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The 2011 Masters. [View All]
Now with even more patronizing! is that even possible?
41 messages
08-10-14 11:21 PM
NCAA loses O'Bannon case: will appeal forever yId=11328442 Ain't no one getting paid except the lawyers. And the schoo
0 messages
08-08-14 08:44 PM
Anthony Bosch arrested: will supposedly plead guilty and plea-bargain.
Among my favorite lines in the ESPN article: "Among those arrested Tuesday was Yuri Sucart, the cousin of Alex Rodriguez." http:
1 messages
08-05-14 12:41 PM
The Friendly games
Or let's all gang up on the Norfolk Islands. Not much here for our USAans, but you can always apply to join, I think you have more ju
12 messages
08-03-14 04:17 PM
NFL Draft Complaining Thread
In which the holder of the #1 pick gets to decide exactly which set of personality problems they want their local press to extensively quote for the
19 messages
07-29-14 12:22 PM
Found AyaK! 61/cleveland-browns-fan-urinates-late-baltimore-ravens-owner-art-modell-grave I%2
1 messages
07-24-14 11:08 AM
Bash the Tour De France
Not much appetite it seems for discussion of this event this year. So I guess maybe a bashing thread would be appropriate. It's going to
2 messages
07-23-14 09:40 AM
NBA: The Festival Of Opt-Outs
Stay tuned for ESPN's three-week special, [b]LeBron James: The Changed My Mind, Kid[/b]. http://community.realityt
9 messages
07-11-14 04:08 PM
I suppose we should mention the redskins controversy [View All]
The US patent office cancelled the Redskin football team's right to trademark "Redskins". Or something to that legal effect. http:%
35 messages
07-09-14 02:17 PM
2014 NHL Playoff Pick'em
Pick the winning team from each series right up to the conference and Stanley Cup finals. In its infinite wisdom, the NHL [link:www.s
18 messages
06-14-14 01:17 AM
Selling the Clippers.
OK, just suppose that the NBA is successful in banning Sterling and forcing him to sell to someone outside his family. Iím not sure how the NBA co
13 messages
06-13-14 09:52 AM
London 2016 anyone?
So... Brasil are having big issues with preparing for The World Cup apparently some of the stadia are still being built, which would be less worryin
6 messages
06-10-14 11:54 AM
The NFL: an anti-Italian organization. _e_sb_50_b1_200x300.jpg 41/
1 messages
06-04-14 05:34 PM
If Hudgens can't do it...
... Fitty can Figured Estee would be all over this gens-i-feel-good-that-i
1 messages
05-31-14 07:57 AM
The ballad of Johnny Football.
The best description I've heard to date: "It's like Lindsey Lohan learned how to pass." ...kind of leaves a whole lot of downhil
8 messages
05-16-14 09:10 AM
Teblew it. [View All]
Well, so much for having a career in a blue state. /1187355/-Tim-Tebow-aligns-w
91 messages
05-15-14 03:26 PM
Here comes tonight's long distance dedication.
It goes out to all the Clippers fans from Los Angeles. They write: 'Dear Casey, there's an old man in our lives that's about to leave. Could
Colonel Zoiderg
3 messages
05-03-14 00:45 AM
Donald Trump wants to buy the Buffalo Bills.
...calm down. He's lied about absolutely everything for roughly the last six years. There's no reason this should be any different. T
4 messages
04-29-14 08:35 AM
Judge rules Northwestern football players are employees: may unionize.
Now: blame Obama.
8 messages
04-28-14 04:27 PM
Spring Training [View All]
And this sums up my feelings about the upcoming season: -new-york-mets-my-bad-boyfr
24 messages
04-21-14 09:57 PM
NBA: lose the big games.
I generally don't pay much attention to the early portions of an NBA season -- or the middle, later, playoffs -- but there's something of poss
10 messages
04-21-14 04:22 PM
The Phil Jackson - James Dolan relationship
The media seems to be using 'doomed to fail' a lot. So. Explain to me how the art of Zen spontaneously makes bad contracts vanish, m
1 messages
04-21-14 04:11 PM
About the Masters
Are we at the point in Mr. Woods career where a second major win by someone who isn't him, in a tournament where he wasn't able to attend, is
0 messages
04-14-14 07:59 AM
March Madness 2014: Pick 8 [View All]
Here, once again, the fun "Pick 8" pool. Since we've had this pool for several years in a row, I've trimmed the first post to just the b
25 messages
04-08-14 05:15 PM
NCAA tournament(s) complaining thread [View All]
At this point, i have two theories on the seeding. 1. Someone in the committee was truly desperate for a Fantastic Four joke. %0
34 messages
04-08-14 03:22 PM
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