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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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How did Wopperer and Dancy end?
Dangit I had to miss part 2 of this wife swap. Would some kind soul please bring me up to date and tell me how it ended, and how the mon
6 messages
10-04-06 01:22 PM
What type of insanity was this. That school teacher/cheerleader mother had to be mentally unstable. To be screaming at those poor father and son.
1 messages
09-29-06 06:17 PM
Tv shows/cancel
Shows that should be canceled. And should have never some on the air to begin with. 1, Wife swap, a show about trading your wife for a new m
1 messages
09-20-06 09:20 AM
Any thoughts on "Llama Mama" vs. "Party Girl"? 6/12?
The only thing that really sorta "got" me about that episode was the little girl in the "llama" family. She was truly very hungry for some fu
2 messages
09-19-06 07:23 AM
You Know What's Hilarious?
I've watched this show about 10 times and each time I find this funnier and funnier...people sign up for the show knowing they'll be living with s
5 messages
09-15-06 08:56 PM
Hardins/lady who spent money on clothes 8/14
Did anyone catch the show? I was shocked that people like the Hardins are allowed to home school their children. They are doing them a great disserv
2 messages
08-29-06 04:25 PM
SO how is it that this show has gone for a few years...and on the show they tell the mum/dad that they are to spend the other money and yet they see
0 messages
08-17-06 06:01 AM
Ghani/Stallone 7/31
So did anyone else think it was a bit whacked that the show focused on the cleanliness/grubbiness of the families, especially in the follow-up,
1 messages
08-07-06 11:38 AM
Wife Swap March 6th episode [View All]
Discuss here:
30 messages
07-01-06 01:32 PM
Danny is a loser Wife Swap 2/27
Wow what a complte aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss I've never seen such a pathetic excuse for a "man" in my life. Those poor children d
9 messages
05-23-06 09:33 PM
Apply for Wife Swap
Hi, my name is Jodi and I am a casting producer for ABC's hit show Wife Swap. I am always looking for dynamic and interesting families to apply. E
Wife Swap
2 messages
05-13-06 02:53 PM
Rodeo Chick vs. Happy Hairdresser
You all must live in a bubble. All these opinions bustin' on Cowgirl Jen and Cowboy Randy. Do you really believe that the whole thing wasn't slan
1 messages
05-12-06 12:00 PM
Rodeo Chick uses her children as slave labour
Did anyone see the episode on May 01, 2006? There was this rodeo chick on there and her uneducated hick husband. Are you kidding me! %
8 messages
05-10-06 07:09 PM
The rodeo family is in trouble and arenít even aware of how dysfunctional their lives are.
The rodeo family is in trouble and arenít even aware of how dysfunctional their lives are. During the program, after seeing the abusive manner in
2 messages
05-08-06 00:01 AM
Wicked Witch Ranch/ Mommy dearest
I am glad to see that their are people out there in the rodeo business and so on, that believe that lady is mean. Her husband seems very abusive,
1 messages
05-03-06 03:38 PM
Ridgely Ranch info
More photos of Jen here Jennifer & Randy Ridgely Phone: 302-492-3327 Address: 2621 Sandy Be
0 messages
05-02-06 02:40 PM
Wife Swap needs families
14 messages
04-26-06 09:33 PM
God Worrior To Be On Tv Again [View All]
Can't remember which talk show is going to have her on , but I think it is either Oprah or Dr Phil. Anyone else know? I am talking about the hug
22 messages
04-18-06 09:15 AM
Trading Spouses 4/7
Well, since no one else started this thread I guess I will. Is anyone even watching this show anymore? I thought that the Welsh family
4 messages
04-18-06 09:12 AM
wife swap april 10
I think that was really uncalled for for the happy-go-lucky woman to burn the other family's book that had recorded all their activities. As the so
7 messages
04-16-06 11:30 PM
Margaret Episode Re-telecast Discussion Thread
Please keep all new posts about Margaret the 'screaming Christian lady' on this thread. Thanks.
12 messages
04-13-06 08:46 PM
Trading Spouses 3/25
Well, I can't say that I was extremely intrigued with this episode as I kept drifting in and out of the room. One family lives in a ver
6 messages
04-01-06 10:07 PM
Barbara Gate, the Veganazi on Trading Spouse
Hi, Iím from Australia and theyíve just aired the Trading Spouses Vegan/Bayou episode. The vegan mom is Barbara Gates and the Bayou mom is Dia
Shar bev
2 messages
04-01-06 09:58 PM
3/27--freaks-I'm for you :)
Only have watched this show a few times, but this one made me want to comment -- to the "freak-show" family--I want you to know that your love f
9 messages
03-28-06 09:02 AM
march 17th Zandi/Frazier
Well, well, well!! I thought Mrs. Frazier was so right on about Mr. Zandi- what an insightful lady! Gosh you wouldn't guess that in a
6 messages
03-24-06 09:12 PM
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