messages
04-29-08 00:02 AM
Official Summary: Hellís Kitchen 4, Episode 3: Whine Accompaniement
[b][center][font size=4]Official Summary: Hellís Kitchen 4, Episode 3 Whine Accompaniment[/b][/center][%2
5 messages
04-26-08 05:36 PM
Be the Living Damned 4.4
Well isn't this exciting. We've finally had a full service. I wouldn't have thought it was possible. Jean-Philippe. Take off the d
7 messages
04-26-08 04:49 AM
Season 4: Hellís Kitchen Episode 2 Official Summary: Barbieís Dream-World Kitchen
[b] Season 4: Hellís Kitchen Episode 2 Official Summary: Barbieís Dream-World Kitchen[/b] [b]Previously on Hellís K
7 messages
04-25-08 11:40 AM
HK Season 4 Episode 4 ECUT
Who cries tonight? Who gets tossed to the curb like a serving of overdone risotto? Who gets burned? And, are they burned by the stove, or by
19 messages
04-24-08 12:36 PM
Be the Living Damned, 4.3
You *honestly* thought you were going to be killing chickens? Honestly? Donuts. *look of disgust* I can't stand to look at any of yo
17 messages
04-23-08 02:20 PM
Be the Living Damned [View All]
Come play Be the Living Damned, where you get a chance to speak as a contestant on the Fox reality series, Hell's Kitchen. [link:community.r
22 messages
04-17-08 00:46 AM
HK Season 4 Episode 3 ECUT Thread [View All]
Sorry I'm late. Keep your commentary about our current crop of crying, whining, DAWs here until Chef can rake them over the coals on the West Co
23 messages
04-16-08 10:22 AM
Hell's Kitchen Season 4, Episode 1 Official Summary: The Dark Lord, and the Desperate Attention-seeking Wizard Wannabes
[font size=Ē4Ē color="red"][b]The Dark Lord, and the Desperate Attention-seeking Wizard Wannabes[/b][/font]
8 messages
04-12-08 01:15 AM
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