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Bill Murray wins the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.
So he's got that going for him. Which is nice. y?id=6119256 http:%2
7 messages
02-20-11 03:22 PM
Cycling [View All]
Thought I would start a new thread since the old one was a little out of date. teams and signings going on. Thoughts?
133 messages
02-17-11 06:57 PM
Watch out Baseball fans, an old kid is coming to town! 796.stm Yes, Cricket is trying to break through in the US! I can't s
10 messages
02-11-11 11:27 PM
Adios, Andy
I know there's no Yankee love to be found here, but I have to post a fond farewell (or a see-ya-later) to one of my all-time favorite Yankees.
5 messages
02-10-11 07:31 PM
The Last Super Bowl For A Long Time Complaining Thread. [View All]
Of course, the [i]real[/i] event is going to be the pregame interview. You know the one. The mortal enemies in the same room. Two peopl
146 messages
02-09-11 06:34 PM
2010 NFL Post Season Pick 'em [View All]
Now that the NFC West has been decided (historically, btw), we can get down to the business of more picking. Just like last year,
26 messages
02-07-11 08:51 AM
Super Bowl Trivia
What will this Super Bowl [b]not[/b] have that every other previouse Super Bowl had? Who is the only Super Bowl MVP from the lo
6 messages
02-06-11 00:03 AM
Super Bowl Colt pregame trash-talking thread.
Looking at the machismo makes it clear Pittsburgh is trying to overcompensate for something. That 'something' is generally referred to as 'the
18 messages
02-04-11 08:44 PM
Pro Bowl complaining thread.
Complaint #1: I don't want to watch the Pro Bowl! ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f9
14 messages
02-04-11 04:29 PM
Wheel of (NFL) coaches, turn, turn,, turn... [View All]
With the in-season slaughter halted by the calender, the post-season massacre is officially under way. First victim of choice: Eric Mangini. Ha
29 messages
01-31-11 07:59 PM
2011 Hall of Fame Ballot [View All]
I didn't see this thread yet so I figured I'd start one. I always enjoy this December exercise. The Hall of Fame ballot is out with 14 returnees
26 messages
01-31-11 07:14 PM
Super Bowl XLV Steelers vs Packers [View All]
Super Bowl XLV is set. Steelers vs Packers. Who do you want to win?
26 messages
01-27-11 03:17 PM
NFL Conference Championships complaining thread. [View All]
Today, Antonio Cromartie will try to break Travis Henry's NFL record, [i]live on the field[/i]! Gee, that'll be somet
107 messages
01-24-11 06:21 PM
Brett's peni? [View All]
I'm not sure if I should laugh, cry or smirk after reading [ ota-Vikings-Brett-Favre-racy-allegati
31 messages
01-19-11 04:21 PM
NFL Corporate Naming Rights Remain Available Playoff Weekend complaining thread [View All]
By request of Coach Hoodie, foot fetishism is now illegal in Massachusetts. As such, Rex Ryan was arrested, convicted, and executed within t
157 messages
01-17-11 08:33 PM
What? No BCS thread?
(If there is, I accept my lime helmet with grace, and promise to wear it grumpily.) A good game, lots of action, few blown cal
12 messages
01-14-11 11:58 AM
NFL Wild Card Weekend complaining thread. [View All]
The Seahawks are: 1. 7-9. 2. In the playoffs. 3. Playing a home game. 4. Trying to make dramatic underdog speeches abo
90 messages
01-10-11 08:36 PM
The new NFL playoff overtime rule: scenarios.
Pay very close attention to #10. ry?page=fleming/110106&sportCat=nfl %
2 messages
01-06-11 10:39 PM
World Junior Hockey Championships
Anyone watching? Anyone outside Canada watching? I am thrilled that Canada beat the USA yesterday to qualify for the gold medal match.
8 messages
01-06-11 01:42 PM
Week #17 NFL Complaining Thread [View All]
The playoff scenarios, taken from ESPN. NFC Clinched: Atlanta (playoff spot), Chicago (NFC North and a first-round b
104 messages
01-03-11 03:23 PM
NFL Pick 'em -- Week 17 [View All]
What a year it has been. Posting way early just in case folks are off doing holiday stuff (you never know, Grandma's house may not ha
28 messages
01-03-11 12:35 PM
Caption this. _g_waterpolo_sy_300.jpg
7 messages
01-02-11 10:29 PM
FC Barcelona va. Levante anyone?
We scored one of the last tickets for tomorrow game. Any request or items/souvenirs? d
1 messages
01-01-11 05:38 PM
UConn's winning streak.
Perspective #1: It's an incredible achievement. Winning 89 games in a row in [i]any[/i] sport is bordering on impossible -- but with
5 messages
01-01-11 01:31 PM
OT Fantasy Football Leagues [View All]
Since Pepe seems to be taking the summer off, here's information for the two OT fantasy football leagues that were created a while back. Both are
Max Headroom
59 messages
01-01-11 01:20 PM
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