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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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I used to like these shows but...
I used to like these shows but now they are becoming more and more "Jerry Springer" like. I liked the shows better when they were 2 semi-normal %
2 messages
11-20-05 11:19 PM
trading spouses 11.16
[font color=teal] this ep features a swimsuit/fitness model switching with a pretty run-of-the-mill doormat of a housewife. so
3 messages
11-19-05 02:13 AM
Marguerites Bobblehead Doll on Ebay!
To all of those who fell in love with Marguerite on Trading Spouses, her Bobble Head doll is now availible on Ebay! Go to ebay and sear
6 messages
11-18-05 03:35 PM
Wimpy men?
Has anybody else noticed how many of the husbands in these shows just seem to sit back and let their wives walk all over them? There have been some
0 messages
11-16-05 04:32 PM
LMAO... HAHAHA That one was the one of the best so far!! Even my fiancee watched in anticipation I might add.. But he'll never admit to it!!
0 messages
11-16-05 02:49 PM
Wife Swap 11/7/05
Since I don't see a thread dedicated to last nights ep of Wife Swap I'm starting one here. What do you think about the swap?
14 messages
11-15-05 04:19 PM
Marguriete, a sad example
I usually have no comments for reality t.v. but I just could not forget about this lady who said she was a " God Warrior." Maybe from satan who a
1 messages
11-15-05 01:06 AM
Marguerite seems like she needs new friends...
After a little detective work, i've found Marguerite's dance studio, and a handy email address... publicly available from all that jazz dance
1 messages
11-14-05 09:02 PM
I'm just curious, is there anyone on this message board who is Margaret's type of Chritian? Do you feel she acted in a Christian manner?%
1 messages
11-14-05 12:31 PM
when is it on
when do the new ones come on????
2 messages
11-14-05 02:20 AM
Hear Marguerite SING!
Alright, not really but these guys made a really funny remix of some of her more pithy sayings. Clever AND scary. http://www.stere
0 messages
11-13-05 09:29 AM
Sad Sad World
If the show with the God Warrior is what our country finds entertaining that it really is a very sad world. Weren't the producers and Directors wor
0 messages
11-11-05 02:26 PM
my time
Interesting concept, bringing someone with a different perspective about how a household is run into a house. Could be presented much bet
1 messages
11-11-05 01:39 PM
What a hypocrite!
So, the obviously mentally deranged nutcase took the money after all... what a hypocrite. I feel so sorry for her poor children and her husband.
3 messages
11-11-05 01:36 PM
Dark sided Margaret
We now have evidence that the devil does walk among us in the form of a short 500 pound self-righteous, self-centered crisco can with a a hillbil
blue angel
1 messages
11-11-05 01:35 PM
The Fat Psycho Mom Should Get Her Own T.V. Show!!!!!!!
Seriously. She could go around the neighborhood, door to door, and be the God warrior to all her neighbors. It would be great!!! Let's sa
2 messages
11-11-05 08:57 AM
New Trading Spouses 11/2/05!!!! [View All]
Did anyone catch the preview of the new Trading Spouses? It aired after Nanny 911 last night! Oh my gosh! The woman they showed is either a C
50 messages
11-09-05 11:25 PM
The Balancing Sticks the boy was playing with....
Hello All, On tonights episode one of the boys was playing with some type of balancing sticks which I have been looking all over for. Do
3 messages
11-09-05 05:37 PM
Christian Monstrosity versus New Ager . . .
The producers of this program are beyond cruel. I suggest that contestants be given a mental stability test before being allowed to put themselves an
2 messages
11-09-05 07:43 AM
This lady kills me on lasts night episode of wife swap. First of all she doesn't need Jesus, she needs Jenny Craig. She runs around and
14 messages
11-08-05 01:02 PM
I am OUTRAGED after watching the premier of Trading Spouses. I am a strong Christian woman, and that "Christian" woman gave those who follow Ch
5 messages
11-04-05 08:26 AM
Trading Spouses
I thought Titanic sank! That lard ##### needs to take a chill pill, I feel sorry for her youngest daughter in fact I feel sorry for any
0 messages
11-04-05 00:50 AM
She was condemning
What her God created. Why would she consider worshiping the Solstice "of the Dark Side"? People like her are why I stayed in the Broom Closet fo
0 messages
11-03-05 05:33 PM
OMG this woman CLEARLY has mental problems I just hope that child protective services gets that little girl out of there before it is too late. The wo
1 messages
11-03-05 09:58 AM
Christian Lady chose wrong reality show....
One last thought....Margaret, the mentally ill and despairingly obese woman who gets violent towards even the cameramen,etc later in the show chos
3 messages
11-03-05 07:59 AM
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