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Thanksdad Strikes Again
Basketball legend Donnie Walsh gets canned as president of the Knicks, clearing the way for Isiah Thomas to return, molest some more women, and
5 messages
05-06-15 10:29 AM
Can anyone explain what Chip Kelly is doing?
Anyone at all. Seriously: give it a go. No restrictions whatsoever. If you can form words on a computer screen, you can presumably e
4 messages
04-20-15 10:53 AM
Living In A Van and Shaving with a Hatchet
Where else would you expect to find one of the Toronto blue jays top pitching prospects?
3 messages
04-10-15 12:23 PM
Johnny Rehab
According to ESPN, he just checked himself in. Because gee, it's not as if there was any other football news to discuss today. What.
9 messages
04-08-15 12:25 PM
NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge
I've renewed the March Madness RTVW bracket pool. The league name is SBOT (Nose) Pickers, the league id# is 67533, and the pwd is rtvw. If
1 messages
03-26-15 05:31 PM
In an unrelated story, the Patriots just hired Neymar as a special assistant coach
The NFL performed its annual tinkering with the rules this week and, while still not understanding what a catch might be, managed to introduce a n
1 messages
03-25-15 08:36 AM
March Madness Pick 8 2015
I know this is last minute but I've been living in Central America this year so March Madness kind of crept up on me. Anyway, we still had 11 peo
2 messages
03-23-15 10:40 AM
The Phil Jackson - James Dolan relationship
The media seems to be using 'doomed to fail' a lot. So. Explain to me how the art of Zen spontaneously makes bad contracts vanish, m
9 messages
02-11-15 09:40 AM
2014 NFL Pick 'em Post Season PTTE [View All]
We'll make scoring simple -- 4 rounds, so we'll use the 5-4-3-1 pattern. Posting deadline is 4:00pm ET Saturday. Pick to the end.%0
26 messages
02-03-15 09:39 AM
The Stupidest Play Call In The History Of The NFL
...and [i]rhere's[/i] the Pete Carroll we all know and loathe! I was wondering where he'd gone to! Really, that was a ridiculous
2 messages
02-02-15 11:59 AM
It was a catch! [View All]
Dammit. [fish] ds/User_files/4a2a8dee65dccf49.jpg [font size=1]Cap2
36 messages
01-30-15 03:40 PM
College football playoffs.
At its best, sports can teach us something about ourselves. Yesterday, I learned that I love watching Jameis Winston take a beating.
6 messages
01-15-15 11:55 AM
MLB Hall of Fame ballot 2015
This is what I've found to be the MLB Hall of Fame ballot for this year. I'm not completely sure it's the official one but whether it includes
12 messages
01-07-15 08:58 PM
NFL Draft Complaining Thread [View All]
In which the holder of the #1 pick gets to decide exactly which set of personality problems they want their local press to extensively quote for the
33 messages
01-06-15 11:10 AM
Week 17 (The real thresd)
[/b]Not to take anything away from [I]el Rey Pescado[/I], but I've got this covered. [font color=red]BET 'UM[
8 messages
01-03-15 09:19 AM
Black Monday
In which every pregame show across all the networks tries to stretch their desk to six seats.
10 messages
12-30-14 07:23 AM
Add this to the Next Vince3 Memorial Pickum week 17
No Thurs or Sat games it seems. Oh well. Bowls are getting better. Sunday Games: Baltimore Betum Dallas Indianapol
1 messages
12-23-14 10:43 PM
Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 16 Thurs and Sat
This week will be straight bets, no [font color=red]BET 'UM[font color=black]s, no [font color=purple]PARLAY[font color=bl
12 messages
12-21-14 03:28 PM
Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 15 THURS
Well, those whaskilie Raiders did a number on everyone that took the [font color=purple]PARLAY[font color=black] option, but I think i
11 messages
12-14-14 02:08 PM
WEEK 14 - Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em THURS
Let's have some fun and bring back the [font color=purple]PARLAY[font color=black] feature. Buy-in is 5 points with a payout of 6:1 on
16 messages
12-10-14 10:31 AM
The Philadelphia Guarantee Game
for tracking the carefully-crafted misfortunes of the 76s as their tank slowly rolls towards where no tank has gone before. http://co
4 messages
12-04-14 09:35 AM
Thanksgiving Week Vince3 Memorial Pick 'em
Posting early -- Back to the normal [font color=red]BET 'UM[font color=black] rules (3 designated games, max bet 3 per game).%0
16 messages
12-01-14 04:41 PM
Vince3 Memorial 2014 NFL Pick 'em THUR Week 12
[font color=red]BET 'UM[font color=black] Crazy this week. Any game or games eligible - limited to a total of 12 points wagered in any c
14 messages
11-23-14 11:50 AM
2014 Vince3 NFL Pick 'em Week 11 THURS
We're moving to the end of the season now, the season is shaping up nicely. I think we'll drop the [font color=blue]HIGH-LOW[font c
16 messages
11-18-14 07:53 AM
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0 messages
11-16-14 05:48 PM
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