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Spring training.
"So how old is your team?" "Fifty." "And how many wins are they projected for?" "Fifty."
10 messages
03-10-12 08:52 PM
More Lance Armstrong discussion [View All]
It seems that the Tour of California, the only major US bike race, has become the preferred time for Lance attacks. For the second year in a row%
28 messages
02-29-12 03:37 PM
Daytona 500 - NASCAR
Shades of "Days of Thunder" - During a yellow flag caution, something in the rear end of Montoya's car breaks and he slides into a safety truc
2 messages
02-28-12 06:52 PM
Gary Carter diagnosed with brain tumors.
So the next time someone asks you "Would it kill you to be nice all the time?", the answer is...
19 messages
02-22-12 04:05 PM
It's (finally) coach-firing season! [View All]
Ye gawds, that took forever. We usually push the first HBIC off the bridge well before Thanksgiving, but getting almost all the way to December w
76 messages
02-15-12 04:51 PM
Super Bowl Palladium complaining thread. [View All]
Celebrating X years of not even remotely caring about the whole Roman numeral thing. ds/U
121 messages
02-11-12 00:58 AM
OT Sports - Fantasy Baseball 2011 [View All]
It's that time of the year again, folks... time to put on your baseball caps and gloves, and it's spring training for studying up on your fant
33 messages
02-10-12 12:05 PM
Super Bowl Forty-Six pregame trash talking thread. [View All]
...I've got nothing. I know the next two weeks are going to be filled with hysterical fans screaming on the radio and playing the Nobody
31 messages
02-04-12 11:21 PM
The deadliest sport.
And just when you thought things in Egypt would need fresh ideas for getting worse, the country turns to an old favorite. http://es
0 messages
02-01-12 05:35 PM
Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em - Post Season PTTE [View All]
The Second Season is here. This version is PTTE (Pick To The End), with the familiar scoring scheme. Just like last year%2
36 messages
01-30-12 08:55 PM
Pro Bowl (why bother) complaining thread. [View All]
In the latest sign of how utterly insignificant this thing is, the NFL will allow players to tweet during the game. Yeah, no way [i%5
34 messages
01-29-12 11:42 PM
And nothing changes. 455/brian-phillips-boxing-career-freed-american-slave-tom-molineaux
0 messages
01-26-12 12:29 PM
NFL conference championship weekend complaining thread [View All]
The Wall Street Journal had an interesting story today about the relative rankings of the remaining teams on offense and defense. No team that was ra
92 messages
01-25-12 05:43 PM
Baseball free agent tracker. [View All]
The first major signings are on the verge of breaking into whatever headlines they can grab, which makes this a good time to start the scorecard on
38 messages
01-25-12 04:40 PM
NFL playoffs empty set weekend complaining thread. [View All]
See y'all on Monday.
42 messages
01-18-12 05:41 PM
NFL Wild Card Weekend complaining thread. [View All]
Or as I like to think of it, the week when half of you finally get around to discussing actual football. http://community.reality
53 messages
01-15-12 02:21 AM
BSC SEC rematch is set [View All]
After 2008 call by all those SEC schools, coaches (Nick Sabin especially), writers (some who voted Mich 8th or less to make sure they didn%2
62 messages
01-10-12 08:48 PM
Religion vs. Tim Tebow (and vice-versa).
Some may find this piece interesting. Others might see it as chilling. And a few of you are just going to yell at me a lot. http://
11 messages
01-10-12 08:42 PM
The NHL realignment.
So after everything's shuffled and rearranged and shifted around, the grand total effect on the league will be -- -- nothing? %
8 messages
01-08-12 11:27 PM
Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em - Week 17 FINAL WEEK [View All]
Everyone is playing Sunday -- no college Bowl Games -- the final chance to make your move. BET 'EM games will be player's choice (max
49 messages
01-07-12 00:41 AM
Most Valuable?
The trophy for most valuable player in the NFL seemed destined to Aaron Rodgers who had a terrific season but yesterday should cost him some votes. Is
8 messages
01-04-12 10:46 PM
Another Fantasy football league [View All]
Hello guys, I haven't been by here much over the years, but I am planning on remedying that this year. I have an open fantasy football league th
22 messages
01-03-12 01:59 PM
Week #17 NFL Complaining Thread. [View All]
One of the theories behind the Colts' last-minute surge claims it's because they want no part of any Luck -- no matter how good that Luck might be
66 messages
01-02-12 12:22 PM
The Ohio State scandal. [View All]
[i]"For all the fans who reacted negatively, half wanted me to move to Michigan, half wanted me to move to Nashville with Kirk Herbstreit. I
38 messages
12-30-11 10:29 AM
Week #16 NFL Complaining Thread. [View All]
Right now, my best-case scenario has the Giants and Jets playing to a scoreless tie which knocks both teams out of the playoffs. It's m
71 messages
12-27-11 08:37 PM
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