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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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Does anyone know what the consequences (if any) are of not agreeing to follow the rules of the new wife? They must be substancial as no one ever
charge rn
6 messages
04-30-09 07:00 AM
Show Production
Do you think they could make the music just a tad louder? I'm still able to hear, although barely, the conversations. After all, who needs a
0 messages
04-15-09 06:32 PM
article in local paper on Cajun Family
THis is an article I found in the Cajun Familys local paper. Site is . Will be back with an address on the tour soon,
5 messages
04-02-09 02:26 AM
The Cajun and the Californian
Just saw the rerun so this is a little late. That Barbara Gates is the most miserable anal retentive idiot I have ever seen. She is like a cartoon/c
0 messages
02-06-09 07:38 PM
EWWWWW how about Danny's ugly, ugly family. Shallow,superficial unattractive, inside and out, how about those SCHNOZES on all of them. I thi
0 messages
01-18-09 01:59 AM
Episode with Pirate
Okay, I know the Pirate mother was eccentric, but that other mother, who was obsessed with cleaning, was just plain mean! Making a child and
0 messages
01-04-09 10:50 PM
Why make wives do each other's jobs when they don't show it?
So I understand that Kim Beckman-Heskell is a "high-powered corporate executive," but doing what? Why didn't they show the Christian stay-at
2 messages
01-01-09 08:01 PM
Anyone still watching this? There is a new season going on now!
I've been taping them and watching them on Saturday mornings while I'm waking up with my am coffee. I have to say, they are fairly entertaining
3 messages
01-01-09 07:56 PM
tree house mother
I am curious why the tree house family chose that life, beside being a frugal way to live. It seems as though they like living away from people, w
0 messages
12-31-08 08:06 PM
Wife swap episde with tree house family vrs Yeal parents
I hated the Yeal parents! I hated the way they treated the Vermont tree house mother! She at least tried to go with the flow and follow his rules
0 messages
12-31-08 07:56 PM
Wife that plays computer solitaire?
Hello Does anyone know if there was a Wife Swap episode where the mom played computer solitaire?
0 messages
11-25-08 04:57 PM
Wife Swap 10/31-totally spooky!!
I try very hard to NEVER put down another's religious preferences/beliefs, etc. I am fairly open minded, although I am a Christian with stron
3 messages
11-03-08 12:47 PM
The big old gal on trading spaces that thinks she is a Christian
NO way is that lady a Christian. Christian people don't lose their tempers like that and scream and cuss. They handle things in a much different mat
13 messages
10-27-08 07:26 PM
Trading Spouses Ep 202, aired on CMT 6/09/08
OMG! I could not believe what I was watching!!! I had never watched this show before and I end up watching some show, with a total
3 messages
10-27-08 04:20 PM
Is your family fun, outgoing and always ready for an adventure? WIFE SWAP, the hit family primetime reality series is looking for great familie
5 messages
10-14-08 03:48 PM
Trading Spouses;Meet your new mommy
I watched the show tonight where Alyce who is a christian. She is so wrapped up in her beliefs that she didn't realize she was wrong. She treats her
0 messages
09-06-08 11:27 PM
New Jack City?
Tonights episode showed how ignorant people really can be. First the Gibbins mother doesn't know who Malcolm X is then she has the nerve to return h
3 messages
08-26-08 08:32 AM
Desperate "whore" crap in headings... is BS!!!
What the heck is this "desperate whore" crap some Ahole puts above every comment someone makes?! This site manager wants people to %
1 messages
06-10-08 07:36 AM
Is it just me.......................................................................OR
Do the "Christian" spouses on this show feel an obligation to shove their beliefs down everybody else's throa
4 messages
05-20-08 09:04 AM
1/9/2008 - pranksters vs drill sergeants
Again, I went into it with my usual mantra: "They're both idiots." I'm all for discipline, but the Ohio family was over-the-top, and I
Colonel Zoidberg
2 messages
02-25-08 07:54 AM
I cannot believe that I am the only viewer that watched last nights show and saw how that young lady got up form the sofa, clearly in pain from bein
5 messages
02-24-08 06:45 AM
1/2/08 sparkle vs. feminist
Interesting episode in that it was so one sided: the Sparkle people were clearly the craziest and most dysfunctional. Notice they were the ones who
4 messages
01-04-08 05:44 PM
Tonight's Wife Swap Episode [View All]
Am I the only appalled by this episode? Surely I am not. The raw diet and statement that "Water dehydrates you" (Don't make me give the br
55 messages
11-19-07 11:52 AM
what days is it on
I wanted to know what days this show is on. I haven't seen anything about it. Please let me know I love this show. Thanks
1 messages
11-07-07 07:12 PM
Trading Spouses Daughter Killed
I'm sure everyone remembers Maugerite Perrin from Trading Spouses. She was the one who claimed to be a "God Warrior" and pretty much lost it. We
3 messages
09-30-07 10:33 PM
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